The legend of the light (9)

Barron ’s death at the border did not attract any attention.
Even as his cousin, Lu Wei did not have time to pay attention to it.
Because it is imminent to recover the three lost cities.

Just as Luwei was going to continue to lead his troops to expel the demons, news came from the demons that they wanted to have peace talks with them.
However, the place and manner of the peace talks should be decided by them.

Those civil servants felt that this opportunity really came, and said that since ored had said that he would not intervene, he should abide by chenguo and not intervene in any circumstances.
The first chance of peace talks was destroyed by him, and the second chance should be given to Rowe.

O ’reid had no comment on Rowe ’s going to the peace talks and promised once again that he would never interfere in their peace talks.

The civil servants are confident and ready to negotiate with Rowe.
He thinks that as long as cania is there, even if the negotiation fails, they can withdraw completely.

Cania had just been whipped for two days, but he was forced by Baron, but he still followed Luwei to negotiate and act as a tonic and defender for them.
Although Rowe is somewhat concerned about his relationship with Baron, he is still very moved to support himself in any situation.

”Can your body hold on? ” Luwei looked at cania and asked with concern.
He was worried that if the talks were not good, they would fight again.

”Don ’t worry about me, I can hold on. ” Cania smiles weakly.

”Thank you, cania. ” Said Rowe, taking his hand.

”You don ’t have to say thank you.
I ’m willing to do it for you.
As long as you get the final success, you still have me in your heart. ” Said cania.

”Don ’t worry! ” Luwei said firmly in his eyes, ”I will never fail you! ”

”I believe you. ” Cania said with a smile.

Luwei set out with his team.
The negotiation was not in a house, but on the street of one of the three cities lost.
Both sides took a lot of soldiers to prevent the last total annihilation.

The content of the negotiation was still on the issue of the three cities.
The demons refused to give up the three cities, and the Terrans could not give up the three cities.
Both sides refused to give up.

If the situation is still the same as before, Luwei thinks that there are only three cities.
If he gives up, he will give up.
But ored had recovered, and the emperor was not as weak as before.
If he gives up the three cities to the demons, he will lose the chance to compete with ored.

In the sun for most of the day, but also failed to talk about the results, cania heart is very confused, do not the devil know he came? How these demon clan generals in the face of them, or so indomitable.

Although there was no result of the talks, there was no fight at all.
Both sides decided to discuss it first and then continue to talk about it tomorrow.

Before both sides retreat, the demon general said, ”the negotiation can be done slowly, but we, the elder of the demon clan, you must send it back to us immediately. ”

The people of the demon clan did not know that their elder had been killed by ored.
They only thought that they were imprisoned.

Lu Wei looked at the officials and said to the demon generals, ”when our negotiations come to an end, we will let him go. ”

”Have you killed our elder? ” The demon generals looked at the way Lu Wei and those officials looked, and they were very nervous.
They guessed that their elders might have been in danger.
They all know how powerful the elder is, but they all have accidents.

Lu Wei ’s face was a little ugly.
He had not figured out how to solve the problem of the demon elder.
He hated ored for creating such a big problem for him.

”The negotiations will continue tomorrow, and we will talk about everything tomorrow. ” Rowe turned the horse and was ready to leave.

”Stop! ” ”Don ’t change our demon elders, you don ’t want to leave! ”

Both sides were ready to fight.
When the demons began to release their magic gas, Kanya raised his hand and prepared to launch the power of light to fight against the evil spirit.

Luwei and the civil servants and soldiers thought they would see the white and holy light, but when cania ’s hands were full of black gas, they were all stunned.

Cania looked at his hand in shock, impossible, he must have read it wrong! As long as the spirit bone is still in his body, the evil Qi He sends out will not show the original appearance.

Cania tried again, and still sent out black magic gas.
He was unwilling to try several times, but the evil spirit did not turn into holy light.

They didn ’t understand what was going on.
They all looked at him in disbelief.
Even the demons were stunned by the sudden change.

Cania ’s brain was blank, and he turned to look at Rowe and them.
The expressions and eyes on their faces made him even more panic stricken.

”Cania, what the hell is going on? ” Asked Dewey, staring at his surprised eyes. ”I, I don ’t know… ” Kania didn ’t know what excuse to explain.
He didn ’t dare to look at Rowe, afraid that he would see the guilty in his eyes.

”Retreat first, quick! ” Rowe called out, ”soldier cover! ”

Rowe and the officials were all in a hurry to retreat, but cania sat still on his horse.

Cania thought in a panic that he could not retreat with them.
If he could not explain this matter clearly after he went back, not to mention the prince would not let him go, and even Luwei would probably not protect him.

”Arrest them all! ” Cania said to the demon generals in a loud voice, ”come on! Catch them! Take me to the devil

”Cania? ” Rowe stares at cania in disbelief.
He thinks he has an illusion of hearing.

Although the demon generals don ’t understand what is going on, he will certainly not miss such a good opportunity.

Without the power of the light and the evil Qi, the black magic gas like a thick fog soon covered all the Terrans.
Evil Qi will not only block the Terran ’s sight, but also have a strong sense of suffocation.
If you inhale a lot of evil Qi, you may die immediately.

After the demon generals captured Luwei and those officials, he quickly withdrew.
With these hostages in his hands, he also made great achievements.

All of them were taken to the temple, and Rowe kept staring at cania, hoping that he could give himself an explanation, even a hint in his eyes.
But cania kept turning his head to one side and did not dare to look at him.

They waited for a long time in the magic hall, and the demon king finally appeared in the magic hall.

”Davis! ” As soon as Kanya saw the devil, he called his name and jumped up.

”What ’s the matter? Cania.
” Asked the devil, holding him.

”Don ’t you know I ’m at the border yet? ” Kanya looked up and looked at the devil wrongly.

”Er… ” The demon king was silent for a while and said, ”I ’m busy recently.
The elders are dealing with other things. ”

Davis, the demon king of this term, is a very lecherous demon.
He especially likes the young and beautiful youth of the Terran leader.
Recently, he has got some very beautiful teenagers from the Terran.
He has no mind to deal with other matters.
Anyway, what he is fighting for is the three cities of the Terran and not the three cities of the demons.
It is not a big thing for him, so he will give it to the elders It ’s done.

”Cania! So you and the devil are together, you have been deceiving me! You lied to me Lu Wei ’s roar rang through the hall, and he saw Kanya holding the demon in close embrace.
If he didn ’t understand what was going on, he would be so stupid that he couldn ’t describe it.

Those officials did not know how to react.
Cania was actually with the demon king.
They had been looking forward to relying on cania ’s power of light to help Luwei seize the throne, and then bring them greater benefits.
Now it ’s a complete joke.

They are still caught in the demon clan, whether they can live to the Terran is not known, all because of their trust in cania.
Even if they want to die at the end of regret, it can not change the fact that they have been trapped by cania and the devil.

”Is this the second prince of the Terran? ” Asked the devil, looking at Rowe.

”Yes, your majesty. ” ”This is the second prince of the Terran.
These are the important officials of the Terran. ”

”Cania! ” Instead of paying attention to the devil, Luwei asked cania angrily, ”are all those words you said you only love me and will help me? Are they all false? ”

Cania said that if his evil spirit was not found, he would certainly try his best to help Luwei deal with ored, but now he has been found.
Although he doesn ’t understand why, only the devil can protect him now.
In order to protect himself, he had to give up Rowe.

”Don ’t talk nonsense! ” ”I said I wanted to help you, but I never said I love you.
The person I love is always Davis, and he is the only one. ”

Luwei looked at the devil and Kanya.
His expression was so angry that he said, ”when you hold me for pleasure, when you are under me, why don ’t you say that you love him, not me? ”

”Shut up! I haven ’t done those things.
Don ’t try to slander me.
Davis won ’t fall in your trap Cania denounced Wan Luwei with righteous words, turned to hold the devil, and said pitifully, ”take Davis, you don ’t believe what he said.
I don ’t, I really don ’t. ”

”That ’s what you really are Luwei ’s eyes were bloodshot.
”You are, as the former saints said, a disaster to our people, which will bring great disaster to our people.
If I had known that, I should not have rescued you from the temple, but I should have killed you and broken you to pieces.
I have done meritorious service to the human race.

Cania closed his eyes, Luwei said such cruel words, his heart can not be uncomfortable, after all, when the two people were deeply in love, he also moved the heart.

”I don ’t want to see them. ” Cania said to the devil, ”take them away quickly. ” ”Take it down and treat them well. ” The word ”farewell to the devil ” has been added.

”Cania! You ’ll be punished! My brother will never let you go.
He will come and kill you Luwei yelled and was dragged out by the demon soldiers.

The devil did not care, not because he believed that cania did not do those things, but because he did not care.
He made a contract with cania to destroy the majority of the Terrans.
If cania had a relationship with Luwei in order to make things more convenient, he would not mind.

Luwei and the officials were taken to the demon ’s cell.
They were tortured for two or three days.
They were almost dead.
However, the devil told me that he would still use them as hostages, so they could not die for the time being.

They not only suffered physical torture, but also suffered from mental torture, all of which was caused by their trust in Kania.
They were really sorry and their intestines were green.
Now the only thing they can hope for is that ored will let bygones be bygones and get them back.

Kanya came back to the devil, and soon found that there were new people around him.
Although he was jealous and angry in his heart, he was very clear that he could not splash and make trouble unreasonably, which would only make the devil dislike him.
He has to endure and keep the devil fresh all the time.
When the devil gets tired of those people, he is the winner.

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