”what are you doing? ” Jing min went to Yang WangKun and asked him.
He looked at him with puzzled eyes.
He didn ’t know what he wanted to do.

”Search yourself! ”

A body search? Jing Min has not responded, Yang WangKun body search action has begun.

Yang WangKun ’s broad palm, from Jing min ’s shoulder down the arm, pressing his shoulder to help him turn around, from the back to the hip, to the thigh and then to the lower leg, all pinched once.

Jing min was confused by his actions, he did not expect that he would really search him, the whole person was frozen.

After searching, Yang WangKun turned him around to search in front of him.
He pressed his hand on his chest, untied his side button, and put his hand into his clothes.

Jing min finally came back to God, pulled out his hand, glared at him and said, ”what are you doing? ”

Yang WangKun suddenly had an envelope in his hand.
It looked like it was taken from Jingmin ’s clothes.
Only Jingmin knew that the envelope was not on him.
This man ’s technique was faster than him.

”What is this? ” Yang WangKun raised the envelope in his hand.

Jing min ’s face was puzzled.
How could he know what it was, but he didn ’t speak and wanted to see what the man was going to do.

Yang WangKun said to Wei Tianxiong, ”I ’ve caught the thief.
I ’ll take him back for interrogation, so I won ’t disturb commander Wei. ”

”Wait! ” Wei Tianxiong immediately said, ”how could he be a thief? He has been with me this evening, and he has never been anywhere else, and can he break into your house and steal? ”

”Whether he stole it himself, or whether he had other accomplices, I will not know until I take it back for interrogation.
But now the letter was found in him, and he happened to be in your house.
How can you explain it? ” Yang WangKun questions him in turn.

Wei Tianxiong was speechless when he asked him.
He knew in his heart that there must be something strange about this matter, but he could not prove how strange it was.

”This envelope contains important information from the president, which is related to military secrets.
I think commander Wei, who is also a soldier, should know the seriousness of the matter? ” Yang WangKun said that the high sounding and righteous ”I took away, thanks for Wei commander ’s cooperation. ”

Yang WangKun drags Jing min out until all the people disappear.
Wei Tianxiong has a little recollection.
Catching the thief is probably just an excuse.
Taking Cheng Junxi away should be his purpose.

Wei Tianxiong gnawed his teeth in anger.
His face was gloomy and terrible.
He beat the table to the sky and scared a large group of servants standing next to him.

He secretly cursed and swore that Yang WangKun really bullied people.
He really thought Wei Tianxiong was a bully.
When he first came to Licheng, he dared to break into the door to rob people.
He didn ’t pay any attention to him.
In the future, he would get it?

Jing min sat in the car, feeling the cold face and low pressure of the people next to her.
She was puzzled in her heart and didn ’t know what anger the man was getting.
He also felt angry.
This was the third time that he had missed the opportunity to prescribe medicine to Wei Tianxiong.
It was because of him three times, and he even wronged him in public for stealing.

Jing min snatched the envelope from Yang WangKun ’s hand and opened it.
There was nothing in it.
He threw the envelope on his leg and angrily asked, ”where is the document? ”? What about military secrets? ”

Yang WangKun squinted at him and didn ’t speak.

Such a glance let Jing min feel once again by the blade, the heart is more unconvinced, ”why do you want to bring me out, I still have business to do. ”

”Your business is to seduce Wei Tianxiong? ” Yang WangKun ’s tone is cold and hard.

”You… ” Jing min originally wanted to tell the truth, but after thinking about it, he didn ’t have a very familiar relationship with this person.
Why should he tell him, ”is it related to you? ”

Yang WangKun turned his head and looked at him again.
His eyes became colder.
If an ordinary person didn ’t freeze to death, he would be scared to death.
Fortunately, Jing min ’s heart is strong enough, and he is not afraid of him.

Jing min thought that Yang WangKun would send him back to Chengfu, but the car drove all the way back to Yang WangKun ’s residence.
It was a large house.

After getting off the car, Jing min found that this was not outside the Cheng mansion.
He was angry just now.
It was too dark and didn ’t pay attention to the road.
He didn ’t know why he was so angry.
He thought his old heart was not so easy to get angry.
He didn ’t want to admit that Yang WangKun might not be Zhao Bocheng.

”I ’m going back! ” Jing Min turns around and walks away, but Yang WangKun pulls him in.
He shakes his hand and wants to break free, but he can ’t compare with Yang WangKun ’s strength.

Jing min is pushed into the room.
Yang WangKun turns and slams the door.
Jing min suddenly has a strong sense of crisis.
In case of emergency, he quickly mobilizes the system to find a way to protect himself.

Although his system is powerful, it will also be limited by time and space, that is to say, he can not activate the ability beyond the limit of the world.
For example, in the Republic of China, he can activate martial arts, shooting, singing, wine making and drug making, but he can ’t activate the powers and immortal methods that don ’t belong to this world.

Jing min started the martial arts function and waved his fist to Yang WangKun.
Yang WangKun held Jing min ’s fist, twisted his backhand behind him, put his arm around his waist and asked in surprise, ”do you know martial arts? ”Jing min didn ’t answer him.
His hands were limited and he used his feet.
After Yang WangKun let go, Jing min turned and kicked toward his chest.
He blocked him with his small arm.
Jing min ’s feet were numb and painful.
He doubted that this man was made of steel, iron and steel?

After a few moves, Jing min is finally suppressed on the bed and can ’t move.
He has already started the system, but he can ’t beat this man.
He is extremely confused and dissatisfied.

After analyzing the reasons, Jing min thinks that the system function of this kind of power type may be restricted by the body.
In fact, it was only part of the reason, and it was not until a long time later that he could know the whole reason.

”Let me go! ” Jing min roared and glared at the man on him.

”I told you not to get close to Wei Tianxiong.
You just want to be taken advantage of? ” Yang WangKun was really angry.
He couldn ’t suppress his anger at the thought that this man had sent him to the door.
Want to teach him a lesson, let him have a long memory, but the heart is reluctant to give up.

”What ’s your business? I ’m willing to let people take advantage of it.
Can you control it? ” Jing min is also angry in the heart, also don ’t know why he will be so angry, has been angry, not against him, the heart is uncomfortable.

”Good! I ’ll do it for you Yang WangKun was completely angry.
He began to tear off Jing min ’s long clothes and his inner clothes.
His hands went down and stroked them.

”What are you doing? Let go of me Jing min struggled in panic.
Before confirming that this person and the previous life were the same person, he could never have such a relationship with him.

Jing min ’s pants were taken off to the thigh, and Yang WangKun held the fatal place in his hand.
He was afraid to move.
He took a deep breath to calm himself down.

”Calm down and listen to me.
I shouldn ’t have talked to you like that.
Things are not what you think.
Ah! Ah…
” Jing min tries to persuade Yang WangKun to calm down, but as soon as Yang WangKun ’s hand is strong, he can ’t speak.

Yang WangKun blocks Jing min ’s mouth, and his tongue sticks in and stirs.
Jing min ’s tongue is going to cramp.
He closes his teeth and wants to bite him, but he pinches his chin and can only bear it.

Jing Min wants to start the system again and find a way to save himself.
At the moment of starting, his body pulls out, and his soul is released from his body, which connects with Yang WangKun ’s soul.

This feeling makes Jing min completely relaxed.
For no reason, he confirms that he is Zhao Bocheng.
Even if the body is not the original one, it must be the same soul.

The blending of the soul makes Jing min ’s emotion move, and his pleasure is like the tide.
He begins to kiss each other back, take off his clothes, and touch his strong muscles.

Yang WangKun felt Jing min ’s response.
His action was no longer so rude, but he didn ’t mean to stop at all, and carried out more thoroughly.

Jing min seemed to be in a dream.
When he was aroused, he felt empty, but soon he was filled.
This feeling Happy and satisfied.
He was ashamed of his groans and screams, but he couldn ’t help it.
When he couldn ’t stand the excitement, he rushed to the top of the mountain, opened the gate and rushed away.

They were fighting, but it turned into this kind of ”fight ”.
It was not until dawn that their ”fight ” ended.

Jing min ’s fingers are soft, and the scratches behind Yang WangKun are all his masterpieces.
He was sure that this man was Zhao Bocheng.
In addition to the combination of his soul, he could not find a second one.

He could not remember how many times he could not remember.
He only remembered that he could not hold on to sleep for several times, and then woke up in pain, and then could not hold on to sleep.
He was tossed and tossed all night.

Jing min ’s back to Yang WangKun, was held in his arms, two people ’s skin close together, Yang WangKun ’s hand is still swimming on his body.

He held down the hand that swam between his legs and said feebly, ”do you want to kill me in bed today? ”

”It ’s better to die in my bed than in Wei Tianxiong ’s bed.
He has some special hobbies, don ’t you know? ”

Jing min sighed in his heart that he had lived for more than a thousand lives.
He had never experienced anything and had no insight in any scene.
However, he couldn ’t pass the love.
Once he fell in love, he had no sense, and his behavior and thought became uncontrollable.
No wonder he didn ’t love anyone in so many lives before.

”I ’m not going to let him take advantage of it.
I ’m approaching him to poison him… ” Jing min explained to him from the beginning to the end, and finally complained about the destruction of his plan several times.

Yang WangKun accepted this reason, but did not support it.
No matter what Jing min ’s purpose was, he couldn ’t stand his approach to Wei Tianxiong.
Thinking of Wei Tianxiong ’s look at him, he was angry and wanted to kill people.

In a word, Yang WangKun does not allow Jing min to approach Wei Tianxiong again.
This man is left for him to solve.
He will not stay in Licheng for long and will finish things here as soon as possible.

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