The wind was cold and it was snowing heavily.

The holographic projection signboard outside the bar sensed an approach of a person and lit up a circle of colored lights.
Unfortunately, the signboard was aging and the response was a little delayed.
When the word “Welcome” lit up and floated in the air, the visitor had already passed through this holographic projection as high as a person and rushed into the bar.

The lights in the bar were dim.

This asteroid, XueLi Star was far away from the central star and extremely cold all year round.
After remodeling, this area that could barely support human survival also had long days and short nights.

Since the nights were so short that there was no enough sleep.
Therefore, covering the windows and dimming the lights were the only way to pretend there was a nightlife.
This bar also did like that. 

In the bar, there were more than half of the people wearing military uniforms and the other guests had already seen it.

There was a royal army stationed in the snow-capped mountains not far away— it seemed to be a newly-established army.
The local residents didn’t know their numbers and code names.
Also, they didn’t care too much about it .
As those soldiers were training deep in the snow-capped mountains everyday, they didn’t usually see each other.
Only on holidays of each month, men and women drinking in the bar at the foot of the mountain would see some officers and soldiers who spent their holidays to relax and have fun.

” Breaking news, breaking news!”

The man who rushed into the bar just now shouted loudly.
He took off his antifreeze suit and shook it vigorously, shaking off all the snowflakes and ice crystals to the ground.

Then, a flat and small cleaning machine stumbling and sliding over stretched out its tool hand and started to deal with snow water on the ground.
Because of the man’s shout,the noisy voice in the bar was silent for a moment and then became more lively. 

” Haha LaoYang, you just woke up from a hangover, right?”

” We all have already known!”

” You may be the last person who has seen the news of XueLi Star, hahaha.”

” Yang, yesterday, I told you to drink less, but you didn’t listen to my advice…”

The middle-aged man named Yang was not annoyed when he was laughed at by everyone.
He squeezed into the middle of his acquainted drinking buddies, waved to the waiter for a drink, and said with a smile, ” You guys are so mean.
You didn’t even send a text message and wake me up for such a big event!”

” Wake you up for what?”

” I’m going to get ready early, buy some honorable clothes, go clean shave my beard off and then get a haircut!”

The people next to him laughed even harder.
A man laughed loudly and said, ” It is as if the prince came to see you on purpose.
Are you a royal relative?”

LaoYang retorted loudly, ” Why didn’t the prince come to see me on purpose? He came to visit the residents of XueLi Star.
Am I not a resident of XueLi Star?”

Everyone laughed at his thick skin and above their heads, a three-dimensional bust newscaster formed by holographic projection was still tirelessly popularizing the life of the current crown prince.

He was the firstborn son of the emperor and His royal Highness, the former empress named “Xiu” of the empire.

In this era where the average life expectancy had already exceeded a hundred years and some people with advanced genes could live to around one hundred and fifty years old, twenty-eight-year old age was really very young.
However, the crown prince had already been very prestigious at such a young age.

Although he did not show any special genetic ability, he had excellent academic performance, extraordinary temperament and demeanor, gentleness and politeness.
He was enthusiastic about charity and public welfare , also never engaged in any bad habits.
Since childhood, His Royal Highness, the eldest son of the emperor, had always been an excellent role model for the children of the royal family, and he was an extremely qualified heir.

Two years ago, as the crown prince, he came to the battlefield to supervise the battle, and completely wiped out the rebel army that had plagued the empire for decades, which pushed his reputation to the peak.

The Glory of the Empire!

Everyone praised their flawless Crown Prince so highly.

Even an idle drunkard like Lao Yang felt proud due to Prince Xiu’s upcoming visit to XueLi Star.
It was shown that how deeply His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

” The Prince’s visit here is probably related to us.
It has nothing to do with a drunkard like him!”

In a corner of the bar, a soldier wearing military uniform sneered in a low voice.

” That’s right.

The comrade sitting next to him agreed.

Another soldier frowned and said, “The crown prince came so suddenly, we didn’t receive any notice in advance.”

   “The notice is to inform the officers, of course we won’t receive it… Hey, Fred! Didn’t you just get promoted to second lieutenant? Do you have any inside information?”

The young man named “Fred” sat in the middle surrounded by several soldiers.

For the rank of lieutenant, he looked too young – he seemed to be in his early twenties, an age when most people hadn’t graduated from school.

Among the young soldiers who got together to drink, he had the highest military rank, but he didn’t have any pretensions, and everyone had no objection to him.
Having performed missions on XueLi Star together for two years, Fred’s combat ability was obvious to all.

After being called by name, he said, “I really found out yesterday—Miss, please help me refill a glass of Fire Kiss, thank you.

The passing waitress was busy and wanted to say ” wait a moment”.
However, when she turned her head and saw the young man’s face clearly, she immediately withdrew h

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