The super model battle (12)

netizens can see the whole process through the live video.
At first, they still don ’t know what the situation is.
After seeing dilumo slapped Conley, they realized that Conley wanted to frame Arthur young, but did not know that all his actions had been filmed.

Netizens were in an uproar, all kinds of comments, and most of them satirized and insulted Kangli.
Jing min accumulated a lot of popularity during this period of time, and also increased a lot of fans.
His fans saw that Kangli was so shameless that they immediately attacked Kangli angrily.
He turned over all the previous things and said that Conley ’s framing was so skillful that he must have practiced it before.
The bad rumors about Arthur young must have been jointly slandered by him and dilumo.

Netizens scolded Kangli, and almost no one defended him because seeing is believing, and they all saw it with their own eyes.
No matter who was right or wrong in the past, now he has done such a thing.
If there is someone else to speak for him, it is really unconscionable to speak.

Call Conley nobody speak for him, but if you scold dilumo, his fans will quit.
They think that even if two people are lovers, but one person ’s wrong behavior should not be borne by two people.
And dilumo did not participate in this matter at all.
From his slap to Conley, we can see that even he did not expect Conley to do such a thing.

Dilumo ’s fans all sorts of white washing and excuses, that is, they do not admit that dilumo has something to do with Conley ’s framing Jingmin.
Their idols are in their hearts, which are pure and flawless, which is the existence of good heart.

A large number of reporters are chasing and intercepting Conley.
He doesn ’t even dare to go back to his own home.
He can only hide in the remote house he lived in when he was studying in University.

Conley, who was used to living in a big house, walked around uneasily in this shabby little house where he felt difficult to suppress and breathe.
Every two minutes he went to the window, opened the curtains a little, and looked down.
He was waiting for dilumo to come.
If it was not for the convenience of meeting with dilumo, he would have gone back to his present residence.
Although he knew that there must be many reporters outside his home, as long as he did not open the door, the reporter could not forcibly break into his home.

Dilumo couldn ’t sneak up to meet him.
As soon as he entered the door, Conley grabbed his shoulder and said, ”what can I do now? What to do? ”

Dilumo ’s arm was so painful that he broke open his hand and said, ”calm down! Didn ’t I come to discuss with you? ”

”What can be done? ” Conley glared at his red eyes and said, ”I don ’t dare to appear in front of others now.
Everyone is criticizing me! Do you know how bad those people are saying on the Internet? ”

”What can I do? ” ”Do you think I want this? ” dilumo yelled with red eyes? But things have happened, either to escape or to face, only these two ways

”Your idea is what you want me to do, and you want me to do it.
Now that you have failed, you have left me alone to bear the consequences? I tell you, don ’t think about it Conley roared angrily.

”Can you calm down? ” Dilumo held on to his own throbbing head and said, ”would you be satisfied to involve me? In that case, we ’ll all be finished! Now at least I have hope of a final turnaround

Conley wiped his face and bent down on the sofa, feeling powerless.

Dilumopin regained his emotions, went to his side, squatted down and said, ”now we still have hope.
As long as I can continue to develop in the modeling industry, I will never ignore you.
What ’s the big deal of not going out to meet people? Didn ’t Arthur young stay at home for three years? Now people forget a lot.
In one year at most, no one will mention it again.
When time comes, you will find a way to clean yourself up.
Now things will not have a little impact on you, and you can appear in front of people.
Time is the best way to solve all problems.
After a long time, no one can It ’s enough to tell the truth of things many years ago.

After Conley calmed down a little, he knew in his heart that dilumo ’s words were reasonable.
Now the only way is not to appear and wait for things to be forgotten by netizens.
Now the more he defends himself in public, he will be scolded more severely.
Silence and disappearance are the best way.
Everything will have a past day.

So Conley chose a late night, ready to sneak home, but was found by reporters, surrounded by him for a long time, and asked him a lot of questions.
He managed to break through the reporters ’ encirclement and enter his own home.

Jing min remained first in the second competition, with scores far ahead of other models and a large number of fans.

The last content of the competition is to shoot the model ’s own publicity image.
The shooting content is set by the model himself, and the clothing scene is also designed by the model himself.

In this competition process, not only can let the netizens see how the propaganda image of the model is shot, but also can test the model ’s image design level.
Otherwise, there are always some models who are obviously invited to design publicity images, but always say that they are their own inspiration, and that the whole process is also designed by themselves, and then completed with the staff.Dilumo has said many times before that the inspiration of publicity images is his own imagination.
He even said that in the process of shooting, he would direct the director.
When other models heard him say this, they all sneered at him.
It ’s good to be able to shoot and stay by themselves.
It ’s not so easy to direct the director.
However, those fans who don ’t know the shooting process adore him even more.

Dilumo didn ’t expect that every content of the game was stuck in his hole.
What he was good at was nothing compared with what he was not good at and claimed that he was good at.

With the previous two fiasco, dilumo has not held much hope of becoming the lifelong spokesman of feneland.
He ’s just trying to save his image and stabilize the hearts of fans who continue to support him.

Jing Min has shot the two publicity images of smashing the starry sky and getting lost in the dark night before, so everyone is very curious about what kind of publicity images he can take this time.

Jing min ’s name for his publicity image this time is called: drink under the moon, completely walking in the eastern classical style.
He imagined his own scene, with a computer drawing, and then to the layout of the scene staff to arrange.

It ’s not difficult to arrange the scene for Jing min.
the staff took the computer to confirm some details with him, and found that his understanding of the scene layout was professional.

The head of the scene team said, ”of all the models, it ’s the easiest to discuss with you.
It seems that you are also professional.
Some people don ’t understand it, but they still have to pretend to understand it.
We are really helpless to put forward some requirements that are completely impossible to achieve.

Just now, dilumo asked them to make a beach because his fans liked to see his pictures of the beach.
He also said that the current technology is so developed.
It is not too difficult to restore a real beach through the layout of the scene and the special effects in the later stage.

At that time, they were speechless.
No matter how advanced the technology is, how good the special effects are, the effect of shooting is quite different from that shot on the real beach.
After all, what you ’re shooting now is images, not photos.
If you ’re taking photos, you can make a set directly, and then use a computer to put the background on.
Therefore, the staff feel that dilumo ’s understanding of the image scene may still be in the era of photo scene decades ago.

Jing Min said with a smile, ”I ’m not a professional.
I just needed to do the scene myself before, so I learned some knowledge about it. ”

”If every model is like you, before deciding what kind of scene to do, we can understand it a little bit, and we will not have to work so hard to explain it, and he can get better results himself. ” Scene group leader said helplessly.

After confirming with the staff of the costume group and the makeup group, Jing min started shooting the next day.

Jing min with waist long hair, wearing a white ancient light robe, barefoot walk to the window.
First of all, the camera shows his bare feet.
His insteps are smooth and white, and even his toes are round and lovely.
Few people are so perfect that their feet are so beautiful that the staff around them can ’t help looking at his feet and sighing in their hearts.

He sat down on the arhat bed by the window, picked up the jug on the small table and poured himself a glass of wine.
He leaned against the window, his fingers holding the glass, gently shaking, but not in a hurry to drink, but half raised his head, enjoying the huge bright moon in the distance.

The director who filmed the models this time was the first director to shoot underwater images for them in the competition.
Last time, he felt that Jing min ’s feeling was very good.
This time he didn ’t let him down.
How to shoot this image, when and from what angle, are all according to the model ’s own requirements.

The camera moves from top to bottom, from his perfect side face to his beautiful neck, which makes people ’s heart beat faster.
The camera slowly pulls away a little bit, Jing min will lift the glass and drink it, one cup after another.
After drinking, he seemed to dislike that drinking with a cup was not enough, so he directly picked up the wine pot and drank it.

The wine flowed from the corner of his mouth and ran down his neck into his lapel.
Jing min put down the drinking pot.
He pulled the lapel of his chest with some discomfort, which made the lapel slightly open and exposed more skin.
His eyes began to blur, and his face began to turn red.
He was obviously drunk.

Jing min ’s feet stretched out, half lying on the window citron, in the moment he looked back at the camera, the water rippling eyes, white red cheeks, a head of random scattered behind the black hair, how to look is a pair of disaster appearance.

Whether it ’s the staff on the spot or the netizens watching through the screen, many people have itchy noses and an impulse to leave nosebleed.
They really want to express their shock by screaming, even if they will be regarded as crazy, because it ’s so tempting, it ’s a foul!

Jing min looked at the position, and the person sitting there was Ray gules.
Everyone thought he was looking at the camera.
Only the two people who looked at each other knew that at the moment, they only had each other in their eyes.

Jing min looks at ray gules and smiles gently.
His eyes are full of enchantment and affection.
He can ’t help but blush and feel hot all over.Regulles held his hand tightly, suppressing his impulse to rush to take people away.
It was his treasure, but now the town is being appreciated by countless people.
Naturally, he is not happy.

Regulles was extremely ambivalent, thinking that if only he could hide his treasure in the future, he could only appreciate it and no one else could see it.
I also think that such a good baby should shine so that more people can know how good he is.

Netizens have been uncontrollably howling at the screen to vent, beating the desktop or their legs, suppressing the feeling of scratching the heart.

The comments on the live page have been boiling.

My God! Oh, my God! Just because the shooting process is so attractive, I can ’t imagine the effect of the finished image.

— this is the first time that I have a nosebleed when I am so old.
I give it to you for the first time.
Arthur, you should be responsible for it ~

– – it ’s clearly that the bag is so tight, but the eyes and the face are attractive enough.

I really want to have a look across the screen! Envy those who can see the staff!

I can ’t wait to see the finished image.
I feel my nosebleed will come out.

Ah! Ah! Ah! I really like Arthur!

God! God! No matter what happens, I will always support you!

My God! How can there be such an attractive man in this world! Your eyes are foul! Foul!

Is this still human? Is it a goblin?! How charming!

After editing, I ’ll discuss with the director how to finish the shooting.
He was supposed to go to the dressing room to remove makeup and change clothes, but was led to the rest room by the assistant.

Regullus pressed Jing min on the door, lifted his chin and kissed hard.

After two people kiss for a while, regulles a will Jing min to pick up, put him on the sofa.

Regulles as long as the thought of today there are countless people saw his baby, he would like to be jealous of madness, he wanted to hide him, no one to see, only his own one to appreciate..

Life after life, they constantly meet and love each other.
Jing min doesn ’t know how many more lives they can continue to love.
They can only try their best to spend every love life perfectly.

Perhaps we should also thank fate for this arrangement and live up to it.


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