When I woke up, I felt very painful.
He judged that the body might have just had strenuous exercise.

He sat up and looked around the room with a super modern sense of design and wondered, is this the world of the future? Or was the original owner of the body a hi-tech enthusiast?

He pinched the muscle of his arm, which was obviously strained.
He lay back again and started the system to repair the damage and eliminate the pain.

Start memory inheritance function, Jing min just know, originally this time he came, is interstellar space-time.

This is a cosmopolitan country with hundreds of planets, the Empire of flovoy.
The age of science and technology has flourished for thousands of years.
All kinds of high technologies have been widely used in human life and work.
Human daily life has been inseparable from various high-tech products.

With the help of high-tech products, human beings can accomplish many things that they can ’t do.
For thousands of years, human beings have been used to such a life.
Habit also means that there is nothing to show off when we rely on technological products to do anything.

In the case of not relying on technological products, through their own to complete certain things, will be particularly sought after.
Then came a kind of profession, called live broadcast, the more famous live broadcast, also known as star net red.

There are a lot of live broadcast content, such as cooking, talent performance, travel and so on.
These are all within the normal range of live broadcast.
There are also some special live broadcast, such as extreme sports, wild survival, catching prey in the mountains and down the sea, and so on.
In short, there are all kinds of contents that can be broadcast live.

Jing min now entered the body, named Miller, a rich young master who inherited a large amount of inheritance.
He didn ’t worry about his life.
He became an outdoor broadcast player because of his personal hobbies.

His fame is also very big.
If other live broadcasters are called wanghong, Jing min thinks that he should be called netblack, because he is being attacked seriously on the satellite network.

After all, what did Mier do before people and gods indignant thing, let the netizens of star net spare no effort to hack him.
Jing min decided not to understand it from a personal point of view, but to understand the whole content directly from the world view.

The more difficult it is to accomplish, the more popular they will be.
However, there is a big premise that we can ’t rely on the help of technology, we should rely on our own ability to do it.

Mier was also very popular before, until he was exposed.
His previous live broadcast was based on scientific and technological products.
The star network was boiling all of a sudden, and netizens were abusing and attacking him.
Because this means that he was making a fraud before.
Many netizens have supported him with money, but now they find that they are not true.
Naturally, they have aroused great dissatisfaction.

So, whether or not Mier has made a fake? Strictly speaking, it should not be considered as a forgery.
He did everything by himself, but for the sake of his own life safety, he used technology products to help protect.

In fact, every live broadcast player will more or less use the help of technology.
The difference is whether they have been found or not.
As a matter of fact, Mier is quite real compared with them.

But the child is a bit of a secondary disease, although he is in his early twenties, in some ways, his character is like a self righteous child.
He is not bad in nature.
He just doesn ’t understand the world.
He lives in his own world completely.
He doesn ’t know how to restrain himself.
He often makes some offensive remarks.

He offended a live broadcaster named Cady, which is the main reason why he was so miserable.

Kaidi is the most popular live broadcast player in the Empire.
He is completely true, does not rely on any technology products, and relies on his own ability to complete a lot of things that ordinary people absolutely do, and is sought after by a large number of fans.

It was he who exposed the fraud of Mier ’s live broadcast and personally proved that the things Mier did in the live broadcast could not be achieved without technology products.
His approach has hit Meer and doubled his own fan base.

This makes Mier very angry.
He thinks it ’s normal to use technology products to protect his own safety.
Everyone will do this, and every live broadcast player knows it.
He only uses technology products to protect his own safety, and does not rely on it to complete everything.
What can ’t be done?

Mier ’s remarks caused the dissatisfaction of other live broadcast people.
They strongly denied that they used the technology products.
You can use them yourself.
Don ’t drag us into the water.

Mier ’s mind is relatively simple, but he can ’t compete with Cady in his speech.
Often, Katie ’s simple words can make Mier angry, and then say some unthinking words, so that more netizens hate him.

Mier was attacked by Katie ’s fans.
He was very angry and naturally wanted to prove himself.
Then the opportunity came.

With the rise of the live broadcasting industry, there are many professional live broadcasters.
Watching live broadcast has become one of the contents of people ’s leisure and entertainment.
Therefore, there is the first live broadcast contest of Empire.

During the competition, there are many dangerous events, which are extremely dangerous and may even lose their lives.
Therefore, the participants must sign an accident contract.
In case of any accident, the organizer shall not be held responsible.The competition content also let many live viewers stop, that is, the whole competition will be broadcast by satellite network, participants are not allowed to use any technology products to protect their own safety.
Each stage, on and off the field, will be monitored by judges and referees.
The flying camera will follow the camera for a moment, and every second will be broadcast to the satellite network.

As Mier said, other live broadcasters know for themselves whether they can rely on technology.
In order not to expose their real strength and end up like Mier, many people are not willing to participate in this competition at the beginning.

But after the organizers announced the huge bonus figures, many people were moved.
If you can get this money, you can live a life of luxury.
People are lucky, although some people know their ability is not good, but still think, in case of good luck to get the first? After that, it doesn ’t matter if you don ’t broadcast it.
Anyway, you have no worries about your life.

Mier has inherited a large amount of inheritance.
He is not short of money.
Unlike other live broadcasters, he can afford to buy a lot of high-tech products, which are not cheap.
So there are a lot of live viewers who use less technology products.
It ’s not that they don ’t want to use them, it ’s because they can ’t afford it.

In order to turn over and prove himself, Mier, who is not short of money, resolutely declared his name and declared war on Katie on STARNet.
Netizens ridiculed him for being over his means and supported Katie to kill him, so Kaidi also took part in the competition.

Without the help of science and technology products, the real ability of the live broadcast people was exposed all of a sudden, and the contrast was very obvious.
We have obviously used the help of technology products, which makes the Netizens feel cheated, causing a lot of dissatisfaction.

In order to divert the attention of netizens, Kaidi deliberately intensified the contradiction between him and Mier, making the competition of a group of people become the main fight between two people.
The other contestants were very grateful to caddy, and even more pushed Mier out of favor of caddy.

In fact, Mier himself has some skills.
Among all the competitors, he can rank in the middle.
But he ’s no match for Katie.
In addition, his personality is not good, he was unfairly treated in the competition, and no one spoke for him.
Even netizens thought he deserved it.

Near the end of the game, Mier was seriously injured in an accident and had to withdraw from the game.
He was sent to the hospital for treatment.
His life was saved, but he was paralyzed in bed, relying on medical equipment to maintain his life.

The reason for Mier ’s accident is that Katie made a move on his parachute bag.
The other side ’s skill was very clever.
He even avoided all the cameras, leaving no evidence.

Katie won the first place in the competition and got a big bonus.
He also visited Mier in the hospital and showed off with him.

At that time, Mier was lying in the hospital bed, unable to move at all, unable to speak.
Only his eyes could move.
Katie made a live broadcast of his visit to Mir and expressed his regret to the camera.

His fans yelled at Katie for being so kind and Meer deserved it.
Even if Mier has become this way, netizens have no sympathy for him, and Katie ’s induction is very successful.

Did Meer ever do anything that would hurt God? No, is there any deep hatred between him and Katie? either.

All the reasons are for their own selfish desires, and Mier is just a stepping stone to Caddy ’s greater success, a standard cannon fodder.

Meer ’s life lasted only a few years, and a few years later, he died in bed with hatred.

And Kaidi, who got a large amount of prize money, continued to be a live broadcaster.
He had enough money to buy all kinds of advanced technology products to complete the live broadcast and made more money.
His way is very clever, no one like him to tear down Mier, he has become a myth that can not be surpassed in the live broadcast world.

Jing min ’s time was just a few days before the start of the competition.
Mier began to prepare a month in advance and had a great intensity of training.

It ’s no wonder that as soon as he wakes up, he feels sore all over the body.
This is still after using the medicine to relieve the pain.
Otherwise, when he wakes up, he may be too painful to move.

Jing min got out of bed, moved for a while, went to the bathroom mirror, and couldn ’t help whistling.
He is a handsome man with good figure.
He is still blonde.
He is a little bit of a secondary disease.
He has not done anything harmful to nature.
He has come to such a miserable end.

The bathroom is very big, Jing min presses the remote control, the external wall immediately becomes transparent, outside is the endless sea view, this is a seaside villa.

Soak in the Jacuzzi that can swim, Jing min relaxes the body, thinking about the next plan.
The first is, of course, to fulfill Mier ’s wish before his death, to win the first place in the competition, and to prove that he can do without relying on any technological products.

Then there is revenge, which is a little wider.
He hates not only caddy, but also other contestants who rely on technology products but deliberately exclude him, as well as those netizens who follow his example.

Jing min thought that he could not destroy the world for revenge?

The revenge plan can ’t be carried out according to his idea, but as long as the result is what he wants, can ’t it?

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