Cheng Jiaming was carried away from the headquarters and sent back to Yayuan.
His heart was filled with sadness, regret and fear.
Last night, he almost gave up his life in the headquarters.

Last night, Wei Tianxiong sent someone to pick him up.
He was a little happy.
He felt that even though he had a new goal, he was still interested in him, at least not completely rejected.
Take advantage of this opportunity to give him a pillow side breeze, even if he can not get back the property of the Cheng family, he can also ask for some other compensation.

As soon as he saw Wei Tianxiong and his ugly face, Cheng Jiaming knew that he was not well.
The next thing he didn ’t want to recall.
Wei Tianxiong put all his anger on him and tortured him by all means.

Cheng Jiaming lies in his bed with tears streaming out of his eyes.
He doesn ’t feel ashamed to devote himself to Wei Tianxiong.
In order to achieve his goal, he can tolerate anything.
But now the goal has not been achieved, but also suffered such torture, he is really not reconciled.
The resentment in his heart reached the peak, whether Wei Tianxiong or Cheng Junxi, he must find a way to revenge these two people.

Wei Tianxiong did not get Jing min, but was disgraced by Yang WangKun.
He was very resentful in his heart.
He sent people to monitor the Cheng family in return, saying that Cheng Junxi is now in and out of the Cheng family, with Yang WangKun ’s soldiers around him, and he has been escorted to Yang WangKun ’s residence by the soldiers many times.

In a fit of anger, Wei Tianxiong sent troops to surround all the restaurants and shops of the Cheng family.
No guests dared to come to the door.
All these shops had to be closed.

Jing min pacifies several shopkeepers and the work below, gives them a sum of money, and tells them that the shop is closed only temporarily.
When they reopen, they can come back if they want to.

Jing min often spent the night with Yang WangKun during this period.
They spent most of their time lingering and a small part of their time resting.
By the way, they discussed the progress of dealing with Wei Tianxiong.

Wei Tianxiong did not dare to fight Yang WangKun head-on.
His soldiers had little chance of winning against Yang WangKun ’s soldiers.
Otherwise, he would not have been afraid to attack.
Even Yang WangKun broke into his house, and he tolerated it.
But he thinks, he controls the big and small merchants of pear City, Yang WangKun also dare not easily move him.

Wei Tianxiong felt that he had been deeply rooted in the city for so many years.
Yang WangKun could not take control of the city overnight.
So he is ready to grind with Yang WangKun slowly, and he can always wait for the opportunity.

”When are you going to do it? ” Jing min half sat, leaning against Yang WangKun ’s arms.

”The ban on smoking has come down.
There are the largest number of smoke bars in Licheng.
The president has ordered that smoking must be banned within the shortest possible time.
With the success of the ban in Licheng, it will be easier to ban smoking in other places. ”

”But Wei Tianxiong has not solved the problem.
If smoking is banned first, those merchants will certainly be agitated by him, which is not good for you. ” This was the case in the previous life, but it was not Yang WangKun who came to this time.
When he came to Licheng, the situation had already turned to Wei Tianxiong, so he cooperated with Cheng Jiaming and set a trap for Wei Tianxiong.

”You Cheng family, it seems that there is a smoke house. ” Yang WangKun hugs him from behind him and kisses his side face.

Jing min curled his lips and said, ”it was Wei Tianxiong who forced me to open it.
Up to now, I haven ’t opened it.
I ’ve also destroyed all the smoke soil. ”

”Do you think how many of the people who open smoke houses are forced like you? ” Yang WangKun asked.

Jing min thought about it and said, ”it should not be much.
It ’s quite profitable to open a tobacco house.
Most people should be voluntary. ”

”With Wei Tianxiong ’s greedy degree, how much of the money you think you can get into their own pocket.
In the pear City, it is not only the Cheng family who are squeezed by him.
” Yang WangKun reminded.

Jing min suddenly realized that, yes, how could he forget this? It ’s very expensive to raise the army, and Wei Tianxiong is famous for his greed and selfishness.
The officers under his command are all like this.
How could they just squeeze the Cheng family.

In this way, Wei Tianxiong didn ’t take all the property of the Cheng family all at once, just to prevent other people from becoming a second Cheng family.
He started to resist, and only a little bit emptied the Cheng family.

It was after Yang WangKun came to Licheng that the Cheng family in his previous life had fallen completely.
But now he is not the real Cheng Junxi, and Yang WangKun is certainly not the Yang WangKun in his previous life.
Otherwise, how could the development of things be so different.

Two people said, Jing min was pressed to the bottom, the appearance of clothes half solution is very attractive.
Lips and tongues blend, breath smell, two people are like being ignited a fire, burning their heart itching unbearable, to force friction with each other, in order to slightly stop itching.

”Report! ”

Yang WangKun ’s adjutant shouts a report outside.
Generally, at this time, it ’s not very important.
The adjutant will not disturb him.
He raised his head, but the movements of his hands did not stop

”Yayuan ’s Cheng Jiaming, boss Cheng ’s visit, said there was something about commander Wei, to offer advice to the commander. ”

Yang WangKun frowned.
He didn ’t need anyone to offer advice, and he didn ’t want to see the boss Cheng.
He was disturbed.
He was very unhappy.
He was about to scold him.
Jing min covered his mouth. ”See you, I want to hear what he will say. ” Jingmin said.

Yang WangKun looks at him in silence and doesn ’t speak.
Jing min winks at him.
The meaning of coquetry is obvious.
Yang WangKun took his hand off and said to the outside, ”let him wait. ”

Jing min finishing clothes want to get out of bed, he carried his legs and fell down again, Yang WangKun bowed his head and gave a strong kiss.

”Ah Jing min was absorbed by him.
He pushed his head away and lifted his trousers.

Jing min goes out with Yang WangKun, but he doesn ’t see Cheng Jiaming directly.
He sits in the cubicle drinking tea and wants to hear what Cheng Jiaming will say.

”Marshal. ” Cheng Jiaming salutes Yang WangKun respectfully.

Yang WangKun sat down expressionless.
”What do you want to say? Save the crap and get to the point.

Cheng Jiaming prepared a lot of opening remarks and compliments.
He was choked in his throat by Yang WangKun.
He was very uncomfortable, but he didn ’t dare to go against his meaning.
He directly said, ”I have a strategy to help the young commander deal with Wei Tianxiong, that is, to use Cheng Junxi as a bait… ”

”Shut up! ” Yang WangKun suddenly drew a gun at him and interrupted him.

”Shao, Shao Shuai, you are… ” Cheng Jiaming looks at him in horror, swallows and salivas, and plucks up his courage to say, ”please listen to me. ”

”Don ’t say it.
Go away! ” Yang WangKun fired two shots at Cheng Jiaming ’s feet.

”Ah Cheng Jiaming was frightened, his feet softened and he fell to the ground.

Yang WangKun is about to ask someone to throw him out.
Jingmin comes out of it.
He wanted to see that things were totally different from the development of previous generations.
Cheng Jiaming would offer Yang WangKun some strategies, but he actually wanted to use himself as a bait.

Jing min is not as angry as Yang WangKun.
He wanted to continue listening, but Yang WangKun is already angry.
He can ’t let Cheng Jiaming finish his speech.

”You… ” Seeing Jing min come out, Cheng Jiaming ’s eyes widened in shock, and his fingers trembled and pointed to him, ”you… ”

”Is it necessary to be so surprised? ” Jing min thought his expression was a little funny.

Cheng Jiaming really didn ’t expect Jing min to be here.
He was surprised that the relationship between Jing min and Yang WangKun developed so quickly.
No wonder Yang WangKun was so angry.
He thought out good reasons and words, which were useless.

Jingmin said, ”it was not because of me that your mother and son were driven out of the house.
You were left alone in the theater to learn art, and I did not cause it.
However, you put all the hatred on my head and fought against me wholeheartedly.
If you just want property, it doesn ’t matter.
I don ’t mind dividing part of you.
But you want not only the whole family property of the Cheng family, but also my life, then don ’t blame me for not being able to bear it.

Jing min simply spread out his words.
No matter the original Cheng Junxi or the present one, he would not care about dividing part of his property to Cheng Jiaming, but some people ’s hearts will never know how to be satisfied.

Cheng Jiaming ’s face changed a few times.
”Originally you all know that, so you deliberately went to Jinxiu Garden to play, seduced Wei Tianxiong, in order to fight against me. ”

”You ’re against me.
I ’m just fighting back to protect myself. ”

”I am also the son of the Cheng family.
Why can only you enjoy everything of the Cheng family? ” Cheng Jiaming got up and said out of anger, ”I just want to get back everything that should belong to me.
You ’ve enjoyed so many years.
It ’s my turn. ”

”Everything that belongs to you? You feel because you are also the son of the Cheng family, and you have suffered so much.
So the whole Cheng family should be yours, including my life? ” Jing min looked at him sarcastically.

”Yes Cheng Jiaming roared,.

”By what? ” He asked.

”Because the Cheng family owes me! You should give it back to me.
The whole Cheng family should be mine! ” Cheng Jiaming has been stimulated too much recently, and he has been frightened again today.
His brain has fallen into a state of some madness.

Jing min laughed at himself.
He was really wrong.
He tried to reason with such a person.
Could he still hope that he could repent?

Yang WangKun asks the guards to throw Cheng Jiaming out.
Cheng Jiaming is dragged on the ground and yells, ”Cheng Junxi, I won ’t let you go! I won ’t let you go! ”

When they return to the room, Cheng Jiaming makes such a fuss that they lose their interest.
They take off their clothes and hold each other together and talk.

”When everything here is over, come back to the capital with me. ” Yang WangKun said.

”To the imperial capital? ” Jing min looks up at him.

”Yes, not only the imperial capital, but also a lot of places to go.
I hope you can accompany me all the time. ” Yang WangKun bows his head and kisses his eyes, which he has recently fallen in love with.

Jing min thought for a moment that Yang WangKun couldn ’t stay in the city all the time.
They couldn ’t stand the long-term difference.
In fact, he didn ’t have to stay in Licheng all the time.
When Wei Tianxiong was settled, the business here could still be done and the shops could continue to open.
He didn ’t have to stay here all the time.
He can also go to the imperial capital, go to other places to do business, and expand the Cheng family ’s industry.

”Good. ” It ’s better to stay with him all the time and live and die together.

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