The mechanical programmer (1)

Jing min felt that his whole body was like falling apart, and it was very difficult to breathe.
He opened his eyes, and under the weak light, his eyes overlapped with each other, and his blurred appearance was like a layer of fog.

It seems that the body injury is not light, even if you turn on the system, it is impossible to recover from the injury immediately.
Although the vision is blurred, he can feel that he is in a narrow space now.
In order to determine whether there is a way to get out of here first, Jing min can only open the short memory with the nearest time first, and press a button according to the picture in the memory.

The light suddenly became bright, Jing min was dazzled by the dazzling light, closed his eyes and adapted for a long time, then slowly opened his eyes again.

His body can ’t move now, only his head can turn slightly, and his sight is a little clearer.
He looked down and saw that he was lying in a dilapidated mecha, surrounded by nothing but rocks and sand, not even a plant.

His skull seems to be broken like pain, but also can feel the blood on his face has been dried out, in the case of his body completely unable to move, if no one to save him, he may not be able to help himself.

Jing min was thinking about what to do.
Suddenly he saw a few small black spots in the sky.
He thought it was his eyesight.
But as the black spots grew bigger and bigger, he could see clearly that those were the flying mecha.

Jing min was suddenly a little nervous, because he did not know whether it was the enemy or his companion.
If it was the enemy, he would suffer some torture.
It was not sure whether he could survive.

Why should he be reborn at this time? Sooner or later, it would not have been as powerless to fight back as it is now.

Looking at has landed and toward his mecha, Jing min suddenly gave birth to a kind of bold feelings, tube him, die! Big deal, another world.

After approaching him, the mecha looked down at him and did not move for a long time.
Jing min knew that they must be discussing something, so the probability that these people are companions is very small.

Jing min felt like a piece of meat on the chopping board at the moment.
He laughed at himself.

The middle mecha, also the most powerful one, suddenly opened the cabin door and a man jumped out of it.

When the man went to the side of his cabin to look down on him, the moment they looked at each other, Jing min seemed to feel that the world was turning.
He was not breathing smoothly, because of the rapid heartbeat, more difficult to breathe.
In front of him, the man was handsome, deep in outline, tall and oppressive.
He stood there with light on his back, as if a martial god had come.

The long and handsome person Jing min sees a lot, but it is the first time that he sees a person on the first face, and his heart beats faster.
Is it the feeling from the Lord?

When he was in the air, he found that there were living creatures on this planet.
He fell down to have a look.
After landing, he saw a seriously wounded human lying in the broken mecha.
After identifying his identity as someone who was not theirs, he had no intention of meddling.
But when he saw the man sneering, he felt a strange pain in his heart.
At that moment, he had a feeling that if he abandoned this person, he would definitely regret it.

Denver ferie squatted down and looked at the man ’s face seriously.
His forehead was badly hurt, and his face was covered with blood and cyan, but he could still see that his skin was white and tender, like a delicate broken doll.
This man can ’t see anything special except his facial features.

Jing min uses the system to quickly search for this person ’s identity.
After confirming that he is not a companion, but not his enemy, he says weakly, ”help me. ”

Jing min is not sure if he will save himself, but he has a premonition that he is the only straw he can grasp at the moment.

The pain in his heart reappeared.
When he looked at the eyes so closely, he really felt that something in those eyes seemed to affect his soul.
He could not help but deep hands, carefully picked up the people.

He put Jing min behind his seat, started the mecha to fly up, and opened the contact channel with the ship: ”I have someone injured here.
Let the medical department prepare for first aid. ”

”Copy that.
Get ready. ”

The mecha flew in from an entrance of the ship, glided for a while, and then stopped in the mecha cabin.

Fernand came out of the mecha with Jing min in his arms.
There were doctors and nursing staff waiting below.
He put Jing min on the emergency cart and watched him retreat before turning to leave in another direction.

”General, this man is unidentified.
If we take him back to the ship so rashly, will there be any problem? ” Delles is the Vice General of de nanfrey.
Now it is a critical period.
When he brings back a person who does not know his identity, he is worried.

”He ’s hurt so much that he can ’t do anything bad for the time being.
When he gets better, I ’ll ask his identity in person. ” ”Before that, send someone to keep an eye on him.
If there is anything wrong with him, report it to me immediately. ” ”Yes, general. ” Replied dilace.

Jing min half open eyes, he saw that he was pushed into an emergency room, the doctor injected him with a tube of medicine, he immediately fell into a coma.

Wake up again, Jing min looks around to see the arrangement.
This should be the single medical room on the ship.
Less than a minute after he woke up, the automatic door opened and a doctor and two paramedics walked in from the outside.

”How do you feel? ” Asked the doctor.

”There ’s no pain at the moment, but I can ’t lift my strength at all. ” Jing min answered truthfully.

”Your injury is very serious, it takes a long time to recover.
We used medicine for you, so you can ’t feel the pain for the moment.
However, there are too many drugs for pain relief, which is bad for your health.
We will stop using painkillers in two days.
You should be prepared mentally. ” Said the doctor.

”I see.
Thank you, doctor. ”

”your body has multiple broken bones, especially your feet, which can take a long time to recover and may never recover.
We have already operated on you.
These days are a critical period for bone growth.
You must hold back and not move.
If you can ’t help it, please let us know.
We will help you fix your body.
But this kind of fixation, for a long time, is not good for * * and may cause muscle necrosis.
” The way the doctor talks is rigid and without any emotion.

”I can bear it myself, and if I can ’t, I will say it. ” Jing min used the system to scan his body.
The result is that with the help of the system, his leg can still recover, but the injury is too heavy and the time is not so fast.
As long as he can recover instead of being a cripple all the time, he will be satisfied.
Fortunately, this is an interstellar world where medical treatment is relatively developed.
If it is an ordinary modern world, he may have been amputated.

After doctors and nurses respectively record the values on the instruments beside them with palmtop computers, they leave Jingmin alone.

Jing min looked at the glass wall on the left, and knew that someone was watching him outside, but it doesn ’t matter.
He doesn ’t even move now, and he can ’t do anything he wants to do.

He closed his eyes and began to read about the world, about the body.

It can be said that the newly developed interstellar space-time is in the middle stage of various countries competing for the planet and developing their own strength in the universe.

There are many unknown and uninhabited planets in the universe.
If the country can preempt the occupation and keep it, the planet belongs to that country.
In the early days, in order to fight for the planet, it has experienced hundreds of years of scuffle, and the human casualties are quite tragic.
In addition to the invasion of Zerg and various cosmic disasters, if human beings continue to kill each other like this, they are likely to face the danger of extinction.

So a few countries took the lead in reaching a peace agreement to unite against other countries.
They divided the planets and minerals they were fighting for according to the contents of the agreement.
United with other countries, naturally, it is more powerful than those that fight alone.
Seeing that their strength is growing, other countries are also jealous and ask to join in one after another, so there is a cosmic Federation.

The man who Jing min passed through this time, named heankosa, was born in the phatany Empire, one of the states of the universe Federation.

Sean ’s grandfather was the left Prime Minister of the phatani Empire, and his father was the captain of the third ship, so he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, and his status was only a little lower than that of the prince.

According to law, born like him, even if he is a fool, he can live his life smoothly.
What ’s more, he is not only good-looking, but also smart since he was young.
His eldest brother is most respected as the eldest grandson, and he is the most beloved grandson of the left.
When he was still young, he was engaged to Tony birus, the son of the Minister of finance.
They not only matched each other, but also grew up together.
They had a good relationship since childhood.

However, the fate of this thing, is so unpredictable and uncontrollable, when he wants a good person, you can ’t think well, when he wants a bad person, you even have no room to struggle.

Sean ’s father ’s third ship was heavily damaged in a battle in which his father was killed.

The death of the eldest son made Sean ’s grandfather suffer a great deal of shock.
He was very old at once.
After a long time in bed, he decided to gradually step down from the position of left prime minister.

Originally, there was a left-wing husband and a captain in his family.
His power was too high.
In order not to be feared by the emperor, nor to make a big tree to attract the wind, Sheen ’s grandfather let his uncles hold idle positions without real power.
Sheen ’s father died, and his grandfather gradually retired.
However, some people took this opportunity to put their family to death.
The main reason is because of the engagement between Sean and Tony.

In this era, if the country controls more advanced mechanical technology, it can become a powerful country in the universe.
Therefore, excellent machinists are the most valued talents in every country.

Since he was ten years old, Sean has been studying in the Mechanical Department of imperial * * school.
His learning content is specialized in the research and development of mechanical armour and various kinds of machinery.
At the age of 15, they had a mechanical genius named Eric dotley.Eckley ’s talent in making mecha was particularly outstanding, and even attracted the attention of the royal family.
He had a brother named John, who happened to be a member of the third fleet.
Because of his excellent brother ’s relationship, he also rose with the tide.

This had nothing to do with sheen and his family.
Although John was a subordinate of his father, his father never treated him badly, instead, he promoted him more.

In school, eckley was always hostile to Sean, but because of his grandfather and father ’s identity, on the face of it, he didn ’t dare to do anything to him.

The reason why eckley dislikes Sean is that he falls in love with Sean ’s fiance Tony and has jealousy towards him.

This eckley is not simple.
In his body, there is a soul from the future.

The real acre, died of an accident, was saved by Tony.
When he woke up, his body was no longer the same soul as before.
At that time, he pretended to be amnesia, saying that he didn ’t remember his family, in fact, because he didn ’t know the real life of eckley.
Tony was in a good mood and took him home to take care of him for a few days.
With a soul of 20 years old, he fell in love with the tall and handsome Tony who was only 17 years old at that time.

After his rebirth, eckley knew that Tony had been engaged, and that the object of his engagement was of superior family background, and that not only the aristocrats, but also his grandfather and father were in high positions, he had a sense of crisis.
When his merchant parents came to see him and understood the importance of identity and class, he was a little desperate.

Eckley ’s family is rich, but no matter how rich he is, he can ’t make up for the gap in identity with Tony.
However, he gradually found that this space-time and his original space-time difference, that is, the level of mecha and other machinery, much behind.
Before he was born again, he happened to be a student of mechanical a college.
Although his grades were very average, in this time and space, he could make use of what he knew to shine here.

Eckley thinks that as long as he tries to change his destiny and narrow the gap between him and Tony, they will not be hindered together.
But he slowly found that the biggest obstacle between him and Tony was not their identities.
It was Tony ’s true love for Sean, not the forced engagement that he thought his parents wanted.

Eckley, who knows everything, is very jealous of Sean.
He thinks that since God has reborn him and returned to the time and space hundreds of years ago, he should be the son of fate.
He believes that the adversity at the beginning is a test for him.
Through his own efforts, he can turn his fate to his side.
He should not only get the supreme glory and the status of being respected, but also get Tony ’s love.

Using the knowledge he learned before his rebirth, eckley made amazing achievements again and again, and successfully attracted attention.

He made a much more advanced mecha than now, and made special settings.
He only told his brother how to start the mecha, and then said that only his elder brother could drive the mecha.
The two brothers, one in R & D and the other in driving, are considered to have special talents.

The real cause of Sean ’s father ’s death is actually related to eckley.
On the ground of thanking him for promoting his brother, eckley proposes to help Sheen ’s father transform the mecha, and then tampers with his mecha.
With the cooperation of his brother John, as the captain, he went to see a planet in person, and then he was ambushed by space pirates.
In the process of fighting, Sean ’s father ’s mecha suddenly broke down.
Before he could inform the ship, he was hit by the cosmic pirates and fell into the universe together with the fragmented mecha.

And the space pirates who ambush them were actually bought by John to ambush Sheen ’s father.

John is a man of great ambition.
At the same time, he is also a brother control.
He will try his best to help him get what his brother Ike wants.
Even if it is to rob, he should also seize it.

Under the plan of their brothers, John ’s position was getting higher and higher, and his power was also growing.
But even if John is already in charge of the military and the left prime minister has completely retired, they still can ’t get Sean and Tony to break their engagement.
Although the left prime minister has given up his power, his influence has not completely disappeared.
Even the emperor can not make such unreasonable demands on him.

John holds the power in his hands, and his ambition is growing.
What ’s more, he still wants to help his younger brother get his beloved.
In order to reach the peak of power and his brother ’s love, he chooses the sword to take the edge.

When the emperor fell ill, the best medicine in Imperial medicine could not sustain his life.
The eldest prince should have succeeded to the throne, but their brother made an accident, killed the prince, and then supported the illegitimate son born to the emperor ’s mistress.
A child only a few years old sat on the throne and was under their control.

Even the emperor is under their control, and they finally control the highest power, even if it is not on the surface, but also secretly.
Other ministers who were confused by them gradually understood, but it was too late.

They finally began to attack the sheens.
First, they set a trap on several of his uncles, imposed a lot of charges on them, and then killed them and put them in prison.
It is difficult to charge Sean ’s grandfather and father with the help of other ministers.
What makes him hate in despair is when he knows that Tony ’s family is also involved in slandering his grandfather and father.Sheen ’s grandfather was already sick in bed, and the fact that his sons had died was hidden from him.
But John broke into their house, told him everything in person, and declared him and his eldest son guilty.
Sean ’s grandfather knew that his son was dead, and heard of the fictional charges, thinking that he would die in the end, so he went.

Sean watched his grandfather die of anger.
He hated his incompetence, John ’s ruthlessness, and those who helped John deal with his family.
But he can do nothing but hate, the despair and pain that people who have not experienced will never experience.

Soon Sheehan received a notice from Tony ’s family to terminate the engagement.
He ran to Tony and asked him whether it was his own decision or his parents ’ decision.

Tony said the engagement was decided by his parents and he didn ’t want to, but he couldn ’t control it.

Sheen asked him if he would like to leave the country with him and escape far away with him.

Tony said he couldn ’t leave his parents behind, so even if his heart was in pain, he couldn ’t leave with him.

Although sheen was disappointed, he didn ’t blame him.
He knew that, as he said, it was beyond his control.

But then Ackley appeared.
He took Tony ’s hand closely and told sheen that he was going to be engaged to Tony.
He told Sean that he would not pester Tony any more.
He also said that Tony had fallen in love with him a long time ago, but because of his grandfather ’s reason, he didn ’t say it, otherwise he would have broken the engagement with him.

Sheen didn ’t believe what he said.
He looked at Tony and hoped that he could deny it.
But he not only did not deny it, but also nodded to admit that he had indeed fallen in love with acre a long time ago.

Since being rescued by Tony, eckley has been looking for all kinds of opportunities to approach him.
They come and go, and they become ambiguous.
Tony ’s heart struggled too.
He thought he loved Sean, but he couldn ’t bear to refuse acre.
In his connivance, eckley is more and more bold to express his love for him, and after a half drunk drink, the two people push the boat to have a relationship.

Tony, who was still struggling, didn ’t know how to face Sean.
After the accident in the sheen family, he felt relieved.
He thought that in this way, he could have Sean and eckley at the same time.
It was not so noble in his family that he would not mind being a lover for himself.
And eckley has always been gentle and considerate, never quarrelling, he should not care that he has a lover outside.

Sean ’s mood at that time is hard to describe.
He didn ’t cry or make any noise.
He was so numb in his heart that he left with a miserable smile.

In order to show off to sheen, and also to fight him, eckley told him all the truth, and ridiculed that he was just a fallen mountain bird.
Even if he knew everything, he could do nothing about him.

Sean ’s cousins were all assassinated, only sheen and his big brother survived.
When sheen wanted to escape with his elder brother, he was also assassinated by the people sent by John.
John wanted to make sheen and his elder brother disappear completely in this world for the sake of his younger brother.

When he was on the run, Sheen ’s big brother didn ’t know where to send two mecha.
He told sheen to escape first, and then he went to lure away those who pursued them.

Sheen didn ’t want to run away alone, but under his brother ’s insistence and persuasion, he had to bear the pain to leave.

Although his elder brother bought him some time, his pursuers came to him as he was about to escape from the territory of the phatani empire.
After he was hit, he fell in the universe together with the mecha.
Those who pursued him thought he was dead.
When they wanted to take his body back, they met the inspection ship of wilkesha empire.

When they were chasing sheen, they were about to enter the territory of wilkesha Empire, and they withdrew quickly in order not to cause unnecessary conflict.

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