After An Chenyuan collected all the evidence of Lu Yanzhou’s embezzling money, he continued working.

Lu Yanzhou has arranged for him far more work than others, and he would never have been able to finish it without someone’s guidance.

This is completely different from the life An Chenyuan imagined.

When he was in college, Lu Yanzhou was very attentive to him, and he asked him out several times.
After he refused several times, Lu Yanzhou gradually distanced himself from him.

At that time, Lu Yanzhou wanted to chase him, but later he felt that he couldn’t pursue him, so he gave up.

With such a long-term relationship, he thought that when he appeared in front of Lu Yanzhou again, Lu Yanzhou would develop something with him.
However, Lu Yanzhou either accompanied Xie Chengze or was busy getting money from the company, he didn’t care about him at all.

Well, it’s not incomprehensible.
If he has a foolish and rich money master like Xie Chengze, he will be too lazy to pay attention to others too.

How many people in this world have been working all their lives just for money?

An Chenyuan was busy working until late before going home.
When he got home and opened the door, he found that there was one more person in his house.

A middle-aged man in his forties was sitting on the sofa in his house, holding a laptop and looking at something.
He didn’t look up when he heard him, but said lightly, “You’re back.”

This person is sitting here, as if this is his house…Anger suddenly burst out of An Chenyuan’s heart, but he pressed it back abruptly: “Why are you here?”

“Come to see you.” The middle-aged man on the sofa put away his laptop and stuffed it into his briefcase.
He looked up at An Chenyuan, and revealed a face that was somewhat similar to Xie Chengze.

An Chenyuan always said that he was a rich second-generation to everyone.
His father opened a small business, his mother opened a clothing store, and the family is happy.

However, in fact…he was an illegitimate child.

Unlike in some novels, the mother of the illegitimate child is the true love of the rich man.
His mother was only one of the women who came and went before Xie Yuan got married.
Xie Yuan doesn’t really care about her.

His mother secretly gave birth to him because of money.
His appearance made Xie Yuan very angry because Xie Yuan were preparing to marry the Zhang family daughter at that time.

Since it was marriage, Xie Yuan didn’t plan to hide anything from the Zhang family.
He directly put him and his damning existence in front of the Zhang family, and then signed an agreement with them.

All in all, Xie Yuan will give them financial support but he has no right to inherit anything.

The amount of alimony is quite large, he and his mother could use that money for a lifetime.
As a result, Xie Chengze was born sick, and it was also inherited from the Zhang family too.

There are several treatments for Xie Chengze’s disease, and one of the more reliable treatments is bone marrow transplantation.

In his life, the earliest memory he had is the one day where Xie Yuan grabbed him to do bone marrow matching for Xie Chengze.

He was only three years old at the time.
His mother was unwilling, no matter life or death.
She held him and not letting Xie Yuan take him away, she cried so hard…However, Xie Yuan still took him away ruthlessly.

What happened that day was so clearly imprinted in his mind that he still remembers it when he has nightmares.

Fortunately, the final match failed, so he didn’t get to donate his bone marrow to Xie Chengze at such a young age.

After that, his mother often cursed Xie Chengze in front of him.
When Xie Chengze’s mother died, his mother was even more excited and wanted to take this opportunity to ascend to the throne.

Of course this is not possible.

Xie Yuan didn’t like his mother, and the Zhang family didn’t agree.

Xie Chengze wasn’t in good health, so the Zhang family did not stop Xie Yuan from remarrying and having children, but they asked Xie Yuan to marry a woman with no background.
Xie Yuan also simply turned around and married a beautiful woman with a good academic background but an ordinary family background.

He is still an illegitimate child who can’t see the light.
He couldn’t even see Xie Yuan once a year, he only has the monthly alimony to tell him that he still has a father.

However, half a month ago, Xie Yuan suddenly contacted him.

Xie Yuan only said a few words.
In short, Xie Chengze was not in good health, so he would definitely not be able to inherit the company, and that Xie Chengyun was spoiled by his mother and would only cause trouble…all in all, he just wanted him to be the heir to the Xie family.

He had to admit, he was moved.

Who doesn’t want money?

But then, Xie Yuan said that there is a problem with Xie’s company now, and a large amount of money is needed to revive Xie’s company.

If there is no capital injection, Xie’s company will face liquidation and cancellation, then Xie Yuan will have nothing by then and so will he.

As for where the funds will come from, Xie Chengze has a lot of money in his hands!

Although there is a problem with Xie’s company, the situation isn’t that serious for the time being.
Xie Yuan was in a hurry to get the money from Xie Chengze, mainly because Xie Chengze, who had been living under his nose and under his control, had gone wrong.

Lu Yanzhou not only took a lot of money from Xie Chengze, but also took Xie Chengze away from the Xie family.

An Chenyuan doesn’t get along with Xie Yuan much these years, but he pays great attention to Xie Yuan and collects all the information related to Xie Yuan.

Xie Yuan attaches great importance to interests.
He has a strong desire to control and is selfish.
He doesn’t care about his children and his women at all.
He has always only cared about himself.

An Chenyuan understood what Xie Yuan meant.
Xie Yuan hoped that there would be an accident and Xie Chengze would die.
In that case, as Xie Chengze’s only relative, he would inherit everything from Xie Chengze as a matter of course.

Xie Yuan is simply not human.

And so is he.

He is Xie Yuan’s son in the end, so he is no different from Xie Yuan.
He wants Xie’s Corporation.

He didn’t have a chance to win over the Xie company before, but this time if he and Xie Yuan fight Xie Chengze together, he will have Xie Yuan’s handle, so Xie Yuan naturally can’t ignore him like before.

Doing a hundred good things for the leader is not as good as helping the leader do one bad thing.

Xie Chengze won’t live long anyway, right?

An Chenyuan entered the house and put the bag he was carrying on the dining table.

The house he lives in was given by Xie Yuan when he graduated.
The area is not large, but the community and location is very good, so the value is not cheap.

However, Xie Yuan never gave him any more money since then.

Xie Yuan asked again: “You came back so late, are you hungry?”

An Chenyuan answered, “I’m not hungry.”

Thinking that it was almost time, Xie Yuan went straight to the topic: “How is Lu Yanzhou?”

“Xie Chengze’s money was taken away by him again, it’s 18 million yuan this time.” An Chenyuan said.

Xie Yuan’s face darkened.

Xie Chengze’s assets are all under Xie Chengze’s name, so the company is only responsible for managing Xie Chengze’s funds and helping with investment and financial management.

Lu Yanzhou is Xie Chengze’s assistant.
He is equivalent to Xie Chengze’s agent.
He can withdraw Xie Chengze’s funds from the company — as long as Xie Chengze agrees.

However, in Xie Chengze’s situation, he gave Lu Yanzhou a lot of authority.
Lu Yanzhou could almost make all decisions for him.

“I underestimate him.” Xie Yuan sneered.

An Chenyuan also felt the same way.
Lu Yanzhou is too greedy.
His behavior of transferring funds in Xie Chengze’s name could be called unscrupulous.

Xie Chengze is still under his watch, so no one else can contact Xie Chengze too!

If it were ancient times…Lu Yanzhou would be a traitor who confuses the fatuous monarch and controls the court.

An Chenyuan didn’t speak, so Xie Yuan continued, “You’d better act quickly.”

Xie Yuan left.
When Xie Yuan left, An Chenyuan also frowned and pondered.

He and Xie Yuan had a tacit understanding, that is, make Xie Chengze die but they won’t do it themselves.

It is easy to cause trouble by doing it themselves, if possible, it is best to make Lu Yanzhou do it.

It is not difficult to make Lu Yanzhou do it.
Lu Yanzhou got so much money from Xie Chengze.
He must be afraid that Xie Chengze would know that, so as long as he gave him more hints, Lu Yanzhou might take the risks.

Even if things were to be revealed…Lu Yanzhou is the one who committed the crime.

However, Lu Yanzhou totally ignored him.
He had no way to hint to Lu Yanzhou, he could only…Threaten?

In the end, An Chenyuan still made the decision to talk to Lu Yanzhou tomorrow.

Lu Yanzhou had been on guard against An Chenyuan and Xie Yuan, but that was all.

He is very busy.

He has to manage Xie Chengze’s assets and take care of Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze is like an immortal.
He always felt that Xie Chengze should have the best things in this world.

In the past, Xie Chengze was very indifferent.
He was very persistent in going to find Xie Chengze, and he could only make Xie Chengze, a ruthless dao cultivator, treat him as a good friend.
Not to mention that Xie Chengze wants to be with him now.

Today, Lu Yanzhou worked next to the plastic film for another morning.

When he was working, Xie Chengze was playing puzzles beside him.

Xie Chengze didn’t really focus when he was playing.
He glanced at Lu Yanzhou from time to time.
After several hours of trying, still no result.

After receiving the message from his mother, Lu Yanzhou said to Xie Chengze, “AZe, I’m going to dinner.
By the way, after dinner, I’ll go to the company in the afternoon.”

“Can you not go?” Xie Chengze asked.

“There are many things to do in the company.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Xie Chengze could only say: “Then come back early.”

“Okay.” Lu Yanzhou hugged him before going downstairs.

When they got downstairs, father Lu and mother Lu had already prepared the meal.

Old lady Wang originally ate with them, but after a few days of eating, old lady Wang was not used to it and separated.

Old lady Wang came to work in Zhang’s family when she was young.
She has worked in Zhang’s family for 30 years, she is accustomed to living in a wealthy family.

For example, when shopping for vegetables, mother Lu buys those at discount, those that are cheap, while old lady Wang…Whether it is buying eggs, meat or vegetables, she will always choose the expensive ones.

She also pays attention to cooking with less oil and less salt.
She has to eat vegetables and protein at every meal.
Anyway, she tries to be healthy.

The two sides really can’t eat from the same pot.

The meal mother Lu cooked today is a plate of braised pork, a plate of fried kale, and tomato soup.

She simmered a bit too much braised pork, so she planned to eat it two days in a row.

Lu Yanzhou is not a picky eater.
After three or two bites, he told his parents that he was going to the company.

“Zhouzhou, go work.” Mother Lu said.

“Mom, I will.” Lu Yanzhou smiled.

Lu Yanzhou started working when he arrived at the company.

Lunar New Year’s Eve is the end of January.

Now that the New Year has passed for several days, it will not be long before the New Year’s holiday.
Near the end of the year, the company has a lot of things to do.

Lu Yanzhou’s relevant knowledge reserve is not enough, it is even slower to do that.
That’s why he studied it in advance before coming to the company, so nothing could go wrong.

He is busy until five o’clock in the afternoon.
Lu Yanzhou was about to go back, as a result, when he was packing, An Chenyuan suddenly came in.

Seeing An Chenyuan, Lu Yanzhou frowned slightly.

Today’s An Chenyuan doesn’t look the same as before…Lu Yanzhou was thinking about it when he heard An Chenyuan say: “Lu Yanzhou, I have something here, you should take a look.”

“What?” Lu Yanzhou asked.

An Chenyuan put an A4 piece of paper in front of Lu Yanzhou.
On this piece of A4 paper, many transfer records were listed.
The first item above was the 30 million dividends transferred from Xie Chengze’s shares in those companies to Xie Chengze and he transferred it to his own account.

The numerous ones in the back are records of him transferring away to buy supplies for charity.

Lu Yanzhou had already guessed that An Chenyuan would keep an eye on him, so he didn’t clean up the account.
Now that he saw this piece of paper, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The fish is hooked.

Lu Yanzhou’s face changed greatly, he looked at An Chenyuan: “What do you want?”

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