The legend of the light (10)

when Luwei and the officials were captured, ored had a legitimate reason to send troops, but in two days, he took back the three cities occupied by the demons.

The demon king led his troops to confront with ored.
Luwei and civil servants were taken as hostages in front of the demon army.

”O ’reid, you are lucky that you can recover from my blood demon ball. ” The demon king looked at ored from a distance.
Although he heard that ored had cleaned up the evil Qi, he was still surprised to see that he had completely recovered to normal.

”I ’m really lucky. ” ”So you ’re going to have bad luck, ” ored said, looking at the devil with pride

”Hum! ” The demon king disdained to hum and smile and said, ”your arrogant attitude has not changed at all.
Can ’t you have forgotten that you were defeated by me? ”

”I ’ve only defeated you once, but you ’ve defeated me several times.
Is it possible that I ’ve been so comfortable in these years that I forgot how much you paid to let me lose to you? ” Ored also sneered and said, ”can your blood demon beads still work now? ”

Ored ’s words were as sharp as the sword in his hand, which stabbed the demon king ’s heart.
In order to deal with ored and Sylvie ’s grandfather, the demon king exhausted the three drops of blood essence on the blood demon bead, so that Sylvie ’s grandfather died on the spot, and ored was seriously injured.

The blood essence of the blood demon bead is exhausted, not only his magic power is seriously damaged, but also affects the magic of the whole demon clan.
He thought that it would be worthwhile to exhaust the power of the blood demon beads if the Terrans were to destroy a god of war and a saint, leaving only a second prince with little power, and the new saint was still his.

Killing the Terran is the common wish of the demons of all ages.
If he can fulfill this wish in his generation, he will become the legend of the demon clan and become the most respected demon king of the demon clan.
But he didn ’t expect it at all.
But in five years, ored came back here again, with the help of a more powerful new saint.
What he had done before was a waste of effort.

”Don ’t worry too much about the past. ” The devil ’s blood had reached his throat.
He swallowed it again, maintained his composure and said, ”let ’s talk about the things in front of us. ”

”What do you want to talk about and how? ” Asked ored, indifferently.

”To talk about the hostages, of course. ” The devil said, ”aren ’t you going to save these people? If they all die in the hands of our demons, you may not be able to explain it after you go back? ”

”What do you want? ” Ored glanced at those who were suppressed by the demons.

”Ten cities! ” The demon king thought he was very domineering and said, ”for the lives of all of them, and we will not pursue the matter that you killed our demon elder. ”

”Exchange these people for ten cities? You dare to speak.
” Ored said sarcastically.

”What? You don ’t want to? ” The devil squinted.

”Don ’t mention ten cities.
I won ’t exchange any of them with you.
These people are not worth and don ’t deserve to be replaced by cities where people live. ” Said ored.

The devil pulled the corner of his mouth and sneered, ”then I have to use their lives to start this battle. ”

”Your Highness! Your highness, help us! Help us

”Your Highness! We know it ’s wrong.
You can ’t let it go! ”

”Your Highness! We are wrong! We are wrong! We must repent and give us another chance to save us

Those civil servants cried for help to ored.
They were tortured for two days by the demons.
These people have not suffered such hardships since they were born.
They had hoped that ored could save them.
Now ored has no intention to save them at all.
They immediately collapsed.

”Brother Huang! ” ”Cania and the devil are together.
They conspire to destroy our people.
I was wrong before.
If I can ’t avenge myself, you must kill cania and avenge those who died because of him

Cania stopped behind the devil on his horse.
He was sad and sad to hear Rowe say such words.
He knew that Rowe must hate him now, and he didn ’t want to hurt him, but he had no choice but to sacrifice him for self-protection.

”Have you thought about it? ” The devil asked ored, ”are you going to let them live or let them die? ”

Ored pulled out the sword and held it high.
At the moment when his sword pointed at the demon king, the Terran soldiers quickly rushed to the demon soldiers.

The demon king didn ’t expect that ored would attack suddenly.
He was unprepared and quickly ordered the demon soldiers to rush to fight.
If the Terran soldiers rush in front of them, they will be under siege.

As hostages, Luwei and the officials wanted to escape.
After being discovered by cania, they were dragged away by soldiers.

Luwei glared at cania as if to kill him with his eyes.

The demon king commanded the soldiers to form a formation and release the evil spirit to cover the soldiers who rushed up.
Suddenly, he saw a bright light rapidly magnifying and covering them quickly.The demon soldiers covered by the light could not release their evil spirit, and their attack ability was also weakened.
After being illuminated by the holy light for a long time, they only felt pain all over and fell to the ground one by one before fighting with the Terran soldiers.

The demon king wants to see through the dazzling light the person who initiates the power of the light.
Although his general has already reminded him, the new saint of the Terran is quite powerful, many times stronger than the former Saint.
But he did not expect that the new saint would be more powerful than he had imagined and could make his soldiers helpless.
No wonder ored only took two days to take back the three cities occupied by their demons.
It turns out that he really found a strong helper this time.

The demon king is still in shock, and ored has arrived in front of him.
He resists the attack of ored in a hurry.
When he wanted to release the magic Qi to strengthen his strength, he found that he could not release the magic power.
He had always thought that there was no such powerful power of light.

The demon king spits out a mouthful of blood under the attack of ored.
He knows that he can ’t entangle it any more.
Otherwise, he will be the first demon king to die in the battlefield, which will be a great shame.

The demon king quickly escaped under the cover of the soldiers, but he escaped himself.
The demon soldiers were almost killed clean.
With the exception of the soldiers who covered cania and the evacuation of the hostages from the beginning, most of the other soldiers were able to return alive.

After retreating to the city, Jing min first went back to his residence to rest.
He thought that ored would be back soon.
At night, when Jing min was almost asleep, he felt that someone was pressing up behind him and hugging him.

Jing min smelled the wine, opened his eyes in the dark and asked, ”have you gone to drink? ”

”Well. ” Ored ’s hot face was pasted on Jingmin ’s cool skin, but his temperature didn ’t drop, which made Jingmin ’s face hot.
He kissed his mouth and said, ”I ’ve won countless battles, but today is the happiest one.
You must be the holy light that God sent down for me, just like the Holy light that heaven sent down for the human race thousands of years ago. ”

Jing min raised his hand and touched his face, ”I ’m just here to meet you. ”

Ored kisses Jing min and reaches into his clothes and caresses.

Five years, not very long, but not short.
He was not afraid of being tortured by evil spirit, but he was afraid that he could not see the waiting for hope.
He did not know what kind of end he was waiting for, whether he could not hold on to death, or wait until the day when the Terran completely perished.

He thought of thousands of ways and possibilities, but he didn ’t expect that he would suddenly appear in front of him.
Thank God for not completely abandoning the Terran, thank God for sending him to his side.
He not only eliminated the pain in his body, but also filled the emptiness in his mind.
Since his existence around him, he felt what was truly invincible.

Not only he, but also his soldiers and subordinates, for five years, thought that their fighting skills were unfamiliar, but they didn ’t expect that they would be as powerful as the divine soldiers.
It ’s all because of him.

”Well, um ~ ” Jing min groaned with his head buried in his chest.
Before he could stay awake, Jing Min said, ”I have something to discuss with you. ”

”We will wait until tomorrow for the big things. ” Ored took off his trousers and squeezed into his legs.


After the demon king returned to the magic hall, if it was not healed in time, he almost lost his magic power.
How can a demon without magic still hold the throne?

Ored now has such a powerful helper that even his magic power can be completely suppressed.
He has to reconsider how to deal with him.
The blood demon bead can ’t be used now.
It must be done by the new saint.
The best way is to kill him so that he can fight with ored.

The demon king was racking his brains to think of a way to deal with Jing min, but two days later, he received a report from the soldiers that he had sent him to the door.

At that time, cania happened to be beside the demon king, and he told the demon, ”this man is very thoughtful.
He will come.
There must be some conspiracy.
It ’s better not to let him in, otherwise he will fall into his scheme. ”

The demon king disdained to smile, ”even if he is more powerful, what can he do in my territory? Those who have the power of light will be suppressed as long as they enter the magic hall.
If he dares to come, why can ’t I let him in? It ’s a good chance for him to leave.

”Bring him to me. ” ”He is allowed to come in alone.
If he dares, he will come in.
If he doesn ’t dare And do your best to kill them.

The soldiers took orders to go, and soon took Jing min alone to the magic hall.

The demon king saw Jing min and looked at his delicate face and moist skin.
He could not help but ripple in his heart.
When he was on the battlefield, he didn ’t see clearly that it was such a beautiful man who started such a powerful power of light.
He ’s better looking than all the Terran teenagers he ’s ever collected, and bicania is much better looking.

”You have the courage to come to my magic hall alone. ” The demon king could not put on a vicious look, but looked at Jing with a smile on his face. ”I ’m here to make a deal with the devil. ” Jing Min said, ”I don ’t think the demon king will refuse the opportunity to deliver to the door. ”

”Trade? ” The demon king looked at him bewildered and said, ”what do you want to do with me? ”

Jing min took a look at Kanya beside the demon king and said, ”just like the deal cania made with you, I help ored for the sake of glory and wealth.
If you give me more than he gives me, I can also choose to help you.

”Will you help me? ” Although the demon king was moved by Jing min ’s appearance, he still had reason.
He didn ’t believe what Jing Min said: ”do you think I will believe you? ”

”What do you dare to come here and I can ’t believe that there ’s one person in your hands? ” Before Jing min came, he had already used the system to increase his charm value.
He was quite sure that ”if you are willing to cooperate with me, we can do something to show sincerity. ”

”How do you want me to show sincerity? How are you going to show me your sincerity? ” Asked the devil.

”I can kill Lu Wei, the second prince, and the officials who have been arrested by you.
You can also leave one or two lives as witnesses, so that I have a handle in your hands.
And what you have to do is to terminate the contract with cania and make a contract with me.
What do you think? ”

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