Legend of light (12)

when ored ’s subordinates saw the light falling from the sky from afar, they knew that they must have succeeded.

Although they were far away from each other, the pictures they saw were enough to make them feel shocked.
They thought that such a powerful power of light could only be achieved by SIVI saints.
The saints are the Savior of their people.
The demons have always wanted to destroy their people, but now they are facing the situation of being destroyed by them.
It ’s really gratifying.

The soldiers soon arrived at the magic hall, because there were hardly any demons blocking them along the way, but many of them collapsed on the roadside, unable to fight back.

When the temple of the devil ancestor collapsed, the demon king was dead, and the magic power of all the demons was reduced to the lowest level, which was almost no different from the people without magic power.

O ’reid told the soldiers to take away the people who were still alive.
Whether they were the civil servants, or Luwei and cania, they would be taken back to the capital, and then they should be convicted and punished.

When they returned to the imperial capital, the emperor was dying.
However, the emperor was glad and pleased to hear that ored had not only killed the demon king, but also almost destroyed the whole demon clan.
He felt that he could leave the world at ease, so that Jing min did not have to waste the power of the holy light to save him.
He lay in bed and announced to all ministers that after his death, ored would inherit the throne.

After the emperor ’s funeral, it was the grand ceremony of succession.
Jing min watched him sit on the throne, and ored looked at him.
At that moment, they only saw each other.

At the end of the ceremony, on the big bed of the new emperor ’s bedroom, the two bodies entangled together and expressed their love for each other with actions.

When ored kisses Jing min ’s mouth, they seem to be entangled in their souls and can clearly feel the temperature of each other.

”Woo ~ woo ~ ” Jing min felt that he was about to suffocate and could not help but issue a protest voice.

When ored was finally willing to end, Jing min was already paralyzed and couldn ’t move at all.
He could only say ”thirsty, water… ”

O ’reid got out of bed, poured a cup of water back, took Jing min in his arms and fed him water from mouth to mouth.

Jing min leaned against his muscular chest and took a long time to relax.
He complained and said, ”is this what you mean to celebrate? Are you trying to kill me

Jing min didn ’t want to come to his bedroom today.
He just became emperor today, so he came to his bedroom for the night.
He was afraid that the influence would be bad if the ministers knew about it.
But ored said he wanted to celebrate with him.
If he missed tonight, he would regret for the rest of his life.
So Jing min was cheated to come over.
As soon as she entered the door, she was hugged and kissed by him.
After kissing, she was on the bed, and then she was completely stripped and pressed under her body for several hours.

Ored put down his glass, stroked his back and said, ”I want you to be my queen, so that you can live here with me in the big one. ”

”Are you crazy? ” Jing Min stared at him with wide eyes, ”I am a man, how can I become your queen? The ministers will not agree if they die.

”Naturally I have a way to get them to agree. ” Ored looked at him and said, ”but it will be a pity for you for a while.
After I have secured the throne and taken back all the rights that should be taken back. ”

Jing min lowered his eyes and was silent for a while, then raised his hand to touch his face and said, ”but I can ’t bear to give you an heir, and I can ’t bear you to go to another woman to give you birth. ”

”I just want you, and I won ’t look for anyone else. ” O ’reid ’s voice was firm: ”although Lu Wei ’s leg is disabled, but the child can still have a child, then force him to have one, and then we can bring it back to us. ”

Jing min sympathized with Lu Wei for a second in his heart, but it was a very good way.
He replied, ”OK, but it ’s better not to let him know that the child is his, so that he won ’t get upset again. ”

Although Lu Wei has basically no threat, he has to guard against people.
What should be prevented is still to be prevented, because a person with an evil heart may revive his evil heart at some time.
Even if he can ’t do something harmful, he will do something disgusting.

”Don ’t worry, he doesn ’t have the ability even if he has the mind to make trouble. ” Ored kisses him on the corner of the mouth.
”What ’s more, all his mind is on torturing cania, and he doesn ’t think about anything else. ”

O ’reid had already figured out what to do, and there was absolutely no way to let Rowe have the thought he shouldn ’t have.

After ored became emperor, the first thing he did was to rectify those ministers who had occupied important positions because of their support for him during his administration of government affairs.
In fact, they had little ability.
Recall without fault and conviction with fault.

O ’reid estimated that it would take a long time for Jing min to become a queen.
Before he became a queen, he had to hold a grand ceremony for him.

The caretaker of cania came to deliver food to him, put it in front of him and said, ”today is the inauguration ceremony of the new saints.
Your majesty has ordered the whole empire to celebrate.
Even people like you can eat such a good meal.
You should be grateful. ”Another guard came over and said indignantly, ”he is a person who colludes with the demon king and wants to destroy the whole Terran.
He is not worthy to eat our Terran food, so he should be starved to death! ”

”He won ’t live long if he doesn ’t starve to death. ” The guard who gave cania food stood up and said, ”how long can he survive being tortured by Baron Rowe every day? ”

Because of his previous crimes, Rowe was deprived of his status as a prince and was removed from the royal family.
He no longer enjoyed the treatment of a prince and was reduced to a baron.
His legs have been disabled, his heart has been as ashes, or not the prince is not important to him.
Every day he tortured cania to vent his anger and prove that he had the meaning to live on.

Cania, who had no good skin all over, was lying on the cold ground.
Hearing the guard ’s words, he opened his eyes.
Looking at the more delicious food than usual, his eyes were sour and his tears rolled down.
Is today the inauguration of the new saints? No wonder Lowe didn ’t show up today.
O ’reid is so good to Sylvie that his inauguration ceremony must be very grand, isn ’t it? Yes, the whole empire has been ordered to celebrate together.
How can it not be grand.

When cania became a saint, the emperor was stimulated and collapsed because of the accident of ored.
The ceremony of his appointment could not be simpler.
He originally thought that after he helped Lu Wei become emperor, he would help him to hold the most grand and ceremonious ceremony.
But I didn ’t expect that the final result would be like this.
When the demon king died, Luwei hated him to the bone, but he didn ’t kill him.
Every day, he used torture to vent his hatred in his heart.
He really was not as good as death, but he could not die.

As soon as the time of the next day arrived, cania opened his eyes and looked at the door.
The door was opened from the outside.
Luwei showed up on time today.

Rowe was sitting in a wooden wheelchair.
His attendants pushed him to cania ’s side, then backed away to wait.

Luwei bent down and grabbed cania ’s hair.
He lifted him up.
His face twisted and said, ”yesterday was the inauguration ceremony of the new saints.
I didn ’t come here to torture you.
You seem to sleep comfortably? ”

Cania was numb, expressionless, staring at the ground, speechless.

”Bitch! I let you collude with the devil to harm me! I want you and the devil to use me to destroy the Terran Luwei threw him back to the ground, trembling with anger, pointing at him and swearing, ”don ’t you only love the devil, but you only have him in your heart? You asked him to save you! Let him save you! Ah

Before Luwei could get rid of his anger, cania couldn ’t bear it any more, and he didn ’t want to continue to endure it.
He thought that it was better to die and at least get a relief than to live without dignity.

Cania put up his body with all his strength, hugged Luwei ’s foot and prayed to him, ”please, give me a chance.
I promise I will sincerely repent and make atonement for what I have done.
If not, kill me for the sake of the past.

Luwei pushed him away, glared at him and said, ”for the sake of the past? Do you have the face to say such words, let me see you used to cheat me? What do you think when you let the demon soldiers take us away, when the demon king asked his soldiers to torture us, when the demon king ordered to destroy my legs? Why don ’t you think how good I was to you before? ”

Lu Wei ’s anger in his heart could not disappear with cania ’s plea for mercy.
His experience in the demon clan not only destroyed his life, but also destroyed all his hopes.
His legs are gone, his prince ’s identity is gone, and the throne will never belong to him again.
All these are caused by the man in front of him.
How can he forgive him!

Cania ’s heart was so desperate that he knew that Rowe would never forgive him.
Now he just wanted a relief, crying and imploring, ”kill me! Please kill me

”Kill you? ” Lu Wei ’s face was twisted, his eyes were red and he said, ”don ’t think about it! As long as I live, I can ’t let you die, and I will never let you live! ”

Luwei thought that he would spend his whole life in pain.
How could he free the people who caused his pain? They would torture each other for a lifetime!


Later, ored prescribed some medicine to Luwei and arranged for someone to conceive of his child, which he did not know until he died.
Naturally, the woman was voluntary.
After giving birth to the child, she got what she wanted, and then she quietly left the imperial capital and never came back.

O ’reid announced that the child was his eldest son and claimed that he had been born with his lover, but his lover died in childbirth.
Although the ministers did not dare to doubt ored openly, they still felt a little strange in their hearts.
But fortunately, as the child grew up, he looked more and more like the emperor, which at least proved that he was the royal blood, and they had nothing to say.

In this life, Jing min still enjoys a unique love.
According to the experience gained in these lives, although his lover is overbearing and possessive, he is a devoted person like himself and will never fall in love with others.
This makes him feel very at ease.
No matter how he meets himself in every life, with his company, life is no longer boring and boring, and no longer lonely.
He even looks forward to the reincarnation again and again, so that they can live together forever, and each life has a new life, and will not feel bored and tired.When Jing min ’s soul came back to the system, his whole soul was filled with strong and familiar power.
Because the power was too strong, he could not bear it.
At that moment, the soul was almost broken, which made me feel very painful and scared.
Fortunately, just like every previous event, the strength was sucked away by the system after a turn in his body.
Jing min felt both inexplicable and relieved because he had really felt a sense of crisis just now.

After the energy is not drained away, Jing min ’s body seems to be hollowed out.
He lies in the system powerless and takes a long time to recover.

He knew that he could not get the answer no matter what he thought, so he didn ’t bother to spend his time guessing, which would only disturb his mind and increase his tiredness.
Whether it ’s good or bad, as long as he can control it, he will fight for it with all his strength.
If things are out of his control, he will have to let it be.

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