Competition for supermodel (7)

all the models signed the competition contract, must abide by all the competition rules, and obey all the arrangements of the organizer.
Those who violate the rules will be disqualified from the competition, while those who violate the rules will be investigated for legal responsibility.

Models participating in the competition can only bring one assistant or one agent during the competition.

The process of the contest will be broadcast live on the Internet.
While watching the game, netizens can also vote for their favorite models.

It ’s exciting for netizens to see the live broadcast of the model shooting process.
In general, no one is willing to play the shooting process, because in the shooting process, not only will a lot of mistakes, but also expose the model ’s lack of skills and physical defects.
After the clip after the advertising film, out of the nature are the best picture.

Therefore, netizens are very curious about the shooting process of the model, and whether there will be a big difference between the various publicity images and advertisements they see.
They want to know what happens to their idols in the process of shooting.

According to the score of the competition, netizens vote 30%, designers give 20%, staff vote 10%, ads or videos play 10%, and regulles 30%.

The first part of the competition was held in a marine paradise hotel owned by feneland.
Naturally, the content of the competition is related to the promotion of the amusement facilities of this hotel.

Jing min is quite admire the business mind of regulles, this competition, can make a big advertisement for their group.
Although the cost is high, it is definitely worth the attention of the public.

The waiter took Jing min to the room arranged for him.
As soon as he went in, Jing min was surprised.
He, who had lived in the emperor ’s bedroom, had seen the world.
But this room is far from enough to describe with luxury.
Even if it is just a simple decoration, you can see that it is quite valuable.
Decoration and layout are quite tasteful, a look to know is well-known designer design.

Jing min goes to the huge air terrace with the swimming pool and looks at the sea from this angle, which is both magnificent and beautiful.
At this height, it seems that you can touch the clouds by lifting your hand.

”Do you like it here? ”

Jing min turned back and looked at ray gules, who suddenly appeared behind him.
He said, ”Mr.
feneland is really a big hand.
It ’s just a competition.
He even arranged such a good room for all the models.
Is it enough to buy a house for a few days here? ”

”There are only two rooms like this.
I ’ll take the other one.
This one is for you.
It ’s impossible to give every model in the competition a room like this.

Jing min was stunned for a moment.
He thought that all the models lived in the same room.
He didn ’t expect that regulles would give him special care so openly and honestly.
However, except for the live broadcast of the game, there will be no camera following at other times, and he doesn ’t have to worry about what bad words will come out.
If someone wants to spread some rumors, Regulus will never sit back and ignore it, so he has nothing to worry about.

”Do you like the sea? ” Asked Regulus.

”Yes. ” Jing min looked at the boundless sea and said.

”How long can you hold in water without oxygen? ”

”My vital capacity is very good.
I can hold my breath for more than five minutes without any problem. ” Jing min is very conservative.
In fact, if he relies on the system, he can breathe under water.
If necessary, he can stay underwater for 20 minutes without relying on oxygen.
”What do you want to do with this? ”

”After asking clearly, I can decide whether the game will be played on water or under water. ” ”Five minutes is not short.
It ’s much longer than most people.
It seems that you like diving very much. ”

”I like it, but what do you mean by that Does it mean that the content of the competition is not decided in the early days, but you decide it at will? ” Jing min didn ’t expect that he would say so.
He thought that the competition was very cautious, and immediately it was not so rigorous.

Regulles grinned and rubbed his hair.
”The game is meant to be shown to others.
I know you want to prove yourself and believe you can do better than all of them.
Even if I follow, I will play on the premise of ensuring your safety.
I don ’t care about the others at all

Jing min was stunned by his actions and what he said.
He could not be familiar with this action any more.
Only one person would make such actions to him, which did not make him feel disgusted.
There was only one person who did not care about the outcome of anyone else except himself.

Regulus raised his chin and said, ”I ’d like to test your lung capacity myself, but since I said I won ’t force you, I ’ll have to endure it until you like. ”

”I want to test it, too. ” Jing Min wants to say that you can test my lung capacity, and I also want to test whether you are my love.

”Are you sure? ” At the same time, Regulus asked, his arm had already encircled Jing min ’s waist, and before he could answer, he had already kissed him.At the moment of touching each other ’s tongues, the familiar feeling shocked Jing min ’s soul.
This is his lover.
He found himself again accurately, and as always, he was only deeply in love with himself.

Jing min raised his hand around his neck, raised his head to bear his deep kiss, and from time to time he returned to kiss him.
The wind on the terrace was quite strong, but it could not blow out their enthusiasm at all.
The entanglement between the two seemed not enough to satisfy their desire for each other.

Regulles seems to be tasting the most delicious food that he has ever eaten.
He is not only reluctant to let go, but also eager to swallow him into his stomach, so that he will become a part of his body forever, and no one can separate them.

It took a long time for regulles to release his lips and put his forehead against him.
”It seems that your lung capacity is much better than what you said.
I can rest assured that you will go into the water. ”


All the models were taken to a clear, almost transparent sea, where the water was clear but not bottomless.

Netizens are watching the countdown of the start time of the live broadcast in front of the computer screen.
After the number jumps to zero, they finally see the live broadcast.
They are excited and look for their favorite models on the screen.

”The first part of the competition, as you can see right now, is going to be in the water, ” Gore told all the models.
Under the water, there is a wonderful paradise, which is one of the entertainment items of the hotel, specially for diving customers.
The content of the competition is that everyone takes 30 minutes to shoot a complete advertisement in the water.
Of course, for the sake of the beauty of the picture, it is not allowed to use the oxygen nozzle on the screen that can be used.

As soon as the host ’s words were finished, several models with poor water quality immediately changed their faces, including dilumo.

Dilumo originally thought that he would shoot on the beach when he came to the beach.
He had shot many advertisements on the beach, which was his strong point.
He was full of confidence, but he lost his confidence in a moment.
He felt that his luck was too bad.
He met the content of the underwater competition at the beginning.

However, dilumo ’s fans are full of confidence in him, because he has taken good underwater images before.
What they didn ’t know was that the very short video clip was shot by dilumo for several days, and with the help of a lot of external forces.

The host then said, ”this is the designer of water park, Mr.
When all of you are finished shooting, he will comment on your shooting process.
His comments also serve as a reference for other people ’s ratings, so when you show yourself, you must not forget to show the fun of water park.

All the models go to prepare and shoot according to the drawing order.
The models who are not yet in turn are sitting in the rest area of the boat.

Conley squatted down beside dilumo ’s seat and said, ”you ’re not good at water, and the time of holding your breath in the water is shorter than that of ordinary people.
It ’s not possible to get high marks.
Do you want to think of something else? ”

Dilumo looked at the camera and turned his face to the direction that the camera couldn ’t shoot.
He didn ’t say ”what can I do? If I quit the game, I ’ll give up.
I won ’t get a point. ”

”I don ’t mean to get you out of the game, ” Conley said quietly.
”I mean, you can show cramps later, but stick to the shooting, which will not only cover up your mistakes, but also get some sympathy votes. ”

Dilumo thought about it and thought it was a feasible way.
He didn ’t perform well enough because of cramps, and other judges wouldn ’t put his score too low.
Besides, the proportion of fans voting is very large.
Seeing that he has cramps and still insists on shooting, his fans will love him.

Jing min ’s order is the first.
When he wants to start shooting, he takes off his bathrobe and walks to the bow of the boat in his swimming trunks.
Everyone ’s eyes are attracted by his long legs.

Conley was still in a squatting position, his head tilted, and he saw his straight and slender legs.
His sight couldn ’t be moved.

Dilumo glared jealously at the long legs he couldn ’t match, and turned to see the obsession in Conley ’s eyes, and his heart was burning with anger.
He stepped on Conley ’s instep and crushed it hard.
But Conley seemed to lose his mind and completely forgot the pain.
No matter how hard dilumo stepped on him, he did not recover.

Dilumo couldn ’t be angry.
If it wasn ’t for the camera, he would have slapped Conley in the face to wake him up.

Dilumo stares at Jing min, who is ready to enter the water in the bow.
What if he is in good shape? Underwater photography is the most difficult challenge for a model, and with only half an hour, he doesn ’t believe how good he can be.
A person who doesn ’t have a lot of fans can ’t surpass him in the final score, so he will wait to see how he makes a fool of himself.

Jing min stands in the bow of the boat in his swimming trunks.
Four or five machines aim at him from different angles.
He jumps forward, leaving a perfect arc in the air before entering the water.

His entry into the water can be compared with the best diving athletes.
It is beautiful and has a sense of appreciation.
The director and the staff beside him can ’t help but exclaim.After Jing min entered the water, a camera immediately followed him in the water.
After he swam a certain distance, the staff immediately went into the water and followed the camera to protect his safety.
At the same time, they were ready to help him pass the oxygen nozzle.

In front of the camera, a pair of long legs are swinging.
From this angle, it ’s sexy and makes people have the impulse of nosebleed.

Regulles was sitting alone in the lounge of the boat, staring at the screen carefully.
Through the screen, he can see the long legs swinging gracefully, then the tight and straight hips, and then the smooth and smooth lines of the back.
His heart seems to be burning a flame, burning to his abdomen, and then to his whole body.

However, as long as he thinks that there must be many people who feel the same way at the moment, he feels very unhappy.
He wanted to hide the man so that no one could see him.
His legs, his body, his everything, all belong to himself, only he can see and have.

Competition for supermodels (8)

Jing min swam to the top of the water park.
After swimming out of the water for breath, he began to dive.

Since it is called a water park, naturally there will be many interesting and beautiful things below.
Only by conforming to the style of the water, but also making people feel fun, can it be called a paradise.

Jing min lay on the bed made of huge clam shells, put on a lazy posture and blinked at the camera.
Many netizens forget to breathe when watching this scene, because it ’s really tempting.

He swam back to the table with the cutlery on it, picked up a small piece of food with his fork and made the move to put it into his mouth.
All of a sudden, a beautiful fish came and opened its mouth and snatched the food from the fork.
Jing min made an angry look at the fish, the fish also looked at him, and wagged his tail, as if very proud of the appearance.

The food was originally used to feed the fish, but few netizens who watched the live broadcast in front of the computer knew that, so Jing min deliberately made the appearance of being robbed of the food by the fish, so that the netizens could not help but smile, and the picture was really lovely.

The fish who robbed the food seemed to be particularly bold.
It not only did not swim away, but also swam to Jing min ’s face, as if to apologize for the act of robbing food just now.
Jing min immediately showed a smile and pointed its head with a finger.

The interaction of one person and one fish is so cute that people can ’t help melting.

When Jing min was swimming, people could see that maybe it was because his posture was too natural and beautiful, which made those beautiful fish think he was the same kind and gathered around him to swim with him.
In fact, it is because Jing min ’s hand is holding food, and then slowly crunching and sprinkling out, but no one can see his movement.

A big fish with two people ’s Congress swam over, and Jing min sat down on his body when he passed by.
The big fish with Jing min shuttles through all kinds of beautiful and wonderful buildings, followed by a pile of beautiful small fish.
The picture is like a mermaid prince on a patrol.

The people behind the camera thought it was amazing.
If they hadn ’t seen it with their own eyes, they couldn ’t believe that the picture was real and it happened in front of their eyes.

Netizens are even more amazed, such a picture, perhaps only appeared in a dream.
Is this really a live video? Isn ’t the dream too unreal?

During the whole shooting process, Jing min swam out of the water every 10 minutes to change the air, and there was no picture of the staff giving the first oxygen nozzle.
Even the picture of him coming out of the water upstream is very beautiful and moving.
When he turns his body to the downstream, his movements are beautiful and natural, like a mermaid.

After Jing min ’s shooting, he swam back to the side of the boat.
As soon as he got on the boat, the assistant put the bath towel on his body.

The host went to the director and the designer of the water park and asked them to comment on the shooting process.

The director ’s eyes and face, the amazing look has not subsided, he was a little lost in his praise: ”this is definitely the most meaningful and perfect shooting I ’ve been working as a director for so many years.
I can ’t even believe that this is a real picture without any special effects.
I don ’t know how he did it, but I have to say, it ’s amazing.
I ’m really lucky to be able to shoot such a picture.

The host said, ”we all think the picture just now is very magical, so I can understand the director ’s mood now.
Can you ask the director to talk about the model ’s performance from a professional point of view? ”

”From a professional point of view, I can only use two words to sum up, that is perfect. ” The director was a little excited and said, ”this kind of shooting process, even if it is a professional model, is difficult to achieve on land, let alone in the water.
His every movement, every eye expression is just right, can ’t help but be attracted.
What ’s more, as a model, they didn ’t forget that what he wanted to show and highlight should be commodities, not just his body and his person.
I believe that after seeing this image, anyone will be full of interest in the water park.

The host said, ”our director gave a very high evaluation of Arthur Young ’s shooting process, so the final score he will give will certainly not be low.
Now let ’s listen to Denise, the designer, and his comments.
” ”The performance of the stage is totally beyond my imagination, ” Dennis felt that he could not find a better word to express his feelings, but he still wanted to express his inner shock as much as possible.
”This is really shocking.
He showed all the things I was designing and wanted to show.
I think he might be able to read his mind to fully guess my heart Thinking.
In the past, I didn ’t know why someone worshipped a model so crazily.
Now I finally know.
The so-called mood of fans is what I feel today

Jing min ’s performance, in the invisible, gave other models more pressure.
They think that they can ’t do as much as he did, and they can ’t do it again in the water.
However, they are also famous models and supermodels.
If the gap is too big, it will be a shame.

Dilumo managed to maintain his calm expression.
In fact, he was already anxious and about to smoke in his heart.
A man who had not accepted any work for three years could achieve such a degree.
He now wants to know what he has done in the past three years.
He thought that he must have been sad and regretful in the past three years, and then the whole person would become decadent and haggard, and never recovered.
But according to the present situation, he has been suffering from hardships for the past three years, waiting for the opportunity to rejuvenate himself.

Dilumo gritted his teeth and swore in his heart that he would never let him succeed! He must still be able to find a way to deal with him, so that he will never be able to turn over again!

Conley lowered his head thoughtfully, and his eyes glanced from time to time to Jing min, who was sitting and resting.
I haven ’t seen this man for three years.
I didn ’t expect that he was more beautiful than the one in the video.
Among so many famous models and supermodels, he is also the most outstanding one.
Unfortunately, because of his contact disorder, he has never been able to touch him before.
Otherwise, it can be remembered now.

Netizens can be said to be a feast for the eyes, they thought, the original shooting process is like this, it looks very relaxed and very easy ah.
They can ’t do it by themselves, but for models, it shouldn ’t be too hard to do it? After all, they are in this business.
They must have special training to do these things.

Fans have higher expectations for their idols.
They silently hope that their favorite models can surpass Jingmin ’s performance.

As the saying goes, the higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment.
When the models who took photos at the back had taken at least three or four times just to enter the water, the excitement of netizens ’ expectation gradually cooled down.

Before that kind of special effect general picture has not appeared again, most models, less than a minute to ask the staff to hand over the oxygen nozzle.
The time for the staff to enter the picture is much longer than the time for the model to act alone.
And in the absence of oxygen nozzle, it ’s really hard to make a relaxed expression, and it ’s not easy to make random movements.

When the host asked the director and designer to give comments, their faces were obviously ugly.

The director was disappointed and said, ”if Arthur ’s performance is unexpectedly good, then the other models that have been filmed so far are surprisingly poor.
I know it ’s hard to control your body in the water, not as easy and casual as on land, but as a model, no matter in any situation, can control his body, is known as the top supermodel.
But I think, if you give them a longer time, and then through splicing, you can also come out with a very good picture.
But this is in this kind of live broadcast situation, their performance will certainly let the audience down, because the gap is too big.

Dennis ’s expression on his face was not very good.
He thought that the performance of other models would make the audience resist his design of the water park, so he explained, ”I ’d like to explain to you here, don ’t feel that the water park is terrible because of the pain and struggle of other models.
The main reason why they do that is because they don ’t always bring oxygen nozzles.
When customers come to play, we will have the most advanced and easy to carry oxygen nozzles for you.
You will play freely in the water like Arthur young.

Dilumo ’s shooting sequence is relatively backward.
In front of him, there are already four models who show that they are not shooting well because of cramps.
Obviously, they all want to go together, trying to cover up their shortcomings with irresistible reasons.

Now that four people have used the same trick in front of him, dilumo ’s words will look very fake, and the fool can see that they are pretending.
But there is no way.
His water quality is worse than ordinary people.
He can ’t use this method.

For the picture of dilumo entering the water, the director asked him to shoot it five or six times, but he was not satisfied.
If it wasn ’t for the limited time, he might have to shoot all day just entering the water.

He went down with an oxygen nozzle, and the staff pulled him down because he couldn ’t dive.
When the oxygen nozzle was taken away for more than ten seconds, he had to hold it again, resulting in no useful picture at all.
He held his leg and made a painful expression of cramp.
Unfortunately, because of being in the water, his acting skills were affected.
It looked so fake that even his fans felt embarrassed for him.

The director frowned, impatiently looked at the screen, simply did not command him to do the action, let him again, so waiting for 30 minutes to pass.The netizens watched dilumo struggling in the water.
His actions were not only without aesthetic feeling, but also very funny, but also made people feel like they couldn ’t laugh.
They can ’t help but wonder how dilumo ’s fairly good underwater images were made before.

Dilumo ’s fans have a kind of can ’t see the impulse, because he ’s so ugly, even if you want to act like a cramp, at least you have to act like a little, so that we can help you speak, or it will be really a lie.
Like those in front of me, they acted very well.
At least at the beginning, people couldn ’t see whether they had real cramps or fake cramps.

Fortunately, in addition to Jing min this super perfect play will, there are a few shooting is also good, otherwise it is really not a good ending.

Finally, when the host asked the director to make a summary, the director said, ”I have encountered two biggest problems in my career today.
One is the picture taken by Arthur young.
Every shot is perfect.
I think it is very difficult for me to cut a 30 minute lens into a five minute image.
It ’s really a trade-off.
Another problem is that dilumo gave me.
I don ’t know how to make up five minutes ’ image of him from his 30 minute lens.
Here I want to make a statement in advance.
If dilumo ’s films are not good enough, it ’s not that I and my splicer have problems, but there is no good picture to cut.

Dennis said seriously to the camera, ”I also want to make a statement to you in advance.
As long as you have a good warm-up, not everyone is easy to get cramps after going into the water.
Moreover, we will have professionals on the side to protect us.
Please feel free to come and play.
I believe you can see whether some people are really cramped.
On my own behalf, I strongly condemn this kind of behavior that damages the reputation of our hotel entertainment project.

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