Xie Chengze and Lu Yanzhou chatted for a while before hanging up.

He hadn’t slept well last night.
He was a little tired at first, but now he feels refreshed.

Lu Yanzhou said he would not get married.

He knew that Lu Yanzhou was mostly coaxing him by saying that, but Lu Yanzhou would coax him like this…Did he know about his feelings?

Of course, it is more likely that Lu Yanzhou said it casually to please him.

These days, Lu Yanzhou says a lot in order to coax him.

However, he was willing to listen.
He wanted Lu Yanzhou to coax him.

Xie Chengze walked to the glass wall by the window.
He leaned on the glass wall and looked at the sunlight outside the window.

If he could walk in the sun, he would definitely try his best to get Lu Yanzhou.

However, he couldn’t even touch Lu Yanzhou.

Xie Chengze stared at the sunlight that shone through the window but could not enter his sterile room for a long time before going back to the computer and took out the copybook to practice writing.

There is a surveillance camera from downstairs on the computer next to him.

Xie Chengyun’s mobile phone chat records were screenshotted and sent to the class group and parent group, then Xie Chengyun’s classmates, parents, school teachers, Lu Qiqi…all blown up.

Xie Chengyun privately gave teachers ugly nicknames and scolded the teacher calling them names.
He also criticized the girls in the class and scolded the boys in the class with better grades than him.

Even his parents were scolded by him.
For example, Lu Qiqi had big chests and no brains and only knew how to control him.

After these chat records entered the class group, Xie Chengyun died directly in his class.

Lu Qiqi was also furious.
Last night she had a big fight with Xie Chengyun, and then one by one, she apologized to other parents and teachers.

She was so angry that she didn’t sleep well all night.
She now felt a headache when she saw Xie Chengyun in the morning.

Xie Chengyun is also angry.
When something like this happened, he would never be able to raise his head again in the class!

Xie Chengyun was clamoring for a transfer, but Lu Qiqi picked the best school for him so she didn’t want him to transfer.
She wanted him to change.

Early in the morning, the two quarreled again.

Looking back and seeing Xie Yuan as if it had nothing to do with him…Even though Lu Qiqi was a little afraid of Xie Yuan, she still said, “Husband, what do you think about this matter? The school is pretty good.”

“I’ll find someone to transfer this idiot.” Xie Yuan said coldly.

Lu Qiqi closed her mouth.
Xie Chengyun was called an ‘idiot’ but she didn’t dare to argue.

Xie Yuan said to Lu Qiqi again: “You bring him to apologize today, don’t miss any family.
If they’re not home, go tomorrow!”

Lu Qiqi answered cautiously.
Xie Yuan had already finished breakfast by this time, then he went straight out to the company.

Xie Chengze looked at this scene and sneered.

His father never cared about his children.
He was so indifferent to him that he hadn’t been to the fourth floor in recent years, the same was true to Xie Chengyun too.

However, Xie Chengyun still cared about his father’s love.
However, whenever he was reprimanded by their father, he went crazy in front of him.

Over the years, Xie Chengyun has often scolded in front of him.

Lu Qiqi didn’t dare to disobey Xie Yuan’s order.
Even though Xie Chengyun felt that it was too embarrassing to apologize, he was threatened by Lu Qiqi with pocket money and even his mobile phone, so he had to go.

When the young master went out, he closed the car door loudly.

After Xie Chengze finished practicing writing a page of words, he took out another piece of paper and wrote the words ‘Lu Yanzhou’ on it.

Lu Yanzhou went back to the company to get the key of the villa that Xie Chengze’s grandpa left for him, and then went to the villa.

After he went there, he found out that he didn’t need to come here with the key at all — in this villa lived an old lady who took care of Xie Chengze’s mother from back then.
The old lady herself is getting old, she doesn’t have the energy to clean the villa, however, every week, she will hire a housekeeper to clean so there’s no dust in the villa.

This villa is on three floors.
The setting on the third floor is similar to Xie’s house, and there is a sterile room with the same style.

“This sterile room is maintained every month and can be used at any time.” The old lady who lives in the villa is surnamed Wang.
Old lady Wang was very excited when she heard Lu Yanzhou’s explanation, “Young master is really willing to come back? If he comes back , then I’ll invite a few more people right away.”

Xie Chengze’s grandfather’s surname was Zhang, and old lady Wang is a relative of Xie Chengze’s grandmother.
After she divorced her husband, she worked for the Zhang family for decades.
The Zhang family also promised her early to take care of when she is old.

There is no one in the Zhang family, but the company that Lu Yanzhou works for belongs to Xie Chengze.
Every month, the old lady will be allocated 50,000 yuan.
The biggest expense of the old lady is to ask someone to clean the villa, so she can save a lot of money every month, plus savings from her youth.
She is now a rich old lady.

“He is willing to come back and live.
I will find someone to check the sterile room now.” Lu Yanzhou said.

As Xie Chengze’s assistant, he knows the person, who usually helps Xie Chengze maintain his sterile room, contact information and also knows Xie Chengze’s doctor contact information.

Lu Yanzhou brought them all to check the sterile room.
While disinfecting the sterile room, they also think of a way to transfer Xie Chengze.

The sterilized airtight protective suit and the oxygen tank are combined into a space suit-like equipment.
Xie Chengze is absolutely safe when he stays inside.

Lu Yanzhou suddenly felt a little fortunate that Xie Chengze is very rich.

“When will young master Xie move?” the doctor asked Lu Yanzhou.

“Let’s wait for tomorrow.” Lu Yanzhou answered.
He felt that the sooner Xie Chengze moved, the better, but today is the weekend.
Xie Chengyun and Lu Qiqi may both be at home, so there may be a conflict if they move: “It’s quite late, I’ll invite you all to a meal.”

After all the work, it was past one o’clock in the afternoon.
The people he called had not eaten yet.

Lu Yanzhou said that and took out his mobile phone to find a suitable restaurant, then saw that Xie Chengze sent him a message not long ago saying that he missed him.

Lu Yanzhou replied: “Aze, there is still something I have to do.
I will see you tomorrow.”

The sterile room needs to be sterilized several times, the furniture in it also needs to be replaced.
He can also take this opportunity to put more books in it.

In addition, he offended Xie Chengyun yesterday.
If he goes today, he might be in trouble…It doesn’t matter if he was scolded with a few words, he is afraid that Xie Chengze will be implicated.

“Why didn’t you come today?” Xie Chengze quickly sent the message.

Lu Yanzhou replied: “Xie Chengyun may trouble me.”

“Brother Yanzhou, he’s not here.
He and his mother went out, I saw it.” Xie Chengze’s reply came immediately.

Seeing this information, Lu Yanzhou immediately called Xie Chengze.

After learning from Xie Chengze that Lu Qiqi and Xie Chengyun were not at home, he made a decision.

He used the company account to transfer 10,000 yuan to each of the people present, and asked apologetically: “Everyone, can you do me a favor, I think I will take young master Xie over today?”

Everyone looked at the money in their account and expressed their willingness to help.

Even if they are hungry, they must do good deeds!

Of course, Lu Yanzhou didn’t let them go hungry.
He found someone to buy some rice balls and waited outside the community where the Xie family lived.

In the end, the group arrived at Xie’s house eating rice balls.

In addition to Xie Chengze, the Xie family had only the housekeeper and the nanny.
Seeing them, the housekeeper frowned slightly, but did not stop him.

Lu Yanzhou took them to the fourth floor and sent the sterilized protective clothing into the sterile room.

Xie Chengze returned to the bedroom with his clothes, then changed his clothes after a while.

The sterile room can be opened from the inside.
When Xie Chengze opened the sterile room, he ran out quickly and plunged into Lu Yanzhou’s arms.

However, even if there is no plastic film, there is still a thick protective suit between the two.

Lu Yanzhou saw Xie Chengze’s lost face across the round ‘hat’ similar to an astronaut helmet in the protective suit.

“When you’re well, you don’t have to wear this suit anymore.” Lu Yanzhou touched the round hat.

“Mm.” Xie Chengze smiled.

“Do you have anything you want to take from here?” Lu Yanzhou looked at the sterile room behind Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze replied, “I want to take away the computer and the things you gave me, can I?”

“Of course!” Lu Yanzhou followed Xie Chengze in, planning to take everything Xie Chengze was going to bring.

Although the surrounding of the sterile room is transparent, the bedroom inside is partitioned, so Lu Yanzhou didn’t know the layout of Xie Chengze’s bedroom before.

It was only then that he saw that there were two desktop computers and a laptop in this bedroom, as well as a small bed and a sterile compartment.

Sterile compartment?

Xie Chengze has a sterile compartment, that is to say, in the original historical trajectory, if he wants to save himself, he would be able to.

Why didn’t he do it?

Looking at Xie Chengze beside him, Lu Yanzhou felt sour and astringent.

Xie Chengze doesn’t want to live anymore because no one cares about him?

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