Xiantu (6)

Jing min pulled the quilt over her body, then sat up to hold the quilt, looked at Bai Guang in doubt and asked, ”another you, what do you mean? ”

”Most of the time, I am who I am, but occasionally another I will appear to control the body and do something. ” Bai Guang looked at the red mark on Jing min ’s neck and said, ”it was not me who did that to you yesterday, but another me.
Although I know the existence of another me, when the other me appears, now I will disappear.
So now I don ’t know what the other me will do when I appear, and I can ’t control the other me

Jing min just woke up, the brain was not clear, was left a sentence now I, right another me, to completely around dizzy, a face confused looking at him.

Bai Guang wakes up to see a person lying beside him, and the person is covered with kisses and looks red and swollen between his thighs.
He can see what happened.
And since he was lying in his own bed, he must have done it when another man appeared.
He resisted the impulse to throw the person out, some headache on the forehead, thinking about how to deal with this person.

But after Jing min wakes up, he unconsciously explains everything to him with unprecedented patience.
See Jing min with innocent and puzzled eyes looking at him, his usual cold heart, immediately melted.
That pair of eyes seems to be more powerful than any divine power, actually do not need to do anything, just looking at him, he can take off his guard and tell him all the truth without reservation.

”You are not entropy hope, but Bai Guang. ” Jing min murmured to himself, looked at Bai Guang and asked, ”do you know when entropy will appear? There ’s a lot of it.
Can you pass it on to him? ”

”I don ’t know.
I can ’t. ” Bai Guang didn ’t know why.
Looking at Jing min ’s face and looking forward to the appearance of entropy hope, he felt a little uncomfortable.
Although he is very clear that the other he is also a part of him, it just won ’t appear at the same time as he is now.
It ’s incredible that he would eat another vinegar of his own.

”Why? ” Jing min did not understand looking at him.

”Because we can ’t exist at the same time, I will disappear when he is there, and he will disappear when I am.
We have no way to communicate directly. ” Bai Guang said.

”How do you know each other ’s existence? ” Jing min was more confused.

”I didn ’t know his existence at the beginning, but he seemed to know my existence all the time.
He seldom appeared.
After each appearance, he would leave the things he wanted to tell me in this jade pendant. ” Bai Guang takes out Jing min ’s white jade pendant.

”That ’s my jade pendant. ” Jing min knelt down and reached for the jade pendant.

Bai Guang ’s hand a hide, Jing min directly rushed to his arms, he hugged Jing min and asked, ”do you know what this is? ”

”Jade pendant, what else can it be? ” Jing min ’s hand is on his chest and wants to sit up.

”It ’s made from a part of the soul he and I share, so although it looks like a jade pendant, it ’s not just a jade pendant. ” Bai Guang said.

”So? ” Jing min looked at him and asked.

”So this thing can ’t be kept by you, because it ’s very important to him and me.
It ’s a part of our soul. ” As soon as Bai Chuan ’s words were finished, the white jade disappeared in his palm.

”Oh. ” Jing min was a little disappointed.
He liked the jade pendant very much.
However, since it was a part of other people ’s soul, of course, it was better for him to keep it himself, because if the soul left the body for too long, it would certainly have a bad effect.

Jing min ’s brain was able to work normally.
He thought that he knew double personality and multiple personality.
He also knew that some multiple personalities knew each other ’s existence, and some multiple personalities did not know each other ’s existence.
But for some reason, he always felt that Bai Guang and entropy hope were not as simple as double personalities.

Jing min put on clothes and went to the window.
The wind and snow outside had stopped, and the sun was shining on the frozen ice crystal.
The crystal clear appearance was very beautiful.
He reached out to feel the temperature of the sun, and then turned to Bai Guang and said, ”it ’s sunny.
Before I came to Zhuyang Island, I didn ’t expect that there would be such a big snowstorm on the island. ”

Bai Guang went to Jing min ’s side, looked at the outside and said, ”every time he appears, he makes me like a snowy mountain on Zhuyang island. ”

With a wave of Bai Guang ’s hand, those ice crystals explode in mid air, like ice and snow fireworks.
They are very beautiful.
Then all the ice and snow melt quickly, the trees and flowers are showing their original appearance, competing with each other in full bloom.

Jing min opened the door and ran to the yard.
He took a deep breath and smelled the fragrance of flowers and fruits.
He saw a butterfly flashing with light like an elf in the flowers and plants.
There were all kinds of beautiful birds flying among the tall trees.
This is what Zhuyang island looks like in his imagination.

Bai Guang stood at the door and looked at Jing min with his back hand.
He was filled with unspeakable peace and joy.
He always thought that he had lived for tens of thousands of years, and his heart had been dried up and died.
He would not have any special feelings for all things in the world.
But the man in front of him, like the water flowing into his heart, actually moistened his old and dry heart.Jing min ran to Bai Guang again and said, ”such a big snowstorm, these flowers and plants are not affected at all.
It ’s amazing. ”

”You are more easily affected by the flowers than by the flowers. ” Bai Guang looked at him and said.

Jing min turned to look at the flowers and trees that he had never seen before, and felt in his heart that the flowers and trees that could grow in the main courtyard of Zhuyang island could be ordinary plants and trees? There are also those beautiful and strange butterflies and birds.
They must have immortal methods.
Otherwise, how can they survive in such a big snowstorm.

”He left a message in the jade for me to accept you as an apprentice. ” Bai Guang said.

”Who, entropy hope? ” Jing min heard entropy hope also left a word, eyes are bright, immediately asked, ”that he also said what? ”

”No, just let me take you as an apprentice. ” Looking at Jing min ’s excited face, Bai Guang felt that he liked it, but he was a little unhappy, because he was excited for another self, not because of his present self.

”Well, ” Jing min was a little lost in a moment.
”But there is a rumor that you only take ten apprentices, and you have already received ten. ”

”I have only nine apprentices now, and the position of the first apprentice has been vacant.
Now it seems that the person he has been asking me to wait for is you. ”

”That is to say, I will be your biggest apprentice, not your youngest one? ” Jing min felt that his identity had been promoted so high, which made him feel a little excited and a little magical.

Bai Guang took Jing min ’s hand and walked inside.
”I will hold a grand ceremony for you.
But before the ceremony is held, you must become an immortal.
Otherwise, how can you be a senior brother? ”

”When are you going to give me an apprenticeship ceremony? ” Jing Min wants to know how much time he can have to become an immortal and then improve his immortal power.

”A year later. ” Bai Guang said.

”A year? ” Jing min was shocked.
Even if he was put in the human world for a year, it was not a long time.
In the fairyland, it was even shorter than before.
He had to cultivate himself into an immortal in one year.
Even if he had the pressure of the system, would it be very good?

”What are you afraid of? With my help, are you still worried that you can ’t become an immortal in a year? ” Bai Guang said.

”Well, how can you help me become an immortal in one year? ” Jing min thought that Bai Guang was also the first immortal in the world to cultivate into a God.
He must have a strong and fast way of cultivation.
Besides, there must be many treasures in Zhuyang island that can help him improve his cultivation.
It seems that he is really worried.

Jing min followed Bai Guang into a place similar to a secret room, in which there was nothing but a crystal as big as a bed.
Jing min curiously went to touch the large transparent crystal, and then found that this is not a crystal, a bit like a diamond containing huge energy, but also a modern diamond.

”Lie down. ” Bai Guang looks at Jing min and says.

Jing min thought, it seems to be to practice on this, so he sat up and lay well.
As soon as he lay down, he felt surrounded by tremendous energy.
He asked curiously, ”what ’s this? How could it be so powerful? ”

”This is the heart of the sea, which is the heart of the sea.
There is only one piece of sea core stone in the whole ocean.
It has the purest and most powerful energy of the sea. ” Bai Guang sat on the edge, touching Jing min ’s face.

”There is only one piece of sea stone.
If you move it here, will there be no problem? ” Jing min was worried.

”If you don ’t leave the sea, there won ’t be a problem. ” Guangbai ’s hand slides down slowly, pinches a handful between Jing min ’s legs, and then wants to take off his pants.

Jing min was scared and immediately grabbed his pants and sat up.
He looked at him defensively and said, ”what do you want to do? ”

”Double cultivation. ” Bai Guang said directly and clearly, ”I give you my divine power, which is the fastest way to make you an immortal. ”

”Double, double training. ” Jing min swallows pharyngeal saliva to say, ”there is no other way? ”

”Won ’t you? ” Bai Guang approached him and asked, ”or do you want to be willing only when he appears, but not my words? ”

Jing min a little bit back, a little guilty said, ”it ’s not willing, that is, it ’s… ”

”What is it? ” Holding Jing min ’s chin, Bai Guang forced him to look at himself, ”because it ’s me now, not another me, so you don ’t want to practice with me, do you? ”

Jing min knew that entropy hope and Bai Guang were the same person, but he did it with entropy hope only yesterday and with Bai Guang again today.
He always felt strange.
If he doesn ’t know the existence of his other personality entropy hope, he will certainly not object to double practice with him when he knows that Bai Guang is his lover.
But now, he can ’t accept it calmly.

Jing min is really not willing to, but he is a bit frightened by Bai Guang ’s eyes.
He can ’t admit that he doesn ’t want to.
He can only reply hesitantly, ”it ’s not that I don ’t want to… ”

”Let ’s get started. ” Bai Guang presses on Jing min ’s body and takes off his trousers again.

”Wait, wait, don ’t take off… ” Jing min couldn ’t pull his pants, so he had to struggle to push him away, but he couldn ’t push it, so the struggle was in vain.Jing min is half forced by Bai Guang to do double practice.
However, he feels strange.
He knows that Guang and entropy hope are the same person, but he has a feeling of cheating.
So when Bai Guang entered his body, he was immediately in a wrong mood.

Because of this strange mood, his body became more sensitive.
Although he felt the constant energy coming into his body, he could not concentrate on feeling and absorbing energy because of Bai Guang ’s caressing and rapid friction in his body.

Jing min was picked up by Bai Guang and sat on his waist, supported by him, with ups and downs.
Jing min held his shoulder, not only his lower body was burning hot, but also his face felt like burning.
He had never been so shy and helpless.

When he reaches * *, he is in a trance and can ’t tell whether it is entropy hope or Bai Guang who is attacking him, which makes him feel that he has been invaded by two people at the same time.
This feeling makes the body enjoy, but the mood is very shame, tangled body and mind, let him can ’t help but leave tears, even his own, he shed tears because of too exciting, too enjoy, or because of too shame, maybe all have.

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