Xiantu (8)

Jingmin completed Bai Guang ’s requirements within one year and successfully cultivated into an immortal.
In fact, he absorbed the energy of Haixin stone, and Bai Guang transferred his divine power to him in the way of double cultivation.
Even if he didn ’t want to become an immortal, it was very difficult for him.

The island also began to prepare for the apprenticeship ceremony early, and the invitation cards were sent out.
When people in the spiritual world, Xiuxian world and fairyland knew that Bai Guang wanted to accept the apprentice, they were surprised and then puzzled.
To his surprise, Bai Guang did not receive his apprentices at such a grand ceremony in front of him.
This time, all influential figures from all walks of life were invited.
What ’s puzzling is that Bai Guang said a long time ago that he only accepted ten apprentices, and that the ten apprentices were full.
Why do you want to take in now.

When those who were invited knew that Bai Guang was going to accept his apprentice, they were shocked and curious.
They thought that no wonder they didn ’t know who Bai Guang ’s big apprentice was for so many years, and they were even more curious about who he was.
Bai Guang kept the position of his apprentice for so many years and held such a grand apprenticeship ceremony with such great importance.

It can be said that Bai Guang wants to accept a senior apprentice, which is the most discussed topic among all circles.
However, no matter whether they are shocked or curious, it is naturally a matter of honor and happiness for those who have received the invitation to go to Zhuyang island.
And some of the children of the people who received the invitation letter, for who can go with them, Zhuyang island has become a riot.

Those who have not been invited, in addition to admiring and watching the fun, are waiting for those who have been to Zhuyang island to come back and talk about what the island is like and describe the grand ceremony.

The invitation letters of the four immortal families were more excited than that of the four families in the spiritual realm.

In the whole spiritual cultivation world, only the four families in Nanjing received the invitation letter, so the top families of the other three realms were very puzzled why only the four families of Nanjing were valued by Zhuyang island alone.
They thought it was because xiaoliangqi married LAN Manzi, and LAN Manzi ’s sister was the apprentice of Zhuyang island Master.
Even the four families thought so.

It is getting closer and closer to the start of the apprenticeship ceremony.
Those who have received the invitation have been on the island one after another.
Those who have not been to Zhuyang island will be shocked by the strong immortal spirit of the island after they go to the island.
The environment on the island makes them linger, thinking that it would be nice if they could live here for a lifetime.

The four families of Nanjing came to Zhuyang island in the boat of the blue family.
Otherwise, if they took their own boat, they would not go to the island until the day before the ceremony as soon as possible.
If they took the blue family ’s boat, they could go to the island a few days in advance.

As soon as LAN Manzi arrived on the island, she was naturally eager to see her son first.
However, there were rules on the island.
Even if there were disciples ’ parents on the island, they were not prepared to meet at will without permission.
Blue Manzi asked her parents to find her sister and let her meet with her son.
She also waited for two days to see Xiaoling.

When Xiaoling saw his mother, his grievance broke out in his heart.
He cried with his mother about how hard he had been on the island.
He didn ’t want to stay on Zhuyang island and wanted to go home.

LAN Manzi felt so sad when she saw her son crying.
But she was very clear that the longer she stayed in Zhuyang Island, the faster her spiritual power would rise.
Since she got on the island, she was sure that even if she did nothing on the island, her spiritual power would be improved faster than those who had been practicing hard and painstakingly.

Blue Manzi wiped away the tears on Xiaoling ’s face and comforted him, ”ling ’er, listen to your mother tell you that it ’s hard to be a student, but as long as you can stay on Zhuyang Island, everything is worth it.
Even your aunt used to be like this.
When you ’ve been through these years, I ’ll try to make your aunt accept you as an apprentice, and you won ’t have to suffer like this again.

”My aunt doesn ’t protect me at all! ” Xiaoling complained indignantly, ”she also said that if I died because of violating the rules of the island, she would not help me say a word, and let me not implicate her! ”

LAN Manzi knew that her elder sister was very cold hearted since she was a child.
She never had a smile and warmth to her younger brothers and sisters, let alone those nephews.
So LAN Manqing would say such words to Xiaoling, and she didn ’t feel strange at all.

”Your aunt is cold hearted, but there are your grandparents.
If you really have something on the island, as long as your grandparents come forward, your aunt will try to save you. ” LAN Manzi took Xiaoling ’s hand and said, ”but this is Zhuyang island.
Most of the rules here are known by everyone.
It ’s not as easy as you are at home.
Your mother also knows.
You should be more patient and patient.
Don ’t make trouble.
If you endure until you become a registered disciple of Zhuyang Island, everything will be fine.

”If it ’s just hard work, I ’m willing to bear it, but I can ’t stand the humiliation of Xiaojing in any case! ”

”What? ” Blue Manzi thought that she had heard wrong, and she widened her eyes and asked, ”Xiaojing dare to humiliate you? ”

”That ’s right, ” Xiaoling couldn ’t help gnashing her teeth as soon as she said about Xiaojing.
”I don ’t know why.
Since we left Nanjing and boarded the ship, Xiaojing has been treated much better than us.
After we went to the island, we were treated differently.
We dug the mud by hand every day, and cleaned up the animal feces.
But he had a comfortable life.
He could eat all the precious fairy fruits on the island.
He could hold any animal he liked for two days.
The most hateful thing is that in recent months, he will find a day every month to humiliate me, torture me and trample on my dignity on the groundBlue Manzi listened to Xiaoling ’s words, and her chest was aching.
She never thought that the woman ’s son would treat her son like this on Zhuyang island.

”I ’ll go to your aunt and ask what ’s going on here. ” Blue vine purple pressed her chest and breathed hard.
She said, ”don ’t worry, your mother will never let you be wronged in vain.
She will try to vent her anger for you. ”

Although blue Manzi and blue Manqing are sisters, because one of them is the largest and the other is the smallest, and blue Manqing arrived at Zhuyang island very young.
Therefore, they have not met more than ten times over the years.

LAN Manzi was a little afraid of her cold faced elder sister since she was a child.
This time she came to Zhuyang island to try not to meet.
If she has any words, she can ask her parents to help convey them.
But this time for the sake of her son, she decided to see her elder sister in person.
However, she did not dare to meet alone, so she asked her mother to go with her.

LAN Manqing has come to Zhuyang island since she was a child.
In the past few hundred years, LAN Manqing has never been close to her family.
In addition to maintaining due respect for her parents, she has little affection for her younger brothers and sisters who have not seen her for several times.
After she arrived in Zhuyang Island, she began to teach her disciples and became one of Bai Guang ’s ten apprentices.
She was able to become one of Bai Guang ’s ten apprentices.
Only by her amazing talent, and by gritting her teeth and holding back blood and tears, could she have her present status on Zhuyang island.

For other younger brothers and sisters, blue Manqing is just a little indifferent at most, but for her parents ’ indulgent blue Manzi, she is really a little annoying at the bottom of her heart.
Especially after knowing what blue Manzi did, she was shameless and disgusted.
She didn ’t want to admit that she was her sister.
If her mother hadn ’t begged her for several years, and had asked her to go back for several times under the pretext of being ill, and then mentioned that she would try to get Xiaoling to Zhuyang Island, she would never have let Xiaoling go to Zhuyang island.
In addition to Xiaoling, other people on Zhuyang island is not her arrangement, as for the reason, she does not know what is going on.

LAN Manzi comes to ask her why Jingmin can bully Xiaoling on the island.
She tells her that on Zhuyang Island, her master Baiguang shenzun is the God who can decide the life and death of all people.
His decision is the biggest rule on the island, and no one can violate it.
Xiaojing is now living in Lingfeng Pavilion.
She is one of the closest people in Libai Guangshen Zun.
Even she can ’t inquire about his news at will.
She can ’t think that he bullied Xiaoling and ask him for trouble.

LAN Manqing warns LAN Manzi to either leave Zhuyang island now, or honestly don ’t make trouble for her, or don ’t blame her for directly killing their mother and son regardless of their blood and family ties.

LAN Manzi wanted to get justice for her son, and asked LAN Manqing to help teach Jing min a lesson.
What she didn ’t expect was a merciless warning.
Moreover, blue Manqing said to kill their mother and son directly in front of Mrs.
Even if LAN Manzi thought that she could not really kill them, she was also afraid.

LAN Manzi also knows that the authority of the master of Zhuyang island can not be violated.
She can never make trouble on Zhuyang Island, otherwise the whole family may be involved.
However, although she persuades Xiaoling to be more patient, she does not give up the plan to teach Jing min to be angry with Xiaoling.

Recently, Jing min especially likes to play with a snow wolf raised by Bai Guang.
This is the snow wolf is a fairy beast, and its immortal power is very high, so its volume can be large or small.
When it is small, it can be only the size of a hand.
When it is big, it can be as big as a house.

Sometimes he let the snow wolf grow bigger, riding on the snow wolf, flying to and fro on Zhuyang island.
When tired, he landed on the ground to rest for a while.

Because Zhuyang island is too big.
Sometimes Jing min doesn ’t know where he landed.
Anyway, if it ’s time to rest, snow wolf will land in water most of the time, because it can drink water by the way.

Although there are more and more people on the island these days and the disciples are more and more busy because of the apprenticeship ceremony, none of these will prevent Jing min from riding the snow wolf everywhere.
Anyway, no one dares to stop him.
As soon as he arrived on the island, he was busy practicing with Bai Guang.
Now he can ’t be liberated.
Of course, he has to have a good time.
Otherwise, he will be pulled by Bai Guang when he stays in Lingfeng Pavilion.

One day, the snow wolf landed on the edge of a small waterfall from the air.
When he became small, he went to drink water.
Jing min planned to walk around by himself.
After drinking water, the snow wolf would come to him naturally.

Just as Jing min was standing under a tree, looking up carefully to identify what flowers were on it, a group of people came over under the guidance of several disciples.

Seeing Jing min standing under the tree, those disciples first had some accidents, and then quickly walked over and knelt down to salute Jingmin.
Because Jing min landed from the air, the disciples in charge of this area didn ’t know that he was coming.
If he did, he would not bring guests who want to look around.

Jing min turned to look at the past, and his heart was just a coincidence, because those people were from the four big families.
The others he had not seen should be from the blue family.

The people of the four families were surprised to see Jing min, and they were even more puzzled and puzzled to see those disciples kneeling down to salute Jingmin respectfully.

Jing min just looked at them and didn ’t intend to go to say hello to them.
Anyway, after the apprenticeship ceremony was over, he had some contacts with the people of the blue family.Jing min took out the bamboo whistle and called for the snow wolf.
The snow wolf ran to his face and became bigger.
Jing min touched its head and then flew to its body.
The snow wolf ran several steps and flew to the sky.
Seeing those people, Jing min is not in the mood to go on shopping any more, and directly let the snow wolf fly back to Lingfeng Pavilion.

When blue Manzi saw Jing min, she wanted to rush up and tear him up, but she didn ’t dare to mess around on Zhuyang Island, so she could only stare at him with her eyes.
Seeing that Jing min didn ’t even call for help, he left directly, and was even more angry.

Blue Manzi was so angry that she could only say to xiaoliangqi, ”look at your good son.
Your father and so many elders are here, but they just ignore it and go straight away.
It ’s really not cultivated at all. ”

LAN daonian has always been the most face saving person.
When he heard his daughter teach her husband a lesson in front of so many people, he felt shameless, so he said to LAN Manzi with a straight face, ”OK, is this what a mother should say? ”

Blue Manzi was taught by her father, but in front of so many people, she did not dare to say anything.
She could only bite her lips and sulk.

Xiaoliang chess has been silent.
After he went to the island, he also knew some things about Jing min ’s bullying and humiliating Xiaoling.
He also knew that Jing min ’s status in Zhuyang island was not ordinary.
But compared with blue Manzi ’s indignation, he is quite happy, but in front of the father and daughter of the blue family, even if he is happy, he can not show it.

LAN daonian had never put Xiaojing in his heart and eyes, thinking that he was a child without any support, but he was not left to his daughter ’s control.
But now seeing Jing min ’s treatment on the island, and thinking of what LAN Manzi said to him in the past two days, he really needs to think about how to kill the man who is likely to be his daughter ’s disaster.

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