Super model battle (2)

Jing min ’s first thing to do is, of course, to restore his body ’s body, not only to recover, but also to be more perfect than before.
It ’s not difficult for him.
With sports and the improvement of the system on the body, he can build an absolutely perfect body in one month at the latest.

Arthur almost stayed at home for the past three years.
The world ’s technology and network are very developed, and he can live without going out.

Just a few days ago, it suddenly appeared that he was photographed on the street.
He had not gone out in the past three years.
How could he have been photographed in the street.
Moreover, in this era of fast-paced life, three years later, Arthur almost disappeared.
People began to forget about Arthur.
What happened before has also become the past tense.
How could a reporter ambush for three years just to photograph him.

All this was specially arranged by dilumo.
Even though three years later, he and Conley had driven Arthur to the end, he did not intend to let Arthur go.
He still wanted to use him to set off himself and create another heat.
The people photographed in the image are not Arthur himself at all, but his body and appearance are a little similar to him now.

Dilumo arranged for people to ambush near Arthur ’s house, but after three years of ambush, nothing was found, because Arthur did not go out at all.
Just some time ago, when the delivery personnel left, they forgot to close the door outside.
Arthur, who came out to pick up the goods, was photographed in a very fuzzy figure by them, but the picture could not be taken as news at all.

So the person who took the photo secretly described Arthur ’s general appearance with dilumo.
Dilumo tried his best to find such a similar person and arranged such a news.
Because he knew Arthur did not dare to come out to clarify, so he made false news without fear.

Now dilumo, who is very popular, has received many advertisements and shows of big brands.
The news takes Arthur ’s deformed and rich figure and compares it with dilumo ’s award-winning excellent video clips, and once again hypes things three years ago.
All kinds of praise for dilumo and satire and ridicule for Arthur make dilumo a popular figure again and receive many brand shows.

Although the man ’s face is just a little bit like Arthur now, his figure is much worse than that of Arthur now.
But as dilumo expected, even if he was wronged and insulted again, he still could not prove his innocence immediately.
Even if he went out to clarify his current figure, he would only get more ridicule.

Arthur hated his own incompetence and the despicability of Conley and dilumo.
He was tortured by painful emotions.
He did not eat for a few days.
In a daze, he fell to the ground and hit his head, so Jing min replaced him.

Dilumo also expected that Arthur would not be able to recover in a short time.
He could not do it, but it was easy for Jing min to do it.

He opened the room with the fitness equipment, removed the dust covers, and began to shape his body while paying attention to the latest news.

The popularity of fake Arthur ’s being photographed has not passed, and there are still discussions about this matter on the Internet.
This is just in Jing min ’s mind.
Now, like dilumo, he hopes that the popularity of the news will not drop so quickly.

Half a month later, Jing Min has basically restored his body to the state it was three years ago.
Now he wants to further shape a more perfect body shape.

The heat of his discussion with dilumo is about to drop.
In order to bring it back up, he posted a new dynamic on Arthur ’s homepage, which he has not used for three years.
In motion, he uses an animated video clip to satirize dilumo and Conley for their affair.

As soon as the news was released, it immediately attracted the attention of the media.
Dilumo felt that his move was in the right direction.
He immediately made a big battle.
He held a press conference to explain that he was with Conley after he was abandoned.
I hope Arthur will not slander him.

Dilumo ’s fans were heartbroken to see his wronged appearance at the press conference, and then began to attack him with a message under Arthur ’s home page.

After Conley broke up with you, dilumo was with him.
You can ’t be ashamed of what you ’ve done.
It ’s shameless to come to slander others, isn ’t it?

– – you have now the end is the result of your own vilification.
Don ’t try to discredit others.
Please let go of Conley and dilumo.

It ’s all broken up.
Are you OK with each other? You don ’t have to be haunted, will you?

Kangli was unlucky enough to have a predecessor like you.
At the beginning, he took the wrong medicine to break up and drove others out of the hard-built studio.
Now it ’s easy for others to have their own happiness, even if you can ’t bless them, you should at least have a little conscience, do not disturb them?

It ’s really shameless.
It ’s invincible in the world.
Who ’s the face to slander someone ’s cheating?

After breaking up with you, people can ’t be together with others, or it ’s cheating? You ’ve got something wrong with your brain? Have time to manage your own horizontal development of the body!————You ’re insane! What are you doing in this world? go to hell!

Please make sure that they are together after Conley broke up with you.
Even if you are jealous that they are living a better life than you are, you deserve it and your retribution.

Dilumo ’s fans first left a message under Arthur ’s home page to scold him, then to comfort him by saying that they would always support him and trust him.

After dilumo saw it, he felt very happy.
He thought Arthur was really stupid.
He said that he had an affair with Conley three years ago.
Few people believed him because he could not provide evidence.
Now, no one would believe him.
Since this person is so easy to use, he doesn ’t make good use of him more thoroughly.
He feels sorry for himself.

A month later, Jing Min has completely shaped her figure and is ready to take a publicity video and publish it on the Internet.

It ’s very rare to shoot a good publicity image.
Generally, large model companies will have their own shooting teams, and small companies will also pay for special shooting companies to shoot.

The publicity images taken should not only show the model ’s own advantages, but also show different styles and display skills.

If your promotional video is good enough, it will not only attract a lot of fans, but also companies will come to you.

Arthur had lost a large number of fans because Conley deliberately asked people to take bad pictures of his propaganda before.
In addition, various rumors spread about him.
When things went wrong, almost no one spoke for him.
They were spitting on him.

Of course, Jing min can ’t go to a photography company to help him shoot, so he can ’t achieve the effect he wants, and any photography company won ’t have the effect that he shot by himself.

He bought some equipment on the Internet, and then bought a lot of things to decorate, ready to take pictures at home.
Arthur lives in a single family villa, which he bought after he became famous.
This villa is already quite large, but there is still a certain gap compared with the real photography space.
But this is also difficult to beat Jing min, space is not big enough, he also has the way to shoot the best picture.

Every propaganda image must have a theme.
According to this theme, the performance skills should also show the advantages of the model itself, rather than blindly show off and show off the body.
This way has been out of date for a long time.

Jing min wanted to shoot a theme called smashing the starry sky, shooting in the pool at home.
He arranged the swimming pool.
At night, the pool seemed to be a galaxy full of stars, which was very dreamy and beautiful.

He made some movements on the edge of the pool and in the water, and then cut it by himself and put in his own music.
After that, it was posted anonymously to several models ’ websites.

The first thing to enter the image is a pair of tight and slender legs.
After the long legs stand at the water edge, the camera slowly goes up to the back.
The white shirt falls off from the shoulder to the ground.
The muscles on the back and the muscle lines of the arm are perfectly carved.
More is too much, and less is too little.

Long legs into the dark blue water, the wind blown water waving small waves, the picture of the people sitting in the water, the water over the mermaid line belly.
Those who have seen this place have already been unable to move their eyes, staring at the screen motionlessly, even a little detail is not willing to miss.

After the posture is set, the water only covers the part wearing underwear.
The waist and slightly curved legs are outside the water.
Countless men and women can ’t help swallowing.

The fingers, as delicate as bamboo shoots, hold some water together in the palm of the hand, and the arm slowly stretches.
The water flows down from the fingers, and twinkling stars on the water surface.

Every action of brushing the water will light up a star, and soon a galaxy will appear.
And the body sitting in the Milky way, like the God in the creation of the starry sky, is not perfect like a human body.

After Jing min ’s arrangement and splicing, it can ’t be seen that it was shot in the swimming pool.
Although there are close-up and far shots, Jing min ’s face does not appear in the whole image.

Netizens were attracted by the body in the video, and the wonderful music made them more involved in it.
Everyone was fascinated by it.
After watching it for several times, they reflected that they did not know who the model was.

However, in a few days, the click of the publicity image was close to the super model image.
Everyone was curious and wanted to know who the model in the image was.
There are also many netizens guess that they are the idols of their own families, but in the past few days, no model has come forward to admit that this is themselves, so it has attracted more attention and speculation, and the number of clicks has increased rapidly.

The message under the video, from the beginning of praise and exclamation, into a variety of speculation, and finally evolved into a dispute among fans.

Look at the lines of the man ’s fish line and chest muscle.
It ’s clearly our Roger God, OK?

Are the eyes above blind? Roger ’s chest muscle is so big, how can the proportion of this chest muscle in the image be perfect? That pair of straight long legs, no flaws can be found, only Bonn has it?————Born ’s legs are perfect, but his hips are almost flat, right? Which has the image so warped still so sexy?

I don ’t care, no matter who he is, from today on, he is my God.
Male god, God, show us a face.

KORA, isn ’t it you? Is it you? Your back smooth lines have revealed your identity, quickly admit it!

– – this body can ’t find any defects.
It ’s so perfect.
Can ’t it be dilumo?

— dilumo is praised by the media, his figure is not perfect, right? My Granger is the perfect one.

Fans ’ curiosity is about to erupt, but no one has come forward to admit that it ’s their own.
So fans have to leave messages to their idols, hoping that they can come forward to admit, and then send out a complete image with positive.

Some models directly denied it, while others chose to remain silent and not respond, deliberately hanging the curiosity of fans.
Only dilumo made some ambiguous remarks to make his fans more sure that it was him.
He also vowed to bet with other fans that this was dilumo himself, and that he would release the complete image soon.

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