Game of survival (6)

the players of men in black gathered around and expressed their exclamations to those treasures.

”What luck are you, boss! These are two sun barites.
You can ’t buy anything with money.
You can ’t get it so easily.

”It ’s a good thing, but how to use it? It ’s said that the lightning can only be used when the lightning disappears.
Do you know how to use it? ”

Others shook their heads to show they didn ’t know.

”Anyway, if you get the thing, how can you use it and study it again slowly? There must be a way.
Otherwise, why do the game companies get this thing out? ” Said a man who looked a little over developed.

Seeing the man in black reclaiming all the treasures into the space, Jing min thinks that he has nothing to do with him.
He is about to leave.
The man in black suddenly turns to look at him and comes to him.

Jing min Leng for a while, this just see clearly what he looks like, very handsome face, and not as fake as other players, should be similar to his real appearance.

The man in black pulled out the page and divided the treasure into two parts.
Then he swept Jing min and transferred one of them to him, saying to him, ”take it. ”

”Give it to me? ” Jing min was very surprised to see him, he did not think that this person would be so generous, directly give him half of the things.

”We got it together.
Of course, we should give you half. ”

”Oh, oh… ” Jing min also some can ’t react, unreasonable people met many, suddenly met a reasonable person, he is really a little uncomfortable.

Jing min opened his own page, press to receive, looking at half of the things into his space, he still felt a bit incredible.
By the way, I looked at the game name of each other, called Qi Feng.

”Dino Yang, real name? ” Qi Feng looks at Jing min and asks.

”Yes. ” When Ding nuoyang entered the game, he used his real name as the name of the game, because he didn ’t think about what his game name would be.
He had planned to change it after he thought about it, but he never had the chance.

”Don ’t you have a team? ” Qi Feng just saw his shield, which is very strong.
It ’s impossible for such a player not to have a team to invite him to join.

”I just quit my original team and haven ’t joined other teams yet. ” Jingmin said.

”So you want to join us? ” Qi Feng invited.

Jing min was surprised to see him, and then turned to look at his teammates, his teammates expression is very calm, did not show any disapproval.
Jing min lowered his head to make a look of thinking, and quickly checked the important information about these people with the system.

The onlookers have not left yet.
They see that Qi Feng gives half of the treasures to Jing min, and Jing min is an instrument refiner without any team ’s protection.
As long as anyone kills him first, he will have a chance to get those treasures.
Even if you can ’t get those treasures, killing him is a loss of an opponent.

”Nuoyang. ” Yan Ming saw Jing min was considering joining other teams.
After quickly asking the team members for their opinions, he came to Jing min and said, ”nuoyang, come back to our team. ”

He said, ”it ’s impossible for him to turn his head. ”

”Don ’t be capricious, nuoyang.
Do you know how dangerous you are now? ” Yan Ming motioned him to look at the people around him.
Once he was alone, these people would attack him like a stone monster.
”Don ’t worry.
I asked the team members for their opinions, and they all agreed with you to come back. ”

Jing min looked at those players, their eyes of greed, not less than other players.
Let him go back? I ’m afraid that the scene will be too chaotic.
Let others take his treasure.

Those members of the Yanming team, after Jing min left, had to be careful about everything they bought.
They can ’t choose the best ones for many things that they have to use.
Most of them can only buy the ones with poor quality.
They don ’t dare to spend money indiscriminately.
They are worried that they will not be able to pay for more important things in the future.
It made them miss the days of extravagance and regret that he was expelled from the team too early.

And Jing min now also has a sun barite, as long as you can refine the thunder and lightning outside the sun barite, it is equivalent to mastering the fate of all game players.
If this sun barite can belong to their team, as long as they master the use method, then they will definitely be able to leave the game.

Jing min raised his head and said to Qi Feng, ”I am willing to join your team. ”

”Nuoyang! ” Yan Ming cries out eagerly.

Jing min ignored him and directly opened the page to apply to join.

Qi Feng also has no nonsense and superfluous action, directly click OK to pull him through the team list.

This team is called a team.
After knowing them with the system, we know that these people are absolutely reliable.

Although Jing min joined the team, there were still many people who didn ’t give up, and their eyes showed the light of impetuousness. ”Come on, go back. ” Qi Feng takes Jing min to the transmission array.

Those who are hesitant to rush forward or not, when they see the advanced weapons that the members of a combat team have taken out, they all stop.
If in the past, even if they lost a few lives, they would rush to try, and they would spend more money to revive.
But now there is only one life, and there is no chance of resurrection after death.
They can ’t exchange life for life.

The flame Ming looks at Jing min to follow those people to leave, the palm clenches the fist tightly.

Jing min went back to his residence with them and saw a three storey villa with a garden and a swimming pool.
To be honest, he was not surprised at all.
The price of the villa is the best in the two floors of the game.

They held a welcome banquet for Jing min and introduced themselves to each other.

To Jing min ’s surprise, these people don ’t have the feeling that other players worry about their lives.
Generally speaking, the less people they have, the less terrible it is.
However, these people, in reality, all have a very large number of people, some are in power of large groups, and some are future successors.
If they die in the game, everything in reality is gone, but they don ’t seem to worry about whether they will survive.

Jing min suddenly thought that this might be the self-confidence of the real top figures.
No matter when and where they are, they have the confidence to control their own destiny.
Even if they fail unfortunately, they also have the courage to bear the consequences.
Instead of spending time worrying about whether or not they can live, it is better to make more efforts to live, so-called ”do everything and listen to the destiny ”.

Lying in a comfortable big bed, Jing min used the system to transfer the detailed information of the team out again.

In the game, few people know the team, not because they are not good, but because they are too low-key.
They are like the world ’s elite, with strong ability, but they never participate in any ranking competition, and never receive points after the task, so their names are basically not visible in the ranking table.

These people play games, it is completely in the reality of all kinds of things are tired of, so come to the game to experience a reality does not have the stimulation.
They are usually busy people, can appear in the game time is actually very small, very difficult to get people together, actually all trapped in the game.

In the previous life, these people successfully left the game alive, and thanks to them, many people survived.
Jing min chose to join them for some other reasons besides their strength.

The next day, Jing min is sitting at the table, drinking coffee and looking at all the important information of the game world.

Suddenly, he heard a bang.
He turned his head and saw that the muscular man named ”solid man ” pointed to the weapon he had thrown on the table and yelled ”the tenth time! This is the tenth time! If I didn ’t react quickly, I would have died ten times.
You said a good weapon, what romance do you play with those monsters? Is it disgusting or not? ”

The Dragon Qi sitting next to him glanced at him and said coldly, ”I ’ve let you throw this away for a long time.
You have to say it ’s commemorative and insist on staying.
The money you spend on repairing it will be enough for you to buy five or six better weapons. ”

Jing min went to him and said, ”let me help you repair it. ” Since he has joined the team, it is his duty to help the team members repair weapons, and these people are very friendly to him.
Naturally, he will give them something back.

”Take it to play and tear it down. ” Solid handed his weapon to Jing min and said, ”I must give up this thing from heaven. ”

Jing min took his weapons out of the room and took them all apart for inspection.
This is an ice weapon.
The ability to fire can freeze the opponent to death in the ice.
It is suitable for monsters who can use fire.
Solid ice says that it sprays snow at a critical moment, and the transformation stone will fail if it contacts with hot things for too long.

Jing min went back to the room and changed the internal structure of the ice drill gun for a while, and changed several things.
It was repaired in less than an hour.

He took the ice drill gun to the solid.

”So fast? Thank you very much Solid took his weapon in his hand and looked left and right.
He said that he would give up the weapon, but he was still reluctant to part with it.
It usually takes five or six hours to send it to the repair shop for urgent repair.
He didn ’t expect Jing min to repair it so soon.

Qi Feng came down from the upstairs and said, ”the volcano monster that ran away last time appears again.
In the old place, inform everyone to gather and set off immediately. ”

”It ’s here again at last! ” The solid took the weapon back to space and said ”I must be ashamed this time! ”

The nine members, including Jing min, gathered in the backyard as fast as possible, and reached the volcano group directly with the transmission array.

Because this volcano monster escaped from their team last time and has been marked, other teams can ’t attack.
When they arrived, they saw that the volcano monster was spouting fireballs.
Each fireball rolled to the ground and became a small fire monster.
At the moment, there are small fire monsters all over the mountain looking at them covetously.

Qi Feng began to assign tasks, determined each person ’s attack direction and cover position, turned to Jing min and said, ”expand the protective cover, increase energy as the situation requires. ” ”Yes. ” Jing min replied.

Qi Feng just went out two steps, and then went back to Jing min and said, ”increase as appropriate according to the situation. ”

“…… I see.
” Jing min heard that he deliberately stressed the appropriate two words, and knew that he felt that the energy he had added to him last time was too much, but isn ’t that a special case?

Jing min watched them fly forward and knew that what they trusted was not themselves, but Qi Feng.
Qi Feng has absolute dignity and leadership among these people, so he added himself to the team, and no one expressed dissatisfaction, nor did anyone question his ability.

The team members are fighting with those little fire monsters.
Facing those small fire monsters who are still unable to get close to them, the team members can still take out the space to say, ”this protective cover is really strong, which is stronger than that of Yanguo and Liangren combined. ”

”In my profession, I couldn ’t start the protective cover for the team.
I could barely hold on before.
How could I compare with the protective shield supported by other smelters? ” Yanguo was criticized for his dissatisfaction.

”Can you talk about it after you ’ve finished? ” Solid roared, ”it ’s hard to have such a good time.
I don ’t care about you, I ’ll rush it! ”

”Solid, this is killing red eye, dragon seven, you look at him, this time if he let the volcano monster run away, the boss will certainly not let him go! ” Geese too loud to remind.

The solid directly rushed out of the shield and killed the volcano monster in front of him.
While he was fighting with the volcano monster closely, the volcano ’s head swayed wildly and suddenly split into three heads.

The solid was hit far away by the heat wave from three heads at the same time.
Qi Feng flew over his head quickly.
An electric light was thrown out from his weapon, and the volcano monster ’s head fell off.
The heat from the other two heads forced him to step back and temporarily return to the protective cover.

”The monster has mutated Solid shouts: ”no wonder dare to appear again, but, mutated, I will never let you go! ”

Seeing the solid, he took out the ice drill gun again.
The wild goose said to him in a loud voice, ”don ’t use your junk any more.
What romance do you always play with those monsters? ”

Solid is a completely habitual action, and before the goose has finished speaking, he has already shot the standard volcano monster ’s hair.

Only heard a bang, a cold air hit the head of the volcano monster in an instant, and then the head with ice broke into ice, fell to the ground and killed many small fire monsters.

Everyone was stunned, even the solid himself was stunned and looked at his ice drill gun with disbelief.

The goose came back to his mind and asked the solid, ”have you changed your ice drill gun? It ’s so hard when you get it

”No, I haven ’t changed it.
It ’s still the original one.
It ’s just let nuoyang repair it for me. ” Solid theory.

”What are you doing? ” Long Qi yelled to him, ”it ’s time to grow a new head.
Hurry up and do it! ”

”Oh, good! Now The solid again aimed at the volcano monster ’s head and fired three shots in succession, killing all the newly grown and the previous ones.

The three heads of the volcano monster were knocked off at the same time.
The color of the body changed from red to green.
The solid continued to work hard.
Before the volcano monster repaired itself, it fired several shots in a row, and the volcano monster ’s body turned into broken ice.

All the small fire monsters disappeared.
No one took care of the lost treasures.
All the people ran around the solid and exclaimed, ”solid, have you changed too? Why is it so fierce all of a sudden

”Ah ha ha, you ’re just as good as you are. ” Solid smile is not satisfied.

”Don ’t be complacent Long Qi kicked him a kick, ”it ’s not you who are fierce.
It must be nuoyang who changed the ice drill gun for you.
Otherwise, we must spray snow today. ”

Solid didn ’t care about being criticized by Long Qi at all.
He touched his ice drill gun like a baby.
Then he went to Jing min and said, ”I ’ve asked a senior craftsman to repair it ten times, but it didn ’t work out completely.
You only took an hour to repair it, and its energy has been increased more than ten times.
Although I don ’t know how you do it, I have to say that you are really good Yes.
All my treasures belong to you today.
It ’s my thanks to you.

”It ’s a team. ” Qi Feng said to the team members, ”take everything and discuss it later if you have any words. ”

The volcanic monster was killed by solid.
Today ’s treasures are mostly solid, but the solid gave all his treasures to Jing min as a thank-you gift, so most of today ’s treasures belong to Jingmin.

Everyone went to the transmission array, Qi Feng said to Jing min, ”let ’s go. ”

”Well. ” Jing min turned around and walked with him side by side.

Qi Feng looked at Jing min ’s side face, and he was very puzzled when he couldn ’t tell the reason in his heart.
He didn ’t expect that he would have a good impression on a person in the game, but he knew that what he liked was not the face, but the feeling he brought to himself.

Jing min felt that he was looking at himself, turned to look at him and said, ”what ’s the matter? ”

”Nothing. ” Qi Feng said.

Jing min smiles at him.
His smile is just a polite response to him, but I don ’t know that his smile affects Qi Feng ’s heart.

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