The legend of the light (5)

the emperor summoned all the ministers in the hall and announced that the eldest prince ored would take him in charge of state affairs and exercise all the emperor ’s rights and duties.

The ministers with different minds had different expressions.
Naturally, they did not want to agree with the emperor ’s decision.
However, the laws and systems of the Empire stipulated that the eldest son was the only heir to the nobility and the royal family.
Unless the eldest son dies, or there are some special circumstances, the second son can have the right of inheritance.
Now that the emperor ’s body is back to normal, they can ’t think of any reason to oppose the emperor ’s decision.

Lu weilue, the second prince, lowered his head.
His eyes were full of anger and unwillingness.

Just when the minister and the second prince were unable to object, cania stepped forward and said, ”Your Majesty, your Highness has been in the temple for five years, but the evil spirit has suddenly returned to normal.
I think there must be something wrong with this. ”

The emperor ’s eyes narrowed.
”What do you think is wrong? ”

”The great prince was injured by the blood demon bead, the treasure of the demon family.
Only one drop of blood essence on the blood demon bead has been found for 2000 years.
The evil spirit is very domineering, and it can never be cleared away when it enters the human body. ” Cania is very sure.

”You know very well. ” O ’reid laughed sarcastically.

Kanya said with a serious look, ”I had thought about helping the prince clear the evil Qi before, so I tried my best to understand about the blood devil beads, but unfortunately, I couldn ’t understand the evil Qi of blood essence.
How powerful is my power of light? The ministers here are very clear.
Even if I can ’t do it, how can the body of the eldest prince suddenly recover? ”

Kanya looked at Jing min beside ored and said, ”I hope the eldest prince will not be blinded by some people and treat the false light as the true light, which will surely lead to greater tragedy in the end. ”

”Since you are so right, how can you prove that the evil Qi in my body has not been eliminated? ” Asked ored.

”The simplest and most effective way is for the prince to stand under the holy light spring in the temple.
If there is evil Qi in the body, everyone can see it. ” Cania really did not believe that ored ’s evil spirit had been completely eliminated.
The demon king confirmed to him how powerful the blood magic bead was.
He even more does not believe that Sylvie ’s power of light can clear the evil spirit of blood essence.
How can he do something that his grandfather can ’t do.

”Yes, but as long as I ’m standing under the water, you ’ll have to stand under it for as long as I can.
I dare to agree with your method, then do you agree with my request? ”

Cania heart a tight, some flustered guess, ored put forward such a request, is not know what.
Because he was suspicious of others, he didn ’t dare to hesitate for too long.
After a pause, he immediately agreed, ”my power of light is not only powerful, but also extremely real.
Of course, I dare to agree. ”

Jing min and o ’reid looked at each other.
They knew that cania would agree so happily because of reliance.
But it doesn ’t matter.
They just try.
Even if the holy light spring can ’t show cania ’s evil spirit, they will try other ways to let him show his true colors.

Officials also want to make sure that ored has really eliminated the evil spirit.
Cania has made a request that they dare not make, which is exactly what they mean.

The emperor and his ministers went to the temple of the holy light spring.

Ored took off his coat and showed his strong muscles.
Wearing only a pair of thin trousers, he went to stand under the spring of light.

The holy light spring appeared after the fall of the holy light disappeared.
Thousands of years later, the water flow has become much smaller.
And after the water of the holy light spring comes out, the power of the holy light will slowly drain away.
It used to be placed outside the main hall to hold the holy light spring of ored.
It needs to be changed every five days.

People with the power of the holy light can see the holy light when they are washed by the spring water.
When a person with evil Qi inside his body is washed by spring water, a black mist will appear around his body.

The current washed down ored ’s head and wet his body.
Cania and Rowe glared at his body, anxiously waiting for the appearance of the black fog.

Ored ’s spiritual power is very high, but he has no power of the holy light, and the evil spirit has been cleared.
Standing under the holy light spring, it is said that there will be no phenomenon.
But after being washed by the water for a while, the white light around his body was like a mist, which was very light, but could be clearly seen by the naked eye.

The white light emitted by ored ’s body is the power of the holy light that Jing min left in his body when he helped him clear the evil Qi.
It has not completely disappeared.

Cania was completely stunned.
He yelled in his heart, impossible! It ’s impossible!

The ministers looked at each other, and those who had supported him were relieved.
The ministers who supported Rowe felt sorry, but they had nothing to say.

Luwei glared hard at him, watching ored come out from under the spring.
He was very disappointed.

Ored dried himself, took the clothes from the servant ’s hand, put them on, and said to the stunned cania, ”it ’s your turn. ”Cania regained consciousness, looked at the spring, bit his teeth, took off his outer clothes, and walked under the spring in his underwear.
He did not turn his back to the crowd, for fear that his painful expression would be seen when he was washed by the spring water.

The demon king gave him a treasure, the spirit like bone, has been in his body, is from his body to draw a bone out, and then put in.
The spirit bone can not only cover up the evil Qi on him, but also make him create the illusion that he is activating the holy light when he starts the evil Qi.
But the illusion is always an illusion.
Even if he stands under the spring, it seems that the power of the holy light is strong, he will still feel pain because of the flushing of the holy light spring.

That kind of pain like cutting meat and scraping bone, let his face twist, pale face, persisted for less than ten seconds, the body would not support the fall to the ground.

Rowe rushed to him and hugged him.
”Cania, are you ok? ”

Cania ’s face was very ugly, covering his stomach and saying, ”my injury It hurts

”You, a man with the power of the holy light, would be so miserable under the water of the holy light.
Is that the real mystery? ” Said ored coldly.

Cania was speechless with pain.
Luwei looked up and said indignantly, ”if it wasn ’t for the emperor who hit him before and made him suffer from serious injury, how could he have suffered so much? ”

”You are very good at finding reasons for him, ” ored said sarcastically.
”The water of the holy light is good for those who have the power of the light, but not harmful.
I ’ve never heard of people with the power of the light.
Under the water of the holy light, the pain will recur and the pain will be unbearable.
You ’d better defend him like that all the time and don ’t regret it one day.

Luwei picked up cania and said firmly, ”don ’t worry, brother.
I will never regret that day.
It ’s you, don ’t repeat the mistakes! ”

After that, Luwei took cania and left quickly.
The emperor saw everything in his eyes, and a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

The Warcraft and Terran signed a peace treaty, only to exchange for five years of peace, now ored killed Warcraft, is likely to break this peace.
The ministers who supported him grasped this point and hoped that the emperor would not take back all the rights of Lu Wei.
They think that the warlords are willing to maintain peace because of cania and Luwei.
Now that ored has killed Warcraft, it is up to them to negotiate with them.

It is obvious from the ministers who supported him that now ored depends on Luwei to clean up his mess.
The peace between Terrans and Demons also depends on Luwei and cania to maintain.

Before long, the news came from the warlords that the Terran royal family had killed their Warcraft and intended to start a war.
In that case, they were ready to go to war as the Terran royal family wished.

The ministers argued for a long time about whether to start a war or not.

Under the treatment of Jingmin ’s holy light, the emperor was much better than before.
Although he could not fully recover, at least when the ministers were in a row, he was able to take charge of the overall situation and make decisions in person.

After private discussion between the emperor and ored, the emperor announced in front of all the ministers that he would send a negotiation team to the border between the demons and the Terrans.
At the same time, he will take a group of them to negotiate with him.

This news made cania ecstatic.
Rowe and ored went to the border at the same time, that is to say, he could also go with him.
At that time, with the help of the demon king, he wanted to let ored and Sylvie never return.

All of them were chosen by the emperor for his support.

In recent years, the subordinates before ored were transferred to remote places by Rowe, and their border posts and other important positions were replaced by those who supported him.
Now ored ’s body recovered, and they were transferred back to ored ’s side to work.
The joy and excitement in their hearts were hard to suppress, and they returned to the imperial capital as quickly as possible.

The two groups of people seem to mix together, but in fact they are quite different.
They both look at each other and keep a certain distance.

During the break, they were to settle down in a small temple and set off again early tomorrow morning.

Ored dismounted and went to Jing min ’s carriage.
He opened the door and helped him down.
”Be careful. ”

Jing min put his hand on his hand, got out of the carriage and walked into the little temple side by side with him.

Cania, who also stepped out of the carriage, saw this scene and was jealous of being eaten by ants.
He felt that he was a hundred times better than Sylvie.
When ored saw Sylvie, he couldn ’t see him.
He was blind.
He had to let him taste what it was like to repent.

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