getting married and you have to make a scene, as if we’re pushing you into the pit of suffering!”


The mean woman with high cheekbones standing next to the old lady nodded in agreement and added, “The Qin family will not let you down on their terms, three meals a day, cooked rice and also meat.”


Li Haitang was so confused by all those people involved talking that she thought she was dreaming, but the clear pain in her neck made it all seem so real.


She closed her eyes for a moment to think, and a scene immediately flashed in her mind.
Li Haitang finally acknowledged the sad reality that she had somehow transmigrated over, and the people who had just spoken to her were the original’s Old Lady Grandma Li as well as her eldest uncle and auntie Liu.


The original owner of the body, with the same name as her, also called Li Haitang, was young but a virgin girl who had just reached maturity.


The original owner’ body’s father and mother passed away one after another, leaving her and her youngest brother Li Jin Hu, who is only nine years old and dependent on each other for living.


Before Mother Li’s bones were cold, the family’s most desperate relatives came to her door.
They were eager to take over the house and the land, selling the rather good looking Li Haitang to the town’s bachelor, Qin Counselor.


Qin Counselor had several rice and grain shops in the town and a hundred acres of good land in the surrounding villages.
He himself was half-dead but did not leave a single child behind and also because he had died of several wives so he continued to take new wife.


With no one to inherit his large family business, Qin Counselor was depressed all day long.
Two months ago, when he was in town, he happened to meet Li Haitang.
He heard from a passer-by chattering that Li Haitang was a good-looking woman with a big, shapely ass and that she was good for breeding, so she would definitely give birth to a son.


The speaker had no intention of speaking but the listener did.
Counselor Qin was immediately attracted and offered large betrothal gifts just to marry a beautiful woman as his wife.



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