The battle of machines (2)

those who chased Sean thought that he had fallen into the space, and the mecha was broken and could not be activated, so they went back to their lives.

But I didn ’t expect that Sean, together with mecha, floated in space for a long time, and finally landed on a deserted planet.
But the real sheen died with a strong sense of hatred.
What was rescued by denaturesque was Jing min, who had been reborn.

After receiving all the information, Jing min felt the hatred pounding his brain, even his body couldn ’t help shaking up.
This was the first time he realized that the hatred of the original owner would be so strong that if it was not because he could not move now, he must do something to vent his depression.

Those pictures and memories kept appearing in his mind, which made him not only have a headache, but also his heart began to ache, which shows how strong Sheen ’s hatred is.

Jing min closed his eyes and recited in his heart over and over again.
You can rest assured that I will repay you for this revenge.
I will never let go of those people.
I will definitely let them pay a more painful price.

Jing min lay in the hospital bed for more than ten days.
During this period, Denan Furie came to see him, but he did not enter the ward, but stood outside the glass wall to watch him.

Jing min seemed to feel his eyes, and through the glass wall where he could not see anything, he looked at Denver accurately.

Some surprised, but looking at the eyes, more inexplicable pity and heartache.
He should have interrogated his identity a few days ago.
If there was something wrong with his identity, he should have disposed of him.
At the very least, he should have thrown him out of the ship and let him live and die.

However, he hesitated.
This was the first time that he was soft hearted to a person.
He felt that even if his identity was wrong, at least let him leave after his injury was cured, so that he could have a greater chance to live.
He knew that his practice was irrational and dangerous, but he couldn ’t control his heart and wanted to do it.

Jing min lay down for another ten days.
After more than 20 days, he was able to sit up.
But his feet couldn ’t get to the ground for a long time, so he had an automatic wheelchair specially prepared for him.
However, his range of activities is only in the ward, and he is not allowed to leave the ward until his identity is confirmed.
Therefore, this is not only his ward, but also his room of imprisonment.
However, the treatment is much better than that of ordinary prisoners.
The treatment and medication given to him alone is certainly not a small expense.

Jing Min has been waiting for Denan Frey to interrogate him.
He has already known the identity of this person through the system.
As one of the three generals of the wilkesha Empire, he was also the one with the highest status and the greatest power.
However, after a coup many years ago, there was no emperor in the wilkesha empire.
They were parliamentary system, and the supreme leader was the prime minister.
However, the prime minister did not control finance or military power, so the power of the country was very decentralized.

Although wilkesha Empire and phatani Empire belong to one of the states of the universe Federation, they also belong to the competition relationship.
Only in the process of competing for the planets and minerals, they try to maintain the superficial harmony, at least to make themselves seem to abide by the federal treaty.
In fact, in front of the federal treaty, whoever is stronger will have more say.

And the strength of the phatani empire is comparable to that of the wilkesha Empire, and the mecha made by eckery has indeed played a significant role.

It doesn ’t matter whether or not he is his lover for the time being, but in his capacity and in his present form, cooperation with him is the best choice.
But how to persuade him may take some thought.

Jing min photographed the wide automatic wheelchair like the driver ’s seat.
Fortunately, it was the wheelchair that attracted the attention of Denver Frey.

Although there is no freedom of life in the ward, at least he is safe.
But when his subordinates came down and reported to him that the man he had brought back had behaved strangely, he had to meet him and ask him all the questions.

Jing min originally turned his back to the door.
Hearing the sound of the automatic door opening, he manipulated the wheelchair to rotate 180 degrees in place and looked at the people coming in.

He stood with his hands on his back, looking at him like this and not speaking.

Jing Min said with a smile, ”I ’ve finally seen you, General de nanfrey. ”

”Do you know me? ” There was a slight frown on the brow of Fernand.

”Although I only saw your side face in the materials, I was very impressed.
At that time, I thought that the person who could be so handsome just by the side face would be handsome, and the people would be indignant. ” These are not Jingmin ’s fictions, but the real ideas that sheen had.
Sheen had indeed seen the profile of Denver Frey on his grandfather ’s desk.

Looking at the bright and clean face, he could not help but love his heart.
His bright eyes like gems softened his cold heart.
He even doubted whether this man would be some kind of enchanting magic, but he could see that his eyes were very clear, without a trace of weird and bad ideas. ”I heard you took the wheelchair apart. ” He looked at the wheelchair in good condition.

”Yes. ” Jing Min said with a smile, ”I ’m too bored to be locked in this room for so many days. ”

Jing min with a bit of coquettish tone, so that the heart of South Furie has a feather across the feeling, his face has an instant unnatural, but soon returned to normal.

”You should know the purpose of my coming to see you, tell me what I should say, and decide what to do with you. ” Said Fernand, with a cold face.

”I didn ’t expect that you would come to interrogate me now, not to mention that the general would come to interrogate me in person.
I would explain everything.
You should have activated the lie detector? ” Jing min is very clear about what kind of treatment will be given to an unidentified person on a ship of a national army.
Like him, it is definitely a special treatment of VIP class, and he can enjoy such treatment, it must be because of the reason of Fernando.
He knew that only his lover could not bear to suffer a little bit, and when he saw the first face of Francois, he already had the feeling of heart, so he was too likely to be his own lover.

”Tell me, who you are and where you come from. ” He didn ’t deny that he had the polygraph turned on, and just outside the glass wall, there was a team of people staring at him, and if he had any problems, he would be found.

”My name is Sean cosa.
I ’m from the phatany Empire, or I should say that I was from the phatany empire before… ” Jing min ’s expression slowly darkened down, he seemed to fall into a bad memory of the appearance, at this moment, he brought a part of Xien should have the mood.

He felt that the name of cosa was familiar to him.
It was not very common.
It seemed that some of the people he knew had this name.
However, he did not interrupt Jing min ’s words, waiting for him to continue.

”My grandfather was the left Prime Minister of the phatani Empire, and my father ’s was the captain of the third ship. ”

Denver and the people outside are very surprised to see Jing min, such a life experience, how can almost die on the barren planet?

”But they ’re all dead, my family, none of them I ’m the only one alive, and I ’ve been hunted.
Therefore, I have no country and no home now.
”Jing min ’s eyes are full of tears, and the sadness that he exudes can be felt by those who look at him through the glass wall.

It was only then that he remembered that he had received a secret report from the phatany Empire, part of which was about the affairs of the left Prime Minister of the phatany empire.
The left Prime Minister of the phatani Empire, the eldest son was killed in the battle, and the other three sons were jailed for crimes and all committed suicide in prison.
After Zuo Xiang ’s death, all his grandchildren disappeared.

At that time, he was still thinking that there must be a big conspiracy behind these things.
The main emissary of this plot is probably related to John dotley, who is now the actual authority of phatany.

After that, Jing min described how his grandfather and uncles died, his cousins were suddenly assassinated in their own home, and he and his elder brother were chased and killed and fled.

His sad expression, pain to the body shaking appearance, let look at him feel that they tore his bloody wound bigger, let his wound bear the scorching sun, watching him endure the pain that ordinary people can not understand, they have a sense of guilt.

These people are professional psychological experts.
They see more miserable experiences.
When necessary, they will take special measures to break down the mood of the people being interrogated, and dig out all the things in their hearts.
It ’s the first time for them to feel guilty, perhaps because they ’ve met someone so emotional for the first time.

He felt that he wanted to comfort him, but in the present situation and the degree of familiarity between them, he could not act as any consolation.
He could only bear his heart ’s reluctance and say, ”we will verify what you say.
After confirming that all you say is true, we can provide political shelter for you.
We will send them to live on a planet in wilkesha Empire, but you can ’t reveal your identity.
Would you like to

”I ’m very grateful for what you ’ve done for me, general, but living a secure life in anonymity is not what I want. ” Jing min ’s eyes hurt and firmly said, ”such a big hatred, if you don ’t let the enemy pay the price, I can ’t live alone and safely. ”

”What do you want? Go back to the phatani Empire and find your enemies? If you can do it, you won ’t end up being chased to death.
” In his heart, he was very unhappy.
He saved the man ’s life.
If he insisted on his death, he felt that he had the right to force him to stay.

”I managed to escape.
Of course, I won ’t be so stupid as to run back and die, but I will revenge this revenge anyway. ” Jing min looked at Denver and said, ”so, I want to cooperate with you. ”

”Are you sure you ’re talking about cooperation? ” ”Do you understand the meaning of cooperation? ” he said

”Of course I understand that I am a student in the Department of mechanics at the phatani * * school, and although I have not officially graduated, I have the ability to help you deal with fittany and other countries. ” Sheen is only 20 years old and has three years to go before he can officially graduate. ”There are many students in the mechanical department in our empire, and there are also many talents.
It is not only those who study mechanics can say that they want to cooperate with me. ” Although he felt pity for this man inexplicably, it doesn ’t mean that he has lost his mind to the point where he believes everything he says.
”If I remember correctly, you phatany Empire, the most powerful mechanic, should be a man named eckley, the younger brother of your enemy.
I haven ’t heard of your name before

Jing min had already guessed that he would not believe it, and did not care about his words in his heart.
”I know that even if I say myself more powerful, it is empty talk.
How about the general giving me a chance to prove myself? ”

”I can give you a chance, but I ’ll wait until your feet are ready.
You can take care of the injury now, ” he said

Jing min deliberately showed a tired look and said, ”then I would like to thank the general first.
After sitting for such a long time, I am also tired.
If the general doesn ’t mind, I want to lie in bed. ”

”Can I help you? ” After that, he remembered that the automatic wheelchair could help him get up and out of bed.

Jing min looked at him for a while and then said, ”no, thank you for your kindness. ”

The automatic wheelchair lifts Jing min ’s body.
After Jing min lies on the bed, the wheelchair returns to its original state.

”Then you have a rest.
I ’ll go first. ” When he had said that, he would turn away.

”Wait a minute. ” Jing min stopped him, patted the wheelchair beside the bed and said, ”general, it ’s because I removed this wheelchair, right? Don ’t you want to know what I did to this wheelchair? ”

”This wheelchair will be taken away and disassembled.
After that, you should be honest and conscientious.
Don ’t do these unnecessary things any more. ” ’said Fernand very seriously.

”I haven ’t had time to show it.
It ’s a pity that you ’re going to dismantle it.
It ’s a pity that I ’ve spent a lot of time to transform it.
Or I ’ll show it first, and then you can dismantle it.
” Jing min finished, he pressed a button on the wheelchair.

Suddenly, the wheelchair changed its shape and attacked denaturing.
Fortunately, he had excellent reaction ability and immediately blocked the attack of the wheelchair.

When the people outside saw that he was attacked, they immediately opened the door and rushed in.
The deformed wheelchair, like wisdom, took the opportunity to break through the crowd and rush out of the door.

”Go after it! ” At the same time, he quickly drew his gun at Jing min.

Jing min looked at him, blinked innocently, and then slowly raised his hands over his shoulders.

In his heart, he couldn ’t stand Jing min ’s eyes.
He couldn ’t hold the gun at this man all the time.
He felt that this time he was really met with a nemesis, but also a very troublesome nemesis.

Jing min not only transformed the wheelchair, but also reset the program inside it.
After the deformed wheelchair rushed out, it was marching forward.
Although the wheelchair did not hurt people, but a group of soldiers want to catch it can not grasp it, using weapons to attack are also flexible to avoid it.
After all, it ’s on the ship.
They can ’t use weapons that are too destructive.
Otherwise, the ship may be seriously damaged.

”Grab it, quick! This way! This way

”Surround! Surround it

”Hold on No, I ran away again

”Attack, attack with weapons! ”

”It ’s clearly aimed.
Why didn ’t you hit it?! I use a tracking bomb! Is it out of order? ”

The soldiers are in a mess, using all kinds of methods, but they can ’t grasp a wheelchair.
Although it looks more like a robot now, it can ’t see the shape of the wheelchair.

The deformed wheelchair teased those who wanted to catch it, and then returned to Jingmin ’s ward and changed back to the wheelchair shape.
Although no one was injured during this period, a group of soldiers from the ship escort team could not cope with a wheelchair.
This is not only a blow, but also a disgrace to them.

A group of soldiers stood at the door of Jing min ’s ward, and lowered their heads one after another after seeing the sharp eyes of Fernand Frey.

”I know you won ’t believe me if I tell you a flower just by opening my mouth. ” Jing min touched the wheelchair and said, ”so I have to use practical actions to prove to you that you can have this wheelchair removed.
If there is anything you don ’t understand, you can ask me. ”

With a glance, he asked the soldiers to take the wheelchair away.

When soldiers approached the wheelchair, they were still on guard.
They were worried that the wheelchair would suddenly riot again.

He went out with a black face, and ordered the soldiers to keep an eye on him.
He was not allowed to move any mechanical objects.
As for Jing min, he is not in a hurry to deal with it for the time being.
His soldiers, on their own ships, were fooled by a wheelchair.
This is a very serious matter.
If this is spread out, he will have no face to be a general any more.
This is definitely the greatest disgrace in his military career.

Every soldier under his command, even a logistics soldier, is an elite soldier who has undergone strict training and can go to the battlefield at any time.
Now a group of soldiers of the ship escort team are in a mess in front of a wheelchair.
As a result, they have not been able to catch the wheelchair.
He must deal with this matter seriously.Jing min in order to transform that wheelchair, really spent a lot of thought, otherwise it would not be so powerful.
However, what he wants is this kind of blockbuster effect.
He doesn ’t want to take the time to prove himself.
It ’s a waste of time.
This way is straightforward and effective.

Because of the inconvenience of legs and feet, he can only rely on the strength of the upper body.
Although the transformation method of wheelchair is completed by system, he must do it by himself.
In order to transform that wheelchair, Jing min spent a lot of energy.
He really felt a little tired.
Now he can have a good sleep and cultivate his spirit.

He trained all the soldiers of the ship escort team and asked them to return to the base for retraining.
Another group of soldiers came.
Together with more than a dozen combat units, the training on ships has also been strengthened.

The machinists on the ship disassembled Jing min ’s modified wheelchair and studied the program code inside.
However, they were busy for two days and failed to understand the program content.
Moreover, the machinists marveled at the pile of reconstructed machines.
They couldn ’t believe it.
It was made by hand without any professional tools.

Machinists are eager to see Jing, because some parts of the transformation, they really can ’t see how to do it, want to consult him.

Mo Gan, the leader of the mechanical group, projected the contents of the computer to denaturing Frey.
”Look, general, this is the disassembly analysis diagram of that wheelchair.
There are many parts on it.
Although we disassembled it, we failed when we tried to install it back.
There are also new programs in it.
According to the program group, they have not been cracked yet ”

as he looked at the analysis charts, he tapped his fingers on the table and pondered.
No one knew what he was thinking.

”General, this man is absolutely a genius in mechanics and procedures.
Such transformation, let alone those simple tools, can not be transformed even with the most advanced equipment and instruments. ” Mogan is nearly 50 years old, and rarely gets excited like this: ”general, if this man can ’t be used by us, then he is likely to bring us great trouble.
We must not let him help our opponent, we must find a way to keep him. ”

”No matter how a wheelchair is transformed, its parts and instruments are only those things.
How on earth did it play my soldiers around? Don ’t you know the reason for this? ” There was still no way for him to accept the fact that his soldiers had even dealt with a wheelchair.

”This is the general. ” ”In the design of the automatic wheelchair, there are the functions of distinguishing the road and avoiding the collision, as well as the function of self-protection and protection of passengers.
After the transformation, the wheelchair does not have the ability of strong attack, but its ability to evade and protect itself has been strengthened.
It even has some intelligent recognition ability, which should be related to its newly set program.
Before dismantling, we have tested this wheelchair ’s Dodge and guidance ability, which has reached the level of B-class or above.
I can use the wheelchair machinery to achieve the effect of mecha, so I will say that the person who transforms it must be a genius in mechanics and procedures.

So it ’s not really that the ability of the ship ’s escort team is weak, but the wheelchair that has been transformed by Jingmin is too strong.
Those members of the escort team who are receiving devil training are actually wronged, because even if they fight with each other, they will not have a good chance of winning, unless they are flying armored combat.

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