when they left, the reporters gathered around them.
They also generously accepted the interview and commented on today ’s dishes in terms of color, flavor and flavor.
To sum up, it means that the food is very delicious, which doesn ’t disappoint them.
Moreover, they have already ordered a private room for a year, which is because they can only order one year at most.

The diners who heard this also went to the waiter to find out why they could order for one year at most, and we could only make it for one week at most.
This difference is too big.

Chen Rui had to explain again, because these old people were the first senior members of our hotel, so they could enjoy special treatment.
Then the guests who haven ’t left started to ask for membership, but Chen Rui would like to say that this is actually just an excuse.
Even if you do, I can ’t ask you to reserve a private room for one year.
I can only go to discuss with Jing min what to do.

Jingmin said that the members can be divided into three levels, different levels can set the table for different length of time, of course, the amount of recharge is also different, and to set a variety of provisions, not to say that to become a member, you can eat when you want to.

Even if the three levels of members recharge the amount is quite high, there are still some people in the process.
Later, Jingmin opened more than 20 branches, and they have become a hotel only for members.
This is a later part of the story, not to mention for the moment.

In addition to interviewing several old people, the reporters also interviewed other diners, and they all got unanimous praise.
They all said that the taste was so good and delicious that they would definitely come back again.

The most surprising thing is that even Zhao Bocheng, the successor of Zhao ’s group, was interviewed and gave a high appraisal.

The reporters and food critics sent by the Zheng family and their sons did not know what to do when they saw that the situation was different from what they expected.
They also ate the food.
It was really delicious, and the delicious food exceeded a certain degree.
They do not care to speak out of their conscience when they do things with money.
But now other people say that they are good.
Even a few old people with high prestige and the successors of the Zhao family group all agree.
It is obvious that only they say something bad.

After media reports, Netizens found that the result was completely different from what they thought.
Many people didn ’t believe it was true.
They thought that Lu Jingyu had paid for all the major media and journalists, so that ’s why.

Then there were netizens who went to Lu Deji to have dinner for Lu Jingyu, and refuted those who still spoke ill of him.

– ”if Lu Jingyu can buy the reporters, can he even buy those old people who are highly respected in all walks of life and the successors of Zhao ’s group? Then he is too rich to know how much the appearance fee of the successor of Zhao ’s group is? ”

– ”whether it ’s good or not, you ’ll know if it ’s good or not.
If you don ’t eat it yourself, you ’ll have to rely on speculation and delusion to judge whether it ’s delicious or not

– ”I ’ve been a food critic for more than ten years.
If I hadn ’t tasted the food myself, I would never have made any evaluation.
This is the most basic professional ethics.
Lu Deji, I went to eat, so I can clap my conscience and say, although I have commented on a lot of food, this is definitely the most delicious food I have eaten in the past 30 years.
Believe it or not, I don ’t accept the refutation of people who have not eaten.

Online comments are no longer one-sided, many netizens said they would go to eat and see in person, and then evaluate.

Jing min didn ’t expect Zhao Bocheng to stand up to help himself.
He didn ’t know what he thought.
However, thanks to his appearance, no media dared to discredit him.

The father and son of the Zheng family were not in a good mood in the face of such a result.

Zheng Jianlin has never taught Lu Jingyu how to cook.
He never knew that he could cook.
He thought he didn ’t find him last time.
This time, he dug a pit and jumped down.
They just need to fill the pit.
Just the saliva of netizens can drown him.

However, Zheng Jianlin did not expect that it would be such a result.
Those people with high status all stood up to speak for Lu Jingyu.
When did he buy those people off and how did he do it? He felt that there must be something strange about this matter.
Even if Lu Jingyu could cook, he could not be as good as those people said.

Zheng Junming ’s mood is also very complicated.
On the one hand, he can ’t believe that Lu Jingyu can do the dishes well.
On the other hand, he can ’t believe that Zhao Bocheng can give Lu Jingyu such a high opinion.

Because Qian Xiang was Zhao Bocheng ’s cousin, he had the opportunity to cook for Zhao Bocheng before.
At that time, in order to make the dishes well, he began to prepare them long in advance and repeated them several times a day as a practice.
However, after Zhao Bocheng ate, he did not make any comments, and his expression was still cold.

He practiced cooking from childhood to adulthood, while Lu Jingyu knew how to eat, drink and play.
Everyone said that he had talent in cooking.
Although he was young, he was better than many cooks who had been cooking for decades.
How could Lu Jingyu ’s cooking be better than his? What made him so highly praised.

When Zheng Junming thought of a possibility, he said to Zheng Jianlin, ”Dad, I heard that Lu Jingyu brought his grandfather ’s Apprentice back to help.
Would it be that they actually made those dishes, not Lu Jingyu himself? ”After thinking for a while, Zheng Jianlin nodded and said, ”it ’s very likely that this is the case.
It ’s not only a day or two to make a good dish, but also it takes a long time to learn and hone.
He can ’t suddenly become very good at cooking. ”

”What are we going to do? ” Zheng Junming looks at Zheng Jianlin and asks.

”If you want to spread this thing out, you have to publicize it.
Otherwise, when Lu Deji is accepted by everyone, my zhengdeji will gradually lose its foothold.
I must try to destroy Lu Deji. ” Zheng Jianlin has been working hard for so many years to carry forward Zheng ’s cuisine, turn Lu ’s into Zheng ’s, and turn Lu ’s restaurants into Zheng ’s.
Seeing that his goal has been achieved slowly, how can it be that at this time, he has always looked down on his son ’s hand.

Lu Deji has been full of customers every day since the day he opened his business.
There are fewer and fewer people scolding him on the Internet.
Only a part of Zheng Junming ’s brain palsy still insist on attacking him.
He also said that he would never go to ludeji for dinner and called on others to boycott Lu Deji.
Other people said that if you don ’t go, you don ’t have the good luck.
We don ’t have a grudge against delicious food.
Why should we resist others.

Lu Deji ’s business is booming.
Although Lu Deyuan ’s two disciples are busy, they are also happy from the bottom of their heart.
Jingmin tells them that two branches will open soon.
They seem to see the bustling scene of ludeji hotel when the master is still in the world.

Jing min originally asked them to come, and they just promised to help for a while and then left.
But now they don ’t want to leave.
They want to stay to help Lu Jingyu revitalize the real Lu Deji and Lu Jiacai.

”Jingyu, if you don ’t dislike that our brothers are both disabled, we will stay with you in the future. ”

Guo long and Wang Yong were Lu Deyuan ’s most valued apprentices.
Lu Deyuan even thought about making Guo long his son-in-law.
After Lu Deyuan ’s death, Zheng Jianlin wanted to force all Lu Deyuan ’s disciples away.
These two men were the most difficult to deal with and threatened him the most.
So he used a lot of tricks to make the two people, one lame and the other blind.
Finally, he had to go far away and hide in remote places to continue cooking.
However, he taught a lot of apprentices.

”Uncle Guo and Uncle Wang, as you know, there are not many people around me who can be used and trusted.
It ’s hard for me if you are willing to stay and help me.
How can I dislike it? ”

Guo long said, ”we didn ’t expect that your cooking skills are much higher than our brothers.
You have the style of your grandfather in those days.
If we can help you revive Lu Deji and Lu Jiacai, and defeat the villain Zheng Jianlin, we will have the face to see our master in the future. ”

”Yes. ” Wang Yong nodded.

The business of the main store was handed over to Wang Guo and Wang.
He was busy opening the two branches.

Jing min is sitting in the private room to revise the design drawing.
Chen Rui holds his laptop and comes in in in a hurry and says, ”have a look. ”

”What are you looking at? ” Jing min looked up and put the drawing away.

”Some people on the Internet say that you cheat the public.
They say that the dishes are not made by yourself, but by your grandfather ’s Apprentice.
But you say that you do it yourself and you are shameless. ”

Jing min carefully read all the content, and then smile.

”What to do? ” Chen Rui was worried and said, ”do you want to explain Zheng Junming ’s brain damage powder? But the more you say it, the more you say it, the more it goes.
If you don ’t clarify this matter quickly, it will certainly affect your personal reputation and the reputation of the hotel. ”

”Let them say it ’s all right.
If it ’s clear, then it ’s turbid. ” It doesn ’t matter.

”Those online people who believe what others say and love to follow suit will not care whether you are pure or turbid.
If you don ’t explain and prove that what they say is not true, as time goes on, more and more people will believe them. ”

”Don ’t worry.
It won ’t take long.
There will soon be an opportunity for me to prove it.
So it doesn ’t matter if I explain it or not. ”

Chen Rui looks at him suspiciously and is about to ask what the opportunity is.
The waiter knocks on the door and says, ”boss, Mr.
Zhao Bocheng wants to see you. ”

”Zhao Bocheng? ” Jing min looked up, some surprised and some doubt at the waiter.

”Yes, it is Mr.
Zhao Bocheng, the successor of Zhao ’s group.
He is waiting for you in the private room he has set. ”

Jing min ’s heart although doubt why this person want to see himself, but still decided to see him, after all, now he can not easily offend this almost big boss figure.

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