The legend of the light (8)

Luwei and cania led their troops to expel the demons.
The demonic soldiers resisted fiercely, and the soldiers led by Luwei were soldiers stationed at the border of Baron.
In recent years, because Baron ordered no resistance, they almost forgot how to fight.

The first banishment failed.
Cania felt that the demon king did not know that he was expelling the demons, so he was not in a hurry.

Cania met Baron on the way back to his residence.

As soon as Baron saw him, he immediately stepped forward and looked at him with his eyes full of color Oh, no, I ’m really sorry to hear that you are no longer a saint.
But I haven ’t seen you for years.
You ’re still so good-looking.

Cania saw Baron ’s greasy face and fat figure, as well as the way he looked at himself, he felt very sick and ”get out of here! ”

Although Baron coveted cania for a long time, he also knew that he was powerful.
Even if he was not a saint now, he was protected by the second prince, and Baron did not dare to touch him.

Cania passed in front of the flanking Baron and suddenly stopped.
His eyes turned and he thought of an idea he thought was very good.

”Come here. ” Cania turned to baron.

As soon as Baron ’s eyes brightened, he strode toward cania.

”Don ’t be so close. ” Cania frowned, stepped back, turned to his valet and said, ”you stand away. ”

”I ask you. ” Cania whispered to Baron, ”what do you think of Sylvie around the prince? ”

”Good looking! I think he ’s more…
” Before Baron finished his words, seeing Kanya ’s changing face, he changed his voice and said, ”Bi, it ’s still a little worse than you, but it ’s also very beautiful. ”

”Do you want to sleep with him Cania looks vaguely at baron.

”Yes, but what ’s the use? I even…
” Baron said with a smile, ”he is the one around the prince.
I have the heart and I don ’t have the courage.
If the prince knows, he will kill me. ”

”Don ’t worry, I can assure you, if he really did that with you, he would never tell the prince. ” ”He would like to hide this matter more, and then you will be able to hold on to him and do what you want to do to him.
Even if the eldest prince knows about it, he will not kill you, because your father is already the prime minister.
He can ’t directly kill you regardless of your father ’s status.
After all, he is not the emperor now.

Baron was said by cania, ”well, what can I do to give him to… ”

Kanya covered his mouth with his hand and spoke to him in a low voice.

Baron also very quietly returned a few words to him, and then said with a very obscene smile, ”if this thing is successful, I must thank you well! ”

Kanya turned with a smile and went to Jing min ’s residence.

There are many soldiers standing outside Jing min ’s room.
Kanya didn ’t get in directly.
After standing outside for a while, he saw Jing min.

Jing min didn ’t ask him what to do, just looked at him.

”I want to tell you something about your grandfather. ” Said cania.

”Go ahead. ” Jing Min said without expression.

”Are you sure you want to say it here? ” Cania turned to look at the soldiers.
”Why don ’t we change places? ”

Jing min is silent for a while, in the heart already guessed that he should have what purpose: ”you wait for me for a while, I go to change clothes. ”

Jing min entered the house and came out again soon.
He asked the soldiers and the attendants not to follow him.
He left with cania alone.

They went through a garden and came to a house that was a bit out of the way, and cania said, ”there ’s something I think is best if it ’s just the two of us.
There won ’t be anyone in here that ’s going to disturb us.
You go in with me. ”

Jing min looked at him and did not speak or move.

”What? Dare you Cania said with a smile, ”you are a person, I am also a person, you are still afraid of what I will do to you? Don ’t you want to know something about your grandfather before he died

Kanya opened the door and went in first.
Jing min followed him.
The room is not big from the outside, but it ’s deep inside.
Walking down the hall, down a long corridor, they reached the outside of another room.
Jing min looked back at the door that had not been seen.
No matter how loud the sound was inside, people outside could not hear it, not to mention there was no one outside.

Cania pushed the second door open, inside the layout is very gorgeous, there is a not small bath.
Jing min guessed that this must be the place where Baron usually enjoyed himself.
He also guessed the purpose of cania ’s bringing him here.
Do you really think everyone is a fool?

Kanya looked at the teapot on the table with a flash of light in his eyes, then turned to Jing min and said, ”sit down, I ’ll tell you slowly. ”

Jing min sat down at the table and watched Kanya pour two cups of tea.
Then he put one of them in front of him.
He picked up one and drank it first. ”This tea is really good.
Don ’t you try it? I have a good tea specially prepared.
” Said cania, holding the empty cup.

Jing min picked up the tea cup and drank the tea, then put down the cup and said, ”say it! ”

Cania suppressed the excitement and tried not to show it.
He laughed and said, ”about your grandfather, before he died… ”

Jing min suddenly fell on the table, cania reached out to push him, he did not respond.

”You can come out. ” Cania stood up and said.

Barron came out of a secret door, looked at cania, and looked at Jing min, who was lying on the table.
He said with a smile, ”is this successful? ”

”What ’s so hard about it? ” ”It ’s very simple for me, so you can enjoy it.
As long as you don ’t say it, I don ’t say it, I promise he doesn ’t have the courage to say it. ”

”Thank you very much, thank you very much. ” Baron repeatedly thanks, ”if you can get me in the future, please do not hesitate to ask. ”

”You should hurry up and wait for the eldest prince to come back.
If you don ’t see him, you will send people to look for him everywhere. ” Cania took a look at him, turned and walked out, and by the way helped him to bring the door.

Balong rubbed his hands and approached Jingmin.
Looking at Jingmin ’s bright and smooth face, he stretched out his fat and thick palm.
He just wanted to touch it, but before he could touch it, Jing min suddenly opened his eyes.

Baron was startled and could not react.
Jing min ’s hand was lifted, and a white powder was sprinkled on his face.

Barron inhaled a large amount of powder because of surprise.
His eyes kept turning, but he did not faint or fall down, but slowly lost his consciousness.

Jing min stood up and looked at him with a sarcastic smile.
Then he opened the teapot on the table.
There was indeed a mechanism inside.
That ’s what overpowering drugs want to do to him? He let these two people see what the really powerful and overbearing overpowering drug is.

”Come on. ” Jing min hooked Baron ’s finger.

Baron, like a puppet without soul, followed Jing min.

Cania waited at the door, feeling a little bored, so he leaned on the door to eavesdrop, but there was no sound inside.
He felt a little strange.
He pushed the door open and looked in.
He still didn ’t hear or see anything.

Cania went straight in, it was very quiet, as if there was no one else except himself.
Looking at the empty seat, he walked to the thick curtain with doubts, but still did not hear anything.

Lifting the curtain a little bit, cania saw that there seemed to be a person lying on the bed, but there was only one person, and he was still.
Judging from the figure, it was obviously Baron rather than SIVI.

Cania felt strange in his heart.
He lifted the curtain and walked over to him.
He stood by the bed and looked at Barron who was sleeping like a dead pig.
He bent down and slapped him ”wake up! ”

Baron suddenly opened his eyes, grabbed cania ’s hand, pulled hard, turned his body, and pressed him under his body.

”What are you doing? Let go of me Cania desperately struggling, Baron like a meat mountain pressure on his body, he can not move at all.

Cania was like crazy Baron kissing the face and neck, so he felt very sick, but even more desperate, Baron suddenly became so powerful that all his clothes and trousers were torn to pieces.

”Ah Cania screamed, ”no! no Who will help me! ”

Cania was completely panicked and didn ’t know what to do.
He could not push Baron away, nor could he break free of his shackles.
He could only watch Baron invade him.

Kanya has the power of light, which is actually magic.
The power of light can only cure human beings, but not harm them.
Although magic can hurt people as well as demons, his magic power has been transformed by the spirit bones given to him by the demon king, which can affect the human body, but can not directly kill human beings.

Cania now extremely regret, he should let the devil give him the same defensive treasure, even if there is the risk of being found, it is better than now.

Baron was like a wild animal out of control, wantonly invaded and ravaged cania.
After a long time, cania couldn ’t hold on and fainted.

After a while, Baron also suddenly fainted.

Jing min took off his hat and shook off his cape.
Looking at the two people on the bed, he disdained his mouth and mouth.
He originally wanted to find a chance to take out the spirit bone from cania ’s body.
Since he sent the opportunity to the door, what would he be polite to him?

Jing min kicks off the Baron that is pressing cania, then turns Kanya over and takes out a sharp knife and a dog bone that has been prepared for a long time.
Cut a hole in the middle of cania ’s back, take out the spirit bone, and put the dog bone in.
Finally, he healed the wound with the power of the holy light, so that the wound could not be seen.
Even he himself would not feel something wrong.

Jing min finished everything and left.
After a long time, Kanya slowly woke up.

Cania opened his eyes and felt that the sky was spinning.
He didn ’t know where he was or why he felt that way.
When the dizziness was over, cania tried to sit up and feel pain all over his body.
He looked down at his body, and the memory immediately returned to his brain.
He widened his eyes and breathed rapidly.Turning around to see Baron, who is still in a coma beside him, cania is more angry.
He was actually violated by this pig like man! It ’s unforgivable!

Cania was shaking with anger.
He jumped out of bed, pulled out the candle from the candlestick, and thrust the sharp part into Baron ’s chest.
After several times, he was covered with fresh blood, and the bed was everywhere.

Cania killed Baron and let out his anger.
He suddenly lost his strength and sat down on the ground.
He covered his chest and wanted to cry but couldn ’t cry.
As long as he thought that he was invaded by such a man, he felt sick and wanted to vomit.

After sitting on the ground for a while, cania suddenly came to his senses.
He couldn ’t stay here any longer.
He didn ’t know how long he was in a coma.
If someone came suddenly, he couldn ’t explain clearly.

Cania is looking for something that can cover his body.
Suddenly, the door is pushed away from the outside, and a group of people walk in quickly.

The curtain was lifted, and the leader was Luwei.
He looked at Kanya sitting on the ground, covered with blood and naked.
He widened his eyes and immediately went to embrace him.
”Cania, are you injured? ”

”I, I… ” Cania looked flustered and didn ’t know how to explain it.

Ored and Jing min also slowly came in.
The soldiers had surrounded the place.
One of the subordinates of ored went to investigate the situation of Barton, and then came to report that ”Your Highness, Barton is dead. ”

Luwei suddenly looked up at Barton ’s body on the bed.
His eyes were full of disbelief.
”What the hell is going on here? ”

Cania glared at Jing min fiercely.
Although he didn ’t know how he did it, he knew it must have something to do with him.

Jing min did not evade at all, and looked at him.

Seeing Kanya staring at Jing min, Lu Wei said to him, ”Kanya, tell the truth, I will help you to get justice with Baron even if I fight my life. ”

Cania ’s eyes dodged for a moment.
Could he say that he lured SIVI here and wanted Baron to rape him, but he was raped by the crazy baron.
Not only would no one believe this, but he also admitted that he wanted to frame Sylvie.
The great prince would surely seize this point and punish him.

”I, I… ” ”It ’s baron.
He cheated me here and tried to force me.
I wanted to run away.
I fought for my life.
He refused to let me go, so I killed him. ”

It ’s very sad for carnia to cry in her face.

Lu Wei heard that Baron wanted to force cania, and then looked down at the traces of cania.
He immediately felt that Baron deserved it.
He held cania and comforted him, ”don ’t cry.
It ’s not your fault.
It ’s not your fault. ”

After comforting cania, Lu Wei suddenly thought that it was not easy to explain to his uncle when he came back to the capital.
His uncle had come to the son and loved him as a treasure.
If he knew it was cania who killed Baron, he would never give up.

Lewaton had a headache.

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