The legend of the holy light (1)

Jing min felt the rolling of the wheel, and before he opened his eyes, he knew that he must be in the carriage now.
Open your eyes and see, it ’s true.
It ’s just that this is not an ancient oriental carriage, but a Western classical one with glass windows.

He looked out of the window.
There were soldiers on horseback.
They were dressed and looked at.
This should be a place similar to ancient Western Europe.

Looking down at myself, I saw a white robe that was worn out, simple and could not be simpler.
It was in sharp contrast to this high-end carriage.

After looking at the scenery outside the window for a while, Jing min changed a comfortable posture and leaned on the back of the chair, closed his eyes and opened the memory undertaking function.

This is a world where people and Demons coexist, called the land of sebio.
On this continent, there has been a legend about the light.

The demons are cruel and cruel, which is a great threat to human beings.
Thousands of years ago, when human beings were almost exterminated by demons, suddenly one day, there was a torrential rain for three months on the whole continent, which destroyed the demon worship Hall of the demons and greatly reduced the magic power of the demons.

After the heavy rain stopped, the dark clouds dispersed, and a column of light fell from the sky, making all the demons on the Terran realm disappear.

After the light column disappeared, a flowing spring suddenly appeared.
Human beings built a temple in the light of the light column.
All the newborn children would receive baptism and blessing in the temple, hoping to be protected by the holy light.
Miraculous things happened again, some of the children who had been washed with spring water had the power of holy light to purify magic power after growing up.
From then on, the Terran finally had the strength to compete with the demons.

With the development of thousands of years of change and development, human beings gradually grew up, established the human Empire, and had the soldiers and horses to fight with the demons.

The person who Jing min replaced this time was called Gran silve.
His grandfather was the temple elder.
The person who was honored as the saint was respected by the royal family and the people.
His grandfather not only had great power of light, but also divination.

One day twenty years ago, Sylvie ’s grandfather divined that a powerful soul with demonic spirit was born into the human world, which would bring great disaster to the human world.

The royal family and the temple of the whole empire tried their best to find the child, and the emperor ordered to kill the child.
Sylvie ’s grandfather pleaded for the child, saying that he could not force the sin that had not yet occurred to a child.
He hoped to bring the child back to the temple, purify his evil spirit, and make him a normal human being.

The child ’s name was cania.
He was twelve years old in the temple.
When his evil spirit was about to disappear, he suddenly disappeared.
Sylvie ’s grandfather and the emperor sent for him, but he couldn ’t be found.

In a battle between the Terrans and the demons, the great prince ored, known as the God of war in the Empire, was injured in the fight with the demon king.
The powerful evil spirit invaded his body, which made his body and mental strength suffer serious trauma.

Sylvie ’s grandfather rushed to the border to clear the devil ’s Qi for the prince.
The demons took the opportunity to send troops to attack continuously.
The great prince forced his body to fight.
SIVI ’s grandfather used the power of the holy light to help the prince fight, but he died suddenly on the battlefield.
Without the help of the power of light, the great prince lost his first battle in his life.

The second prince, who escorted the grandfather of SIVI, led the soldiers to defeat the demons and demobilized the demons after the eldest prince was unable to continue fighting.

The biggest reason why the second prince was able to defeat the demons was that there was a man around him who was very powerful in the power of light.
That person was cania who had been missing for three years.

Kanya ’s light can repel all powerful demons, even the demon king is afraid of his power, so the demons withdrew, and are willing to sign a peace agreement with the Terrans, and will never invade each other.

The second prince and cania became the heroes of the Empire, and they returned to the imperial capital under the jubilant welcome of the people.

Cania told the emperor where he had been in the past few years and the reason why he wanted to escape from the temple.
He said that there was no evil spirit in his body, but a very strong power of light.
It is said that Sylvie ’s grandfather was afraid that his powerful power of light would be discovered by others, which would affect his status.
He said that he had evil spirit in his body and imprisoned him in the temple.

The second prince confirmed cania ’s words and said that it was with his help that cania escaped from the temple.
In recent years, he also protected Kania from being found.

Cania also said that SIVI ’s grandfather ’s power of light was not as good as before, because he found out the secret that he was bitten by the evil spirit.
SIVI ’s grandfather wanted to kill him, so he escaped.
The sudden death of Sylvie ’s grandfather on the battlefield is the best proof.

After SIVI ’s grandfather died, cania was the most powerful one in the Empire.
So after they returned to the capital, cania, supported by the second prince ’s supporters, smoothly entered the temple and became the saint in charge of the temple.

And SIVI and his parents, because of his grandfather ’s fault, the second prince suggested to the emperor that they should be executed.
The emperor did not put them to death, but sent them to a remote little temple to be imprisoned.Five years later, the emperor, who had been in poor health, was getting weaker and weaker.
The eldest prince had been purified in the temple of the imperial capital because he was invaded by a very domineering evil spirit.
He could not get out of the temple until the evil spirit completely disappeared.
The second prince gradually took over the state affairs, and more and more supporters took over.
He had the posture of replacing the first Prince and becoming the successor of the imperial throne.

The Terrans and demons have lived together peacefully for five years.
More and more people believe that as long as the second prince and cania are present, the Terrans and demons will not fight again, and they will not have to face the pain of the death of their relatives.

The warlord asked the Terran emperor that in order to show the sincerity of mankind ’s peaceful coexistence with the warlords, they would send one of the Warcraft animals in the town hall to the imperial capital of the human empire.
Every other year, a human with the power of the holy light should be used to sacrifice the Warcraft, that is, to be eaten by the Warcraft.

As soon as this request was put forward, some of the officials objected to it and some agreed with it.
All of them agreed with the second prince.
They think it is worthwhile to use one person ’s life to preserve the peace of the people of the whole empire for a year.

After a period of debate, it was finally decided that the best of both worlds would be to sacrifice those guilty people to Warcraft.
Cania urged that the grandson of the former Saint be the first sacrifice.

SIVI and his parents were sent to a remote temple to be imprisoned.
They were bullied by cania ’s admirers.
SIVI ’s parents suffered a lot in order to save him.
They both died a year ago.
Now, SIVI is being escorted back to the imperial capital by the second prince ’s men.

The reason why he was escorted by this rather good carriage was that the emperor learned of this when he was sober, and said that since he was to be sacrificed, no one should embarrass or mistreat him before he was sacrificed.

Jing min knows that what we know now is only a cover up of the real surface situation, so what is the real situation?

Now the highly respected cania, in fact, does not have any power of light.
The reason why he can eliminate any powerful demons is that he has made a contract with the devil.
All this is a conspiracy between him and the devil.

After being brought back to the temple of the imperial capital by grandfather SIVI, Kanya lived a much better life than before.
However, the good life made him more dissatisfied.
Even if the evil spirit in his body was gradually purified, it could not change his inborn distortion.

It was indeed the second prince who took cania out of the temple, but in the years when he disappeared, the second prince did not know where he was, because he had been with the devil.

Kanya went to the demon clan and was hidden by the demon king.
Together, they made a plan to completely destroy human beings.

Cartier fell in love with the demon king in the demon clan.
They were lovers.
But after returning to the Terran, he had a relationship with the second prince and became a lover.

In the previous life, Cartier helped the second prince to get the throne, but the evil Qi in his body accelerated the death of the second prince.
Then he helped the devil destroy the Terran, and lived happily with the devil, and exchanged his life time for his appearance.
Between the two lovers, he was a perfect man.

Jing min opened his eyes and sighed a long time.
This is the story of the farmer and the snake.
Sylvie ’s grandfather was the farmer, thinking that after all, it was a life.
If you can save it, you can save it.
And Kania is the snake, for the people who tried to save him, with his venomous teeth, biting hard.

Therefore, good people can not be casually, it is very important to see the quality of the people to be rescued.
When you can ’t see clearly, it ’s better not to rescue them in disorder.

The carriage went directly into the palace, and the emperor seldom woke up.
When he heard that he had arrived at the imperial capital, he wanted to see him.

Seeing the old emperor like a dead wood, Jing min knew that he was influenced by cania ’s evil spirit, and he was afraid that he would not live long.
Under such circumstances, he had to drag his weak body to see Sylvie for a reason.

Before SIVI was born, there was no one in the Empire who could equal the power of holy light to SIVI ’s grandfather.
Both the emperor and SIVI ’s grandfather were worried that there would be no successor in charge of the temple.
After SIVI was born, his grandfather found that there was a strong power of light in his body, but in order to let him grow up safely, his grandfather temporarily sealed his power of light.

Until cania escaped from the temple and couldn ’t find it, Sylvie ’s grandfather had a hunch that things would go wrong.
He told the emperor that his grandson had a great power of light and that if one day a miracle came, he would be able to save mankind.

The emperor sent SIVI and his parents to the remote temple to be imprisoned, which was also a kind of protection.
But things have developed to this point.
He has less and less sober time, and things are less and less under his control.
It was the only hope that SIVI would be brought back to the capital.
However, the emperor did not know whether the miracle mentioned by his grandfather had come.

At the top left of the main hall, it was supposed to be the position of the first prince.
Now there are two people, the second prince and cania.
Cania wore a white robe made of the finest fabric, with wide sleeves and a sweeping back hem, and gold embroidery.
Such a holy robe does not match his evil water like face, but he also makes a noble and holy look, which makes Jing min feel very uncomfortable. ”Do you know why I picked you up? ” The emperor asked in an old, hoarse voice.

”Yes. ” Jing min answered calmly.

The emperor ’s baggy eyelids narrowed his eyes and carefully observed Jing min ’s expression, ”in the face of your grandfather, you can make a request. ”

”I want to go back to where I used to live.
I haven ’t been back to the imperial capital for many years.
I hope your majesty will allow me to live ten more days. ” Jingmin said.

“…… Is that what you want? ” The emperor was disappointed.

”Yes, your majesty. ”

The emperor was silent for a while, repressing the eagerness and helplessness in his heart, he promised, ”OK, I will meet your requirement. ”

”Thank you, your majesty. ” Jing min saluted respectfully and then withdrew from the hall.

Jing Min wants to go back to the place where he used to live.
Of course, it ’s not for nostalgia.
He doesn ’t have anything to miss.
He went there to get something very important.

All the things in SIVI ’s previous home have been swept away.
All the valuable things belong to cania.

Jingmin soldiers wait outside the door and enter the room alone.
The room is covered with thick dust.
Although the furniture is not damaged, it is also very old.

Jing min pulled out a black cloak full of dust from under the bed.
He came to get the cloak.
This seemingly ordinary cloak is actually a invisibility cloak.

After patting the dust on the cloak, Jing min went out with the cloak in her arms and said to the soldiers outside the door, ”this is an old cloak of my father.
I want to take him with me as a last-minute remembrance, OK? ”

After going to the Imperial Palace, the soldiers guarding Jingmin became the emperor ’s personal guards.
Naturally, they would not embarrass Jingmin.
In their eyes, it was just a shabby cloak.
He wanted to miss his father.
There was nothing wrong with it.
They could agree without asking for instructions.

Jing min asked the emperor to live for another ten days.
The emperor also allowed him to live in the temple, and he was treated fairly well.

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