Xie Chengze’s physical condition is so bad, but his grandfather still left all the Zhang family property to him because he knew that he is not simple.

Before his grandfather passed away, Xie Chengze would talk with his grandfather.
His grandfather knew that although he didn’t learn much, he was very smart.
Before he died, he transferred his assets to his name one after another.

In addition, his grandfather also told him many things, such as his father had a child before marriage, and that person was An Chenyuan.

At that time, his grandfather kept reminding him to be careful of An Chenyuan and Xie Chengyun.
He even investigated An Chenyuan’s information for him, but he never paid much attention to these things, so he didn’t care.

Why did An Chenyuan suddenly contact him?

Xie Chengze is a little curious, but after looking at it, he put the phone aside.

He didn’t want to waste the time with Lu Yanzhou talking to irrelevant people.

Xie Chengze didn’t reply to An Chenyuan, but An Chenyuan quickly sent another text message: “I’m your half-brother, I have something to tell you about Lu Yanzhou, add me as a friend?”

Xie Chengze, who heard the notification tone, picked up the phone and glanced at it, then put the phone aside again, and continued to look at Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou is working.

Today is the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, and the charity fund that Lu Yanzhou has prepared for a long time is expected to be established within the next month.

Starting tomorrow, he has to run around many places.

Lu Yanzhou was very serious when he was working.
Xie Chengze sat beside him and watched him, he never got tired of looking at him.

After looking at him for a long time, mother Lu came to ask Lu Yanzhou to eat.
Lu Yanzhou hugged him and then went downstairs.
Xie Chengze took out his mobile phone, followed the contact information sent by An Chenyuan, and added him as a friend.

An Chenyuan probably wanted to speak ill of Lu Yanzhou to him, and most likely it was his father who instructed him.

Xie Chengze knew his father very well.

His father only had money and power in his heart.
He never cared about the people around him, and he doesn’t have any good relationship with his sons.

Now that he is out of his control, his father must be quite upset.

In fact, during this period of time, his father had called him several times, trying to tell him to go back, but he didn’t listen.

What did An Chenyuan want to say this time?

Xie Chengze sent a friend request, but that’s all, he won’t take the initiative to talk to An Chenyuan.

His grandfather knew his real situation, but everyone else thought he was someone who had never learned anything since he was a child and had been locked up all the time so he was a bit autistic.

In Xie Yuan and An Chenyuan’s hearts, he must be timid and ignorant, so talking to people on his own initiative is not something he would do.

Also…He probably doesn’t even know how to use a mobile phone.

Lu Yanzhou taught him how to play with the mobile phone before, didn’t he?

Putting the phone aside, Xie Chengze looked at the surveillance camera on the tablet again.

In the surveillance, Lu Yanzhou was eating.

They moved here at the end of December.
After moving here, Mother Lu made some New Year’s goods one after another.

For a while, the balcony on the second floor of this house was covered with bacon and sausages.
Mother Lu even bought a pig’s head and marinated it with salt and fried it with pepper.

So these days, Lu Yanzhou gets to eat these things everyday.

Old lady Wang doesn’t eat with the Lu family.
There are only three people in the Lu family, so mother Lu’s cooking is very simple…Recently, a plate of bacon and stir-fried vegetables are on the table almost every day.

When Xie Chengze recalled the sumptuous meals of the Xie family, he felt sorry for Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou’s food is too bad!

Xie Chengze was looking at him when his mobile phone next to him gave out another notification tone.

It’s probably An Chenyuan again, this person is quite annoying…

Xie Chengze turned on the phone, and saw that An Chenyuan had already accepted his friend request, and sent himself a lot of pictures.

He didn’t plan to look at it at first, but he suddenly stopped — there is Lu Yanzhou in these photos.

Looking over one by one, Xie Chengze found that many of them were photos of Lu Yanzhou and An Chenyuan together.

At the end of these photos, An Chenyuan also said: “Cousin Lu went to the same university as me, and chased me back then, but I didn’t agree.”

Xie Chengze froze looking at those photos.

On the other side, An Chenyuan was holding his mobile phone.
Seeing no replies, he couldn’t help frowning.

Xie Yuan kept urging him, so An Chenyuan hoped that Lu Yanzhou would deal with Xie Chengze quickly.

However, Lu Yanzhou refused to do it!

It was already half a month ago when An Chenyuan threatened Lu Yanzhou, but now that half a month has passed, Xie Chengze is still fine.

Not only that, in the past ten days, Lu Yanzhou didn’t even leave Zhang’s villa.
He didn’t even get to see Lu Yanzhou at all.

An Chenyuan really wanted to urge Lu Yanzhou, but he was afraid that if he contacted Lu Yanzhou, it would be recorded or kept by Lu Yanzhou, so he didn’t dare to say more.

After much deliberation, he thought of another way, which was to provoke the relationship between Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze.

Lu Yanzhou was able to use a large sum of money from Xie Chengze because it was allowed by Xie Chengze.
If Xie Chengze had an opinion on Lu Yanzhou and refused to let him, Lu Yanzhou would have no chance to embezzle Xie Chengze’s money again.

The most important thing is that after Xie Chengze did this, Lu Yanzhou would jump over the wall in a hurry and would definitely do something.

Xie Chengze can now be said to be under Lu Yanzhou’s control.
Apart from an old lady, there are only Lu Yanzhou’s parents in the villa.
It is too easy for Lu Yanzhou to really kill Xie Chengze.

An Chenyuan didn’t know Xie Chengze well, but he felt that Xie Chengze would definitely not like his illegitimate brother.

Xie Chengze will definitely be unhappy if Lu Yanzhou has something to do with him.

Of course, An Chenyuan had another faint guess.
Xie Chengze, who has been imprisoned by Xie’s family, suddenly trusted Lu Yanzhou so much.
It is unlikely that it was because of just friendship.
That being the case, is it possible that Lu Yanzhou deceived Xie Chengze’s feelings.
Replying on Xie Chengze’s love, he made Xie Chengze obeyed him?

If that were the case, Xie Chengze would definitely be even angrier when he learned about it.

It was because Xie Chengze kept refusing to reply to his messages that made him upset.

Forget it, he’s going to work tomorrow, he will see if Lu Yanzhou will come then.

Lu Yanzhou went upstairs after eating.

He opened the door and went in.
The first thing he saw was the cute Xie Chengze who was still smiling at him.

“AZe, have you eaten yet?” Lu Yanzhou asked.


“Then eat something now.” Lu Yanzhou reminded Xie Chengze to eat.

Xie Chengze had no appetite, but he still ate obediently.

While eating, he couldn’t help being distracted —— Lu Yanzhou, did he really pursue An Chenyuan before?

The moment Lu Yanzhou came in just now, he actually wanted to show Lu Yanzhou the message sent by An Chenyuan and ask Lu Yanzhou to give him an explanation.

However, it suddenly occurred to him that Lu Yanzhou had nothing to do with him.

He confessed his love to Lu Yanzhou, but Lu Yanzhou did not agree.

Even if Lu Yanzhou really chased An Chenyuan before, he had no reason to question Lu Yanzhou.
If Lu Yanzhou hadn’t chased An Chenyuan, it would be even more unreasonable for him to ask Lu Yanzhou.

Might as well find time to check it out himself.

Thinking of this, Xie Chengze regained his appetite.

The next day, Lu Yanzhou went to the company.

These days during the Chinese New Year, he has gained a lot of merit.
After asking, he found out that the items he donated were sent to those in need.

Now, he only lacks half of the merit to save Xie Chengze.
As for controlling this small world, he needs more merit.
He can slowly accumulate it after Xie Chengze recovers.

At that time, he can also let go of his hands and feet.

After Lu Yanzhou arrived at the company, An Chenyuan came to him: “Lu Yanzhou, let’s find a place to talk.”

“Can’t talk here?” Lu Yanzhou asked.

“It’s better to find a quiet place.” An Chenyuan walked out.
When he threatened Lu Yanzhou before, it was okay for him to go to Lu Yanzhou’s office and say things straightforwardly because there’s no surveillance camera in Lu Yanzhou’s office.
Lu Yanzhou would not think of recording in such a rush.

Most importantly, he didn’t say anything much at the time.

However, now…who knows if Lu Yanzhou has audio or video tools in his office?

An Chenyuan took Lu Yanzhou to the fire exit in this building.
No one came here and there’s no camera: “What are your thoughts?”

“I dare not.” Lu Yanzhou looked anxious and frightened.

“You want to go to jail?”

“Of course not! But such a big matter, let me think about it some more.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Lu Yanzhou looked timid and fearful, and An Chenyuan really can’t do anything about him.

Lu Yanzhou continues: “And how long has it been since he moved out from Xie’s house? If something happened to him so soon, what would others think of me?”

An Chenyuan wanted to curse.
This Lu Yanzhou was very brave when he took the money, but now he is so timid?

Lu Yanzhou comforted An Chenyuan, then hurriedly left the company pretending to be uneasy, then he went to a nearby hospital.

The charity fund he established is mainly used to pay medical expenses for those who can’t afford to see a doctor.
He went to the hospital this time just to see the situation.

As soon as Lu Yanzhou went out in the morning, Xie Chengze went back to his bedroom and turned on the computer.

He used to be a person who had his computer turned on 24 hours a day.
He had at least 15 hours a day to pay attention to the news on the Internet.

Although Lu Yanzhou later became pleasing to his eye and he got along with Lu Yanzhou more, because he was still living in Xie’s house at that time, Lu Yanzhou would leave at night, so he still had a lot of time to be online.
He can spend seven or eight hours a day on the Internet.

However, ever since he came to Zhang’s villa…Lu Yanzhou was at home every day during the Chinese New Year a few days ago, so he didn’t turn on his computer for ten days in a row.

Today, as soon as Xie Chengze turned on his computer, he received a lot of messages.
The person he communicated with the most even sent a lot of messages, asking why he wasn’t online.

Xie Chengze replied: “Chinese New Year.”

“Oh! Water God, do you still remember? Last year during the Chinese New Year, someone from abroad came to make trouble.
Everyone else had something to do offline, so they couldn’t stay online all the time, so only you stood the ground!”

Xie Chengze didn’t reply, but this person typed a bunch of words: “So, Water God, did you have a partner, that’s why you set us aside?”

Xie Chengze doesn’t want to talk to him anymore, he doesn’t have a partner!

Xie Chengze doesn’t like to be in charge, but in fact, he will use his computer skills from time to time to visit Xie’s or his own company.

At this moment, he entered his company very familiarly, and then he saw An Chenyuan through the company’s networked camera.

An Chenyuan also called Lu Yanzhou away.
The two went to the fire escape side, so he didn’t know what they were talking about.

An Chenyuan…what does he want to do?

An Chenyuan didn’t want to provoke their relationship, but to rob him?

Xie Chengze felt a surge of anger from the bottom of his heart, then he suddenly stopped.

If An Chenyuan really wanted to rob him, he couldn’t do it.

Though, besides being richer than An Chenyuan, he has nothing better than An Chenyuan.

Xie Chengze left a hole in his company’s system a long time ago for his own access, so he quickly accessed Lu Yanzhou’s computer.

There are a lot of files in Lu Yanzhou’s computer.
He doesn’t understand the commercial ones, and he is impatient to read them, but he has read some recordings and videos among them.

Lu Yanzhou’s video is what he had discussed with An Chenyuan.

Online gambling?

Lu Yanzhou was with him every day, so he had never gambled.
He also teaches lesson to him before and repeatedly told him that he must not engage in pornography, gambling, and drugs.

According to what Lu Yanzhou recorded… An Chenyuan wanted him to die?

Lu Yanzhou pretended to comply in front of An Chenyuan to get proof?

He didn’t expect Lu Yanzhou to be good at acting.

Xie Chengze figured out the ins and outs of the matter and his mood immediately improved.

In fact, he knew very early on that his father wanted to kill him, and he was already prepared.
If there was such a day, he would leave enough evidence to ruin his father’s reputation.

As for himself, he actually didn’t want to live, so it was okay to just die.

However, recently Lu Yanzhou protected him so well and told him to be careful every day.

He should do something too.

Xie Chengze decided to look for evidence of his father’s wrongdoing starting today.

His father, such a man, must have done a lot of tax evasion in the past!

Of course, if these things are to be given to Lu Yanzhou openly, there must be a source…

When Lu Yanzhou came home that night, Xie Chengze said, “Brother Yanzhou, when I went online today, I paid homage to a master!”

“What master?” Lu Yanzhou is a little worried, “Some people on the Internet like to deceive people.” Xie Chengze can just play games or something and was still deceived.

“He’s a master hacker! Brother Yanzhou, my master is amazing, he is a hacker!” Xie Chengze said.

Lu Yanzhou was taken aback.
He suddenly thought of the hacker who disclosed everything after Xie Chengze’s death.

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