Yanzhou’s arrival.

He was a little impulsive by confessing last night, but he had also thought it through.

Lu Yanzhou had just taken so much money from him, even if he confessed, he would not leave him.

However, Lu Yanzhou’s reaction…

If Lu Yanzhou was with him only for money, he would definitely accept his confession, right?

He has such a body, even if Lu Yanzhou agrees, they can’t do anything.
There is a high probability that they will still get along like they are now.

Even if Lu Yanzhou left the villa and started another family outside, he wouldn’t know—at least in the eyes of others, he wouldn’t know.

However, Lu Yanzhou did not agree and tried to educate him instead.

Thinking of Lu Yanzhou’s reaction yesterday, Xie Chengze is in a good mood.

As far as Lu Yanzhou’s behavior was concerned… Lu Yanzhou really felt sorry for him, and he is also very indulgent too.

In addition, Lu Yanzhou did not show any rejection toward his confession.

He has a chance to catch Lu Yanzhou, if…if he is not sick.

When Xie Chengze thought of his body, his heart sank.

It is impossible for him to fall in love like normal people, he can die at any time.

However, before dying, it would be nice to have a sweet dream, right? He is selfish.
Even if he couldn’t be with Lu Yanzhou, he wanted Lu Yanzhou to like him and hoped that when he died in the future, Lu Yanzhou would still remember him.

“Brother Yanzhou!” As soon as the door opened, Xie Chengze shouted and waved to Lu Yanzhou.

Seeing him like this, Lu Yanzhou sighed secretly.

Xie Chengze paid too much attention to him because he had been in contact with too few people.

He must speed up the progress to accumulate merits to restore Xie Chengze’s health, so that Xie Chengze can leave the sterile room and live like an ordinary person.

Like this, Xie Chengze should not confess to him and say those astonishing words again, right?

Lu Yanzhou was thinking about it when he heard Xie Chengze say, “Brother Yanzhou, I like you so much.
I want to kiss you.”

Lu Yanzhou: “…”

Lu Yanzhou tried to reason with Xie Chengze: “AZe, you can’t say things like this…”

“Why?” Xie Chengze looked puzzled.

Lu Yanzhou is a little helpless.
Xie Chengze had been isolated from the world before.
He doesn’t understand things, his thoughts and words are like a child…

How should he teach him? He had no previous experience in this area.

Lu Yanzhou can only say: “I can’t say anyway…Have you eaten? If you haven’t eaten, go eat quickly.
I’ll work for a while, then I’ll go out to buy clothes for you later.”

“Mm, I want you to buy me underwear.” Xie Chengze smiled.

Lu Yanzhou: “…”

Lu Yanzhou went out in the afternoon and bought a lot of clothes for Xie Chengze.

He really wants to dress up Xie Chengze, but thinking of Xie Chengze’s condition, he finally chose some comfortable sportswear.

After buying the clothes, Lu Yanzhou came to the shopping mall parking lot, ready to drive home.

He originally owned an expensive car, the original owner’s previous salary was basically used to buy a car.

However, the car is sold by him…Fortunately, he still has a scooter that his father bought seven or eight years ago, it can still be driven.

As a result, as soon as Lu Yanzhou approached his car, he saw a person who he had been ‘thinking about’ standing next to his car, as if he had just gotten off the car parked next to him.

An Chenyuan, Xie Yuan’s illegitimate son and someone whom the original owner liked when he was a student.

An Chenyuan looks a little bit similar to Xie Chengze, of course one can’t tell if they don’t take a closer look.
The two’ temperament is even more different.

Xie Chengze is pure and innocent, but this person is like a wealthy flower in the world with famous brands all over his body.

This is also in line with what he has been telling others, his family situation is correct — An Chenyuan’s external statement is that he is a little rich second generation.

“Senior Lu?” As soon as An Chenyuan saw Lu Yanzhou, he greeted him.

They are not only from the same university, but also from the same high school, but they didn’t know each other in high school.
They didn’t know each other until they went to university and people from the same place started to gather together occasionally.

The original owner was very happy to get to know some richer people.
An Chenyuan should have known the original owner’s identity so he was happy to talk with the original owner.
The relationship between the two was good.

However, after the original owner graduated, they lost contact and never met again.
This time, so coincidental?

Lu Yanzhou looked at the other party: “I’m sorry I’m in a hurry, can you let me go?”

An Chenyuan blocked his car door!


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