After Jing min got out of the sedan chair, he saw the ice flowers and fairy spirits of Yushu all around him, which made him feel as if he had suddenly arrived at the fairyland from the human world.

A fat white bird, with a long tail of feathers, stood on a thick branch and looked at him curiously.
Jing min asked the man beside him, ”what kind of bird is this? ”

”This is white phoenix. ” The man replied.

Suddenly, a fat white bird stopped on the branch and nestled with the white phoenix.
Jing Min said with a smile, ”that one must be Bai Huang. ”

”Exactly. ”

”What is this place and why did you bring me here? ” Jing min looked up at the magnificent hall in front of him.

”We are only under orders.
If you have any questions, go in and find out. ” The man then led the others to leave.

Jing min although in the heart doubts, but his intuition tells him that there will be no harm to him.

As soon as he stepped on the steps, the gate of the hall opened from inside.
A dozen teenagers in the same clothes came out.
Standing in the middle was a young man with a clear and handsome appearance.
He came out to Jing min and said, ”my name is Songyin.
I ’m ordered to come to serve you.
Hot water has been prepared for you inside.
Please follow me. ”

Jing min followed him into the hall, around the front hall, through the corridor, he entered a room with a huge bath.
There are petals floating on the water, and there are bathing utensils and tea fruits beside the bath.
At the other end of the long bath, there is no wall, so you can see the scenery directly.

Two teenagers came to help Jing min take off his fur cloak.
When they wanted to help him untie the inside clothes, Jing min pressed down his clothes and said, ”I ’ll come by myself.
You all go out. ”

After all the people quit, Jing min took off his clothes one by one and walked into the water naked.
He went to the other end of the bath, lying on the edge of the pool, looking out, he found that there was a very high cliff outside, with mountains on both sides, and a fast flowing river in the middle of the mountain.

Jing min couldn ’t think of any words to describe such a scenery.
He just felt that his mind was widened at a glance and was shocked by the magnificent momentum.

Jing min thought, who on earth let him get such good treatment all the way? Just as he was guessing in his mind, he suddenly felt as if someone was looking at him.

He suddenly turned back and saw nothing, but the feeling of being watched was still there.
He could not see any place like a place for hiding people.
He could only turn around silently and look outside again.

Although Jing min was soaked in hot water, he felt his hair prick up and his scalp felt numb.
Because the feeling of being observed and examined became more and more intense, he even felt that there was a line of sight getting closer to him.

If it ’s just a general look at by people ’s eyes, Jing min will not have such a feeling, but the feeling this time is too strange, he can ’t figure out what is going on.

Jing min suddenly turned around in the water again.
Although he was ready in his heart, he was still frightened by the people who suddenly appeared in front of him.

He pressed the fast beating chest of his heart and took a deep breath.
After his mind stabilized, he looked at the man standing in the water carefully.
He was not so timid before, but this time he was so frightened by the sudden appearance that he even felt strange.

The man in front of him is smart and powerful.
He has a strong body and a handsome face like a God.
His deep outline seems to be carved with a knife.

Jing min watched him close to himself, and could not help being nervous, because he was naked now, and he did not know who this person was.

”What are you, man? ” Jing min looked at people who were less than a meter away from him.

”Jingmin. ” Cried the man.

Jing min was stunned.
This is his real name.
Since so many times, no one except him knows.
Why does this person know his real name?

”Who are you? How do you know my name is Jing min? ” Jing asked.

”You can call me Bai Guang.
Although this is not my real name, it is my present name. ” He reached out and held Jing min ’s face.

”Are you Bai Guang, the master of Zhuyang island? ” Jing min looked into his eyes and said, ”what ’s your real name? ”

”My real name is entropy hope. ”

”Entropy hope? ” Jing min murmured to himself and kept repeating that this was engraved in his mind, but it was like the name covered by something: ”entropy hope, entropy look, you are entropy hope? I should remember the name, but why can ’t I remember it, entropy hope…

Jing min gradually feel headache, more and more pain, but he can ’t help but want to think of the name.

”If you can ’t remember, don ’t think about it. ” Entropy hope forced Jing min to look at him, and then used his divine power to help him stabilize his mind.
”When everything is over, I will take you back, and you will naturally think of everything. ”

”Where do you want me back? ” Jing min asked.

”Go back where you should go.
I ’ve been waiting for you for a long time. ” Entropy hope in order not to let Jing min ask again, hold his lips, put his tongue into his mouth stir. ”Ooh… ” Jing min can ’t speak, and can ’t push him, the brain is more and more chaotic, soft to his arms.

Two people ’s bodies are closely linked together, and their skin is rubbing against each other.
Jing Min feels that the things against his abdomen are slowly becoming bigger.
He knows that he will soon be * *, but his body has already produced * *, and now he just wants to be relieved quickly.

Entropy Wang got up from the water and walked out of the bathroom with Jing min in his arms.
He put Jing min on the wide and soft bed, began to kiss down from his neck, and finally stayed in the position between his legs.

Jing min breathed with his mouth open.
His long white legs were standing on entropy hope ’s shoulder.
He was held in his mouth in front of him and twitched in the back by his fingers.
The double stimulation tormented his body and made him vent only by shouting.

Entropy hope sat up, let Jing min lie on his side, then raised his thigh, slowly into his body.

This posture is Jing min ’s most unbearable position, because the friction is too big, when entropy Wang enters his body, the tender flesh in his body is pushed and pushed apart the most painful feeling.

Jing min ’s body completely contains the huge object of entropy hope.
The huge object in his body quickly goes in and out, which makes him feel like a fire burning down his body, which makes him struggle and cannot escape.
And his sensitive points were repeatedly hit by force, which made him exciting as if he was about to explode in the next moment.
Although pain, but also very happy, this feeling he is familiar with, but at the moment of familiarity, and seems to be different from the previous familiar.


Xiaoling bite teeth endure pain and the other three people in the snow hard forward, can only watch Jing min sitting in the sedan chair disappeared in their sight.

Several of them were taken to another mountain.
When they finally reached the mountain and reached the place they wanted to go, they almost lost half their lives.
They thought that if it wasn ’t because of the heavy snow and the wind and snow was not ordinary, they would not have worked so hard.
They do not know that, in their capacity, they are not allowed to fly in Zhuyang island without special permission.

The person who brought them up told them to wait in the hall, and then arranged a place for them to live after he told the man who had arrived.

Several people gathered around the stove in the hall for a long time before they felt warm.
They were tired and exhausted.
They just wanted to have a place for them to have a rest.
Only Xiaoling heart still blocked a breath, want to see his aunt immediately, so as to complain to his aunt, let his aunt make decisions for him.

Several people waited for a long time, and finally waited for the man who came out from the inside.

Several people rushed forward to salute, blue Manqing sat down on the front seat, and looked at them without expression.

”Auntie, Xiaoling, see your aunt. ” Xiaoling showed a pitiful look to blue Manzi salute ”mother asked me to take her to her aunt, said that she had not seen her aunt for many years, and she missed her very much.
If there was a chance, she would like to come to wish Yangdao to see her aunt

”You all kneel down Even if they didn ’t release the pressure of the immortal, they couldn ’t bear to say a word full of dignity.

Several people have a huge sense of fear in their hearts, before they can react, the body has automatically knelt down.

”I heard from Xu Guanjiao that you did not have rules all the way. ” Blue Manzi looked at Xiaoling fiercely and said, ”especially you Xiaoling, dare to speak out with my reputation! What exactly did your parents teach you? You have such a character that you want to send you to Zhuyang island.
Are you specially looking for death? ”

Xiaoling ’s whole body was in a daze, which was totally different from what he expected to meet.
He didn ’t care about the cold and warmth, had no heartache for the sins he had suffered along the way, and had no commitment to help him out of his anger.
He only had severe questions and reprimands.
He did not understand why this was the case.
Although he had not met his aunt before, he always thought that since she was his mother ’s sister, she would defend herself, but the fact was totally different from what he thought.

”Auntie, Auntie… ” Xiaoling felt that maybe he was too tired to hallucinate.
It was his aunt.
How could he say that about him and his parents.

”Don ’t call me aunt, ” interrupted LAN Manzi, and warned him seriously.
”This is Zhuyang Island, not anywhere else.
You can only call me immortal here, not my aunt.
Don ’t let me hear you call my aunt again on Zhuyang island.
Do you remember? ”

”Remember, remember. ” Xiaoling ’s brain has been completely blank, can only rely on instinct to answer.

Blue Manzi glanced at them again and said, ”since you come to Zhuyang Island, you must abide by the rules of the island.
If you break the rules on the island, I can ’t protect you, nor will I protect you.
Because the rules on Zhuyang island are set by my master Bai Guang.
Even I dare not violate them.
If you do, you will die.
Every year, many new arrivals will die because they break the rules.
If you don ’t want to be one of them, you can firmly hold on to every rule of the island.
” ”Somebody. ” Blue Manzi told the servant, ”take them down, arrange their accommodation first, and then arrange them to learn the rules of the island.
We must make sure that they have memorized every item, and then let them learn and practice together with other students.

Don ’t say it ’s Xiaoling.
Even Yang Junmao and his wife were deeply shocked because they didn ’t expect such a meeting scene.
Xiaoyangling ’s aunt didn ’t think of a place for them.

They have heard of the death of people who came to wish Yangdao because they didn ’t obey the rules, but they thought that with Xiaoling ’s aunt, such a thing could never happen to them.

Now they have some regrets about coming to Zhuyang island.
Do they really want to stay in this place where they may die at any time and there is no one to protect them?


Jing min woke up after opening his eyes, habitually hair after a while, just feel that someone is looking at himself.
He turned around on his aching waist and saw the man who had made him almost incontinent last night.
He was sitting on the bed and looking at him with a critical eye.

Jing min saw that his appearance was a little strange, but he did not speak, so he called out ”entropy hope? ”

”I ’m Bai Guang, ” Bai Guang frowned.
”Did he tell you his name is entropy hope? ”

”He Who? ” Jing min was confused and didn ’t understand what he was talking about.
The man in front of him was the same person as yesterday ’s, so he couldn ’t admit that he was wrong.

”The other me. ” Bai Guang said.

”The other, you? ” Jing min still can ’t react.

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