Chapter 01 The First Herb Meet In The Evening

“Doctor Gu, cardiac arrest occurred in 2 beds!”
“Charge finished!”

“Charge finished!”

“Di, di, di, di, di…”
“The patient returned to sinus rhythm at 48 beats per minute with a blood oxygen level of 75%.”
“1mg epinephrine bolus.”
“Doctor Gu, the patient's family has already gone outside the rescue room.”
In the emergency room of the Friendship Hospital in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, it was confirmed that the patient's condition was temporarily stable, and the tall young doctor straightened up under everyone's attention.
He had just pulled the patient back from the death line.
The expression on his face was still calm, and his movements were quick and capable.
He took off his gloves without raising his head: “Push the patient into the operating room and be ready for surgery within 5 minutes.”
Gu Yunzheng, the leader of the Hua ren Hospital's medical team in Africa this time, is the youngest associate professor of neurosurgery in China.
The people around immediately responded to the sound, only to hear him pause for a while and then ask, “Where is the new translator?”
Before waiting for the assistant to answer, Gu Yunzheng saw a woman in a white dress walking quickly from a position about ten paces away from them, and extended her hand to him generously in the noise of the emergency room: “French translation, Su Wei install.”
Gu Yunzheng's eyes swept across her hand, only to see that her fingers were long and slender, with distinct joints, very much like a surgeon's.
He then took another look at her, with a beautiful plain face and a simple ponytail.
of sunlight.
But it was just one more look.
Gu Yunzheng took out a surgical consent form from the drawer and handed it to her.
He turned around and walked out the door, saying briefly, “Come with me.”
The black woman in her thirties who was waiting anxiously outside the rescue room saw the doctor and immediately greeted her.
After confirming her identity, she learned that the black woman was the patient's mother, named Cati.
Gu Yunzheng ordered Su Weian, “Tell her that her son had a car accident and had just been rescued from cardiac arrest before.
Now he is in critical condition and must Immediately operate to resolve the intracranial hemorrhage, and have her sign the consent form.”
Su Weian translated Gu Yunzheng's words to Cati word for word, and the expression of the 7-year-old's mother froze for a moment.
Followed by a crying question: “How to do this operation?”
“After anesthesia, take a piece of skull and remove the hematoma in the brain.”
Cati choked after hearing this: “Is there any risk in surgery?”
Gu Yunzheng glanced at his watch, and more than half of the originally scheduled 5 minutes had passed.
He frowned lightly: “Any operation has risks.”
Tears fell from Cati's eyes, and he asked hesitantly, “Can I avoid surgery? Can I be transferred back to the General Hospital? We have a familiar doctor over there.”
The General Hospital is a hospital built by France in Bangui.
Judging from Cati's dress, her family should also be a family with some status in the local area, so it is not surprising that there are familiar doctors.
It's just that I don't want to do surgery now…
Su Wei'an couldn't help frowning, this is impossible!
Sure enough, Gu Yunzheng's answer was very firm: “Surgery must be done immediately!”
Su Wei'an watched helplessly as Cati, who had lost her mind, was crying, her big eyes were mixed with expectation and worry, and she stared straight at her.
Su Weian couldn't bear it and tried to explain to her: “The patient's brain is bleeding continuously, and the formed hematoma will accumulate in the brain tissue.
This situation is very critical and cannot be delayed.
If it presses the life center, it will cause the heartbeat and breathing to stop…

Before a series of lengthy explanations were finished, Su Wei'an saw that Cati's tears were about to fall in large numbers.
Su Wei'an was also a little anxious.
She didn't know how to calm her down.
At this moment, Gu Yunzheng uttered two decisive words in a blunt French pronunciation: “Don't do it, die.”
When the words fell, Su Wei'an looked at him in shock.
Su Wei'an sat with Cati waiting outside the operating room.
The mother's crying became more and more intense as time went on.
Although Su Wei'an kept trying to comfort her, it had little effect.
At this moment, the warning light outside the operating room finally went out.
Gu Yunzheng came out of the operating room first.
Although he had just finished an emergency operation, his description did not show fatigue and anxiety.
He walked in front of Su Wei'an and Cati, and a height of more than 1.8 meters just covered it.
The lights in the back are not very bright.
Being shrouded in the shadow cast in front of him, Su Wei'an suddenly lost her senses for a moment.
She remembered that when she was still in Huaren Hospital in China, it seemed to be in a place at the door of the operating room.
She watched this figure surrounded by everyone.
leave in.
At that time, Wen Ran, who was still her best friend, said to her in a tone of amazement: “Look, look, this is Mr.
Gu who will take us to the trainee class of craniocerebral hemorrhage, a man of the neurosurgery in our hospital.
, After completing many difficult operations, he can still maintain zero Table Death (operating table death), and was promoted to associate professor at the age of 30!”
At that time, everyone believed that with Gu Yunzheng's achievements and abilities, he would be promoted to the professor before the age of 35, and he might be able to take over the largest neurosurgery in China at the age of 40.
But life is really wonderful.
In just two years, she actually met this golden winner in life in the land of Central Africa.
Gu Yunzheng said calmly: “The operation went well, and 48 hours after the operation is a dangerous period, which requires close observation.”
Su Wei'an told Cati in French, Cati sighed with relief when she heard the words, and her tears finally stopped, she nodded repeatedly, then thanked her again and again, and went to the ward with the child who was pushed out later.

Soon, the corridor in front of the operating room became quiet, leaving only Su Wei'an and Gu Yunzheng.
Gu Yunzheng didn't mean to stop, just said three words: “Go back to the emergency room.”
Su Weian stopped him: “Doctor Gu, please wait.”
“Is something wrong?”
Su Wei'an walked two steps to him: “The last two French words of Doctor Gu just now are too scary and do not meet the regulations of doctor-patient communication.
Since I am the translator, please give me full authority to communicate in French.
Give it to me, explain the condition as much as possible to the patient's family members and comfort them, this is the humanistic care advocated in medicine.”
“Humanistic care?” Gu Yunzheng paused, this is really a word that often appears at hospital conferences, she knows a lot.
But then, his words became sharp: “If you are dying in the emergency room, do you want me to use your prime time to rescue you, or go outside to chat with your family?”
There was a moment of silence in the air.
Just when Gu Yunzheng thought the conversation was over, he just heard Su Wei'an say word by word: “I hope you can explain to them why they risked so much to give my life to you, not to them.
Add more fear!”
Gu Yunzheng said solemnly: “Do you think you can explain it clearly in a few minutes?”
Su Wei'an said without showing weakness: “How do you know that you must not be able to explain?”
“You know best what your family members have become after hearing your so-called explanation!”
Su Wei'an wanted to argue more, but Gu Yunzheng no longer gave her such a chance: “Since you know that you are only a translator, all you have to do is to translate my words verbatim, just as you did just now without authorization.
Explaining expertise to patients must never happen a second time!”
Su Wei'an was startled: “How do you know…”
“I don't know any French at all, so please don't talk too much about professional content like craniocerebral hemorrhage, no matter who you hear it from!”
His tone became more and more severe later, and even his eyes were full of coldness.
Su Wei'an only felt that these words were like a knife stabbing her straight in the empty corridor.
Her lips moved as if she wanted to say something, but she swallowed the words back, just silent.
The air seemed to freeze for a while.
What broke all this was the anxious voice of the nurse: “Doctor Gu, the emergency room has just received two patients who were in a coma from a car accident.
Secou, please come and take a look!”
Gu Yunzheng hurried to the emergency room immediately, Su Weian followed closely, and before entering the emergency room, he heard cries.
There were two flat cars parked in front and back.
Gu Yunzheng first checked the patient in the first car.
He moved very quickly and reported the results of the physical examination: “The patient is in a coma, there is a unilateral pupillary reflex to light, and intracranial hemorrhage is suspected.
, contact the patient's family and prepare for surgery.”
Then he walked to the second patient, but this time, his examination movement slowed down, and his eyebrows became tighter: “Bilateral pupils are dilated, and the light reflex disappears.”
Su Wei'an's heart tightened.
The nurse handed over the CT film that was taken just before they came.
Because the location was close to Gu Yunzheng, Su Weian also saw the obvious intracranial hemorrhage on the film, which had formed a serious brain herniation.
This is the very serious situation she just explained to Cati.
Xu Shi saw that their expressions were not good, and the woman with her two children couldn't help crying and begging: “Please, you must save him, he is the backbone of our family, he is a good man, please must save him…”
The two children who were only five or six years old grabbed the corner of Gu Yunzheng's white coat while shaking it and begging him with their mother.
The paramedic who brought the patient to the hospital explained: “The patient in front was a drunk driver who hit them with his car and was hit hard himself to protect his family.”
The perpetrator was protected by the safety equipment in the car, while innocent passers-by were hit with blood.
Translating these to Gu Yunzheng, Su Weian couldn't help softening his tone for the family: “Please save him!”
The head of the family is lying here, which should be a disaster for this seemingly impoverished family.
Now there are two patients who need emergency surgery, but there is only one specialist in neurosurgery.
This patient has been dragged by death on one hand, and only Gu Yunzheng may be able to fight for him.
Zero Table Death, which means that as long as Gu Yunzheng agrees, this patient has the possibility to survive, right?
Everyone's eyes fell on him, and the others were silent, only hearing the cries of the family.
Promise, Gu Yunzheng!
The expectation in Su Wei'an's eyes was undisguised.
Taking a last look at the patient, Gu Yunzheng raised his head, as if he had already made up his mind, he said, “Tell the patient's family, because the patient's injury is too serious, it is too late, and let them be mentally prepared and spend time with him.
Just a little time.” Then he said to his assistant, “Complete the preoperative preparation for the first patient within five minutes.”
After he finished speaking, he turned to go back to the operating room.
Su Weian almost subconsciously grabbed his arm and said, “How can you tell his family that although the patient is still alive, the doctor has given up on him!”
“Tell me the truth.” Gu Yunzheng was so calm that he was almost indifferent, “He has suffered a brain herniation, and 99% of it cannot be saved.
Even if he can get off the operating table alive, he will most likely become a vegetable!”
“But 99% is not 100%.
Even if there is only a 1% chance, he deserves this chance to survive more than the driver, doesn't he?”
“The doctor can't control who should live, only who can live!”
Su Weian couldn't help sneering when he heard the words: “In the end, it's just that the driver's surgery is better.
It turns out that the legendary zero operating table mortality was maintained in this way?”
The assistant on the side hurriedly came out to stop: “Miss Su…”
Although he also hoped that Gu Yunzheng would give it a shot for this patient, it was a bit too much to say that Su Wei'an had gone too far.
He had done so many surgeries with Gu Yunzheng, and he knew Gu Yunzheng's strength best, definitely not…
Wait, how does this new translator know that Dr.
Gu has zero operating table mortality?
But Su Wei'an over there had no intention of paying attention to him.

Probably guessing something, the patient's wife took the two children and knelt in front of Gu Yunzheng.
Su Weian took this time to walk quickly to Gu Yunzheng to block his way, pointed at the dying patient, and gritted his teeth: “If you don't do it, I'll sue you!”
Gu Yunzheng glanced at her coldly, then took off the disposable hat on his head and threw it heavily into the trash can beside him.
Su Weian failed to stop Gu Yunzheng in the end, but Xu was moved by the patient's family, and the local emergency surgeon Secou was willing to take a risk for the patient.
Due to the lack of manpower, Secou ordered Su Weian to enter the operating room together, in case there is an emergency, and multiple people can run errands.
Su Weian could clearly see Secou's nervousness, but he was still trying to comfort her: “Although I'm not as professional as Professor Gu, maybe my novice will have better luck.”
But things backfired.
At first, it went smoothly.
According to the instructions of CT, Secou sucked out the hematoma after craniotomy and found the bleeding point.
Although the technique was not meticulous and the movements were slow, the bleeding was successfully stopped.
However, the patient's condition did not improve.
The brain tissue continued to swell outward.
Secou's attempts to reduce intracranial pressure with mannitol dehydration made the situation worse.
The monitor was alarmed, and the anesthesiologist immediately reported: “The patient's blood pressure has dropped to 80/45!”
Beads of sweat appeared on Secou's forehead.
Secou responded immediately: “Blood transfusion to maintain blood pressure!”
There are bleeding spots in the skull!
But where is it…
If you want the patient to leave the operating room alive, you must quickly find the bleeding point to stop the bleeding.
A blood transfusion will not last long, not to mention the continuous intracerebral hemorrhage will cause serious brain damage!
Thinking of this, Su Weian quickly walked to the light board and looked at the CT film above carefully, trying to find some clues.
It must be there, it must be there!
Seeing that the bag of blood prepared before the operation was probably not enough, Secou called her: “Miss Su, please go and get two more bags of blood…”
“Wait a moment!”
Secou was taken aback: “Miss Su?”
“Here!” During the conversation, Su Weian took down the CT film and walked to Secou, pointing to a tiny white spot in the left temporal lobe and saying to him in French, “There is another bleeding spot here! “
When Secou heard this, his eyes fell on her finger, and then he glanced at Su Wei'an in disbelief.
It's true, there's another bleeding point here!
Because the structural shift in the brain caused by brain herniation attracted everyone's attention, and the bleeding point was too small, he didn't notice it at first, but how could Su Weian find it out as a translator?
But this is not the time to consider these, although the bleeding point was found, this bleeding point is far away from the location of their craniotomy, so it is even more difficult to stop the bleeding!
Faced with such a situation, Secou could no longer pretend to be rational and calm, with an anxious look on his face.
Su Wei'an tried to calm him down and said, “Although it's a little far away, fortunately, the direction is still in the right direction.
There is still a chance to stop the bleeding by maintaining blood pressure with a blood transfusion.
I'll go get blood!”
After Su Wei'an finished speaking, he quickly walked to the door, that is, at this moment, the door of the operating room opened.
It was Gu Yunzheng.
He stood there holding the hand that had just been re-sterilized, and Su Wei'an almost collided with him.
Secou seemed to have seen a savior, and without waiting for Gu Yunzheng to ask, he took the initiative to report the patient's condition: “Doctor Gu, just found that there is a second bleeding point in the left temporal lobe brain parenchyma of the patient, which is different from the craniotomy site.
It is difficult to stop the bleeding, and now the patient's blood pressure is maintained by blood transfusion.”
Listening to Su Wei'an's translation, Gu Yunzheng quickly put on the surgical gown.
After watching the CT film, he took the coagulation in Secou's hand, and then without hesitation, he searched for the location of the bleeding spot.
Su Wei'an looked lost for a moment.
But it was only for a moment, Su Weian then quickly rushed out of the operating room to notify the nurse who prepared blood to draw blood.
By the time she returned to the operating room with two bags of blood, the blood transfusion had stopped, and the patient's vital signs were stable.
As the knot in Gu Yunzheng's hand was tied, Secou breathed a sigh of relief and raised his head happily to Gang.
Su Wei'an, who came in, said, “Doctor Gu has already found the location of the bleeding and stopped the bleeding.
There is no need to rely on blood transfusions to maintain blood pressure!”
Hearing this, Su Wei'an looked up at her watch.
She had only been out for more than ten minutes, an

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