Qi Yun didn ’t expect Jingmin to come so fast.
He thought that such a large number of zombies could at least delay until he took out the super energy crystal core.
It seems that he underestimated them.

Jing min watched Qi Yun pass through the zombies and walk towards them.
Qi Yun ’s eyes were always looking at Shang Yue.
In his eyes, there were many emotions that could not be explained clearly.

”I ’ve been waiting for you. ” Qi Yun looked at Shang Yue affectionately and said, ”you are finally here. ”

Shang Yue is puzzled by Qi Yun.
He doesn ’t understand what Qi Yun ’s reaction is.
He can only quickly look at Jing min and explain, ”I don ’t know him. ”

Jing min of course knew that Shang Yue didn ’t know Qi Yun.
He fell in love with his lover again.
Jing min knows that his lover is excellent enough to make anyone feel fascinated.
However, in recent times, his opponents always fall in love with his lover even when there are people in love.
This makes him feel that there may be some reason for this.

Jing min sneered at Qi Yun and said, ”you don ’t have to be affectionate to him.
He doesn ’t know you at all.
Even if he knows who you are, do you think he will be moved by you who is not human? ”

Qi Yun ’s eyes turned to Jing min, and the anger of hatred lit up in his eyes.
”You ’re just lucky, because God is always leaning towards you, so you have the confidence to talk to me.
If it ’s not for your good luck, where can you compare with me? How can you stand beside him

Jing min sarcastically said, ”even if I really like what you said is worthless, you are better than me, he can never have a little bit of favor for you.
If you don ’t believe it, you can ask him in person.

Qi Yun once again turned his eyes to Shang Yue.
Before he could speak, Shang Yue said, ”in my life, whether I am alive or dead, I love Qiu Jin alone.
I can ’t like anyone else, including you

”He can do it for you, and I can do it. ” Qi Yun looked at Shang Yue affectionately and said, ”I can also help you get the super energy crystal nucleus.
I also know the position of the remaining super energy crystal nucleus, and I can help you get a higher status.
As long as you are willing to give me a chance, you will find that I am much better than him

Shang Yue couldn ’t help frowning.
He thought that Qi Yun might have a brain problem.
He couldn ’t stop feeling disgusted.
He didn ’t want to talk nonsense with him any more.
He directly launched a power to attack him.

When Qi Yun has not responded, the Zombie King has moved to his front with lightning speed to block the attack for him.

Shang Yue ’s attack was not light.
It was an energy attack that wanted to reach Qi Yun ’s death.
Because the Zombie King made a deal with Qi Yun and stored part of his energy in Qi Yun ’s body, he had to come out to help him block Qi Yun when he was under strong attack.

Zombie now has some regrets about trading with Qi Yun.
He doesn ’t think that Qi Yun has so many disputes with these people.
It seems that Qi Yun can not easily destroy these people as Qi Yun told him.
Although Qi Yun ’s reason for persuading him is perfect enough, now he feels cheated, and the Zombie King ’s heart is very upset.

When the Shang and Yue attacked Qiyun, and the zombies came out to block them, the fighting on both sides had already begun.
Shangyue and the Zombie King fight together, others and those zombies are also struggling, only Qi Yun standing motionless looking at Shangyue.

Qi Yun thinks that he really likes Shangyue, but falling in love with a person who even doesn ’t want to see him is doomed to ask for trouble.
In fact, his heart knows it will be such a result, but he is still not reconciled, really not reconciled ah! He just wants to live happily.
Why is it so difficult?

Qi Yun looked up at the sky and cried out in despair, ”God, you are really unfair! Why can ’t I be happy once? Why not?! You are really too partial! ”

Jing min looked at Qi Yun, who was shrouded in despair for a while.
In fact, he could kill him immediately.
Under the attack of Shang and Yue, the Zombie King could not hold on.
Therefore, if he attacked Qi Yun now, he could kill him in a short time.
But Jing min didn ’t know why.
He didn ’t want to let Qi Yun die now.
Just like before, he didn ’t want to kill him.

Jing min felt that it was good to let Qi Yun live and bear the pain.
When he died, everything disappeared and everything was over.
He didn ’t want to end it so soon.

Under the continuous attack of Shang and Yue, the king of zombie was unable to resist.
He was lying on the ground with broken body and wounds.
When Shang Yue was about to give him the final blow, he looked at Qi Yun and wanted to retrieve the energy stored in Qi Yun ’s body.
As long as you get back the energy, at least you can escape, or you will have to wait for death.

When Shang and Yue started their energy, Qi Yun finally seemed to recover from his sadness and concentrate the Zombie King ’s energy in his body.

The Zombie King thought that Qi Yun wanted to return the energy to him.
Just as he was about to receive it, Qi Yun used all his energy to attack Jing min.

Qi Yun had expected that he would not have a good ending.
He thought in his heart that even if he died, he would pull Qiu Jin together.
This is also the reason why he preferred to trade with the Zombie King with his body.
Even if he could not get happiness, he felt that he could not let Qiu Jin continue to be happy.Shangyue ’s energy was originally intended to attack the Zombie King.
When he saw that Qiyun was going to attack Jingmin, he immediately used his own energy to block back Qi Yun ’s energy.

Originally, he just felt that Qi Yun disgusted him.
Although he wanted to kill him, he was not in a hurry to let him die now.
But his attack on Jing min completely angered Shang Yue, who did not want him to live another minute.

For Qi Yun ’s attack, Jing min can be easily blocked, so he did not avoid.
When he saw Shang Yue attacking Qi Yun, he even subconsciously wanted to stop it.

”Don ’t kill him! ” When Jing min blurted out without passing through the brain, Shang Yue ’s fist had already passed through Qi Yun ’s body.

Qi Yun endured the pain, exhausted his last effort to look at Shang Yue and said, ”I am, really, really, like… ”

Before Qi Yun ’s words were finished, he was kicked away by Shang Yue and flew far away.

Jing min looked at Qi Yun, who was torn apart by the energy of Shang and Yue.
He had a strange feeling that he couldn ’t say.
He carefully realized that this feeling was not sympathy, not happiness, not even sadness.
This kind of feeling seems to be a bit of regret, and he should feel sorry for Qi Yun ’s death.
If there is no reason, it would be ridiculous.

When the Zombie King is dead, Qi Yun is also dead, and other zombies are almost solved by the soldiers.
Shang Yue goes to Jing min and asks, ”are you ok? ”

Jing min shook his head and said, ”I can ’t do anything.
Let the soldiers dig the entrance of the tomb.
Let ’s go in. ”

The process of entering the tomb is very easy.
Although there are mechanisms in it, these mechanisms are nothing to Shang Yue and Jing min, who have powers.

After taking out the super energy crystal nucleus, they went down the mountain and went back to the car.
The super energy crystal nucleus of Shangyue was absorbed by Jingmin.

Jing min looked at the super energy crystal nucleus and said, ”the first super energy crystal nucleus has been absorbed by me.
You can absorb this one. ”

”Your abilities have been exposed.
I ’ll certainly have a lot of time to follow me in the future.
It will be helpful to absorb more superenergy crystal to check your physical fitness.
Anyway, you said there are other superenergetic nuclei that I will absorb from the next one Shang Yue said.

Jing min still wants Shang Yue to absorb it, because it not only absorbs the first superenergy nucleus, but also the system can help improve the ability.
Therefore, he thinks it is better for Shangyue to absorb the second power.
But because of Shang Yue ’s insistence, Jing min couldn ’t twist him.
Thinking of the intimate relationship between them, there was no need to refuse.
He absorbed the super energy crystal nucleus to make Shang more and more comfortable.
After that, he absorbed the super energy crystal nucleus, which made Shang more and more absorbed.

Of the five zombie kings, two have been solved, and there are still three zombie kings to be solved.
It is not difficult for Jingmin and Shangyue to solve the problem of Zombie King.
The more difficult thing is to find the Zombie King ’s position, because the Zombie King can not only hide, but also escape.
When he mingles with normal people, ordinary people are not aware of it, so it is difficult to find him unless he shows up on his own initiative.

Once there are particularly important tasks, or high-risk tasks, Jing min will follow Shang Yue to carry out.
But Jing min ’s sleep time is getting longer and longer.
When he goes out with Shang Yue, he sleeps almost all the time except that he needs to keep awake when fighting.

Jing min ’s body has no problem, but after falling into a coma for such a long time, Shangyue feels very worried.
Especially sometimes, Jing min seems to have fainted, and can ’t wake up no matter what, which makes Shangyue ’s heart panic.

”Qiu Jin, Qiu Jin, Qiu Jin… ”

Jing min heard a voice calling in his ear, but it didn ’t seem to be calling him.
He was really sleepy and wanted to have a good sleep.
But the voice had not been heard, and it seemed to be very anxious.
He could only concentrate and listen carefully.

Qiu Jin? Who is Qiu Jin? Jing min tried hard to recall the name that made him feel a little familiar, and then he remembered that his name in this life was Qiu Jin.
Yes, his life is not over yet.
He can ’t just sleep like this.
He should have a long time in this life, because he has not grown old with his lover in this life.
Every time he grows old together, he goes to the next world.

Jing min just opened his eyes and saw Shang Yue ’s worried eyes.
Shang Yue really held him in his arms and was obviously relieved to see him awake, but still worried.

”What ’s the matter? Is it time to eat? ” Jing min knows that Shang Yue calls him to get up to eat or have important things, otherwise he will have a good sleep.

”Are you hungry? I ’ll get food for you.
” Shang Yue stroked Jing min ’s face and asked gently.

Jing min didn ’t feel hungry, but subconsciously thought that Shang Yue called him to wake him up to eat.
He thought about it carefully and suddenly remembered that he fainted in the battle.
No wonder Shang Yue was so eager to wake him up.

”I ’m fine.
Don ’t worry. ” Jing min tried to comfort Shang Yue and said, ”I just want to go to sleep.
I don ’t really faint.
I heard you call me. ”

He will sleep in the past without warning at any time.
This is a matter that people are worried about.
Shang Yue is also worried that Jing min will no longer wake up with him.
If he is left alone in the world, is it still interesting for him to live? ”I ’m hungry.
Let the soldiers cook some rice porridge for me.
I don ’t want to eat anything else. ” Jing min saw that Shang Yue ’s worries could not be easily eliminated, but could only divert his attention.

”Well, you wait for me. ” Shangyue will never let Jing min starve.
In his heart, it is more important to make Jing min eat more than anything else.

Watching Shangyue leave, Jing min tries to keep her eyes closed, thinking that she must stay awake for as long as possible after that, so as not to let Shangyue feel worried.

Jing min doesn ’t know what ’s wrong with him.
He has no problem with his body and system.
But why does he fall into sleep for a long time?

He worked hard to think about the reason, and recalled when the situation got worse.
He remembers, it seems that since Qi Yun died and they got a second superenergy crystal nucleus, he fell into a coma for a longer and longer time.

After Qi Yun died, he always had a relaxed feeling that he had completed the task, as if there was nothing to be done in his heart.
Think about it carefully, it seems that he didn ’t kill his opponent in that life.
Before, he always thought that it was better to let his opponent suffer living than to be free from death.
Now he thinks that there should be some other reasons besides this one.

Shang Yue came back with the congee he cooked himself.
There were some shrimps and scallops in it.
It was delicious.

Jing min took the bowl and drank it in the arms of Shang Yue.

Shang Yue hugged Jing min and put his chin on top of his head.
In addition to worry, there was also a trace of continuous floating from his heart, but he could not grasp the feeling.

After the remaining super energy crystal nucleus was found, because Shang Yue thought Jing min ’s health was not good, he also let him absorb it.
Jing min in order to make business more at ease, he would listen to him, and he would do whatever he asked.

After the last Zombie King was finally found and solved by them, Jing min felt relaxed and felt that he had solved all the problems.
On the way back to the military area command, I fell asleep in Shangyue ’s arms as usual.

But this time he didn ’t want to be as usual.
Although he had slept for a long time, he would still wake up.
This time, his soul returned to the system directly after he fell asleep.

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