Game of survival (4)

that night, after discussing the wedding, Yan Ming came to knock on Jing min ’s door.

”Is there anything wrong? ” Jing min opened the door and asked him.

”Can I go in and talk? ” Yan Ming said.

Jing min knew what he wanted to say.
He didn ’t want to listen to his explanation, but now it ’s OK to make it clear, so he leaned to let him in.

Jing min sat down by the bed, and Yan Ming wanted to sit beside him.
Jing min immediately said, ”stand up, I have to sleep at night.
How can I sleep after you have sat down? ”

Yan Ming knows that Ding nuoyang has some cleanliness habits, but he doesn ’t know that Jing Min has no cleanliness habit.
He is not allowed to sit because he dislikes him.

Yan Ming ’s buttocks haven ’t touched the bed, so he has to stand up straight again.
There is no chair in this room.
He can only stand up against the wall and talk to him.
”The brief marriage between me and the young master is also to let us have a greater hope of survival.
I promise you that my heart has only loved you from the beginning to the end.
I hope you don ’t take anything that happens to you in this game world seriously, can you? ”

”I ’ll tell you the truth. ” Jing min put his hands around the head of the bed and looked at him and said, ”I don ’t care who you marry at all.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, we will make it clear.
Whether in reality or in the game, we are no longer the so-called relationship between lovers.
We are not even friends.
We are just old classmates. ”

”Nuoyang! ” Yan Ming eagerly took a step forward and knelt on one foot beside the bed and said, ”nuoyang, please don ’t do this.
I really have to agree to marry my son Jane.
I am the team leader.
I have to consider the whole team.
If it is normal, I would never agree to marry him, but now it is related to our own life! I want to live and be with you all the time, so that ’s what I can do

”I want to live, too. ” Jing min looked at him, ”but I don ’t want to be with you.
If I choose between death and being with you, I would rather die.
I have made it very clear that no matter what reason you marry your son Jane, it has nothing to do with me.
In the future, I will only be an old classmate with you.

Yan Ming didn ’t expect that he would say such unfeeling words and looked at him with unbelievable eyes.
”This is in the game world.
All things here are not real.
In order to survive, can you even tolerate a false marriage? ”

”I have nothing to say to you.
Please go out.
I ’m going to have a rest. ” Jing min pushed him out.

”Nuoyang, noyang, listen to me… ” Yan Ming has been pushed down the door, but he still says, ”if you can ’t accept it, I can ’t marry him.
I ’ll try again… ”

”Whether you marry him or not has nothing to do with me.
In short, I have nothing to do with you. ” Jing min forced the door closed, he knew that it must be hard to talk to such people.

Yan Ming ’s hand is on the door, standing at the door for a long time.
Young master Jane stands in his room and opens the door.
Seeing this scene, his mood is very complicated.
He was excited because he could marry Yanming tomorrow, but suddenly he heard him say that as long as dinoyang didn ’t accept him, he would not marry.
He told him so much.
Could not so many people, including his own life, be better than a dinoyan?

Childe Jane closed the door.
He would marry anyway.
He would let Yan Ming fall in love with him.
Whether in the game, or in reality, as long as there is no Dino Yang, Yan Ming will completely belong to him.

The next day, the team members decorated the room a little, it was very happy to see.
He also paid NPC, an intermediate chef, to make two wedding dinners.
However, these dishes can only increase the hunger value, and none of them can enhance energy.
Moreover, the selected materials are not good.
You can see that the taste is not good.

Jing min looked at the dishes on the table.
He didn ’t have any appetite.
He gave him double money to eat these things? He might as well have cooked it himself.
He didn ’t have to save money for the wedding.
It seemed that he didn ’t have to save money for the wedding.

Jing min means to eat two mouthfuls and then go back to the room.
Instead of sitting there facing a table of food with bad taste, he might as well go back to the room and seize the time to learn how to make utensils.
In this way, when he later developed a particularly powerful weapon, the technicians would not feel particularly strange.
At least he had a learning record.

”Into the cave room! Go into the cave room

The team members gathered the two people back to the room of the flame.
The room was also simply decorated and looked like a wedding room.

Everyone left to make a scene in the bridal chamber, and they had to kiss each other.
Yan Ming was reluctant.
Young master Jane took the initiative to hold his neck and kiss him.
There was a burst of cheering in the room.

When those people had enough trouble and left, and there were only two of them in the room, young master Jane said with a face of flame: ”we have known each other for so many years.
You must know what I mean to you.
What about you to me? Have you ever been a little bit moved? Even if it ’s only once or twice.

”I… ” Yan Ming looked at him with tears in his eyes.
He didn ’t know how to answer him.
In fact, there was, and more than once or twice.
However, he felt that he loved nuoyang more deeply, and the game was ultimately a game.
He didn ’t want to take the feeling in the game world seriously, but he also enjoyed the ambiguous feeling with Childe Jane.
He thinks that all people have vanity.
Anyone who is adored by such an excellent person will feel proud and satisfied.
Therefore, he doesn ’t think there is anything wrong with his heart moving. ”Please, tell me the truth. ” Childe Jane said in a pleading tone.

In the face of such a beautiful face, he was pitifully begging him at the moment.
He could not bear to say anything that made him sad, so he had to tell the truth: ”I ’m sorry to you I have.
Many times.

Childe Jane hugged him excitedly.
”I knew my feeling was right.
You must have me in your heart.
Although you must love Dino Yang more in your heart now, it doesn ’t matter.
In the future, we will try to forget him together until you have only me in your heart, OK

”I… ”

”Don ’t talk or answer me.
I understand.
Tonight is our wedding night.
We should not waste any time.

Jingmin refining device to the light of the day has just finished, put everything into the space, by the way, pull out the page to check the progress of learning.
Looking at the value line of intermediate refiner level, I thought, the speed is a little faster, but who makes time tense.
In a few days, the task level may appear at any time.
After he leaves the team, he acts alone.
In order to protect himself, he must improve other skills.
Even if the technician thinks his progress is strange, he just doesn ’t let them find out the flaw.
After leaving the game, he doesn ’t plan to come in again.

Jing min flipped the page and saw that the energy value of the team had increased a lot.
It was only one night.
Those two people worked hard.

Shut down the page, Jing min closed his eyes and began to sleep, this game is really troublesome, if online for a long time, will also drop fatigue value, fall to the red line still do not sleep, will start to lose energy value, is simply forcing people to rest.
Because he kept learning to refine the machine, his fatigue value dropped rapidly, but fortunately, he could secretly use the system to speed up the speed when he was sleeping, so he didn ’t need to rest as long as other players.

Before falling asleep, Jing min thought of the last question is, will his lover be in the game?

Jing min down the stairs, see childe Jane and Yan Ming close together.

Prince Jane ’s Yu guangpiao to Jing min, immediately holding Yan Ming ’s arm, affectionately said, ”husband, I ’ve made a new high-level weapon for you.
Next time you go to battle, you can use it. ”

”Well. ” Yanming looked up, just saw Jing min, subconsciously sat down beside them, and opened the distance between them.
Then he said to young master Jane, ”you ’d better call me Yanming, and I ’m not used to others. ”

Young master Jane approached him again, tightly hugged his arm and said, ”it ’s really not used to change my mouth suddenly.
After all, I ’ve called your husband for several years.
I ’ll call your husband when there are only two of us, and I ’ll call your name when there are others, OK? ”

Yan Ming looked at Jing Min who had already entered the kitchen, and whispered ”um. ”

Jing min made a simple food in the kitchen and ate it quickly.
He had to eat and sleep in the game.
It was very troublesome.
His time is quite tense now.

When Jing min went upstairs, he saw his son Jane standing at the stairway on the second floor, obviously waiting for him.

As expected, Jing min did not expect.
As soon as he went upstairs, his son Jane said to him, ”I have something to tell you. ”

”My time is precious.
I don ’t have time to listen to nonsense.
Please finish the key points in one minute and I ’ll decide whether to listen to it or not. ”

”Well, I ’ll get to the point. ” ”Please stay away from my husband, ” said Jane

Jing min chuckled, ”you can rest assured that as long as you can take care of your so-called husband and let him not to provoke me, I will never take the initiative to find him. ”

”You should know that Yan Ming still has feelings for you, and he will certainly be unable to control his search for you.
I hope you can avoid it and don ’t make any response to him.
If you can ’t, then in this world, you are the junior between him and me.

Jing min looked at him inconceivably.
”I ’ve seen a lot of shameless people, but people like you who are shameless are really rare.
Yes? You ’re afraid I ’ll tell him what you really are, so you don ’t want me to talk to him, do you? ”

Young master Jane was said to be the center of the matter, and his eyes dodged for a moment, but immediately calmed down and said, ”if you dare to slander me with any words without evidence, I will make you unable to stay in the team.
If you don ’t believe it, try it, and see if the team members will believe you or believe me. ”

”I ’m scared to death! ” Jing min made an exaggerated face of panic, ”you quickly let me stay in this team, I can ’t get it, and I ’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to you. ”

Jing Min turns back to the room, and the young master Jane looks at his back.
His teeth are itching, and his eyes are vicious.

Seeing that the time from the mission level is getting closer and closer, the team members are trying to improve their equipment.
However, the treasures obtained from the monster are very limited, and they still haven ’t bought them directly from the commercial street.
It is said that it is easy to change from thrifty to extravagant, and it is difficult to change from extravagance to frugality.
After the days of buying what they wanted before, the treasures they got from those low-level monsters felt that they were not of enough grade and of little use.So a team member once again proposed to go to the commercial street to buy goods, which means both inside and outside the meaning that let Jingmin have to pay this time.

”I don ’t have anything to buy right now.
I don ’t have to go to the mall. ” Jing min refused directly.

The Black Hawk squinted at him.
”You have nothing to buy, but our team has something to buy.
If you don ’t want to pay for it, you can go and fight the monster yourself and hand in the goods. ”

”Why should I buy what the team needs? ” Jingmin said.

”Because you ’re a total waste in this team.
You ’re just a drag on us.
Paying money is the only thing you can do. ” Said the madman.

Jing min didn ’t get angry, and said, ”well, you can tell me, I dragged you back several times, which times, who did you have, and when did you save me.
Just say it once, and I ’ll pay for one thing, whatever you buy.

Everyone you see me, I see you, no one can say.

”You are a complete novice.
If it wasn ’t for the fact that we are all professional players, you would have been killed by other players who killed red eyes. ”

”As I have said before, with my wealth, no matter which team I go to, I will be welcome.
After all, at this time, money means having weapons.
The better the weapons are, the more likely they are to survive.
What ’s more, the money I paid for you in the past is more than what you ’re worth to me

”You don ’t have to say that nonsense. ” ”Do you think you don ’t have to pay if you go to another team? You can either pay or quit the team.
You have only two choices

”Nuoyang, you should pay the money first this time.
It ’s meaningless to argue like this, even if it ’s for yourself… ”

”I choose to quit your team! ” Jing min interrupts Yan Ming ’s persuasion.

”You What do you say Yan Ming thinks that he heard wrong.

Jing min looked at him, word by word said, ”I said, I want to quit your team. ”

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