Shangyue left the military area command again to carry out a mission.
Before he left, he told Jing Min that he would leave for a long time.
Let Jingmin not worry about him, he would come back as soon as possible.

Jing min asked him about the time when he would leave, and then roughly estimated it.
Thinking that he should come back before the power was fully aroused, he made himself more careful and safe.
Everyone who has a power in his body will be unstable for a period of time when the power is just activated.
And not everyone is the same as Jing min, not only has the system to help stabilize the energy, but also the super energy crystal nucleus can immediately enhance the energy.

After Shang Yue left, Jing min had nothing else to do.
Naturally, he went to see Qi Yun when he was bored.

What ’s more, Jing min finds that Qi Yun and Zhao Gang ’s emotions are not right.
Qi Yun looks at him with more and more jealousy in his eyes.
And Zhao Gang looked at his eyes, there is hatred and contempt, even disdain and ridicule.

Jing min is waiting to see, who in the end broke out first or who would come first to provoke him.

Jing min waited for another two or three days.
One afternoon, when it was time for dinner and rest, Qi Yun and his soldiers lined up to go to the canteen for dinner.

This group of people just passed by Jingmin.
Other people have gradually begun to ignore Jing min during this period of time.
However, only Zhao Gang, with his face toward Jing min ’s position, spat on the ground, and has a very obvious disgust in his eyes.

”Let them stop. ” Jing Min said that Li Sheng said.

Li Shengli raised his hand to other soldiers and asked them to stop Qi Yun.
Because he also saw Zhao Gang spitting at Jingmin.
For him and other bodyguards, Jingmin was the boss and benefactor.
Zhao Gang ’s behavior was uncomfortable in their eyes.

Jing min walked forward a few steps, looked at Zhao Gang and said, ”are you very dissatisfied with me? ”

Zhao Gang satirically hummed a, although did not answer Jing min ’s words, but his face expression has been very obvious.

”Well, I don ’t think you ’re comfortable.
Why don ’t you leave here any more? ” Jing min looked at him and said.

Zhao Gang ’s face immediately changed, ”why do you let me leave and I will leave? ”

”It seems that you don ’t believe that I have this ability.
Do you want me to prove it to you and see if I have such ability? ” Jing min squinted his eyes and said.

Zhao Gang ’s face was even more ugly, but he was silent and did not dare to speak again, nor dare to challenge Jingmin again, because he knew that Jingmin did have this ability, which can be seen from the soldiers ’ attitude towards Jingmin.

Zhao Gang didn ’t want to leave here at that time.
Although he is a little tired now, he can eat enough every day at least.
Moreover, if he performs well, he has a chance to be promoted.
If you leave here, you can ’t guarantee how long you can live in front of those zombies outside.
Now he has some regrets about his provocative behavior under the impulse.

Others looked at them.
Although they all hated Jing min, their brains were not as hot as Zhao Gang ’s, so no one would stand up to help Zhao Gang speak at this time.
All people, including Qi Yun, are aware of the current situation and choose silence.

Although Wu Hao had the idea of helping Zhao Gang say love, he persisted for a few seconds, and the idea disappeared.
He is also very clear in his mind, Jing min can not hesitate to shoot at him, how can he say the useful.

”But I can give you a chance to stay. ” And if you can stay in front of me again, you can keep fighting with me

”What do you say? ” Zhao Gang thought that he had heard wrong and was surprised to see Jing min.

”You see, I ’ve been unhappy with you for a long time.
It ’s just that I ’ve been unhappy with you for a long time.
I ’d better finish it today. ” Jing Min said in a voice that everyone can hear, ”all the people here can make a witness.
I ’ll fight with you.
If you beat me down, you can not only stay, but also make you a manager.
But if you ’re beaten down by me, I ’ll have you thrown out and you ’ll die.
Who beat the other side can not stand up, even if who wins, do you dare to agree? ”

Zhao Gang was moved by Jing min ’s proposal, because in his heart, there was no problem in beating Jing min, who looked much thinner than him.
If he is able to beat him up and become a manager, of course, it is a desirable thing for him.
But he was worried about what to do if Jing min later took advantage of his special treatment in the military region to retaliate against him.

Seeing his worries and thoughts, Jing Min said directly, ”you don ’t have to worry that I will retaliate against you.
These people can be witnesses.
If you win, as long as you have any problems in the future, I will be responsible for them. ”

Zhao Gang more heart, but looked around the soldiers, he is still a little hesitant.

”What? ” Jing min deliberately urged him to say, ”don ’t you dare to worry that you can ’t beat me? ” ”I can ’t beat you? It ’s a joke Zhao Gang said with defiant face, ”it ’s only a matter of minutes to beat you down.
Since you take the initiative to find a fight, I don ’t mind helping you.
But you have to get the soldiers to promise that no matter what I beat you up to, they won ’t meddle.

”Good. ” Jing min laughed, and then said to the soldiers, ”listen, this is a duel between the two of us.
It has nothing to do with anyone else.
No matter what we ’re playing, you ’re not allowed to get involved until we ’ve got a winner, okay? ”

It seems that Zhao Wugang and Zhao Minggang are not strong enough for a long time.

Li Sheng stood up and said, ”since this is an agreement between you two, we will not meddle in your affairs before you win or lose, as long as you both do not regret. ”

Jing min looks at Zhao Gang, waiting for him to answer.

”Well, then we ’ll have a fight as you say and decide the outcome. ” Zhao Gang said confidently.

In order to facilitate the activities, Jing min takes off his coat and gives it to Li Sheng.
His figure does not look as strong as Zhao Gang.
However, it is not only the people with good physique who have the advantage in fighting.
Who is better in fighting.
In addition to having a seemingly strong body, Zhao Gang has no skill at all, but he has neither self-knowledge nor how powerful Jing min is.

Both of them are ready, Jing min stands still, waiting for Zhao Gang to start first.

Zhao Gang is ready to go all out to fight for the first punch, so that Jing min can ’t get up on the ground, and then he takes the opportunity to beat him and avenge Qi Yun with that palm.

Zhao Gang clenched his fist and seemed to rush to Jing min, but Jing min escaped easily.
Zhao Gang stumbled and nearly fell to the ground.
He was surprised by Jing min ’s flexibility and was more careful.

When Zhao Gang rushed up again, Jing min kicked Zhao Gang ’s stomach.
Zhao Gang felt that he might have broken his intestines.
He knelt down on the ground with his stomach in his arms.
Tears and sweat came out at the same time.

Jing min goes forward again and kicks Zhao Gang ’s head.
Zhao Gang seems to feel that a bomb has exploded in his head.
His brain seems to have been splashed out.
He also sees Venus and his head buzzing.

Under everyone ’s gaze, Jing min punches and kicks at Zhao Gang.
At first, Zhao Gang tries to stand up and resist, but Jing Min has no power to fight back.
He can do nothing but cry and beg for mercy.
He really didn ’t expect Jing min to be so powerful.
He didn ’t even touch him, so he was beaten to death.
He now regrets that his intestines are all green.
If he had known this, he would never have agreed to fight with Jing min.
Now, it ’s not a fight between two people at all.

Hearing Zhao Gang ’s scream, Wu Hao and his colleagues saw that Zhao Gang had been kicked by Jingmin, his face was bruised, and he vomited blood.
After recovering from the shock that Jing min was too powerful, they all felt that Jing min was too cruel.
However, because those soldiers were standing beside them, although they sympathized with Zhao Gang who was beaten and kicked, no one dared to go forward to pull Jing min apart.

Zhao Gang was beaten by Jing min with a black nose and a swollen face.
He lay on the ground motionless and could not even shout.
If his chest did not fluctuate slightly, the people nearby would think that he had been killed by Jing min.
However, if he was recognized by the military region, he would not survive.

Jing min finally stopped beating people and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand.
After taking a rest for a while, he looked at the others and said, ”according to the rules made before, now I win, so Zhao Gang will be thrown out of the military area command.
Do any of you think that I am too cruel to throw Zhao Gang out of the military area command with such a wound? If you do, stand up and let me have a look.
Maybe I can consider not throwing him out.

A few people you look at me, I look at you, after a little hesitation, stand out.

Jing min looked at the person standing out, nodded and said, ”good, since you think I shouldn ’t throw Zhao Gang who was injured like this out, is there anyone willing to leave the military area instead of him? If so, I can arrange Zhao Gang to go to the hospital immediately. ”

Those who stood out immediately retreated back.
There was no hesitation at all, much faster than the speed of standing out.

”No? ” Jing min looked at them with a sarcastic smile and said, ”if he is thrown out like this, he will surely die.
I will give you one last chance.
Do you want to change with him? ”

Jing min turned his eyes to Qi Yun and Wu Hao, who had no response from the beginning to the end.
He looked at them and said, ”what did you say when you came to borrow money from me? Everyone, when it ’s time to help, you should help, right? Now your friend ’s life is almost impossible to save, how can no one stand up to help your friend? Sure enough, it ’s easier to be generous with others ’ generosity.
When it ’s your turn, it ’s not as good as your friendship or friends.

Those people ’s faces are not very good, they think, how can borrowing money and borrowing life be compared? What ’s the difference between facing the zombie outside alone and going to die at this time? Their relationship with Zhao Gang is not good enough to replace his life with his own.Qi Yun should be the worst one in his heart.
However, he is not worried about Zhao Gang, but he knows that Jing min will do this.
In addition to retaliating against Zhao Gang, he is also demonstrating to him.
However, he can ’t do anything now.
Not only can he not save Zhao Gang, but also he can ’t even say a bad word to Jing min now.

Jing min asked the soldiers to drag Zhao Gang away in front of all the people and then throw him out of the military area command.
He wants them all to know that he doesn ’t just pretend to intimidate them, he does.
As for Zhao Gang ’s life and death, it is not in his scope of consideration.
Anyway, for him, it can be regarded as one of the revenge for the original owner.

”If anyone else wants to fight with me, I ’m always welcome here.
The conditions are the same as Zhao Gang ’s.
I hope you can be brave enough to challenge and not miss the opportunity.
” Jing min put on his coat and left without looking back.

After seeing how powerful Jing min ’s skills are and how cruel they are, how can there be people who are not afraid of death to challenge him.

Since the end of the world, they have gone through so hard to survive, and then accept the reality and face the world full of terror and disaster.
Their families don ’t know whether to live or die, and there is no way to contact them.
Now a person who has been with them is suddenly beaten to half death and then sent to the environment full of zombies.
Their mood is very complicated.

They don ’t know whether to continue to be hostile to Jing min, or they should try to please him.
They hope that he can look at the past and let them live a better life with him.

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