7, the players are still talking about the solid shield.
Last time, if it wasn ’t because their group shields were too weak and would not be blown away by the wind, the boss had to deal with the stone monster alone.

However, the boss is the boss, as always, he can bring back a treasure if he wants to fight a monster.

The time to open the task layer is close in front of them.
They think it is too late to refine the weapon now.
Listen to solid said, Jing min only took an hour to help him complete the transformation of weapons, so they took out their most convenient weapons, and asked Jing min to help upgrade.

These people are not short of money, and they are quite generous.
Naturally, they will not let Jing mingbai work hard and open up their own space to let Jing min take what she needs by the way.
Jing min is not used to taking advantage of others.
She only takes out to help them upgrade their weapons.
Some things may be needed but not by this person, but another person has.
Jing min knows that these people have good relations and strong feelings.
After obtaining their consent, they can use them for each other.

Jing min heard the knock on the door and opened the door.
Seeing Qi Feng, he thought he had something to do, he leaned over to let him in.

”No rest yet? ” Qi Feng said, looking at the weapon parts all over the table.

”Well, I ’m not very tired.
I don ’t have much time.
I want to raise everyone ’s weapon energy to the highest level as soon as possible. ” Jing min sat down on the chair beside the table.

”Don ’t work too hard, although this is in the game, but the body and brain are also tired, don ’t force yourself to support. ”

”Yes. ” Jing Min said with a smile, ”I feel tired, I will go to rest. ”

”I ’ve opened a passageway for you in my space, which contains myself and everything in the team.
You can take whatever you need. ”

Jing min in the heart is surprised, this person unexpectedly is not guard against own? No matter how good the relationship is, there is no way to open up space for each other.
It is rare for those who become partners to do so.

He joked, ”aren ’t you afraid I ’ll sell all your stuff for cash? That ’s a lot of money, but it ’s worth the risk.

Qi Feng subconsciously wanted to say that mine is yours.
You can take all of them.
Suddenly, it occurred to him that they had only known each other for a few days.
It was not appropriate to say so.
Maybe he would be abrupt.
He said officially, ”you have joined us, so our destiny will be linked together.
I ’ve always been suspicious of people, so I don ’t have to use people.
Since I asked you to join me, I will never doubt you.
You don ’t have to worry.

”Thank you for letting me join you and for the trust you have placed in me. ” Jing min expressed his thanks sincerely.

Qi Feng raised his hand and rubbed Jingmin ’s hair.
They were stunned at the same time.
Qi Feng did this action unconsciously, as if he had done it countless times.
Naturally, he did not need to go through the brain and his body would react automatically.

Jing min is very familiar with his action.
Only one person can make this action for him, and only one person can make this action for him, but he will not be disgusted.
Do you mean.

The four eyes are facing each other, and they want to find out something from each other ’s eyes.
Their eyes are entangled together, which makes their heart beat abnormally in the real world.

Qi Feng moved his stiff hand away from his head, but his fingers were very reluctant to give up the touch just now, suppressing those inexplicable feelings.
Qi Feng said, ”have a rest early. ”

”Well. ” Jing Min has been staring at his eyes, trying to feel the familiar feeling from his eyes, but the feeling failed, the familiar feeling did not appear.

Watching Qi Feng go out and close the door, Jing min is a little disappointed, but it doesn ’t matter.
He comforts himself that he didn ’t feel it every time before.
If he is his lover, he will have a chance to prove it.

In less than two days, Jing min transformed one or two weapons for each team member.
The team members took his modified weapons to try.
They were surprised by the strength of the energy.
Then they felt that it was very cool to use.
It was just a kind of artifact in hand, and the heaven and earth were exclusive.

at night, a group of people sat together and chatted, and make complaints about the reliable shops and repair shops on Tucao commercial street.
He is also a famous refiner.
Even if the money is very expensive, they don ’t care about spending more money, but you give the equivalent effect.
If you spend so much money, it ’s not easy to get into trouble.

All of a sudden, thunder and wind roared in the sky outside.
Everyone looked out of the window at the same time.
It didn ’t look like the thunder that was going to rain.

Everyone went to the French window and looked up to the sky.
After the wind dispersed the clouds in the sky, a city in the clouds could be seen between the electricity and light.
The first mission city was finally opened.

After the thunder and lightning wind disappeared, everyone received a message from the game system, in which the task content was announced.
The mission layer opened this time is blood monster forest.
Players can enter the mission layer early tomorrow morning, and they have one night to prepare.

Several major commercial streets are full of people, almost all players come to buy the things that blood monster forest needs to use.
The originally spacious street is now full of water.The team members of the a team moved slowly with the stream of people.
Jing min walked beside Qi Feng and was surrounded by the team members in the middle.

They go into the kikuo store and buy serum fruits that can resist blood poisoning.
They can ’t buy more than three serum fruits at a time.
Now there are only three left.

Qi Feng pressed to buy on the counter screen, but failed.
The red light was on the screen.

Jing min looks at the screen suspiciously.
The red light indicates that someone has pressed the purchase with them at the same time, and is waiting for one of them to give up the purchase.

The team members all around the central column in front of the cabinet and looked at the other side.
The people on the opposite side also came around to look at them.

Jing min ’s mind is really narrow.

Yanming and they had been in the store for a long time, but they came in from another door.
The price of serum fruit was very high, and there were only three.
In order to buy it or not, they discussed for a long time who to use it after they bought it.
When they finally decided to buy it first, Qi Feng and they just came in and pressed the purchase at the same time.

”Nuoyang. ” Yan Ming saw Jing min standing on the left side of Qi Feng.

Childe Jane also saw him, and his eyes immediately became grim.

Jing min is uncomfortable with Yan Ming ’s eager eyes and stands behind Qi Feng.
He doesn ’t want to have any intersection with these people now.

Yan Ming looked at Qi Feng and said, ”we arrived very early.
Since you are later, please give up the purchase. ”

Of course, it is not necessary for the leader of a team to take charge of these things in person because it is too cheap.
So Qi Feng didn ’t open his mouth, and the wild goose stepped forward and said, ”Whoever stipulates that the first comes can get the first.
Here, whoever buys first is the one who owns it.
Since we both press the purchase at the same time, then according to the rules, enter the auction process, the higher price will get

Yan Ming and their team, originally because the price of serum fruit is too high, there is no consensus.
If they enter the auction process, the price will be higher.
But now the other side does not want to give in, if they give up the purchase, will be quite no face.

”We are the smoke team. ” Yan Ming said.

”So what? ” Geese said, ”is it great? ”

Everyone is fighting for the 100 chances to survive.
Many teams are already considering joining hands with other teams.
The stronger the team, the more teams want to join hands.
They are all professional players, and often enter the top five teams.
Recently, I received a lot of news that the teams wanted to join hands, which made them very proud.
Yan Ming thought, he said the name of his team, the other side will give them face.

”Don ’t talk nonsense! ” Qi Feng said impatiently.

Yanguo immediately turns around, presses the auction program on the screen, and quickly enters the price.

Now it ’s Yanming ’s turn to bid.
After 20 seconds, if they haven ’t made a bid, Qi Feng will own it.

Yan Ming looked back at the other players, their faces are not very good, neither want to pay more money for nothing, also don ’t want to lose face here.

Yan Ming presses the amount on the screen.
Today, he doesn ’t want to lose this person.

Yan Guo immediately input the new amount.

So back and forth seven or eight times, as the amount of money is getting higher and higher, the team members face more and more ugly.

”Don ’t go too far! ” Young master Jane glared at them.

”Too much? ” Yan Guo looked at him inexplicably, ”the auction is the one with the highest price.
Is it too much for me to raise the price? What ’s your logic? If you can afford it, you will continue to bid, if you can ’t, you will give up.
The reason is so simple.

”Is it great that you have money? ” Childe Jane said this to Jing min, and he and their team members thought it was Jing Min who paid.

”It ’s great to have money.
Do you think it ’s great if you don ’t have money? ” Yan Guo chuckled, ”we, the poor, have only money left.
How can we compare with such a famous team as you? ”

Yan Guo is satirizing Yan Ming just used his team name to demonstrate to them.

”Well, you have money, don ’t you? ” Childe Jane pushed the flame away, input a very high amount of money on the screen, and then looked at the wild goose provocatively.

Wild goose over indifferent smile, continue to input the amount.

Seeing the amount of money on the screen is getting higher and higher, it is enough to buy 30 serum fruits.
When Yanguo is ready to input the amount again, Jing min stops him and says, ”the bailing grass in the herbal medicine store is on the shelf.
Don ’t want this one.
Let them buy it.
Let ’s go and buy bailing grass. ”

Young master Jane is going to input the amount twice more, so that they can spend more than ten times the price to buy the goods.
He also gives a sigh of relief to the team members.
Suddenly heard Jing min say no, immediately angry, deliberately use words to stimulate them ”how? Aren ’t you poor and have only money? Do you think the price is too high to make an offer now? ”

Jingmin said, ”it ’s enough to buy three bailing grass at this price, and the effect of Bailing grass is much better than serum fruit, so the serum fruit will let you, don ’t thank us too much. ”

When the countdown to the bid on the screen is over, the serum is returned to Yanming ’s team.
Because it ’s an auction, you can ’t go to the settlement shop to pay together, you have to pay on site.Jing min didn ’t mean to leave immediately.
The bailing grass was so expensive that there were not many buyers.
No matter whether they will pay the money or not, seeing their angry appearance, he feels very relieved.

Qi Feng looked at Jing min and saw that he was waiting for a good play.
His eyes were unconsciously spoiling.

Childe Jane angrily beat the counter, he was played by the other side, and play his people also have Ding nuoyang.
In front of so many people, this is the first time he has been so disgraced.
At this moment, he would like to rush up and swallow Jing min alive.

The screen has been reminding him to pay, otherwise he will have to deduct 15% of his illegal gold.

Of course, this Qian childe, Jane, will not come out.
The other players also avoid his eyes and look at other places.
Obviously, no one is willing to pay for him, and Yanming has no intention of paying for him.

Childe Jane insisted that he didn ’t pay, because at first Yan Ming wanted to buy serum fruit with the team ’s amount, so the penalty was deducted directly from their team ’s money.

Serum fruit did not buy success, again returned to the commercial shelf, Qi Feng immediately pressed to buy, serum over into their shopping bar.

The team members of the smoke team, a face difficult to see the extreme, without any reason to be deducted so large a sum, and finally nothing.
Childe Jane is more angry to vomit blood, he glared with fierce eyes Jing min, eyes are staring out of the eye socket.

”Let ’s go. ” Qi Feng took Jing min ’s shoulder and went out to buy bailing grass

Today, their cooperation is very good.
Jing min knows that they are cruel roles in the market.
How can they suffer from the manpower like young master Jane.
He was deliberately speaking out to stop Yanguo from bidding again.
He knew that the man who was most unconvinced and hated by young master Jane was Ding nuoyang, who could make him angry more than anyone else.

It ’s just a little bit of a surprise.
The real good play is just about to start.

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