Legend of light (2)

after years of expansion, the temple of the imperial capital is very large, with two main halls and six side halls.
In the main hall and side hall, there are many main halls and courtyards.

Jing min was arranged to live in a small courtyard of the side hall, where there were many soldiers guarding.
Although the soldiers guarding him had changed from the second prince ’s to the emperor ’s, Jing min knew that outside the yard, the second prince ’s men were guarding secretly.

Jing min holding the clean cloak, sitting on the chair by the window, waiting for the arrival of the night.

All the lights in the room were put out, Jing min put on his cape and covered his whole face with a wide hat and jumped out of the open window.

He walked directly past the soldiers.
After leaving the courtyard, he walked quickly in the direction of the main hall.

The eldest prince ored was locked in the main hall.
After he was invaded by the evil spirit, his temperament changed greatly.
He might suddenly hurt people around him at any time.
Jing min went to see him, to help him eliminate the evil spirit, and then cooperate with him to deal with the second prince and cania.

Now it ’s really hot season, there are people in the room, the windows are basically not closed, which also facilitates Jing min ’s action.

Jing min searched the position of the prince by the system.
The place where he was shut was a brightly lit hall.
Inside and outside the main hall, the water tank is enlarged, which is the most essence of the holy spring.
By these springs town, there is a devil in the body of the prince can not get out of the hall.

In the middle of the hall, he was sitting upright.
Because wearing invisibility clothing, Jing min approached him without any worry.

Ored suddenly turned back, Jing min was scared and stopped involuntarily.
Jing min looked at the carved perfect masculine face, as well as that pair of blue deep eyes, heart shaking for a while.
It can ’t be true? Do you mean.

Ored felt that there was someone behind him, but when he looked around, there was nothing.
He had some doubts in his mind, and he felt that there must be something there.
He stood up, turned and walked over.

Jing min saw him walking towards himself and slowly retreating.
He had been tortured by the evil spirit for five years, but he could still have such a keen reaction ability.
That is not ordinary evil Qi.
The demon king hurt him with the blood demon bead, the treasure of the demon family, and left a drop of blood essence in his body.
If he had been an ordinary man, he would have died many times, but he would still be able to fight against the evil spirit for five years.
He is worthy of being the God of war of the Empire.

Ored raised his hand and slowly waved forward.
He didn ’t touch anything.
He frowned and turned back to where he had been sitting before.

Jing min followed him, and ored suddenly turned around and took Jing min with a wave of his long arm.

O ’reid was surprised.
The feeling was clearly a human body, but why could he be invisible?

Jing min was tightly held by a strong arm, and his chest was close to his body, and his breathing was not smooth.
Seeing the sharp light in ored ’s eyes, he quickly raised a hand and took off the cap of his cape.

”Who are you? ” Ored ’s hands tightened again.

Jing min took a breath of pain I ’m Sylvie

”Sylvie? ” Ored frowned and thought, the name that sounded familiar.

”My grandfather was the former Lord of the temple. ” Jing Min said, ”I ’m not here to harm you.
Please let me go first. ”

Ored remembered that he had heard the elder say once that he had a grandson named Sylvie.
If something happened to him, please protect him.
It had been a long time since he had almost forgotten it.

Ored released Jing min and said, ”is it your grandfather who asked you to come to me? ”

”No Jing min kneaded his arm, ”although your Highness has been kept here for many years, he should not be completely ignorant of the outside affairs, right? ”

O ’reid looked at him without a word.

”I was taken back to the imperial capital, and ten days later, I would be sacrificed to Warcraft. ” Jing min looked at him and said.

Ored knew about this, and his people had passed on the news to him that the grandson of the great elder was to be taken back to the imperial capital to offer sacrifices to Warcraft.

”I can ’t even save myself now.
I can ’t save you any more. ” O ’reid because he ’s here to ask for help.

”If I can get you out of here, would you like to cooperate with me? ” He asked.

Ored sneered and said, ”why can ’t you get out of here? If you can ’t get rid of the evil spirit, even I can ’t control myself to kill people

”What I ’m talking about is to help you get rid of the evil Qi and let you go directly from here, instead of using other methods. ”

”You think you can do something that your grandfather couldn ’t do? ” Ored turned and walked back to where he had been and continued to sit.

Jing min went around and squatted down in front of him and looked at him and said, ”can I do it? I ’ll try to find out. ”

O ’reid was about to ask him how to try, when he felt a sharp pain in his chest.
It was like a burning fire, burning him to ashes from the inside to the outside. ”Let ’s go! ” O ’reid covered his chest, gritted his teeth, maintained his final sense, and said, ”get out of here

Jing min looked at his blue eyes slowly turned red, and knew that he was suffering from the torture of blood essence and evil spirit, and he was going to lose his mind.
Jing min put his hand on his chest and was about to launch the power of the light when ored suddenly threw him to the ground.

”Let go, go, I! ” Jing min ’s two hands were tightly held by him, struggling to push him away.

Ored ’s eyes were red with blood.
His body was like volcanic rock eruption, which made him very painful.
He wanted to vent the pain.

Without the fountain of light, ored would have rushed out of the hall and killed now.
But now there is only Jing min in front of him.
He should have killed him for a long time.
But his soul controlled his body, and the killing became another kind.

Ored ’s face is buried in Jing min ’s neck, and Jing min can feel his blazing breath.
This man has been very strong when he is not crazy.
Now he is on the edge of madness.
Jing min is afraid that he will not be able to suppress him.
He is thinking about what to do.

Ored pasted on Jing min ’s skin, as if in the hot sun to find a cool spring, let him can ’t wait to get more touch.
His mouth sticks to Jing min ’s neck all the way up.
When he finds his mouth, he sucks.

Jing min wanted to hide, but he couldn ’t avoid it.
He put his tongue into his mouth.
Jingmin is about to start the system subconsciously.
At the moment when their tongues are entangled, his soul vibrates and immediately produces a * *, which is his lover!

Jing min ’s body softened down, allowing him to rudely tear off his invisibility cloak, tear up the clothes inside, open his legs and then begin to invade his body.

”Well ~ ” Jing min was very painful, biting his lips to prevent him from making a sound.
Although the wall of this hall is very thick and has good sound insulation, he is still worried that he will lose control and shout too loud, which will be heard by soldiers outside.

Jing Min has never been so painful.
He has had a relationship with this person for several lives.
Although he has always been very domineering in this kind of thing, he is also prudent and will not hurt himself.
If it was not because he had lost his mind and didn ’t know what he was doing, Jing min would settle accounts with him.

Looking at ored ’s painful expression of being tortured by evil Qi, Jing Min feels very heartache.
Although he has hurt himself, he must be 100 times more painful than himself at the moment.
He believed that as long as he had a trace of reason, he would never do anything to hurt himself.
This man, no matter in that life, was a strong existence, but now he was tortured by the evil spirit, and he also suffered pain.
He will settle this account with cania!

The second time, ored seems to be gradually regaining his sanity, and his action is not so rude.
Although he did not stop, he began to estimate Jing min ’s feelings and no longer only cared about his own vent.
Jingmin attached to his back and began to enjoy the familiar pleasure.


Ored opened his eyes.
His eyes had returned to blue and his blurred vision began to clear.
He was shocked to see his eyes.

Jing min also opened his tired eyes and looked at him for a while and then said, ”how long do you want to hold me down? You ’re heavy, you know? ”

Ored quickly sat up and looked at Jing min ’s body full of traces.
For the first time in his life, he was at a loss.
Obviously, those traces were made by him.
He felt very guilty and heartache in his heart.

Jing min found that his line of sight has been looking at his legs, close his legs, pulled the cloak beside his body, also sat up.

”I ’m sorry, I didn ’t know that I could do such a thing.
I killed people when they were attacked before.
There was no such situation. ” Ored was really sorry.
He never thought he would do such a thing.

”Thank you for not killing me. ” Jing min didn ’t say it.

”I don ’t think I ’ll kill you. ” O ’reid said what was in his heart, though he didn ’t know why.

Jing min glared at him for a while.
Although he knew it was not his intention, he was still angry.
He raised his hand, put the palm of his hand on his chest, and was immediately held by him.

Jing min saw the * * in his eyes again and warned, ”you have recovered your consciousness now.
Please control your own * *

”I ’m a normal man. ” Orey looked at his body and said, ”if you touch me like this, I will react. ”

Jing min took back his hand and looked at him and said, ”I touch you because I want to save you.
If you don ’t want to continue to be tortured by evil Qi, don ’t interrupt me all the time. ”

Jing min ’s glare made ored ’s heart tingle.
The imperial God of war and the iron Prince ’s majesty were gone.
Don ’t say Jing min says he wants to save him.
Even if he says he wants his life, he won ’t resist at the moment.
He has stood such an excessive thing to him.

Jing min again put his palm on his chest and used the power of the holy light to clear the evil Qi in his body.
The blood devil bead is worthy of being the treasure of the demon family, and the evil spirit is very domineering.
Even if Jing min had used the system to improve the power of the sealed light in SIVI ’s body, he could not completely erase the blood essence from his inner body at once.
But it won ’t take long.
Ten days should be enough.Ored felt as if a soft and comfortable breeze had poured into his body, moistening his almost exhausted body.
He clearly felt that the magic Qi was fading away at a very fast speed under the powerful power of Jingmin ’s holy light.
He did not expect Jing min to have such a powerful power of light, which was many times stronger than his grandfather.

Ored felt that Jing min suddenly appeared in front of him, just like the holy light falling after the heavy rain thousands of years ago, bringing him endless hope.
This will be the beginning of a turnaround for him and for all mankind.

The sky outside had already lit up slightly.
Jing min took back the power of the light, put down his hand and said, ”today can only be done here.
I must go back now.
I will come back later in the evening. ”

Jing Min wants to stand up, legs for a time did not use force, ored quickly half hold him up.

”Your clothes… ” Ored looked at the broken cloth on the ground.

”You can handle it yourself. ” Jing min didn ’t have a good breath to finish, shaking open the Cape, turned a face to put on, the body immediately became transparent.

When Jing min shook off his cape, ored ’s eyes were dim and he could hardly hold it.
He felt that his heart was falling.
For the first time in his life, he felt what kind of experience the soul was gradually declining.

After Jing min left, ored hid the pieces of clothes.
Now he hopes that as long as he blinks, it will be dark immediately.

Jing min went back to his residence, quickly cleaned it, dragged his tired body to lie down on the bed, and soon fell into a deep sleep.

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