Xiantu (2)

Jing min lies on the chest of entropy hope and thinks of the time when he leaves.
If calculated by the time of human world, they are really separated for a long time.
And he had no memory in reincarnation, so he didn ’t feel missing.
Now that all memories are restored, he has a feeling of missing breaking out.

Jing min buried his face in entropy hope ’s chest, some sad said, ”I miss you so much. ”

”I miss you too.
Don ’t be such a fool next time. ” Entropy takes his face and kisses his lips.
Although in order to bring him back, he went to accompany him for several generations, but in those worlds, he was only a part of his soul, not a complete him, so his missing was stronger than Jing min, who had no memory before.

”I ’m so wayward, don ’t you love me? ” Jing min looked at him with tears in his eyes.

”My love for you is increasing every moment and never decreasing. ” Entropy hope knew that he had entered another sentimental role.
He was very cooperative in coaxing him and expressing his love to him.

”Then why did it take you so long to find me? ” Jing min complained, ”do you know that I am almost tired of life and want to let myself go. ”

Entropy looked at him and said, ”listen to me slowly tell you… ”

Why did entropy hope let Jing min reincarnate for so long before he went to find him, and what method was used to bring him back? Even if the detailed explanation was given, how long did it take? If only a general description of the situation, a few words could be finished.

However, if you want to know the detailed identities of Jing min and entropy hope, why Jing min went back to the human world and why they have been reincarnated, and how entropy Wang brought him back, we need to understand from the beginning.

Jing min ’s father is the emperor of heaven, and his mother is queen of heaven.
As the first child of emperor and queen of heaven, he was born the prince of heaven.

The birth of the prince of heaven will not be an easy task.
After being pregnant with him for more than 100000 years, he was formed in the belly of the queen of heaven.
When he was born, the emperor of heaven and the queen of heaven bore all the calamities for him.

After the birth of him and pregnant with him, has spent too much energy, and because of a part of the natural disaster, let her body more weak.
So the emperor of heaven sent her to yushenchi for cultivation, hoping that her body could recover as soon as possible.

Yushenchi is indeed the holy land for the treatment and cultivation of immortals, but there is one thing that must be observed, that is, in the cultivation pool, there should be no distractions, and even more no emotional ups and downs.
Otherwise, it will be hurt by the flowing sharp Qi in the pool, making the injury more serious.

Originally, in addition to dealing with some Tianjie government affairs, the emperor of heaven would spend the rest of his time with the queen to cultivate in the Yushen pool.
Although they are the Heavenly Emperor and queen of heaven, they are affectionately in love with each other.

Every 100000 years, the emperor of heaven must descend to the earth and reincarnate ten times.
Although he is injured by the disaster, he must go down to the earth as soon as the time comes, or else there will be another disaster.

The emperor of heaven had gone down to earth many times before, and the time on earth was much faster than that in heaven.
Their husband and wife thought that this was only a short separation, and they would soon be able to get together, but they didn ’t want anyone to take advantage of the injured emperor.

There is a cousin after the day, is the daughter of the water god, named Yuji.
Since she was a child, Yuji envied her cousin who was better than her in all aspects.
After her cousin became the queen of heaven, there were no concubines in the palace except her cousin, who was the real wife.

If the emperor ’s palace is empty because her cousin is too powerful to let the emperor accept the imperial concubine, and their husband and wife do not agree, she may not be so jealous.
But it happened that the emperor and the empress were very fond of each other, and even could be described as glue like paint, which made Yuji quite jealous.

Yuji originally had the father of Water God and the cousin of empress Hou.
She wanted to marry any kind of immortal, but she fell in love with the emperor in the process of observing their relationship.

Yuji felt very painful because she couldn ’t love her.
She tried to tempt the emperor of heaven.
She thought that if the emperor also liked her, it would be useless even if her cousin objected to it.
She could become the only concubine of the emperor of heaven.
In the future, she could snatch all the love of the emperor from her cousin.

Yuji fantasized very well, but when she really seduced the emperor, he was severely punished by the emperor, because she was a cousin of the queen of heaven, she did not kill her on the spot.

Yuji, who was severely punished, was not reconciled, but she did everything.
Tens of thousands of years later, the water God asked her to marry several times, but she was not willing to, because she loved the emperor of heaven more and more deeply and loved to the pain.

When she knew that the emperor of heaven was going down to earth in case of serious injury, she moved her mind to get what she wanted in the world.
If the emperor of heaven was not injured, even if he became a mortal, she could not do anything to him.
But the emperor of heaven came down to earth with serious injuries this time, which showed that she could take advantage of it.

Yuji came to the world where the emperor of heaven lived.
She met the emperor of heaven.
She wanted to create a good time of love with him.
When the emperor returned to heaven, she might see that they had different feelings for her when they fell in love with each other on earth.However, no matter how Yuji seduced the emperor, the Emperor didn ’t fall in love with her.
The emperor had only ten generations of misfortune.
However, seeing the past few generations, Yuji failed to achieve the goal of loving the emperor.
This made her feel sad and unwilling, and decided to take risks.

Yuji thought that even if she couldn ’t fall in love with the emperor of heaven, she would also like to have a good memory of being with the emperor of heaven.
It was better to be pregnant with the child of the emperor of heaven, so that even after the emperor returned to heaven, she would not punish the child for his face.
And from then on, they will never break the ties.

Yuji used * * technique to have sex with the emperor of heaven several times, and was pregnant with the child of the emperor.
Then she found a place to hide in the mortal world, and wanted to secretly give birth to the child.

Because Yuji stayed in the world after she was pregnant, and the emperor of heaven who let her have a baby was also an ordinary child at that time.
So she was only pregnant for more than 30 years and gave birth to the child.

Yuji thought that she might be able to avoid the natural calamity by hiding in the mortal world to give birth to a child, but the son of the emperor of heaven was born, and it was impossible not to fall into the sky.

After training in yushenchi, she suddenly found that there was a Tiandi ’s disaster.
At the beginning, she didn ’t know how it happened.
No matter what he did, there was no possibility of a natural disaster.

In order to find out the situation, Tian Tian uses the heaven and earth mirror to see what she has done.
When she saw what Yuji had done, she was so angry that she almost vomited blood, and she was eager to break her body into pieces.
But the natural calamity has already come down.
If the original God is hurt at the moment, it will be the emperor of heaven.
Her baby son will inherit the throne of emperor of heaven.
However, she can not bear the natural calamity of succeeding the throne, and she can only be driven to death.

Tiantian HanHen took Tianba for Tiandi, because Tiandi ’s Tianjie can only be undertaken by her this queen.

After her body had not recovered, she was almost dying because of the natural calamity here.
She might have been able to keep her original spirit in the Yushen pool.
But as long as you think that Yuji actually gave birth to the child of the emperor of heaven, she can ’t keep her emotions up and down.
Therefore, she is broken by the sharp spirit in the cultivation God pool, and her soul flies away from the ninety-nine layers of heaven and reaches the realm of nothingness.

Although Yuji also suffered the natural calamity, but because most of the natural calamities were borne by the empress instead of the emperor of heaven, although she was also injured, she did not lose her life.
She returned to heaven with her newborn child.
Although the child was born to the emperor of heaven, she was the natural son of the emperor of heaven after all, and brought down the scourge.
Although unlike Jing min, who is the crown prince, she was born to be a God, but she was also a fairy at the moment of birth.

The emperor of heaven came back to heaven after the end of all the calamities.
He was furious.
The emperor of heaven will remove the divinity of Water God and demote all the water gods to the extremely cold and barren land.

As for Yuji, the emperor of heaven will lock her into the thunder tower and let her suffer from lightning stroke forever.
No matter how hard Yuji pleaded to admit her mistake, the emperor had no pity for her, only anger and hatred.

The emperor of heaven wants to go to the nihility beyond ninety-nine days to collect the soul of the queen.
Even if he is the emperor of heaven, he does not know whether he can come back again.
So he entrusts Jingmin, who is still in his infancy, to entropy hope, the God of war, so that he can raise Jing min.

Entropy hope is the ancient god of war, which is several generations older than the emperor of heaven.
Because he has been living in the east of the ninety-nine layer sky, guarding the whole heaven, and being respected as the ancient god of war, even the emperor of heaven should respect him.
He is also the only person that the emperor can entrust, not only Jing min, because he wants to go to the void, so the whole heaven should be entrusted to entropy hope.

Entropy hopes that he has no children, and is also the first time to help others with children.
Originally, he thought that as long as he grows up well, he will not fail to live up to the trust of the emperor of heaven.
However, he watched the little man grow up with his own eyes, and in the process of getting along with each other, he had a different feeling.

Entropy hope didn ’t know how to raise his son, so he treated him well with his own feeling in his heart.
Unconsciously, he raised a little lover who was spoiled by him.
However, Jing min, as the prince of heaven, must be able to do so.
Entropy Wang found many capable gods to teach him.

Therefore, when two people get along alone, they can be intimate.
They have done all the things that lovers have done, and Jing min will ride on the head of entropy hope and behave wantonly.
But as long as anyone else is present, they are serious, just like a real father and son.

It ’s too long to be an immortal.
Jing Min has lived for several thousand years.
Although the prince has many things to do, sometimes he still feels that the life of the immortal is really boring.

In order to have some fun, Jing min used the heaven and earth mirror to see what people were doing, and felt that there might be fun to refer to.
Then he indulged in watching all kinds of dog blood love life in the world, and he not only watched, but also learned.
After learning, he also wanted to cooperate with him.

What kind of overbearing village head falls in love with me series, devil ’s sacrifice lover series, and dog blood * * series, which are the so-called role-playing games, should be performed with entropy hope.
If not, all kinds of anger will be ignored.

At the beginning, entropy Wang was helpless and speechless about Jing min ’s interest.
However, as the last God in ancient times, he could understand how boring it was to live too long, so he cooperated with him when he wanted to play.
Jing min played all the interesting roles in private with entropy hope.
After playing for more than 10000 years, he finally got tired of it.Although Jing min is tired of role-playing, because he is too deep into the play, he often changes his emotions, sometimes willful, sometimes sad, sometimes lively like the sun, sometimes gentle like water.
Entropy hope has been used to it.
Anyway, Jing min is only like this when they get along with each other in private.
When facing other people, he is more serious and serious than he is.
The majesty of the prince of heaven is quite enough.

Jing Min has not seen his father and Emperor for tens of thousands of years, but he has always been the crown prince and has no intention of inheriting the position of the emperor of heaven.
He says that the present emperor of heaven is still alive tomorrow.
Jing min thought that it was good to be a prince all the time.
Maybe his father and his mother would come back that day.

But Jing min was already several thousand years old, and it was time for him to marry the crown prince.
There were always gods and fairies in front of him.
Jing Min has no interest in those fairies and fairies.
He feels very uncomfortable when touched by them.
He only wants to be intimate with entropy hope.

Jing min thought, entropy hope don ’t know how many times bigger than him, he didn ’t get a wife, why do those immortals have to marry themselves?

Then he thought, before he was born, entropy hope had lived for a long time.
He was much older than his father.
Why didn ’t he take a wife? As the ancient god of war, and the only ancient god that still exists, even the emperor of heaven has to fear a little God.
Is there no goddess who wants to marry him? This is obviously abnormal.

So Jing min began to investigate in silence, and found that there were more gods and fairies who wanted to marry entropy hope, and there were no fewer people who wanted to get close to entropy hope by various means, which he had never found before.

In fact, Jing min didn ’t find out, on the one hand, he didn ’t have that consciousness before, on the other hand, entropy hope didn ’t want him to know, so he didn ’t find out.

Jing min, who began to have this awareness, was jealous of the goddess who made the opportunity to get close to entropy hope, but they were all just making a little fuss.
Entropy hope is only the interest between the two people, coax him, he will not be angry, because Jing min although bad temper, but also very good coax.

Until ChiYan goddess and snow mountain goddess fight for entropy hope.
Snow mountain goddess is injured because she can ’t beat ChiYan goddess.
Jing min learns that entropy Wang went to visit the injured snow mountain goddess, and did not come back for several days, so the vinegar jar was completely overturned.

Jing min, as the prince of heaven, didn ’t need to go down to the earth to suffer the calamities.
Only when he became the emperor of heaven did he want to go down to the earth to survive.
Although he had played role-playing for more than 10000 years before, it was only the interest between him and entropy hope, which had nothing to do with real life.
So he always wanted to go down to the earth to experience his life as a mortal, but entropy hope always refused to let him go down to the earth to experience life after he became the emperor of heaven.

This time Jing min knocked over the vinegar jar, and just entered the self willed role mood, thinking about the things entropy hope did not allow him to do, he was inclined to do.
So he went to the reincarnation platform where the gods descended to the earth and reincarnated through the reincarnation platform.

Jing min originally just wanted to be Qi and entropy, and he would return to the heaven after he came down to earth.
However, he didn ’t expect to be taken advantage of by others like his father and emperor, which led to thousands of reincarnations without his knowledge.

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