Jing min walked quickly and ran into a person at the corner, and his hat fell to the ground.

”Sorry. ” Jing min did not look up, bent down to pick up the hat to leave, but was the opposite person to pick up the hat first.

Thank you very much Jing min had to raise his head and reach out to take back his hat, but he was stunned after seeing the other party ’s appearance.
This man seems familiar to me.
He seems to have seen him somewhere.

The man patted the dust on his hat, looked at Jing min ’s face for a while, and then focused on his eyes.
Time put Buddha still, two people so look at each other, clearly is the first face-to-face, but like the gaze between lovers.

The man ’s eyes have people can not understand the mood, like to examine, as if to determine what, he put the hat on Jing min ’s head, turned away.

Jing min looked at the tall and straight figure on a car, and then disappeared in the street.
He used the system to search quickly.
After he learned the identity of the man, he was surprised.
His man was Yang Shaoshuai, who had cleaned up Wei Tianxiong.

According to the development of previous lives, it should be another person who was sent to Licheng.
That person had never fought Wei Tianxiong.
After that, Yang WangKun came to Licheng.
Why is he here now.

Back to Cheng Fu, Jing min is still thinking about this problem.
Yang WangKun has arrived in Licheng, which is a big thing, but no news has been sent out.
Why did he show up at that place and just ran into him, as if waiting for him.

Now that Yang WangKun has come to the island city, does he need to change his plan? But things have developed to this point.
Even if he wants to leave, it is too late.
The plan still needs to continue.
If there is any change in the middle because of Yang WangKun ’s arrival, see you and act accordingly.

Wei Tianxiong wants to see Jing min, but Jing Min has left the Jinxiu Garden.
The head of the Wu class can only explain in person to Wei Tianxiong that the boss always leaves after singing.
He is not willing to let people know his identity.

Such an explanation, of course, can not let Wei Tianxiong give up.
In this pear City, he is the local emperor.
He is used to tyranny, and no one dares to refuse him face to face.
He told the head of the Wu class that if the Wu family troupe would come to his house in three days ’ time, he would have to show up.
Otherwise, it would be hard to say if the Wu family troupe would be able to live.

Wu ’s headmaster was in a hurry.
He had no choice but to sneak to Cheng ’s house at night.
Jing min let him not worry, three days later, he will go with Wu Jiaban to the commander ’s house to sing opera, the head of Wu class was relieved.


The wujiaban entered the headquarters, and all of them were under the control of the soldiers in the headquarters.
Jing min, wearing a hat and an ordinary long shirt, mixed in the Wu family class.
It is impossible to sneak away like before today, so he is ready to expose his identity.

Wei Tianxiong and his more than ten wives have already taken their seats and are waiting for Jing min to come to the stage.
The adjutant rushed in and reported ”report commander, Yang Shaoshuai ’s visit? ”

”Who? ” Wei Tianxiong ’s eyes widened.
This Yang Shao Shuai is not the Yang Shao Shuai he thinks of?

”Major General Yang WangKun, nephew of President Yang, is visiting. ” The adjutant said again.

Wei Tianxiong suddenly stood up, his face changed a few times in an instant, and quickly turned and walked out.

”Shao Shuai Yang, you have lost your welcome and you have lost your welcome. ” Wei Tianxiong has a smile on his face, as if he is really happy for Yang WangKun ’s arrival.

Yang WangKun was dressed in black military uniform, wearing white gloves and holding a whip in his hand.
Behind him, there were two classes of soldiers, full of murderous spirit.
People with a clear eye could see that these soldiers had gone through hundreds of battles and climbed out of the dead.
They were the elite among the elite.

”Yang came uninvited, but I hope commander Wei will not be surprised. ” Yang WangKun bowed his hand to Wei Tianxiong.

”If you can come, Young Marshal Yang will be able to come here, and the room will be full of splendor. ” Wei Tianxiong sideways to give way, ”please come inside. ”

”When did Yang Shaoshuai arrive in Licheng? ” This is the question that Wei Tianxiong most doubts and wants to know most.

”Just arrived today, my army is still outside the city.
I ’ll say hello to commander Wei first, so that my army can enter the city. ”

”The army brought by the commander? ” Wei Tianxiong was surprised, but his expression was still calm.
”Is this the plan to stay in Pear city? ”

”My uncle sent me to govern the city together with Commander Wei.
In the future, I hope commander Wei will not give up and give more advice. ” Yang WangKun said as he walked in with him.

”Teach each other, teach each other. ” Wei Tianxiong ’s expression is obviously not as natural as it was just now.
He had long guessed that President Yang would send someone to pear city to weaken his power.
However, he did not expect that the evil star would come.
According to his information, this man should go to the north to fight.
How could he suddenly come to Licheng and make him unprepared at all.

Hearing the sound of gongs and drums from afar, Yang WangKun said, ”commander Wei has a family dinner today? I ’m not here at the right time

”It ’s not a family dinner, but a troupe is invited to sing at home for family entertainment. ” Wei Tianxiong wanted to take him to the hall.
After listening to him, he had to lead him to the backyard.
”We have three good things in Pear City: good play, good wine and good tea.
The young commander is here at the right time today, just in time to listen to the best opera in our city. ”Wu Sheng is on the stage to heat up.
When his aunts see Wei Tianxiong bring his guests over, they all stand up.
When looking at Yang WangKun, I was scared by his frightful spirit, but I still couldn ’t help being attracted by the handsome face and secretly took my eyes to see him.

”I have some guests to entertain today.
Please go down first. ” Wei Tianxiong waved his hand and asked his aunts and wives to retreat.

The aunts and wives left one after another.
Some of them were brave enough to peek at Yang WangKun when they left.

Wei Tianxiong is both male and female, but he still prefers male.
These aunts are brought to him by others.
He seldom touches them.
Most of the time, it is used as a decoration.

Wei Tianxiong has a bad temper and is not interested in women.
These aunts dare not spread a coquetry in front of him.
They are all very lonely.
Now there is a handsome and strong soldier at home.
Although his momentum is a little frightening, his appearance and figure are too outstanding to make them moved.

After taking the stage, Jing min saw Yang WangKun sitting below, only to know that he had also come to the headquarters.
Although he was a little surprised, he was not surprised.
After all, they just met him a few days ago.

Because of curiosity, Jing min takes a look at Yang WangKun, and the two people ’s eyes are just on the top, and the kind of soul pumping is moving again.
He was so shocked that his brain was unable to concentrate on singing, and his lyrics were completely controlled by the system.
Was it Yang WangKun who looked at each other in Jinxiu Garden last time? Is he his lover? That ’s why I came to Licheng in advance to look for him?

Jing Min has a lot of questions in his heart.
He can ’t help looking at Yang WangKun many times.
Their eyes are opposite several times, but they don ’t feel the same again.
Jing min doesn ’t understand why this is the case.

Those aunts who see Yang WangKun will be in love with each other.
Now Jing min, who is singing opera on the stage, also looks at Yang WangKun.
It seems that Wei Tianxiong is very uncomfortable.

Wei Tianxiong is very clear about the purpose of Yang WangKun ’s coming to Licheng.
He is not very easy to deal with.
He should try his best to avoid confrontation with him.
The best strategy is to win by strategy.
Even if he fought fiercely, he was only a young man in his twenties.
He was old in the world at any rate.
Compared with the strategy, Wei Tianxiong did not believe that he could not fight him.

Originally this evening, Wei Tianxiong wanted to leave Jing min, but Yang WangKun ’s sudden arrival left him with no time and thought.
After singing, Wu Jiaban left.
Wei Tianxiong entertained Yang WangKun for dinner.
After sending him away, he immediately called his subordinates to discuss countermeasures.

Jing min just returned home, the housekeeper came over anxiously and reported to him, ”young master, commander Wei ’s people came here again today, and asked why our smoking house hasn ’t opened yet.
As you said, I gave him two more banknotes, but it ’s nothing to drag on like this all the time.
Those people ’s appetites are bottomless.
They can ’t fill in the blanks.
They ’re more diligent.

Jing min pondered for a moment and then said, ”I know.
Don ’t worry, Uncle Zhang.
They will be rampant for a long time.
The money is nothing.
Sooner or later, they will be asked to vomit it out. ”

”Young master, this is What ’s the best way to do it? ” The housekeeper looked at him and said.

”Naturally, there are ways, but I have to think about it again Jing min raised his hand and motioned the housekeeper to step back first, ”you go down first. ”

According to Jing min ’s original plan, after his identity was exposed today, Wei Tianxiong would certainly leave him.
In this way, he could not only poison Wei Tianxiong for the first time, but also would not embarrass him after that.
When Wei Tianxiong was poisoned by his chronic poison and suddenly died suddenly, his subordinates would certainly have civil strife in order to be on the top.
At this time, President Yang sent someone to come over, and everything would be much simpler.

However, Yang WangKun suddenly came to the city ahead of time, and today also disrupted his plan, but these are not the most important to him.
Now the most important thing is how can he determine whether Yang WangKun is his lover or not.

Jing min want to see him, when the interview probe, better than he secretly guess.
But we can ’t see it openly.
If Wei Tianxiong knows about it, he will frighten the snake.

The news of Yang WangKun ’s arrival soon spread all over the city.
Before Jing min could find a chance to meet him quietly, news came out from the headquarters that he would hold a reception for young commander.

People with some status in Licheng received the invitation, and Jingmin also received it.
However, he could not attend as Cheng Junxi, because commander Wei asked Cheng Jiaban and Wu Jiaban to go to the commander ’s residence to sing opera together.

After thinking about it, Jing min thought that it might be an opportunity from all aspects.

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