When Jing opened his eyes, it was a vast expanse of white, and then those objects like white fog spread out from his eyes, reflecting a piece of golden light in his eyes.

He squinted, and then looked in the direction of the golden light.
In the distance, there was a very magnificent building with gold and white.
The golden light came from the back of that building.

Jing min looked around and found that he was actually standing on top of the clouds.
The clouds were flowing and rolling like the sea.
The scene looked very magnificent.

Jing min didn ’t know where it was, why he came here, and what he should do now.

Just when he didn ’t know what to do, his body began to drift forward.
There was nothing wrong with him, just like his soul.
He looked down and found that his body was actually transparent.
He could only see a little bit of body shape.

When Jing min recovered from the shock and looked up to the front, he found himself in front of the white building.
He looked up at such a magnificent building in front of him, thinking that such a building, even in the sky, should also be a very different status of the gods can live.

His body began to float forward again.
When he floated into the building, he saw many men and women in ancient clothes.
They were wearing the same color clothes, but their styles were different because of the difference between men and women.
When these people walk around, they are very orderly in line, and they are not walking around randomly.
And they look serious and don ’t see any other emotion.

Jing min thought he would be stopped, but those people turned a blind eye to him.
Maybe we should say that they could not see him at all.
This makes him even more strange.
This should be heaven.
Even if these people are just servants in this building, they should also be immortals.
How can they not see his soul?

Jing min ’s body has been floating.
He doesn ’t know where he is going because he can ’t control his body.

He drifted into a hall and saw a man in a white embroidered gold striped broad sleeve robe walking up the steps.
Just looking at his back, the man exuded a very oppressive momentum.

Jing min floated past, about ten steps away from the man and followed him.

The man suddenly stopped, and then looked back, which made Jing min scared.
He had never seen such a powerful man.
The man ’s eyes alone seemed to be able to sweep away the whole army and let all the people submit to his feet, with inviolable dignity.

Jing min thought that he saw himself, because he felt that he was looking at him, but the man did not react at all.
He turned back and went on.

Jing min didn ’t understand why he could still hear his heart beating fast when he was in the state of soul.
His momentum was too shocking.

He continued to follow the man and float forward.
Then he saw the man come to a white jade bed and sit down.
There was a man lying on the white jade bed covered with brocade quilt.

Out of curiosity, Jing min wanted to see who was lying on the bed, and then he floated to the bow of the boat, where he could clearly see the people sitting and lying.

Jing min looked down and saw the face of the man lying down.
He didn ’t know what language to describe it, because it seemed that any gorgeous words could not express the beauty of the man.

Jing min ’s eyes up, see the person sitting by the bed, is obviously very majestic handsome face, gentle eyes seem to be able to let people indulge in the sea, warm and tender.

Jing min is very sure that he must love the person lying down, and his tenderness must only show this.
Looking at the familiar, what is the reason for the two.

The sitting man gently stroked the face of the lying man, and opened his mouth and called, ”Jing min… ”

Jing min was shocked and thought that he was calling himself, but when he was sure that his eyes were always looking at the person lying down, he thought in his heart, could the person lying down have the same name as himself?

”Jingmin… ” The man almost sighed and said, ”your reincarnation is over.
Come back quickly.
I ’ve been waiting for you for too long… ”

Jing min was suddenly flustered, and then his brain began to be in a trance.
His brain was like a projector, playing his life experience in a fast backward way.

Because the speed of playing backward is too fast and the content is too much, Jing Min feels that some can not bear it, and the brain feels very painful.

The man sitting by the bed leaned over and kissed the lying man ’s forehead.
Jingmin immediately turned into a light and entered the body of the lying man.

At first, Jing min felt very uncomfortable, but then gradually stabilized.
The uncomfortable feeling faded away.
It seemed that something was pouring into his soul, making them feel that they had a feeling of incomparable power.

Jing min opened his eyes and saw the man sitting by the bed.
His profile was as deep as the carved handsome face, which made him feel very familiar.
Knowing that he had not remembered who he was, he could blurt out his name ”entropy hope… ” ”Are you back? ” Entropy looked at him with a smile, his eyes full of tenderness.

”I… ” Jing min also wanted to ask what he meant when he came back.
All his memories came back to his mind.
He remembered everything.

”I still seem to be angry with you. ” Jingmin said.

”I ’ve been away for so long, haven ’t you calmed down yet? ” Entropy hope said.

”Am I nearly unable to come back? ” He asked.

”Yes, you almost couldn ’t come back. ” Entropy hope picked him up and hugged him tightly in his arms.
He felt a sharp pain at the thought that he had almost lost this man.

”Who is it? I ’ve done something about my soul.
” Jing min ’s body has not been fully recovered, some powerless rely on entropy hope ’s chest.

”It ’s bianqing. ”

”He is indeed. ” Just like what he thought, Jing min laughed sarcastically and then asked, ”how is he doing? ”

”He ’s back, too.
I ’ll have someone look at him and wait for you to finish him up. ” Entropy hope to know with Jing min ’s personality, not let Bian Qing suffer some torture, his heart is not comfortable.

”Then let people take good care of him.
I must give him a good reward. ” Jing min ’s eyes flashed a trace of hate, for this almost let himself back to the person, he will never let go.

”Yes, my prince. ” Entropy looks down and kisses Jing min ’s lips.

Jing min ’s strength recovered a little, he raised his hand to touch his face and said, ”I have been away for so long, have you had a good reflection? ”

”Yes, I seriously reflect on my mistakes. ” Entropy hope said seriously.

”Tell me, then, what ’s wrong with you. ” Jing min looked up and said.

”As long as you are angry, it ’s my fault.
You can punish me as much as you want, that is, no more joking about your own life and death. ” Entropy hope said.

”When did I joke about my life and death? I didn ’t know he was…
” Jing min was not happy again.
He glared at entropy and said, ”it seems that you still don ’t know where you are wrong. ”

”I really know that I ’m wrong.
If you say anything is wrong, I ’ll be wrong.
Everything you say is right. ” Entropy hope was really afraid of him, but the man ’s temper was spoiled by himself, and he could only suffer by himself.
Over the years, he has coaxed him over.
The fear of losing this man almost made him more low-profile.
The people he finally got back after they were able to be like this in the future and indulge themselves in his arms, he really had nothing else to ask for.

Jing min put his index finger on his eyebrow and said, ”I should really let those immortals look at you now, and see how you can pretend to be serious in front of them in the future. ”

Entropy took his hand, put it to his mouth and kissed him.
Then he looked him in the eyes and said, ”you have to promise me that no matter what happens in the future, you will not do such things again. ”

”I don ’t! ” Jing min, who was spoiled and spoiled, loved to fight with him and fight against him.
”If you dare to anger me again, I will never see you again. ”

Entropy hope ’s face immediately changed.
He pressed Jing min under his body, raised his hands over his head and helped him with trapped immortal rope.
He looked at him very seriously and said, ”then I ’ll tie you to this bed forever, and you can ’t do anything. ”

”You let me go! ” Jing min ’s hand can not move, can only kick him with the foot, ”this prince is not afraid of your threat, if you have the ability, you can let me go! ”

”Let go of you and let you run away and do stupid things again? ” Entropy looked as he took off his pants and said, ”do you know how hard it took me to bring your soul back? You ’ll never know what ’s going on until you learn a lesson.

Entropy looked at a slap in Jing min white tender and elastic buttocks, issued a crisp sound.

”You, you dare to beat the crown prince… ” Jing min was so angry that he was about to cry.
He became tens of thousands of Prince of heaven.
He was spoiled by this man from childhood.
This was the first time he was beaten, and it was a shameful place to hit his buttocks.

Entropy hope only hit him once, and did not use force.
Seeing his red eyes, he immediately felt distressed.
He rubbed his buttocks and asked, ”do you dare to dare? ”

Jing min stares at him and doesn ’t speak.
After feeling his fingers enter his body from behind, he immediately struggles up again, ”don ’t… ”

Entropy hope pressed on his body, put his hand around his waist, raised it back, and then slowly entered his body.

”Baby, ” entropy said in Jing min ’s ear, ”raise it a little more. ”

”You asshole… ” Jing min mouth although scolded, but still obediently raised the butt, let him more in-depth.

The two most dignified and dignified people in the heaven are actually in such a way of getting along with each other like little lovers in private.
If the gods in the heaven knew Even if they know, they will pretend that they don ’t know, because no one in the heaven can afford to offend these two people, and the one who has already offended will have bad luck soon.

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