Lu Yanzhou first served in the special forces in his last life, then he later became a police officer.
He naturally learned how to manage facial expressions, and by the way, he also studied micro-expressions.

He had long guessed that An Chenyuan would come to him.
At this moment, he also secretly turned on the recording tool.

“You embezzled so much money from Xie Chengze, does Xie Chengze know?” An Chenyuan asked.

A guilty conscience flashed across Lu Yanxhou’s face, he didn’t answer.

An Chenyuan said, “Senior Lu, what you did is already enough to put you in jail!”

Lu Yanzhou looked even more guilty.

“What you are doing is wrong, I’m going to tell Xie Chengze about this…”

When Lu Yanzhou heard this, he immediately said: “No!”

“Then return the money.” An Chenyuan’s finger tapped on the table, one by one.

Lu Yanzhou’s face turned embarrassed.

An Chenyuan said: “You think about it! I can find out about this, others can find it too!”

After An Chenyuan finished speaking, he left.
After he leaves the office, Lu Yanzhou’s expression returns to normal and he turn off the recording tool.

An Chenyuan didn’t say anything this time, but sooner or later, he will do it.

He must cure Xie Chengze as soon as possible.

Lu Yanzhou stayed alone for a while, then packed up and left the office.
When he went out, he also showed a worried expression at the right time, completely imitating an ordinary person with a guilty conscience after breaking the law and committing a crime.

When An Chenyuan saw this scene, he didn’t think much about it.

On the other side, Lu Yanzhou is driving home.
When he got home, he saw that his parents had already made dinner.
The dishes on the table are about the same as the noon dishes — the dishes that mother Lu could cook were few so mostly the same.

Lu Yanzhou said, “Dad, mom, I’ll put my stuff away then come to eat.”

He guessed that Xie Chengze had probably been waiting for him.
He planned to go up to greet Xie Chengze first, then he will come down for supper.

When Lu Yanzhou reach upstairs, sure enough, he saw Xie Chengze looking eagerly at the door.

Every time he sees Xie Chengze like this, he will feel distressed.

He told Xie Chengze to find something to do and don’t wait for him.
However, even if Xie Chengze is practicing writing, he would also stay in the place opposite the door to practice, then he will give him a big smile when he comes through the door.

This is why he tries to stay at home as much as possible.
One of the reasons is spoiling Xie Chengze.

“AZe, I’m back.” Lu Yanzhou walked over and put his hand through the rubber gloves.

Xie Chengze immediately got into his arms.

“I’m going to have dinner, I will accompany you later.” Lu Yanzhou said as he hugged him.

Xie Chengze took his hand: “Come back to eat here, okay?”

“Okay.” Lu Yanzhou agreed.
He went downstairs and filled a big bowl of rice cover with some vegetables, then went upstairs again.

Lu Yanzhou chatted with Xie Chengze before.
He found that Xie Chengze didn’t like to hear him talk about the company, so now he doesn’t talk much about things in the company, not to mention An Chenyuan’s affairs.
He couldn’t tell him that.

This is mainly because…he didn’t want Xie Chengze to know that Xie Yuan wanted to harm him.

For most people, knowing their father wants them to die is a very uncomfortable thing.

Xie Chengze only needs to be happy.

Lu Yanzhou was eating while checking Xie Chengze’s homework, tell him to study hard.

Xie Chengze held his chin and nodded, yes, very obedient.

After eating, Lu Yanzhou went downstairs to put away the dishes and chopsticks.
He then has a few words with his parents, asking them if they lack anything.

Both father Lu and mother Lu are very satisfied with their current life.
It’s just that Lu Qiqi came to find them again recently.

From Lu Qiqi’s mouth, Lu Yanzhou is a person that locked up Xie Chengze.
He’s a bad guy who digs out Xie Chengze’s money.

Lu Qiqi talk about Lu Yanzhou like that, father Lu and mother Lu were naturally upset.
They wan to defend their son but they can’t go against Lu Qiqi with how things were now.
They were also afraid that Lu Qiqi would talk nonsense in front of their relatives.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Dad, leave her alone.
I think we should just watched Xie Chengze closely to protect Xie Chengze…Now someone wants Xie Chengze to die.”

Lu Yanzhou had told his parents that someone in the Xie family wanted Xie Chengze to die.
This time he also brought it up again, the restlessness in father Lu and mother Lu heart raised another level.

“You also helped me watch him.
Aze should never have an accident.” Lu Yanzhou repeated.

Father Lu and mother Lu nodded again and again.

The next day, Lu Yanzhou went to the company again.
While in the company, he seemed a little dazed and very uneasy.

As predicted, An Chenyuan came to see him alone.

An Chenyuan went to Lu Yanzhou yesterday to test first.
After that, Lu Yanzhou passed the test with his panicked performance.
So, today he goes straight to the topic: “Lu Yanzhou, did you think it through?”

Lu Yanzhou is a little flustered: “I didn’t do it on purpose…”

“So you’re going to pay back the money?”

“I don’t have the money for the time being…”

“For the time being? Where did you spend it?” An Chenyuan frowned.
According to his recent observations, Lu Yanzhou didn’t spend much money at all.

Lu Yanzhou found a tenable reason: “Online gambling…I will definitely win it back.
I’ll be able to pay it back in a few days!”

An Chenyuan’s face darkened.

Gambling has no end.
Now he doesn’t know how much money Lu Yanzhou had used.
Letting him stay with Xie Chengze, he will definitely take more money from Xie Chengze!

An Chenyuan originally thought that it would be best to quietly encourage Lu Yanzhou to start it but now he has given up on this plan.

“You say, if I tell Xie Chengze that you have debt from online gambling so you dig out hundreds of millions from him…will he still want you to be his assistant?” An Chenyuan said.

Lu Yanzhou gritted his teeth, looking at An Chenyuan angrily: “It’s not good for you!”

Lu Yanzhou looked like this, obviously because he went crazy from gambling and couldn’t retract himself from it!

An Chenyuan suddenly understood why he didn’t respond when he tried to hook up with him — a gambler.
How could he care about love?

An Chenyuan sat down in front of Lu Yanzhou and said: “It really doesn’t do me any good, but I can give you an idea to get rid of this problem.”

Lu Yanzhou looked at An Chenyuan: “What?”

An Chenyuan said: “As long as Xie Chengze dies, no one will pursue this matter.”

Lu Yanzhou showed a terrified expression: “What did you say?”

An Chenyuan said: “You haven’t thought about it at all?

Lu Yanzhou didn’t speak, of course he didn’t think about it.

His lifelong wish is to make Xie Chengze happy and healthy.

Seeing Lu Yanzhou sinking into thoughts, An Chenyuan turned and left.

When he’s gone, Lu Yanzhou sighed.

He thought An Chenyuan or Xie Yuan will have more means, but unexpectedly, he chose to threaten him directly in the end…

However, this is normal.

The related murders case he handled in the past, most are straightforward without too much intrigue.

Of course, An Chenyuan were so direct should be related to Xie Chengze’s situation.

If a healthy person with their own social circle suddenly dies, everyone will look into it.
However, Xie Chengze, who doesn’t have an immune system, passed away…everyone will just think it’s an accident.

Speaking of, in the original trajectory, even if the original owner is not here, if Xie Yuan really wanted to kill Xie Chengze, he could have easily made it an accident.

Just give Xie Chengze something with germs hidden in it, it’s already enough to make Xie Chengze die.

However, they make the original owner take the lead.
They should intended to push the original owner out as the murderer from the very beginning.
Then, they will take advantage of the situation to recover the money that the original owner got from Xie Chengze.

Lu Yanzhou is right.
Xie Yuan wanted An Chenyuan to push Lu Yanzhou to do it, then he will take out the evidence to testify against Lu Yanzhou.
He could take back the money Lu Yanzhou got from Xie Chengze then.

However, knowing from An Chenyuan that Lu Yanzhou was involved in gambling, seeing that Lu Yanzhou even sold his new luxury car…

Lu Yanzhou will definitely not get his money back.
Xie Yuan’s face was dark, so he asked An Chenyuan to get things done as soon as possible.

Otherwise, letting Lu Yanzhou continue to gamble, how much money would Xie Chengze have left then?

Another day passed, An Chenyuan came to find Lu Yanzhou and handed a file bag to Lu Yanzhou.

In the file back are several sheets of printed paper.
There is one in the middle with words threatening Lu Yanzhou.
The main idea is that if Lu Yanzhou doesn’t kill Xie Chengze, he will reveal what Lu Yanzhou take from Xie Chengze’s assets.

Lu Yanzhou: “…”

An Chenyuan is quite careful, there’s no way An Chenyuan’s fingerprints will be on this piece of paper.

If he really took Xie Chengze’s money, then killed Xie Chengze again and was arrested.
Even if it proved that he was ordered by An Chenyuan, the evidence is not enough either.

Of course, this also means that an Chenyuan didn’t want to do it himself too.

An Chenyuan has already left.
Lu Yanzhou took out the camera disguised as a cigarette case next to him and copied the entire video.

Xie Chengze in this world is very rich so it’s not difficult to accumulate merit.
With merits, he can heal Xie Chengze’s body.
He has saved about a third of it now.

If he makes persistent efforts, Xie Chengze’s recovery will come sooner, but before that…he needs to fix An Chenyuan.

If An Chenyuan reveals more…Even if An Chenyuan cannot be sanctioned legally, if it is exposed, it can also make An Chenyuan and Xie Yuan unlucky.

Lu Yanzhou accompanied An Chenyuan in many plays, but seeing that it was almost the end of the year….

He no longer goes to the company.
He stay at home everyday to accompany Xie Chengze, getting ready to spend this new year with Xie Chengze.

An Chenyuan: “…” this guys Lu Yanzhou doesn’t come to the company, he wouldn’t be at home gambling, wanting things to return to normal, right?!

Everyone has their own thoughts, and the new year came.

In the past, Lu Yanzhou’s family would go back to their hometown during Chinese New Year.
Father Lu and mother Lu are like two ordinary middle-aged people in this city, but when they get back home, they become successful people who bought a house and settled in the big city.
They enjoy the feeling of being envied by relatives and friends.

The taciturn father Lu, at this time, also talks about more.

However, this year because of Lu Yanzhou’s request, they celebrate the new year at the Zhang family’s villa.

Father Lu and mother Lu have no opinion on this when thinking about their son’s salary…isn’t they just couldn’t go back for new year? They can stay!

There are only five people in the villa.
Xie Chengze could not leave the sterile room, and Lu Yanzhou also wants to accompany him again, so this year is quite cold and cheerless.

However, that is only for others.

For Xie Chengze, this is the happiest year ever since he remembers.

Lu Yanzhou has been staying with him from morning to night all the time.

He doesn’t know how many more years he has, but what about Lu Yanzhou, will he always be with him?

Even if Lu Yanzhou was with him all the time, he would have to get married and have kids someday, right?

Xie Chengze still had a smile on his face, but his heart sank again.

Over a month ago, he wouldn’t be so troubled.
At that time, he only wanted Lu Yanzhou to accompany him and nothing else.

However, Lu Yanzhou treated him so well…now he hopes that Lu Yanzhou would belong to him alone.

Xie Chengze was at a loss when his phone suddenly rang.

He picked up the phone and saw a strange number and sent him a text message: “I’m An Chenyuan…you should know me, right?”

Xie Chenyuan’s eyes narrowed.

Of course he knew An Chenyuan.
When he was very young, he knew that his father had another child.
He also knew that An Chenyuan had done a bone marrow matching for him.

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