At noon the next day, Gu Yunzheng really brought a box of watermelons over.

After being bored in the ward for so many days, Su Weian saw that the watermelon's eyes were shining, and Gu Yunzheng calmly opened the lunch box and poked it with a toothpick…
The smallest corner was handed to her mouth.
“Put it in your mouth and taste it,” he said.
Su Wei'an: “…”
Then, Su Wei'an…really just took a sip and tasted…
On the contrary, Gu Yunzheng sat down on the chair beside her hospital bed and started to eat this box of watermelon calmly.
Su Wei'an was speechless.
But in the final analysis, it was because she herself had not recovered and could not eat watermelon.
Gu Yunzheng had done her best to give her a taste, so Su Weian was not angry, but thanked him: “I spoke with my mother on the phone yesterday, They really don't know anything about my hospitalization, thank you Teacher Gu for your help, and they didn't let them worry in vain.”
Gu Yunzheng said blankly, “They probably don't even know that you are in Central Africa, right?”
Otherwise, just this place's name is enough to make Su Wei'an's parents worry.
So far, Su Wei'an has nothing to hide from Gu Yunzheng, she nodded and said, “I told them that I am still in France, I have found a stable job, and I like the city of Paris, so I want to stay.
Come down and stay for a while.”
“In fact?”
Su Wei'an lost his expression and said, “I don't like Paris at all, the so-called romantic city, everyone is very happy, just me, terminally ill and lonely, can't stay at all?”
Gu Yunzheng was amused by her appearance and showed a rare smile, but he felt bitter for her in his heart: “On the contrary, after coming here, you feel more relaxed?”
Su Wei'an pulled his lower lip, but his smile was a little bitter, and he said, “Yeah, I feel very happy after coming here.”
Having said that, Gu Yunzheng paused for a while, probably because he was afraid to ask what she didn't want to say, there was some hesitation in his tone: “Why don't you go home to accompany your parents?”
“Because I don't dare.” She sighed and leaned back on the head of the bed, “First, after my father fell ill, I didn't tell my parents about the genetic test, I was afraid they would see it; second, Although my father didn't say it, he felt that he was dragging us down.
My mother and I both felt that going back to take care of my father would only make him more self-blame; third, I was afraid to see my father sick.” She said, adding Putting the back of his hand on his forehead, he closed his eyes, “Because, that will be what I will look like in the near future…”
Her nose suddenly became sore.
This is her sore spot.
This was the first time she had spoken to anyone about the pain.
Because of fear, she buried herself in the quilt and cried secretly every night, and forced a smile the next day, pretending to be in a good mood and chatting with her parents about the latest funny jokes on the Internet, but her father did not.
How much better than her, when she was sick, she couldn't control her movements, she couldn't even hold a glass of water, she walked over to help, but her father insisted that he didn't want to drink water, just looking at the glass and wanting to move it.
Move, let her do her own thing.
It should be the most genuine and frank family, but at such a time, it is the most unspoken.
She just didn't want to see her father force a smile on her, she just didn't want to force a smile on her own, leaving was an easier choice.
It's really strange.
In the past two years of traveling around the world, I met so many people and people of all kinds that I couldn't say it, but I said it so easily in front of Gu Yunzheng.
There are tears that I didn't want to show before, and I can't hide them now.
Gu Yunzheng reached out and wiped the corner of her eye, which was wet.
What he wanted to hide was so easily exposed by him, Su Wei'an's heart became much lighter, and he became unscrupulous.
Suddenly the tears could not stop, and the pillow towel was wet.
Gu Yunzheng gently wiped the tears from her face, his voice was very soft, almost a coax: “You are doing the right thing, it will be good for you and your father.”
Su Weian suddenly woke up, Xu felt that it was too embarrassing, she wiped her tears with her palm and smiled deliberately: “Really, maybe in my heart, my father's illness is a burden.
As an excuse, I just want to play outside and not help my mother share!”
This is her self-blame.
No matter how many reasons there were, she still couldn't forgive herself for not being by her parents' side when her father's condition worsened.
What responded to her was Gu Yunzheng's determination: “You clearly know that you are not.”
In eight simple words, Gu Yunzheng said it so casually and naturally, he actually believed her so much.
Su Wei'an's heart suddenly calmed down.
The tears on her face were not dry, Su Wei'an looked at Gu Yunzheng and suddenly smiled.
This was the calmest and most genuine smile she had ever had in a long time.
Seeing her mood stabilize, Gu Yunzheng asked again, “Why did you drop out of school?”
This is what he is most concerned about.
With Su Wei'an's ability, he could have been a good doctor, why did he give up so early?
Su Wei'an narrowed his eyes and said, “Because I find it boring.”
Gu Yunzheng was a little surprised by this answer, and asked, “It's boring?”
“Well, it's boring.” Su Wei'an nodded, “Although the moment I got the genetic report, I felt that it might be too late to become a top doctor, and I had the idea of dropping out, it was He Xiaoguang who really made me make up my mind…
“He Xiaoguang?”
He Xiaoguang and Gu Yunzheng are colleagues from the neurosurgery department of Huaren Hospital.
Gu Yunzheng is familiar with He Xiaoguang, but when he said the name from Su Wei'an at this time, Gu Yunzheng was very surprised.
What happened? Ann gave up the medical profession because of him?
Su Wei'an told Gu Yunzheng that He Xiaoguang agreed with Wen Ran on the condition that He Xiaoguang join Professor Wen's subject, and replaced her as the first author of the article, and added: “I think he is very sad.
It's sad to have grades and be promoted.
At that time, I thought, that's what doctors in their thirties are like, and I don't want to use the remaining time of my life to become a doctor like him.”
It turned out that the student who caused the sensational dismissal of the associate professor was actually her.
Gu Yunzheng looked at her and was speechless.
He usually doesn't pay much attention to this kind of thing, but it was because the revocation of He Xiaoguang's title of associate professor was too big.
He Xiaoguang said that he accepted a student with no scientific research experience into the laboratory with tolerance, but the student did nothing but wanted to rob the classmate of the credit.
Unexpectedly, the student sued the magazine for this.
When other colleagues heard it, most of them comforted He Xiaoguang: “If the student really participated in the project, it would be a little impulsive for you to directly deprive the authorship, but it was too much for her to repay her kindness to her teacher.
We all feel wrong for you.”
If he hadn't heard the client Su Wei'an talk about it at this time, he might never have known that the truth could be distorted like this.
Fortunately, Su Wei'an is not a character that suffers in vain.
Gu Yunzheng couldn't help but smile when she remembered the resolute look on her face when she wrote a letter to the magazine owner to report.
It was Su Wei'an's bad luck when he met He Xiaoguang, but it would be a pity to give up the profession of a doctor because of such a person.
He thought for a while and said solemnly, “He Xiaoguang became like that because of his incompetence.”
Su Wei'an pretended to smile easily: “You can't say that Dr.
Gu, you are so good.
In order to achieve the target of being promoted to professor, you have not come to Central Africa.”
His brows tightened, and he asked, “Who told you that I came here for the purpose of promotion?”
Su Wei'an was startled, isn't it?

Just when she thought Gu Yunzheng would explain further, he was silent.
There is a secret.
Su Weian asked, “What's that for?”
Gu Yunzheng didn't answer, just ate the last piece of watermelon, stood up, and said, “There is still an operation in the afternoon, so I'll go back first.”
Su Wei'an said angrily: “Gu Yunzheng, you asked me a question, but I told you everything I had never told anyone before.
I asked you a question and you wanted to run away.
Do you have any sincerity?”
Gu Yunzheng paused and said softly, “Next time, let me think about what to say.”
Su Wei'an pondered for a while, looked at him, and did not stop him.
It seems that this secret is still very big.
Before leaving, Gu Yunzheng instructed Su Weian to take a good rest, but in the end, she didn't rest.
Jiang Muying is here.
In the few days after her surgery, everyone was afraid of disturbing her rest, so most of the visitors came to show up in these few days, which is not unusual, but Jiang Muying and her not only had no friends, and they didn't say anything about Liangzi.
Su Wei'an has been considered generous.
Now that Su Wei'an is injured, Jiang Muying has taken her place as an interpreter as she wishes, and she just needs to work hard.
She also made a special trip to visit the doctor.
Is this a demonstration?
However, unlike what he imagined, Jiang Muying walked to Su Weian's bedside and smiled cautiously: “Dr.
Gu told me before that the things you took out of your bag were mixed with your very private documents, although I didn't know that.
what, but it was my fault for offending your privacy.”
Su Wei'an raised her eyebrows to look at her, and smiled in surprise: “It's your fault to offend my privacy, then if Gu Yunzheng doesn't tell you that there are my private documents in it, you will feel that you have taken my private documents from my bag without my permission.
There's nothing wrong with taking things, right?”
Jiang Muying was embarrassed by what she said: “I was in a hurry…”
“Worried?” Su Weian smiled again, “I was not far from you at that time, even if I was in a hurry, there would always be time to ask a question.
If you take it directly, you must have the purpose of taking it directly, probably From the beginning to the end, you may not feel that there is anything wrong with you, there is no need to apologize without sincerity, and if you come to me today, just say it directly.”
Su Weian's thoughts were directly exposed by Su Wei'an, Jiang Muying breathed a sigh of relief and replied, “I want to ask Su Translator to help me.”
“help you with what?”
“Since Translator Su was injured and I took over the translation work of Dr.
Gu because I didn't understand much medical terminology, it took Dr.
Gu several times more times to teach me every time.
I feel guilty.
I heard that Translator Su is also a medical professional, so I would like to ask Translator Su to teach me some basic medical knowledge, so that I can better take over the job of Translator Su, right?”
When Su Wei'an heard the words, she couldn't help but sneer in her heart, Jiang Muying really can speak, because she was injured, Jiang Muying took over the translation work, but it seemed that Jiang Muying was helping her.
Su Wei'an held her wound with one hand, swung the pillow with the other, and said, “Before I was injured, I had already resigned in front of everyone in the emergency room.
How you do as a translator now has nothing to do with me.
As she said that, she raised her head and glanced at Jiang Muying, only to see that the other party's face was not very good.
Jiang Muying is naturally very clear about what Su Wei'an said.
After all, she wanted to squeeze Su Wei'an away before, but she didn't expect that the job would not be very easy after squeezing out, so she had to bow her head and ask Su Wei'an for help, but was directly refuted by Su Wei'an.
“However,” Su Weian's words suddenly changed, “It's not that this gang can't help, but there must be some reason.”
Jiang Muying immediately understood: “What do you want?”
“Lecture fees.
Since you have taken over my job, you will naturally have wages.
You come to me a few times, and I will ask you for a few days' wages.”
In fact, the reason why Su Weian was willing to help her was just for Gu Yunzheng's sake.
Jiang Muying asked three questions about technical terms, but Gu Yunzheng also had a big head.
She still owed Gu Yunzheng so many favors.
But if she promises Jiang Muying directly, she is afraid that Jiang Muying will not be careful enough and ask her about anything, then she will not be able to take care of her injury well, so she will pay a price.
Jiang Muying's expression froze, and her face was a little embarrassed.
It wasn't because she lacked the money, she just exchanged her daily salary according to the number of times.
Su Wei'an also looked down on herself a little too much.
But what can she do? If it goes on like this, I'm afraid that Gu Yunzheng will lose patience with her completely.
Isn't all her efforts in vain? She can only promise: “Okay…”
The postoperative recovery of Kouyate was smooth, and the excised histopathological results were better than preoperative expectations, and it was a grade II glioma.
He was in a good mood and sighed to Gu Yunzheng: “Before the operation, some rumors about Dr.
Gu spread to our ears.
On the day I came to the hospital, I was still hesitating whether or not to have another operation.
In the words of the female translator, she said that although Dr.
Gu is a little cold, she is definitely a responsible doctor, let us trust Dr.
Gu, thanks to what we listened to her.”
Although the French doctor came to make trouble once, Kouyate never asked him about it.
Gu Yunzheng thought that Kouyate had never heard of it, but he never thought about Su Wei'an.
Although he is a little colder, he is definitely a responsible doctor…
Su Wei'an's evaluation of him is not low!
Although there were many disputes at first, whether in front of the French doctor or in front of the patient, she defended him again and again, and Su Weian trusted him so much.
He remembered the girl who “showed his teeth and danced his claws” when he was arguing with him for the first time, and the corners of his lips could not help but rise slightly.
After that, Gu Yunzheng explained some treatment-related matters to Kouyate.
This time, Jiang Muying's translation of professional content became much smoother.
The assistant listened at the back and praised first: “Although I don't understand French, I also feel that your condition is much better and you have made great progress.”
Jiang Muying smiled shyly and said, “I was afraid of dragging down Dr.
Gu, so I studied hard in private.”
Gu Yunzheng is also positive about Jiang Muying's performance: “It's not easy to get started with medicine, it's not easy for you to do it yourself.”
Then the emergency department admitted another patient with intracranial hemorrhage due to a fight.
Jiang Muying, who was greatly encouraged by Gu Yunzheng, said the paragraph almost word for word when communicating with his family: “The patient's brain is bleeding continuously, and a hematoma is formed.
There will be a backlog of brain tissue.
This situation is very critical and cannot be delayed.
If it presses the life center, it will cause the heartbeat and breathing to stop…”
Gu Yunzheng suddenly understood something.
At noon, he took the porridge to Su Wei'an's ward.
She was overjoyed at first, but she was bitter when she saw the weight of the porridge: “So much? I can't eat it…”
Gu Yunzheng handed her the lunch box, couldn't help smiling and said in a teasing tone: “Eat more, you have to recuperate and teach Jiang Muying, but it's hard work.”
Su Weian's eyes lit up and asked, “You found out so soon?”
“If you can't find it again, isn't it a waste of your mind?”
What she taught Jiang Muying was the exact words she said when she came here on the first day!
Su Wei'an tasted a mouthful of porridge and then replied calmly: “I taught her to repay your favor.
If you don't know that I am helping you, how can you repay your favor?”
Gu Yunzheng nodded and said, “That's a good reason.”
Su Wei'an smiled and said: “I still have a reason, I wonder if Dr.
Gu wants to listen?”
“you say.”
“When Dr.
Gu left yesterday, he said that he would tell me the reason for your visit to Central Africa next time.
Today is the next time.
Shouldn't Dr.
Gu have said it logically?”
After a lot of detours, she went back to yesterday's topic.
She has a good memory and is full of curiosity.
She is indeed the student who raised her hand to ask him questions seven times.
Gu Yunzheng looked at her “serious” way of reasoning, and couldn't help but smile: “Have you ever thought that I don't want to say there is something unspeakable?”

Su Wei'an naturally thought of this, but judging from his reaction yesterday, she reckoned that he had room to let go of this matter, and it shouldn't be a big mess.
Is there anything that is not hidden?
She squinted at him proudly and said, “I just like to hear hard words.”
Gu Yunzheng glanced at her helplessly, put the porridge on her bedside table, sat down on the chair beside her bed, thought for a moment, and then whispered, “I'm here mainly because of my mother.
This beginning was a little unexpected to Su Wei'an.
Last night, she had nothing to do and thought about it, but she didn't think there would be any more convincing reasons other than the promotion title.
Later, she thought maybe it was for love and peace.
Unexpectedly, this would be related to his family, she vaguely felt that she underestimated this Louzi.
“My mother was a diplomat and was sent to the embassy in Central Africa for a few years when I was a child.
My…father betrayed my mother at that time and proposed to my mother that she should give up her job and return to China, Either divorce, my mother chose to divorce…
I want to see what the place that my mother left behind when she gave up the marriage was like.”
Su Wei'an endured it, but couldn't hold back, but still said: “Your father is also a little more righteous, he obviously made a mistake, but he forced your mother to resign and go home.”
Gu Yunzheng nodded and said, “Yes, when I was young, I once complained about my mother.
I had the opportunity to save the family, but I chose to stay here and do her job, when I grew up, I felt more and more despicable about my father.
Taking care of the family more and more, but leaving the choice of work and family to the mother, as if all the responsibility for the breakdown of the family lies with the mother.”
Su Wei'an looked at Gu Yunzheng, there was no joy or sorrow in his jet-black eyes, and his beautiful face looked calm as if he was telling someone else's story.
Su Weian wanted to comfort him but didn't know how to speak.
She suddenly felt that the hole she stabbed was a bit big.
The atmosphere was a little dull for a while, Gu Yunzheng was silent for a while, and then he said: “I have never mentioned this to anyone, but I didn't expect to say it in front of you.”
He has never met his father alone since he was an adult, and relatives in the family occasionally mentioned the events of the past, but he never answered.
He thought that although he would not contradict and mention the old things in front of her, he could not guarantee that he would be willing to talk about it.
On the first few floors, he did not expect that he would even say his true thoughts in such a natural way.
He is by no means easy to get close to people.
His trust in Su Wei'an surprised him.
Why did he trust her so much?
It seemed that Su Weian was different in his heart, but before he could figure out what was different and why her influence on him was far beyond his imagination.
Su Weian swallowed the porridge in his mouth, but did not understand the deep meaning of Gu Yunzheng's words at all, and smiled proudly: “Don't worry, as long as you don't tell others about my illness, I will definitely not betray you!”
She never suffers!
Gu Yunzheng couldn't help but smile, but when she saw the broken hair on her forehead brushing over the handle of the spoon when she was pouring porridge, she subconsciously reached out to help her gently touch the back of her ear, Su Wei'an was stunned, only to feel that the skin he touched was all over it.
It was itchy, raised his eyes, and looked into his dark eyes.
There were three seconds of silence, and then the two of them spoke almost simultaneously: “You…”
Stop at the same time.
The door of the ward was knocked at this time, and three softly and cautiously: “Dong dong dong——”
Looking at Gu Yunzheng, Su Weian said, “Come in.”
The door was gently pushed open at an angle, Jiang Muying leaned in through the gap, and saw Gu Yunzheng sitting next to Su Wei'an's bed so naturally, she was stunned, and then said to Gu Yunzheng, “Doctor Gu, emergency room.
A new patient has come, and Dr.
Secou asked me to invite you over.”
Although the lunch break was not over yet, the emergency patients naturally couldn't be delayed.
Gu Yunzheng got up without thinking and said, “I see.” Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly paused, turned around, and said to Su Wei'an: “After eating Put the lunch box aside in the future, and I will come back to clean it up.”
After finishing speaking, Gu Yunzheng left the room, and Jiang Muying, who was following behind him, couldn't help but glance at Su Wei'an when the door was closed.
He seemed to want to ask something, but he didn't ask anything.
Su Weian didn't dare to leave the lunch box to him.
Although she knew that Gu Yunzheng was taking care of her as a patient, Su Wei'an still felt that this kind of thing was a bit embarrassing.
After all, they were not yet familiar with her, and she still had to worry about her image in front of Gu Yunzheng.
Well, the image…
Thinking of this word, Su Wei'an suddenly felt a little annoyed.
From sitting on the roadside drinking in the middle of the night to being stabbed on the street with a knife over her own strength, and then pretending to have a headache and being exposed in person by him, I don't know if she still has an image in Gu Yunzheng's heart.
What if there is?
Su found an old wheelchair for Sister An Yanglan, and turned the wheel to the bathroom to wash the lunch box.
It happened that it was boring to stay alone in the ward for a long time, so she turned the wheel and ran out of the ward to have a look.
As soon as she got out of the ward, Su Wei'an felt as if she had smelled freedom and sunshine.
Seeing that people in the hospital were still coming and going, as usual, they were constantly busy, and she felt a sense of joy of reunion in her heart.
She moved forward slowly, watching the scene in the hospital with a smile on her face, until…
She couldn't move.
The wheelchair is a little old, especially since the axles are a bit awkward.
She has not fully recovered from the injury, and she has less strength.
When she walked to the door of the inpatient building, she could no longer push the wheel.
She simply stayed where she was, looked as far as she could, and rested.
She stayed like this for an afternoon, and when she was tired, she fell asleep lightly, and then woke up, someone called her in her ear: “Su Wei'an, wake up!”
She rubbed her eyes and saw Gu Yunzheng who had just returned from the emergency room to the inpatient building.
She greeted him with a smile: “Hi!”
Gu Yunzheng frowned: “Why did you fall asleep here?”
Su Wei'an smiled and said: “I originally wanted to take a look.
Who knows that I can't turn my wheelchair halfway through, so I'll take a break here first.”
Gu Yunzheng looked at her angrily and funny, and said, “Then you don't know how to call someone to help you?”
Su Wei'an was still smiling, looking in a good mood, and replied, “I think everyone else is too busy to be bothered.”
She is so kind!
Gu Yunzheng didn't know what to say to her, so he couldn't help laughing.
He shook his head helplessly, walked behind her wheelchair, pushed her, and walked slowly to her ward.
Su Wei'an exclaimed: “You are good at pushing a wheelchair! Why don't you push me out every day in the future?”
She's so out of place!
Gu Yunzheng was dumbfounded and said, “Didn't you say that everyone else is too busy to be bothered?” Just bear to bother him?
Su Weian didn't even think about it, and said, “You are not someone else!”
Gu Yunzheng paused, only to feel that his breathing seemed to be a little tight.
But he heard her say again: “Aren't you my teacher?”
Gu Yunzheng didn't think about it, and said, “It doesn't matter.”
Su Weian pouted: “Stingy!”

She took out a big white rabbit from her pocket and stuffed it into her mouth.
Seeing the candy wrapper in her hand, Gu Yunzheng was a little surprised and asked, “Do you like candy? It looks quite different from your personality.”
Su Wei'an looked down at the candy wrapper in his hand, thinking about folding a thousand paper cranes out, but he didn't lift his head when he heard Gu Yunzheng's words: “Originally it was just to prevent hypoglycemia, but recently I like to eat it more and more, maybe It’s because I think life is too bitter, and it’s not bad to be a little sweet.”
Gu Yunzheng was silent for two seconds, then said, “Give me one.”
“You give me candy, and I promise to push you out for a walk.”
Su Weian quickly took out another one from his pocket, held it in front of Gu Yunzheng, and said, “Deal.”
Gu Yunzheng has surgery during the day, so he usually pushes her out for a walk after get off work at night, but Gu Yunzheng will not be a coolie for her, and will take her translator along the way to buy some daily necessities in the store.
Toothpaste, cups, and toilet paper, Su Wei'an just wanted to make fun of him: “How did you survive without so many basic supplies?”
Gu Yunzheng said without looking back, “These are all for you.”
Su Wei'an was stunned for a moment, and suddenly remembered that her toothpaste seemed to be bottomed out, and there was not much paper left.
Gu Yunzheng would find out what she hadn't noticed.
She was thinking about it when she saw Gu Yunzheng shrugging: “Who knows how you survived.”
Su Wei'an: “…”
After buying the items in the plan, Gu Yunzheng suddenly noticed a local woodcut handicraft placed in the corner of the cabinet.
The shop owner saw that he was interested, and hurriedly took it down and introduced it to him: “This is the image of our local heroic hunter.
The ceremony symbolizes heroes and is very collectible.”
Su Weian translated this sentence to Gu Yunzheng, Gu Yunzheng didn't speak, just frowned slightly, staring at the wood carving in his hand seriously, after a while he took out the money and gave it to the shopkeeper, and then stuffed the wood carving into Su Weian's hand.
, said, “I'll send it to you.”
Su Wei'an was slightly startled: “So good?” She picked it up happily and looked at it carefully, and said, “Do you think this implication is particularly in line with my heroic feelings?”
Gu Yunzheng looked back at her and replied, “Because they look alike.”
“Like what?”
Gu Yunzheng said expressionlessly, “You.”
The smile on Su Wei'an's lips froze, and he looked down at the wooden carving's square face and thick eyebrows, raised his eyes and stared at Gu Yunzheng, and said concisely: “Go to hell!”
Although the language they communicated with was not very friendly, for the shop owner who did not understand Chinese, the communication between the two people in front of her seemed very interesting.
She smiled and said to Su Wei'an: “You and your boyfriend have a good relationship.
Su Weian was startled, a little embarrassed: “He's not…”
Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Gu Yunzheng: “Let's go.”
When pushing Su Weian's wheelchair, Gu Yunzheng nodded to the shopkeeper.
Although he knew it was polite, Su Weian still felt that the timing of his nodding seemed a little wrong…
After leaving the store, Su Weian kept thinking about how he should tell Gu Yunzheng not to mess around, and just said, “Gu Yunzheng…”
The person pushing her wheelchair stopped.
She raised her head a little unexpectedly and saw a circle of people in front of her.
When she got closer, there were a few strong men kicking the people on the ground, and a man beside her.
The woman said angrily: “Let you steal things! You thief! You deserve it!”
The strong men beat him up, and when they saw the thief lying on the ground not moving much, they dispersed.
At this time, Su Weian finally saw the thief on the ground clearly, and only felt as if there was something in his mind.
Daoguang flashed, pointed at the man and said to Gu Yunzheng: “This…
is the one who stabbed me at that time!”
Gu Yunzheng was also surprised and said, “Really? Hurry up and call the police!”
Su Weian nodded, and hurriedly took out his mobile phone and pressed the alarm call, but when he put the mobile phone to his ear, he unexpectedly found that the faces of the people lying on the ground were not right, and he reached out his hand in the direction of them tremblingly: “Save…
help me…”
Su Wei'an frowned and called softly, “Gu Yunzheng…”
Gu Yunzheng had already stepped forward to remove the other party's clothes, only to see a bruise on the upper left abdomen, just as Gu Yunzheng's hand touched his skin, before he exerted much force, the other party was already screaming in pain.
He turned his head and looked at Su Wei'an, who quickly understood and asked, “He doesn't have a ruptured spleen, right?”
Gu Yunzheng simply instructed: “Call the hospital and ask them to come and help bring him there.”
The operator's voice came from Su Wei'an's mobile phone receiver: “Why do you want to call the police?”
But Su Wei'an glanced at the pale man lying on the ground, and finally could only grit his teeth and say, “It's alright.”
She hung up the phone and said to Gu Yunzheng in despair, “This is the person who stabbed me and pulled it out and took it away!”
Su Wei'an sighed heavily: “We have to save him.” She struggled to get up from the wheelchair, “It will take double the time to wait for the hospital to come, you push him back with this wheelchair first, I will Call the hospital and have them prepare the operating room.”
“how about you?”
Su Wei'an looked at him and raised his lips slightly indifferently: “I'll wait for you here.”
Gu Yunzheng quickly sent the person to the hospital.
After performing an imaging examination, it was confirmed that the spleen had ruptured, and craniocerebral hemorrhage was ruled out.
Gu Yunzheng handed the patient over to Dr.
He raised his head and glanced at his watch.
Half an hour later, he hurried back to find Su Weian, thinking that she must be very bored sitting there alone, but he didn't expect to see her sitting there talking and laughing with the locals from a distance.
Seeing him coming back, Su Weian greeted him and said to him proudly, “I just told them about the robber I helped someone catch before, and they all praised me for being brave and like a hero!”
Seeing her happy look, Gu Yunzheng was obviously still a little angry at her for being brave, but a little bit of a smile spread in his heart, but he still squinted at her with a straight face: “You are such a hero, you must be able to go back on your own, right?”
He said, turned around, and pretended to leave.
Su Wei'an was startled, so scared that he hurriedly grabbed him and said, “Wait!”
She looked around beside him and asked strangely, “Where's the wheelchair?”
“When I arrived at the hospital just now, the patient vomited and soiled the wheelchair.”
Su Wei'an looked bitter: “Ah? Then how can I go back?”
Gu Yunzheng didn't speak, just looked at her.
She asked cautiously, “You carry me?”
Gu Yunzheng glanced at her wound: “Are you sure you can let me back?”
He stepped forward, picked her up directly from the ground, and hugged her in his arms.
Su Weian subconsciously wanted to struggle, and half-jokingly said: “You…you hug me like this, I…I will be shy…
Gu Yunzheng stopped her: “Don't move around, you'll fall in a while.” He added, “It's not the first time anyway.”
Su Wei'an thought about it, isn't it? The last time she was injured, he carried her back to the hospital like this.
Although it had not been long, his mood was very different at this time.

With the setting sun, and the breeze, he hugged her and walked slowly on the local dirt road, the shadow behind him dragged for a long time.
She thought about it and remembered what she wanted to say to the robber before she met him: “By the way, Gu Yunzheng, you don't understand the language.
Don't nod to the locals next time, it's easy to cause misunderstandings.”
Su Weian nodded and replied, “For example, in that store just now, because you didn't understand what the owner said at the end, she might have misunderstood.”
Su Weian was stunned for a moment and asked, “What do you understand?”
He looked down at her slightly, and the distance between the tips of the two noses suddenly became only a few centimeters.
He said, “Boyfriend.”
Su Weian was stunned again, his face slightly hot: “Then you still nod!”
Looking at her blushing cheeks, he just thought it was funny, so he really smiled, and then raised his head, seemingly casually: “I just want to nod.”
He just wanted to nod, he just wanted to nod at the “boyfriend”.
He held Su Wei'an's hand slightly loose and asked, “Do you have an opinion?”
Su Weian was so frightened that he quickly stretched out his arms and hugged his neck tightly, shook his head and said, “No no!”
Gu Yunzheng pulled her lips slightly and hugged her into his arms again.
At noon the next day, Gu Yunzheng went to Su Wei'an's ward again with porridge to visit.
Handing the lunch box to her, Gu Yunzheng sat on the chair beside her and said to her, “The robber I met yesterday is out of danger, do you want to go take a look?”
Su Weian glanced at him and asked, “Do I need to buy another bunch of flowers?”
Gu Yunzheng couldn't help but chuckle and said, “The police have been notified, and he will be taken away when he is healed.”
Su Wei'an swallowed the porridge in his mouth: “Have you notified the police?” He couldn't help but feel a little regretful, “I should let myself do it myself!”
Gu Yunzheng looked at her and said, “You will take revenge!”
But seeing a little grain of rice sticking to the corner of her mouth, he leaned over, and suddenly the distance between the two became very close, Su Wei'an suffocated, inexplicably panicked, and the next moment only felt that the corner of his mouth was warm.
, Gu Yunzheng's thumb wiped the corner of her lips.
The slight change in her expression did not escape Gu Yunzheng's eyes.
He wiped the rice grains for her.
He didn't get up in a hurry, but leaned closer to her and asked, “Why are you nervous?”
They were so close that Su Wei'an could even see her in his pupils.
She shrank back and looked away: “I…I'm not nervous…”
But suddenly she felt a little hot in her chest, and when she lowered her head, porridge was spilled on her body.
She exclaimed, “Yeah!”
Immediately afterward, I only felt that my hand was light, and Gu Yunzheng had already taken the lunch box in her hand and handed over a tissue: “Quick wipe.”
After some tossing, Su Wei'an finally had no dirt on her clothes, but her body was sticky.
She curled her lips: “I'll go to the bathroom.”
Gu Yunzheng stretched out his hand to help her, but Su Weian only felt that the skin at the corner of her mouth that he had just touched was still a little hot, how could she dare to let him do it as if she had been trampled on her tail, and immediately said bravely: “It's alright.
It's okay, I can do it myself.”
But with some effort to stand up by the side of the bed, Su Weian realized that she was talking big, but it was a bit embarrassing to bow her head.
She looked at the wall not far away, gritted her teeth, and thought that as long as she walked over to help it.
The wall is fine.
In fact, it was not a few steps away, but the pain in the abdominal wound made it difficult for her to walk.
Seeing that she was about to walk to the wall before she could breathe a sigh of relief, she felt that her foot slipped and she was about to fall forward.
But at this moment, someone grabbed her arm, and when her tendency to fall stopped, Gu Yunzheng pulled her back and brought her into his arms.
Even though she was out of danger, Su Wei'an's heartbeat became faster and faster, as if her heart was about to jump out of her chest.
Her eyes were facing each other.
She glanced into his dark eyes as if drowning in the deep sea.
She was almost suffocated.
Before she could react, he had already stepped forward and placed her back against the wall with the back of his hand, leaning over and kissing her.
Su Wei'an's mind seemed to have fireworks exploded.
At first, it was just lingering on his lips, but he didn't know when, he had lightly opened her teeth and penetrated a little bit.
She almost drowned in this kiss, her whole body was soft in his arms, and her hands subconsciously grabbed the clothes around his waist.
The kiss was long, and the surrounding world seemed to stand still.
I don't know how long it took before Gu Yunzheng let go of her soft lips and pressed her forehead against her forehead.
The warm breath he exhaled brushed across her face.
She heard him say, “Wei An, be my girlfriend…”
Su Wei'an suddenly woke up.
What is she doing…?
Why are they so close?
She hurriedly pushed him away, moved aside, and said in a hurry, “I…
I'm going to the bathroom.”
As soon as she turned around, she saw an arm in front of her.
Looking back, it was Gu Yunzheng again.
He asked softly, “Why didn't you answer?”
Su Wei'an didn't look away, looked at the ceiling, and said nonsense in a panic: “Mr.
Gu is a teacher I respect, how dare I think about it? Let's just pretend that nothing happened!”
Gu Yunzheng frowned and said, “Excuse me! Why didn't you see your respect when you pointed at the patient and said he was going to sue me?” He turned her over and forced her to look directly at him, “Why?”
why exactly…
Su Wei'an suddenly felt stuffy in his chest and seemed a little angry, but suddenly smiled: “Because I…
I'm sick…”
He had already read her genetic report, how could he know that she had Huntington's chorea, but he asked her why, as if there was no such thing?
Gu Yunzheng replied without hesitation: “I just need a sick girlfriend.”
Su Wei'an looked at him with an almost astonished look: “I am the second generation of Huntington's chorea! Huntington's chorea with unknown etiology and unknown treatment! I have no future at all, 40 years old, no, it may start at 30 years old.
If you move around, you may become stupid at the age of 40, and even half of the children may be inherited, do you understand?”
But he looked at her and said calmly: “I can recite to you all the international guidelines for Huntington's chorea disease, but those are not important, Wei An, you just need to tell me whether you like me or not?”

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