Xiantu (7)

Jingmin and Baiguang practice together, and they can have a day off every month.
In the first few months, even during the rest time, he always stayed in Lingfeng Pavilion and took a walk in the garden at most.

This day, Songyin told him that the honey fragrant fruit, which only bears fruit once in 300 years, is mature and has been sent to pick it for him to taste.

Jing min thinks that he has come to Zhuyang island for several months, and his daily work is to practice with Bai Guang and never leave Lingfeng Pavilion.
Zhu Yang island is so big and has several peaks.
The scenery must be very good.
He should walk around and have a look.
He proposed to go and pick honey fragrant fruits in person.

Jing min originally wanted to walk, because he wanted the scenery along the way.

But Songyin told him that if he walked, he might not arrive until tomorrow, because Zhuyang island is too big, and the garden of honey fragrant fruit is far away from Lingfeng.

So they took the sword to the vicinity of the honey garden, and then walked slowly.

There are many other flower beds and orchards near Mi Xiang Garden.
Jing min saw many students taking care of flowers and plants along the way.
Although the work of taking care of flowers and plants seems simple, it is not easy at all, and it is very hard.
Moreover, it can only be done by students with high experience.
However, the fragrance of these flowers, plants and fruit trees can help those students improve their spiritual power.
The closer they are, the faster they will be promoted.

Students who have been in the island for less than five years are not even qualified to study and take care of flowers and plants.
They can only do some more arduous and tiring work of digging soil and carrying spring water.

Jing min just came to hang out this time and didn ’t want to find Xiaoling.
He didn ’t even think about them.
But I don ’t know whether to say coincidence or not, he just met them.

Songyin is one of the three managers of Lingfeng Pavilion.
Although he is not one of the managers of Zhuyang Island, he is one of the few people who can directly contact Bai Guang.
He has a great power of managing affairs on the island.
Even when Bai Guang ’s disciples see him, they should be polite.

Although there are not many students who have seen Songyin, no one on the island does not know about the Lingzi Guan Shi waist tag on his waist.
Other students must kneel down to salute when they see him.

They were followed by more than a dozen teenagers in Lingfeng Pavilion disciples ’ clothes.
These teenagers were brought out individually and had a prominent family background in the immortal cultivation world.
Moreover, they had to have special talent and understand the rules in order to be disciples of Lingfeng Pavilion.
Bai Guang ’s nine disciples were disciples of Lingfeng Pavilion many years ago.

Xiaoling, they are digging fairy soil.
These fairylands can ’t be dug with tools, they must be dug out by hand, and they must be careful not to mix small stones into the fairy soil.

Jing min and his party came from afar and managed Xiaoling.
Seeing from a distance, they immediately asked them to stop their work and kneel down to salute.

Jing min saw Xiaoling, whose hands were full of mud, from afar.
He was not very surprised to see other people ’s appearance, but he was surprised by Xiaoling, who was honest and honest, digging the earth.
Just a few months later, the arrogant and arrogant young master was so honest.
The discipline and education personnel of Zhuyang Island really have a set.

Jing min stopped in front of them, looked at the soil, turned his head and asked Songyin, ”what do you do with this soil? ”

Songyin Gong replied, ”this piece of soil is suitable for planting immortal herbs.
After being diluted, it should be sent to the medicine garden. ”

Jing min nodded and went on.

Xiaoling heard Jing min ’s voice, his whole body was shocked, and his body became stiff at once.
Until Jing min left, he didn ’t dare to look up.

Seeing Jing min strolling around with a group of people, and he was digging the mud here, the most difficult thing for him to accept is that he should kneel down like Jing min and salute.

thinking of the comparison between the two, even though Xiaoling ’s anger has erupted like a volcano, he still has to bite his teeth and bear it.
Even if the teeth have been bitten and bleeding, he can not show any resistance.
Otherwise, it will be more terrifying and painful to wait for him.

Yang Junmao and they also heard Jing min ’s voice.
They saw Jing min with the manner of a group of people, and then looked down at the soil on their hands.
Although not as angry as Xiaoling, they wanted to vomit blood, but such a gap was also a big blow to them.

In the past, when they were in Nanjing, they were all around Xiaoling, trying to please him, and sometimes helping Xiaoling bully Xiaojing together.
At that time, they did not expect that things would develop to this day.
They are not stupid, so they can not see that Jing min came to Zhuyang island not because of Xiaoling.

Xiaoling ’s aunt didn ’t mean to protect them and give them special care.
In order not to be implicated by their mistakes, Xiaoling ’s aunt was more strict with them than other students.

They have suffered a lot since they came to the island, especially during the period when they studied the rules on the island.
As long as one of the rules is not memorized, they will suffer from both mental and sexual torture.
They are really tortured and afraid.
I ’m afraid that they will never forget those rules in their life.

After learning the island rules, what they do every day is something that even the lowest servants on the island can ’t do.
In addition to digging all kinds of soil and transporting them to other places, they also need to clean up the excrement of animals.
Even when they are at rest, any higher level students can command them.After seeing Jing min today, what they have suffered in recent months is anger and unwillingness in Xiaoling ’s heart, while Yang Junmao ’s is their complete regret.

Yang Junmao thought that if they had been a little better to Xiaojing, even if it was not for Xiaoling ’s face, but secretly helped him more, now they might not have to suffer so much.

No matter what they thought in their hearts, they could not show that they could only continue digging immediately after Jing min left.

Jing min stands under the honey fragrant fruit tree, looking up at those pink and tender fruits surrounded by leaves.
They are fat, round and transparent.
They are very lovely.
Honey fragrant fruit not only looks like it makes people feel like it, but also makes people drool with its sweet and charming fragrance.

There are only 30 fruits in this tree, which took 300 years to grow.
It is conceivable that such fruits are precious.

Jing min picked ten ripe ones and put the other nine in the bamboo basket.
He held one of them and played with it.

Holding the fruit in his hand, Jing min felt that the more he looked at it, the more he liked it, the more he was reluctant to eat it.
However, the sweet taste was too tempting, and Jing min still couldn ’t resist a bite.
The juice with immortal Qi immediately flowed into the body.
There was a kind of Shushi feeling that all the unclean things in the body were removed, and the energy was rapidly improving.

Jing min was holding the plump fruit and gnawing all the way.
When he passed the place where Xiaoling dug the soil again, an event in his memory suddenly appeared in his mind.

In the past, Xiaoling had a mother who loved him, and his mother ’s family was the top family in the immortal cultivation world.
Naturally, there were many rare treasures.

Every time Xiaoling got something good, he would show it off in front of Xiaojing.
Once he got a fruit that only came out once in ten years.
When he got it in front of Xiaojing, he asked Xiaojing to kneel down and beg him.
He gave the fruit to Xiaojing.

Of course, Xiaojing won ’t kneel down to him because of a spirit fruit.
He will let people press Xiaojing, press Xiaojing ’s face on the ground, eat the fruit in front of Xiaojing ’s face, throw the nut on Xiaojing ’s face, and then go away.

Jing min originally didn ’t want to pay attention to Xiaoling for the time being.
Anyway, he would not let go of the person who killed the original owner and his mother, but now it is not the time for revenge.
But since this recollection appears in his mind, it shows that the original owner is very concerned about this humiliating past.
Of course, he has to do something.

Xiaoling knelt on the ground and clenched his fists with his fingers.
He knelt twice in a row today, which made his heart very intolerable.
He was waiting for Jingmin to quickly pass by, but saw Jingmin ’s shoes appeared in front of him.

”The posture of kneeling is quite standard.
I should have practiced many times after I went to the island.
Did I learn such honest rules? ” Jing Min said sarcastically.

Xiaoling ’s teeth clenched, but did not dare to look up at Jing min, more dare not refute, because he knew that once he resisted, there would be more painful consequences, so in order to save his life, he had to endure.

Jing min looked at the only half of the fruit in his hand.
Then he turned his hand and let the fruit fall to the ground.
His feet crushed the fruit and covered it with soil and said, ”this is a fairy fruit that will bear fruit for three hundred years.
It is more precious than the ten-year fruit you showed me before.
I don ’t know how many times.
Although I have eaten only half of this honey fragrant fruit, it is still very helpful for improving spiritual power and immortal power.
Now this half of the fruit is dirty in the mud.
I ’m sure I won ’t eat it, because I still have a basket here.
If you pick it up and eat the mud on it, I will reward you with this half of the fruit.

Xiao Ling Qi trembles, he knows Jing min is deliberately humiliating him, but he still dare not show any resistance.

Yang Junmao and their heads are low and dare not speak.
Although the honey fragrant fruit is crushed by Jing min ’s feet and stained with soil, it still exudes an attractive and sweet fruit flavor, which makes them want to swallow.
Moreover, the strong Xianqi in the fruit fragrance makes them excited.
If Jingmin can make them wash off the soil on the fruit, and then give them the fruit, they are certainly willing to accept it.

”Why don ’t you want to accept it? ” Jing min looked down at Xiaoling who was obviously shaking and said, ”it ’s ok if you don ’t accept it, then I ’ll send you to the prison for ten days

Xiaoling is shocked after hearing this.
Although he has not been in the torture room of Zhuyang Island, he has also known what kind of place it is, and none of the people who have heard of it come out alive.
So he knew that Jing min was threatening his dignity and life with his life.
He could only choose one of them.

In the face of his threats and insults, Xiaojing in the last life would rather not kill himself to keep his dignity.
Jing min would like to see how he would choose when it was his turn to be Xiaoling.

Xiaoling is very afraid of death, also very don ’t want to die, so he stretched out his shaking hand, picked up the fruit covered with soil, slowly put it to his mouth to take a mouthful, and spit the soil together.

Jing min kicked the past and kicked the fruit in his hand to the mud again.
”I thought about it and thought that if you were such a person, where should I eat fairy fruit? So this half fruit should be fed to birds. ”Xiaoling ’s fingers clung to the mud, teeth almost bleeding.

Jing min squatted down and patted his face with the back of his hand and said, ”how about being humiliated? It ’s hard, isn ’t it? It ’s just a little appetizer.
You, your mother and grandfather, I won ’t let go of any.
All accounts, I will slowly with you to settle, when you see whether you can bear to live, brother

Jing min stood up and said to Songyin, ”let ’s feed this half of the fruit to the birds.
People like him are only fit to eat mud, not Xianguo at all. ”

”Yes. ” He replied respectfully.

When Jing min and Jing min go far away, Xiaoling dare to look up and glare at Jing min ’s back, swearing in his heart that he must find a way to revenge today ’s humiliation.

Jingmin went back to Lingfeng Pavilion and found Bai Guang reading in his study.
He was curious about what kind of books people like Bai Guang would read, so he went to read them, but found that the writing was blank.

Bai Guang stretched out his hand and pulled Jing min into his arms and sat down and asked him, ”didn ’t you just say you ’re going to pick honey and fragrant fruits? Why have you been there so long? ”

”Have a little fun on the way. ” Jing min took the book in his hand and asked, ”what book are you reading? Not a word.
Do you want to pretend? Who are you going to show it to? ”

”When you become a God, you will be able to see the words above. ” Bai Guang pinches Jing min ’s chin and kisses him on the mouth.

When he wanted to kiss deeply, Jing min backed away.

”That… ” Jing min lowered his head and looked like he wanted to talk but stopped.
In fact, he wanted to ask about entropy hope, but he didn ’t dare to ask.
Because every time he talked about entropy hope, although Bai Guang was calm on the surface, Jing min could feel that he was actually angry.

Jing min thought it was strange that they were the same.
Why did Bai Guang get angry when he asked about entropy.

”You want to ask entropy hope? ” Bai Guang ’s expression is calm, but the air around him has obviously become cold.

”No, no! ” Jing min quickly shakes his head, and he is surprised why entropy looks so gentle.
When it appears, Zhuyang island is ice and snow, while Bai Guang is indifferent most of the time, but it can make Zhuyang Island sunny and spring like all seasons.

”What do you want to say Bai Guang asked.

”I… ” Jing min looked outside.
He clearly had one afternoon and one night to rest.
But if he didn ’t say something to let the surrounding air return to normal temperature, Bai Guang would have to use those torturing postures during the double practice, so he could only take a horizontal view of his heart and say, ”I think we can start double cultivation. ”

”If you can ’t wait, I ’ll have to do what you want. ” Bai Guang picked up the chin of Gou Jing and took him to the secret room.

Jing min put his arm around Bai Guang ’s neck and buried his face on his shoulder.
Thinking of the next month ’s double practice, he wept silently for his old waist in his heart.

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