After Jing min lay down next to Shang Yue, he held his hand, but Shang Yue in a coma actually shook him back.
Although the strength was very light, he opened his hand and clasped his fingers.

The instrument is activated again.
Although Jing min is confident that Shang Yue will not reject his powers, he still tries with a little energy according to Professor Cui ’s instructions.

Jingmin ’s healing energy is transmitted to Shangyue ’s body and received by him.
The screen shows that Shangyue ’s physical condition begins to rise slowly, and Shangyue does not show rejection reaction.

Qi Yun pressed more and more painful chest, the other hand without a hand on the glass, because of too much pain and expression pain staring at Jing min and Shang Yue lying side by side.
He has been waiting for Shang Yue to respond the same way as before, but he has not.
He has been comforting himself that it will appear soon, and will appear soon.

The more energy Jingmin transmits in the past, the faster the screen display business recovers.
All professors and doctors are very surprised by the speed and degree of recovery.
They don ’t know whether Jingmin is the only one who can do this, or whether other people with healing powers can do it as long as there is no rejection.

Shang Yue suddenly started to move.
Everyone was watching his reaction.
Doctors and professors were worried about his rejection again.
Qi Yun is looking forward to Shangyue ’s rejection, so when he finally sees Shangyue moving, his mood immediately revives, staring at Shangyue to show more intense reaction.

Shang Yue turned over and put Jing min under his body, but his eyes were still closed.
That is to say, he was not awake, just because he felt Jing min at his side, and the instinctive reaction appeared.

Jingmin didn ’t know what Shangyue was going to do at first.
Until Shang Yue began to kiss his face and put his hand into his clothes to touch him, Jing min felt that this guy was in a semi coma state.
He didn ’t know that many people were looking at them, and they wanted to do that kind of thing to him by instinct.

Jing min had to reach out and hold him hard, so that he could not move.
Fortunately, Shangyue ’s physical strength had not recovered, otherwise Jing min could not control him at all.
Shangyue is not sober now, but Jing min is very sober.
If there were only two of them, Jingmin would let him.
But now there are many people around looking at them.
How can he let Shangyue do something immoral in front of so many people.

Shang Yue pressed on Jing min ’s body but could not move, so he buried his face in Jing min ’s neck and kissed his neck.

The two people ’s posture is very close, which everyone can see that they are lovers.
Some people are embarrassed to look down, and then turn their eyes away.

Qi Yun was very difficult to breathe because he was angry and painful.
He collapsed on the ground and fainted.
It took several minutes for someone nearby to find him faint.
The nurse and the doctor ’s assistant tried to help him up, but seeing that his face was too wrong, he quickly pushed him away with the bed for examination.

Shang Yue had been in a coma because of the self-protection consciousness of the body, in order to prevent the ability of power from being dissipated.
Now the body ’s wound is cured by Jing min ’s healing energy, and the damage of power is also restored by Jing min ’s healing energy.
The pain and discomfort gradually disappear, and because of the feeling that Jingmin is around him, the body ’s awareness of prevention is reduced, and he soon wakes up.

Shang Yue breathed hard, smelling the familiar smell, and slowly opened his eyes.
He raised his head, and Jing min looked at each other, the feeling of escape from death, let him have a kind of as if from another generation to see each other.
This feeling made him feel strange and familiar, as if they had experienced many times the reunion of life and death.

Jing min and he looked at each other for a while, raised his hand and touched his face.
The atmosphere of love between them was strong.
When Shangyue lowered his head to kiss him, Jing min held out his hand to block the middle of their lips.
Because Shang Yue may not know where they are now, but he still remembers that there are a lot of people watching.

Jing min hinted at him with his eyes and motioned him to look aside.
Shang Yue looked sideways, and saw that there were so many people beside him.
Although they are pretending not to pay attention to them, but because it is too deliberate, it is obvious that they are looking at them from time to time with their spare light.

Jing min pushed Shangyue away and wanted to sit up.
He knew that if he didn ’t take the initiative, no one would remind them that it was almost over.

Shang Yue also wanted to sit up, and was pressed back by Jing min.
although he had cured all that should be cured, he still had to continue to observe for a period of time, and could not get out of bed immediately.
Although Jing min had not studied medicine, he still knew the basic contents.

When the doctors came to take off the instrument wire from Jing min ’s body, Shang Yue ’s eyes kept looking at him when they wanted to push Shang Yue to the observation room.

Jing min couldn ’t stand his eyes and could only follow him.

After Professor Cui finished the examination for Shangyue and left with other doctors, Jing min sat down beside the bed, holding Shang Yue ’s hand and asking him about his injury.

They went to pick up a batch of very important experimental equipment, but when they arrived at the destination, they found that the position had deviated, so they looked for a period of time nearby.
When they finally found the equipment and were ready to leave, they were surrounded by a large number of zombies.In the process of fighting the zombies, their powers are stimulated.
Because they are not proficient in using the powers for the first time, and the energy of the powers is also in an unstable state.
Therefore, in the battle that they used to have the upper hand, they gradually become a little laborious in the process of fighting.

What ’s worse, one of the zombies evolved into Zombie King while their powers were activated.
Zombie King ’s fighting ability is so fierce that he is abnormal.
Once Zombie King evolves, he is very powerful.
He doesn ’t need a transitional period to get used to it.

Shang Yue originally wanted to escape without entanglement with the Zombie King, but the Zombie King had higher intelligence than normal people, and pressed them step by step.
Shang Yue had to fight with him.

The result of Shang Yue ’s hard struggle with the Zombie King is that although he successfully killed the Zombie King, he was seriously injured and almost died.
Fortunately, his powers in his body were strong enough to enable him to persist until he returned to the military region.

Jing min didn ’t expect Shang Yue to meet the Zombie King.
Otherwise, he would go with him to carry out the task.
If they worked together, Shang Yue would never be injured.
It ’s also because his lover is too strong in every life, and he didn ’t expect that he would have an accident.
It seems that he still has to do what he should do in the future.
He can ’t just think about being lazy.

According to Jing min ’s knowledge, there are five zombies that evolved into zombie kings after human abilities were inspired.
Now, Shang Yue solved one of them by the way of life to death, that is to say, there are still four left.

To tell you the truth, Jing min didn ’t pay attention to the Zombie King when he knew from the beginning that the Zombie King would appear.
Although Shang Yue suffered from the Zombie King this time, it was because his power was still unstable at that time.
He would go with him as soon as he found out his position.

After all the zombie kings are solved, the rest of the zombies are not enough to fear.
The world will be better and better.

Qi Yun fainted and woke up.
The doctor told him with a regretful expression that the healing power in his body had disappeared.
It should be that when Shang Yue ’s ability repels his healing energy, he releases the attack and breaking words energy in the state of self-defense, but he has not been able to receive treatment in time, so his healing energy has been exhausted in order to save his life.

Qi Yun to numb the expression to listen to, one after another hit, has let him no longer have any reaction.
Sure enough, God or completely abandoned him? No matter how hard he tried, no matter how he prayed, God could not hear his voice? In this case, he can only rely on himself to do the final fight.

When Qi Yun went back to the dormitory, his intuition was cold, but he kept shaking in the warm temperature.
He felt that he was standing on the edge of the cliff of despair and collapse.
He was only one step away from falling into the abyss.
There was no chance for him to revive himself.

This kind of malice from God made him feel powerless to struggle, but he still felt unwilling, very, very unwilling.
What is the meaning of his rebirth? If he is only constantly hit, why should he be reborn? In the previous life, when he and Qiu Jin died together, would it not be better to let him disappear? Is the meaning of his rebirth just to let him be attacked and tortured by Qiu Jin?

Why should fate be so unfair to him? Qiu Jin had everything he wanted before the end of the world, and was better than him everywhere after the end of the world.

Qi Yun returns to the dormitory in a daze.
Wu Hao and they all surround him and ask him what ’s wrong with him.

Qi Yun didn ’t answer them, but picked up things on his own.

”Qi Yun, what are you doing with your things? ” Wu Hao asked suspiciously.

”I ’m going to leave here, stay here, I ’ll never be able to make it.
Only by leaving here can I have a chance to become stronger. ” Qi Yun cleaned up the few things that had been ill, stood up and looked at them and said, ”do you have anyone who would like to leave with me? ”

All the people look at me and I look at you.
They all look puzzled.
They don ’t understand why they want to leave here.
They think it ’s good to stay here.
It ’s hard to do something that I ’ve never done before, but it ’s better than going out and facing groups of zombies, right? It ’s not life-threatening to stay here at least.

”Are you sure you want to leave? ” Wu Hao looked at him and asked, ”if you stay here, you don ’t have to worry about being attacked by zombies all the time? We don ’t have weapons.
Even though we have some powers now, they are not strong enough to live on the strength of us.
How can we solve the problem of food after we go outside? ”

”You ’re right.
It ’s very reasonable, but I just don ’t want to stay here anymore. ” Qi Yun said decisively, ”rather than stay here forever, I ’d rather fight with my own life, or lose completely, or turn it over once.
It ’s better than hanging half dead. ”

”How can it be that there is no day of success? ” Wu Hao tries to persuade Qi Yun not to be so impulsive.
”As long as we perform well, we can do better work.
Even if we want to go out, we should also go out with the soldiers of the military region, so that we can do meritorious deeds and get the crystal nucleus.
When we are stronger and stronger, it is time for us to get ahead.
” ”I can ’t wait that long! ” Qi Yun exclaimed excitedly, ”I ’ve waited enough, I ’ve had enough of it! I know the fastest way to get stronger, so I can ’t miss it any more! ”

”The fastest way to get stronger? ” Wu Hao asked, ”what is it? ”

”I can ’t tell you yet, but I really know, so I have to leave here now and get something that can make me stronger before Qiu Jin. ” Qi Yun looked at them very seriously and said, ”I ’ll ask you again for the last time.
Do you want to leave with me? ”

Everyone was silent again, because Qi Yun ’s words were not convincing at all.
He said that he knew the way to get stronger quickly, but he was not willing to say what the method was.
How could they judge whether what he said was true or false.
Now they can say that they have nothing but this life, and the only thing they want to keep is their own life, so they can ’t take risks easily.

Qi Yun waited for a while, but didn ’t wait for any answer.
He pulled the corner of his mouth and forced a bitter smile.
He felt that friends and other things really didn ’t exist.

Qi Yun left with his bag in his hand.
Wu Hao wanted to keep him, but he had decided to go.
Any detainment was useless.

It ’s easy to leave the military area command, but it ’s not so easy to come back.
After all, there are more and more people in the military area command, and there are many people lining up to want to come in.
In order to facilitate management, the military region has decided to limit the number of people coming in.
Moreover, for those who leave voluntarily, the military region will not let them come back, because if everyone wants to come and leave, how can they manage them in the future.
So as long as Qi Yun left the military region, there was no possibility of returning.

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