Farming Happiness: Husband, Come and Plough the Fields


Author : 四叶莲

Chapter 1 : Once Transmigrated


At nightfall, it was raining lightly and the rain pounded on the window pane, making a popping sound.


Li Haitang tossed and turned, turning over and over, her eyes vacant as she stared at the tattered light tent overhead, inwardly feeling unsettled.


Two days ago, she was a doctor in the general surgery department of the People’s Hospital and was working the night shift in the hospital.
There were no patients, so she watched a popular online drama, spat with her colleagues and fell asleep without realizing it.
When she woke up again, there was a change of scenery.


A dilapidated brick house with green bricks on the floor, a piece of fire bed against the window and two boxes on the bed that had lost their paint and were speckled with cracks that showed their age.


Several people dressed in ancient clothes surrounded her, and the crowd was full of words.
Fortunately, she could understand the words of the other side, the abuse and mockery, it made her uncomfortable inside.


As a healer, saving lives and helping the injured, she had always been respected.
Li Haitang was grabbed by her clothes and cursed; as she retorted, she realized that her throat seemed to have been strangled by something, it was red and swollen.


“Little bitch, if you want to die, you have to die in the Qin family, don’t drag your family down with you! We’ve taken the money!”


An old woman with white hair and a mouth full of spittle, with a mouth full of yellow teeth and one missing incisor teeth, her words leaked out, “You’re just like your mother who is not honest, you’ve been given a good home to eat and drink, and you’re still making a fuss, what will the villagers think of our family?”


“That’s right,that’s right, we’re just two days away from

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