Survival game (1)

pain! Jing min felt dizzy and painful.
When he opened his eyes, his sight was still vague, so he had to close it again.
After the dizziness passed, he opened his eyes again.
He saw a group of people fighting around a monster that could not be seen.

In front of him stood a man in white with black hair.
Suddenly he turned his head and took a look at him.
His face was very delicate and beautiful.
It was almost not like a real person.
But Jing min from his eyes, see very obvious irony and disdain.
Jing min subconsciously does not like that person, that he does not deserve such a face.

Jing min stands up from the ground and looks at the process of dealing with monsters and the weapons beyond their technological capabilities.
Is this a fantasy world? But look at their dress, they are very modern, certainly not in the ancient fantasy world.

The monsters were scattered on the ground like pieces of glass.
At the same time, many things fell out.
Those people went up to pick up all the things.
Jing min watched as they put the things on their hands into the air, and those things disappeared.
He was more sure that this was a fantasy world, and those things must have been put into the storage space.

Those people left together in a certain direction.
Jing min didn ’t know whether he was with them or not.
He stood still for fear that it would make people feel strange to follow them.

A tall and strong, with a head of golden hair, a very handsome man looked back at him and said, ”nuoyang? Why don ’t you go? ”

”Oh, here it is. ” It seems that you are with them.
Go with them first, and then find a chance to stay alone and inherit the memory of the world.

”You were hit just now, haven ’t you recovered? ” Asked the blonde.

“…… A little bit.
” Jing min cautiously replied that he used the system to intercept the fragment memory and knew that the person who spoke to him was called Yanming, and his real name was Zhao Chao.
Game name? How can the name of the game be important information, but also in front of the real name.

Walking in front of the man in white looked back at them.
Jing min caught the sharp and shadow in his eyes.
It seems that the owner of the body is not dealing with this man, but he doesn ’t know the reason.
He must understand it well later.

Jing min found that although these people are different in appearance, they are all handsome, and their figures are very good.
They look like mannequins carefully fabricated, which makes him feel strange.
Do you mean Jing min pinched his arm.
This feeling is not wrong with human body.

Jing min went back to a two-story house with them.
The house had a big yard, but strangely, there was no other house around.

”Nuoyang, if you ’re not feeling well, take a rest first. ” Yan Ming is concerned about him.

”Well. ” Jing min sat down on the sofa in the living room.

The man in white also sat down opposite Jing min.
he cocked his legs and swept Jing min with disdain.

”I ’m really lucky today.
I met a green foot monster at the door of my house, and such a treasure fell out. ”

”Yes, it ’s just a gift for us. ”

The group really discussed about killing the monster just now, and then took out the treasures they found and looked at each other.

A man with dyed red hair came up, took out a small gun barrel like weapon, and said to the man in white, ”Jane, I ’m going to trouble you today. ”

The man in white raised his chin, ”put it where, I ’ll fix it for you later. ”

The man with red hair put it down, said thanks and went to talk to the others.

The man in White said coldly, ”you ’re really weak to a certain extent.
You don ’t feel any shame every time you drag on like this? ”

It ’s not Jing min ’s style to be satirized but not to fight back.
However, he doesn ’t know the cause and effect of the matter, so he can ’t open his mouth casually.
If he says something wrong, he may arouse suspicion.
Although the face was beautiful, the more he looked at it, the more he hated it.
He stood up and prepared to go back to his room to learn about the memory of this life.

”If I were you, I would have no face to live at all.
It would be a waste of other people ’s chances to live. ”

Jing min ’s step stopped for a moment.
He felt that this man was trying to provoke him on purpose, and he certainly would not let him.
Intuition told him that this man was the enemy of the original owner of the body, and he would never let him feel better after he understood what happened.

Jing min intercepts the memory clip and returns to the original owner ’s room according to the memory playback route.

When the door was opened, it was a small room with nothing but a bed.

Jing min takes off his coat and lies on the bed to open the memory undertaking function.

What he is now in is a game world, not a real world.
No wonder he always feels a sense of disobedience.

In this real world of time and space, with the rapid development of science and technology, the original online games are no longer played with the mouse over the screen.
The invention of the game cabin enables human beings to experience the game process completely and truly.

Jing min this time to replace the person, called Ding nuoyang, home is a design company, very rich.
After he graduated from University, he took over the business of his family.
He was very economical and talented in design.
He made more and more money in his family business.In a world where same-sex marriage has been legal for many years, it is no secret that dinoyan likes men.
His family and friends know it.
His parents did not object that he liked men, but they also made it clear to him that whether he was looking for a man or a woman, he must be a serious person, not a person with a disordered private life and friends.

Even if his parents don ’t tell him, he won ’t mix with those who have a chaotic private life.

He has a classmate who has been chasing him since the University.
He is the person whose game is called Yanming and whose real name is Zhao Chao.

Ding nuoyang had no feeling for Zhao Chao, but Zhao Chao pursued him tirelessly for seven or eight years.
He was cautious and warm to him.

Ding nuoyang has not met the right person these years.
He will inevitably feel lonely and lonely.
He occasionally sees others in pairs and hopes that he can have such a person around him to accompany him.
There are many people who pursue him, but none of them can make him interested.
But if he has to choose one of these people to have a try, he decides to choose Zhao Chao.
Zhao Chao has been pursuing him for many years.
Even though he is hard hearted, he has been moved.

They decided to get to know each other for a period of time based on the relationship between lovers and friends.
Zhao Chao was very happy and became more attentive to him.

Ding nuoyang thinks that since he has decided to try to get along with Zhao Chao, he should get to know each other better.
In retrospect, although he had known Zhao Chao for seven or eight years, he didn ’t know much about him.
Usually Zhao Chao asked him or came to him directly.
When he didn ’t have time or didn ’t want to go out, he directly refused.
Occasionally he wanted to go out and agreed, but that was to have a meal together.

Zhao Chao is a professional gamer.
He started playing games at the age of seven or eight.
After graduating from University, he became a professional player.
He played for a long time, and his skills were not bad.
Although his money could not be compared with that of Dino Yang, he made more money among ordinary people.

Ding nuoyang wants to know more about Zhao Chao and decides to start with his career so that at least two people can have more topics.
But he is usually busy with work, leisure time is either reading or fitness, almost no game.
After he told Zhao Chao that he wanted to play the game, Zhao Chao was very happy to take it with him, so he bought a luxury game cabin and bought the most popular game at present, and started his first experience in the game world.

Zhao Chao introduced Ding nuoyang to his teammates.
All the people in this team are professional players.
They make money by playing games.
Naturally, Zhao Chao can ’t join Ding nuoyang into the team.
He can only take advantage of his spare time to do novice tasks and teach some basic game methods.

Zhao Chao and his team are very famous in this game.
The total ranking of the team in the game is very high, and the personal ranking of the players is also high.
Zhao Chao, as the team leader, is of course more famous.
He took Ding nuoyang to do the novice task, which was seen by many people, and many people knew that they were lovers.
Players who are familiar with Zhao Chao often tease them.

When dinnoyang thought that the game was just a pastime that occupied his little time, something big happened.
The main system of the game company is out of order and all players in the game cannot quit the game.

The game company immediately tried to fix it, but tried many ways, but failed to repair it.
They wanted to destroy the game and force the players out, but when they tried to destroy a game area, all the players in that service area died.

At the same time, so many people died, and the matter suddenly became a big stir.
The national security department arrested all the senior managers of the game company, and let the best technical personnel of the country come to deal with the problem of the system, and try to rescue all the players who are still trapped in the game.

They have been working tirelessly for more than ten days, and only 100 exits have been set up in each game area, which is the limit.
However, in this game, there are at most tens of thousands of people in each district, and there are at least thousands of people in each area.
How to select 100 people from these people to rescue them first has become a great problem.

In reality, gamers rely entirely on the input of nutrient solution to maintain their life, but this is not a long-term plan, and their families are even more anxious.

In the end, we decided to save as many as we could first.
As for the choice of those people out first, for the sake of fairness, it is decided by the way of game.
They will all players before the points and equipment are cleared, the previous ranking is also canceled, points ranking top 100 players, can have a chance to escape the game.

This method has been approved by most of the game players and their families, because there is no other way for the moment.
It can only rely on the players ’ own ability and luck.
At least in this way, everyone can have a hope of survival, which is better than that all people die in the game.

When the main system of the game broke down, Dino Yang happened to be in the game.
Of course, he was trapped and had to fight with others for the 100 chances to survive.

At such a time, almost all people are anxious and red eyed.
In order to survive, they do not care about the life and death of others.
If they can kill one more person, they will lose one of the top 100 contenders.
After the points and ranking return to zero, people who died in the game can no longer be reborn as before.
Although the real * * does not die immediately, they lose the chance to compete for the ranking.
In the hearts of players, there is no chance to survive.Zhao Chao let Ding nuoyang join their team, and Ding nuoyang is grateful to him.
However, in order not to arouse the dissatisfaction of other players at this time, Zhao Chao asked Ding nuoyang to pay a large amount of money as the collective expenses of the team.
The money in the game is equivalent to the money in reality.
The system is directly bound to the bank card.
Every money spent in the game will be deducted from the bank deposit.

If he can successfully leave the game, it doesn ’t matter if he spends some money, but after those players know that he is rich, they become more and more greedy and let him pay all the money alone.
Even the things that should have been purchased by themselves are included in the collective expenses, so that they can pay for them, which is quite reasonable.

It ’s nothing to ask him to pay for it.
He is a novice, mixing with a group of professional players.
Of course, he has to pay more.
Besides, life can ’t be bought with money.
As long as you can live on, you can earn money again.
But he felt that they contributed and he paid.
He was not protected by them for no reason, so he should be treated equally.

They spent his money for granted, not only did not really protect him, but also often excluded and insulted him with words.
And the person who drives other people ’s attitude towards him is the man in white whom Jing min just opened and saw.
The game is called the man who is a childe.

At first, Ding nuoyang didn ’t know why young master Jane hated him so much.
Later, he realized that she liked Zhao Chao, so he hated him and was in trouble with him everywhere.

In this game, there is a very special existence, called the refiner.
This kind of professional attack ability and force value is very low, even if the level of hard work is hard to upgrade the value of force, but his special feature is that he can make all kinds of weapons and weapons, and can also increase the energy for the team members when they fight.

Weapon refiner is the most difficult occupation among all professions, and few people choose it.
Most of the people who choose this profession give up halfway and change to other professions.

If a team has an excellent smelter, it will be treated as a national treasure, and other teams will also want to attract.

In the game ’s refining shop to create a weapon, the price is quite expensive, not necessarily easy to use.
Only the famous refiner NPC in the game will have a certain quality assurance, but the price is not affordable for ordinary people.
Even if the weapon is usually repaired, it is a huge expense, so no one is willing to offend the weapon refiner.

Childe Jane has been playing games for more than ten years, and he has become a professional player since he graduated from university.
He has been practicing as an instrument refiner all the time, and he has never given up halfway.
Now he is also a very good senior weapon refiner.
Of course, other team members flatter him.

Childe Jane is also the vice captain of this team.
His influence on other players is sometimes more important than that of Zhao Chao.
He aimed at and excluded Ding nuoyang, and other team members naturally followed him to exclude him.
Moreover, these people also have some hatred for the rich.
At this time, they can bully some rich people like Ding nuoyang, so that they can get the pain and pleasure that can ’t be realized in reality.

When they were fighting, Zhao Chao, as the captain, wanted to take charge of the overall situation, and he could not take into account Ding nuoyang.
Other people who have free time will not care about him at all.
Even if they raise their hands, no one will help him block the attack.
He is relying on his own ability to avoid, sometimes did not escape, others will wantonly ridicule him.

Zhao Chao and the attitude of thin mud let Ding nuoyang more and more cold, he began to regret the choice to try with this man.
In order to understand him, he entered the game and took in a lot of money, and even his life would be lost.
Moreover, he knew more about Zhao Chao, and the more regret he felt, the man had no courage and responsibility at all.

Before entering the game, he boasted how powerful he was.
He was his guardian.
No one in the game could bully him.
As a result, the worst bullies were his teammates.
He promised to protect him and stop all the injuries for him, but he failed to do the same.

Later, because of some reasons, Zhao Chao and his son Jane got married in the game, and Ding nuoyang completely gave up on Zhao Chao.

Dino Yang wanted to return to the real world alive.
He gritted his teeth to endure all the hardships, but in the end he still failed to leave the game alive.
Childe Jane cheated him out alone, and then attracted a group of monsters, laughing to see that he was torn to pieces by those monsters.

Even in the game, the pain of being torn is also very real.
Dino Yang ’s hatred for young master Jane almost burst the glass cover of the game cabin.

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