Game of survival (14)

when Jing min left the game and returned to reality, he found himself in the hospital with nutrient solution in his hand.
After waking up, he continued to observe in the hospital for two days.
Dinoyan ’s parents accompanied him all the time.
After confirming that he had no physical problems, he was discharged from the hospital.

Jing min refused to go home with Ding nuoyang ’s parents, and repeatedly assured himself that he had no problem with his body and could take care of himself.
Only then did dinnoyang ’s parents reluctantly agree.
Jing min went back to Ding nuoyang ’s own residence alone.
The company was under the control of Ding Fu for the time being.
He didn ’t have to worry about it.
He just took a good rest during this period of time.

Jing Min has no mind to deal with other things now.
Qi Feng says he will come to him.
He is waiting.
As for what he should do when he comes to find himself, and what to do if he is not his lover.
These things, Jing min have already thought how to do, waiting for him to appear.

The next day after returning to his residence, Jing min was still nervous and impetuous, because in case Qi Feng was not his lover, he I don ’t know what kind of mood I will have.
If he is sad, it proves that he has transferred his love.
How can he be worthy of his lover?

Jing min suddenly didn ’t want to cook by himself, so he changed his clothes and went out to the western restaurant where dinnoyang used to go.

In the middle of the meal, the waiter brought the dining car and served him a steak and a bottle of red wine.
Jing min looked at the waiter who was pouring wine for him and said, ”I didn ’t order these things. ”

”A gentleman ordered it for you. ” The waiter took out a large handful of white roses from under the dining car.
”This is also from the gentleman. ”

”Did he say his name? ” Jing min frowned and looked at the big white rose, but didn ’t take it.

”The gentleman said his surname was Feng. ” Said the waiter.

Seal? Hearing this surname, Jing min thought for a moment and took the rose over without hesitation for a long time.
Feng Qi is Qi Feng ’s real name.
Jing Min has already learned about it through the system.
He is the vice president of Feng ’s group, Feng ’s second junior.

How did he know he liked white roses? Jing min laughed at himself.
How could he know that Ding nuoyang didn ’t like white roses, it was just a coincidence.
Jingmin began to recall when he began to like white roses, as if from the first time he met Zhao Bocheng, who always liked to give him white roses.

”Do you like it? ” The voice of Feng Qi rings behind Jing min.

Jing min looked back at him, ”you asked white rose, or red wine. ”

”All asked. ” Feng Qi sat down opposite him, then took up his knife and fork and began to eat the steak the waiter had just sent.

Jing min tasted a mouthful of red wine ”I like it very much. ”

”Just like it. ”

”You and I have a chance encounter? Or…
” To tell you the truth, Jing min doesn ’t believe it ’s a chance encounter.
After all, the city is too big and has a large population, so the chance of their meeting is too small.

”I ’ve been looking for it. ” Feng Qi didn ’t hide him.

”How do you know I ’m here? ” After Jing min asked, he felt that he was asking nonsense.
Naturally, there were some ways to find him.

Qi Feng took a look at him and did not speak, because he had already seen that Jing min must have understood in his heart what method he used to find him.

After dinner, Jing Min said, ”I ’m going back.
Thank you for your wine and your flowers. ”

”I ’ll see you off. ” Qi Feng said.

”No, I drive my own car. ” Jing min refused, but he was still a little nervous.
He didn ’t want to confirm whether he was his lover too soon.

”You can give it to me. ” Qi Feng said.

Jing min looked at him and saw his posture that he had to be with himself today.
Jing min was silent for a while, thinking that sooner or later, it would be known sooner or later.
So today, it ’s time to confirm, and also save himself from the fear of ”that ’s still you send me. ”

Feng Qi always sent Jing min to the door of his house, but he didn ’t mean to leave.
Jing min then pushed the boat and asked him to go in and sit down.

When Feng Qi was sitting in the living room, Jing min turned to the bar and poured two glasses of wine.
He quietly took out a white granular thing and put it in the red wine.
Watching the white particles melt in the wine, Jing min shakes the glass and takes the two glasses of wine to the living room.

Jing min put the cup on the tea table and sat down beside the seal.

When Feng Qi raised his hand to get the glass of wine, Jing min held down his hand and said, ”wait a minute… ” Before confirming whether Fengqi is his lover, Jing min can ’t let him drink this cup of wine with added materials.
Kissing was the quickest way to determine whether he was his lover or not, so he put his arm around his neck and kissed it.

Feng Qi held Jing min ’s waist and was stunned for two seconds.
After two seconds, he immediately grasped the initiative, and forced to kiss his lips.
He put his tongue into his mouth and entangled with his tongue.

Jing min felt that familiar feeling, almost all to tears, he did not love the wrong person, this is his lover.
No matter how long, no matter in which world, even in uncertain circumstances, the person he fell in love with is always him.
Jing min felt that he had been deeply involved in this love and could not extricate himself.
It was like falling into a swamp.
The more he struggled, the deeper he fell.
Letting himself sink was the only thing he could do.That glass of red wine has no effect, and Jingmin will not let Fengqi drink it.
No matter what happens or what Fengqi wants to do to him, Jingmin will accept it.

Feng Qi opened the distance between them.
He looked at Jing ’s face and said, ”you are more enthusiastic in reality than in the game. ”

Jing min some blush, hook his neck, pull his head down, in his ear said ”go to bed, hold me. ”

Feng Qi chuckles and kisses ”yes ” on his earlobe

Clothes were randomly thrown on the edge of the bed, the bed two people warm as fire.
Jing min felt the stimulation and excitement with pain, which made him very satisfied and happy.

”No! ” Jing min ’s mouth resists, but the body is very honest in catering.


Jing min was forced to wake up, and the weight behind him was too heavy to breathe, because he was lying face down on the bed, and Fengqi was pressing on his back, and their bodies were tightly stuck together.

Jing min wanted to turn over and didn ’t turn, so she pushed her hand back and said, ”don ’t press me, I ’m going to take a bath. ”

”Together. ” Feng Qi kisses his side face.

”No Jing min didn ’t believe that he would be honest, just take a bath, and then his bones would fall apart.

Jing min pushed people open, ran into the bathroom and locked the door from inside.
Water scoured his body, Jing min helplessly smile, thinking in his heart, how to meet this person, will love so crazy? No control.

When Jing min comes out of the bathroom, Feng Qi is blocking the door, holding his chest in both hands and looking at him with dissatisfied eyes.

Jing min hung his neck with a smile and offered his lips for him to hold.
They kissed for a while.
Before he couldn ’t hold it, Jing Min said, ”you ’re going to take a bath.
I ’m hungry.
Go to make breakfast for you first. ”

Just finished two simple breakfast, Jing min heard the doorbell, wondering who would come to him at this time.
It would not be dinoyang ’s parents.
He looked at the direction of the bathroom, thinking about how to explain Feng Qi ’s identity if he was Ding ’s parents.
After thinking about it for a while, there is no need to make excuses and hide anything.
Anyway, dinoyan ’s parents also know his sexual orientation, so they just say it ’s a boyfriend.

Jing min opened the door and saw the man outside.
He was stunned for a moment, ”what are you doing here? ”

”Nuoyang, I, I ’m here to apologize to you. ” Zhao Chao carefully looks at Jing min.

”There ’s no need.
I ’ve made it clear to you in the game, just as we never know each other.
Don ’t come back to me again. ” Jing min looks at him without expression.
He really doesn ’t want to have any intersection with this scum man, and even doesn ’t want to talk to him.

”Nuoyang, I know I ’m wrong.
I ’m sorry.
I ’m really sorry.
Please give me another chance.
As long as you ’re willing to forgive me, I ’m willing to do anything. ” Zhao Chao begged eagerly.

”You are really willing to do anything, and you will do it. ” Jing min looked at him and asked.

”I swear, as long as you forgive me, I will do anything! ” Zhao Chao hastily promised.

”Well, as long as you leave now and never appear in front of me again, I will forgive you. ” Jingmin said.

”I… ” Zhao Chao looked at him in embarrassment and continued to plead, ”don ’t treat me like this.
Please, give me another chance! For the sake of pursuing you for so many years, please

”Who ’s here? ” Feng Qi came out of the bathroom.
Seeing Jing min standing at the door all the time, he came over and stood behind Jing min and opened all the half open doors.
Seeing the man outside, Qi Feng frowned at once.

”You, are you? ” Zhao Chao was surprised to see Feng Qi in his bathrobe.
”Are you Qi Feng? ”

”How could he be with you? ” Zhao Chao questions Jing min with wide eyes.

”Has it anything to do with you? ” Jing Min said with a white eye.

”You, you… ” Zhao Chao looked at the two men in their bathrobes and angrily accused Jing min of ”you have betrayed me! ”

Jing min couldn ’t help laughing out loud, reasoning with this kind of brain can ’t understand, it ’s just a waste of saliva, ”whatever you think. ”

Jing min closed the door and went to the kitchen to serve the breakfast.
Zhao Chao patted the door vigorously outside, and he was not affected at all.

Feng Qi enters the room and finds his mobile phone under the bed.
After pressing a few times, he goes to the dining room and sits opposite Jing min to start eating breakfast.

Two minutes later, the knock disappeared.

Zhao Chao came home black and blue.
Just outside the door, he saw the man standing at the door.
He was very angry.
His anger finally broke out.
”I told you not to come to me! You don ’t understand people, do you? ”

”Yan Ming, what ’s the matter with you? ” Yu Jian looked at the injury on Zhao Chao ’s face and asked with heartache, ”who hit you? ”

”It ’s none of your business! ” Zhao Chao slapped Yu Jian ’s outstretched hand.
”I ’ve told you, don ’t come to me again, and don ’t call me Yanming again.
I feel sick when I see you, do you know? ” ”We ’re married.
You ’re my husband.
I can ’t help seeing you. ” Yu Jian said with sadness on his face.

Zhao Chao rolled his eyes vigorously and roared, ”now it ’s in reality.
Everything in the game world is over! And what happened in the game is fake! It ’s fake! In reality, we are not married, and I am not your husband

”We can get married, so that in reality, we are the same as in the game. ” Yu Jian looks forward to Zhao Chao.

”Don ’t dream! I don ’t like you at all.
I don ’t even want to see you! ” Zhao Chao pointed to his nose and said, ”for the last time, I warn you not to appear in front of me again, or I will see you once and hit you once! ”

”Yan Ming! Listen to me…
” Yu Jian grabs Zhao Chao ’s hand eagerly.

”Go away! ” Zhao Chao pushed him open and closed the door.

Yu Jian was thrown to the ground, he ignored the hurt arm, and immediately got up to knock on the door.
”Yan Ming, you open the door, you listen to me, I am trying to save money now, I will change my appearance, you give me a little time, I will change myself with the game. ”

Feng Qi takes Jing min to a party.
At the party, Jing min meets all the members of the a team.
They are not different from those in the game.
At least their faces can be on the right number.
Only solid, there is no exaggerated muscle in reality.

”I ’m a solid.
My real name is Gu bin. ” Gu bin saw Jing min ’s eyes and knew what he was thinking.
”You must be very strange why my figure is not so exaggerated in the game? In fact, there is a reason for this.
I will not explain it in detail because the reason is too long.
To put it simply, I adjusted my body to bet with these assholes.
As soon as I entered the game, something went wrong with the system, and no one could quit the game.
So I had to maintain that exaggerated appearance.

Jing min ’s understanding nodded.

”Don ’t listen to his nonsense.
It ’s clearly his own anger that made him look like that.
As a result, the game went wrong and he couldn ’t change the settings. ” ”I ’m dragon seven, my real name is Longqi. ”

”Hello, sister-in-law.
I ’m Yanguo.
My real name is Ke Yan. ” Ke Yan reaches out to Jing min and is photographed by Feng Qi.
He laughs and says, ”I can prove that Gu bin ate the vinegar of Long Qi at that time.
Because of his anger, he made himself like that. ”

Jing min was cold because of his sister-in-law.

”I ’m not jealous! ” Gu bin face unnatural defense way, ”clearly is you these bastards deliberately irritate me, I will make myself like that. ”

”Oh, yes, nuoyang will be our sister-in-law in the future.
Come on, let ’s toast to sister-in-law. ” Liang Ren took the lead in raising the glass.

Jing min was embarrassed by them.
He turned his head and looked at Feng Qi.
Feng Qi held his shoulder all the time, almost holding him half in his arms and lifting his glass.

Jing min had no choice but to lift the glass and touch it with everyone.

These people almost all grew up with Feng Qi.
Obviously, Feng Qi is not only the leader of this group in the game, but also in reality.

Jing min learned that the players trapped in other areas of the game are still being rescued.
However, with these people as a precedent, it is much easier to rescue players from other game areas.
However, there is no one in other game areas like Jing min, so it takes a lot of time.

A group of people were chatting and chatting about business and business, which ended late.

As soon as he got on the bus, Feng Qi lowered the partition board in the middle of the car and held Jing min in his arms and kissed all the way.

Jing min felt that his lips were swollen and his tongue was numb, and his brain was dizzy because of lack of oxygen, so he could only lean on his closed arms.

Until the car stopped outside a villa, Jing min was taken off by Feng Qi and found that this was not his home.
He asked vaguely, ”where is this? ”

”It used to be my home, then you and my home. ” Feng Qi carried him into the room.

After that, Zhao Chao no longer used to appear in front of Jing min.
Jing min guessed that it must be something Fengqi had done.
Otherwise, Zhao Chao ’s kind of people could not easily give up their heart.
As for what Fengqi did, Jingmin didn ’t want to manage or know.
Anyway, someone will help him solve the problem.
He just needs to enjoy his love.

Each life encounter, for Jing min, is a miracle, so he especially cherish the two people get along with each other bit by bit.
Even if it ’s just a daily kiss, or every hug and sleep, it will become his precious memory.

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