Lu Yanzhou went home today and opened the door on the third floor, but he didn’t see Xie Chengze immediately like usual.

Xie Chengze, who used to always sit behind the plastic film and wait for him to come back, is probably in the bedroom or the toilet at the moment so he didn’t see him.

However, Lu Yanzhou couldn’t wait to talk about Xie Chengze’s health improvement.
After thinking about it, he found the protective suit that he hadn’t worn these days and put it on.

He wanted to go in to find Xie Chengze.

The golden merit is merging with Xie Chengze’s body.
Xie Chengze is getting better, but he is still a little worried, so he dare not open the door of the sterile room directly.

Lu Yanzhou planned to give Xie Chengze an examination first, to make sure that Xie Chengze’s health was really good, and then let Xie Chengze go out of the sterile room.

Lu Yanzhou had already prepared for this matter.
He bought some needles half a month ago and practiced drawing blood on his arm.
This time, after he went in, he could draw a tube of Xie Chengze’s blood and send it to the hospital immediately for someone to test.

Xie Chengze has a specialized doctor, but that doctor was hired by Xie Yuan many years ago, Lu Yanzhou couldn’t fully trust them.

Fortunately, he went to the hospital a few times recently and met other doctors.
The doctor also made a medical record for Xie Chengze.

Taking Xie Chengze’s blood to the doctor he knows for testing, there is absolutely no problem.

“Brother Yanzhou, what did you say?” Xie Chengze came out of the bedroom and asked in confusion.

“I said you’re getting better, so you’ll recover soon.” Lu Yanzhou said while putting on the suit on the other side.

Xie Chengze looked blank.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Do you still remember? I said before that as long as you do more good deeds, you will recover.
I donated your money and helped many people.
Now your body is healing.”

Xie Chengze was full of surprise: “Really?”

“Really! But I need to get someone to check it out for you first.
You can come out of the sterile room after we are sure there is no problem.” After Lu Yanzhou finished speaking, he looked at the lingering merits around Xie Chengze, and said, “Um, You’d better stay in the sterile room for a few more days to recover properly…It’s your birthday in a few days, so you can come out on that day, I’ll celebrate your birthday.”

Xie Chengze hasn’t fully absorbed those merits yet.
Now Xie Chengze’s immunity should be far inferior to ordinary people…It’s better for him to stay in the sterile room for a few more days.

Lu Yanzhou was very sure.
While talking, he had already put on the protective suit and entered the disinfection pipeline.

The disinfectant was constantly spraying towards him, but Lu Yanzhou was very excited the whole time.
When he came to the inner room of the disinfection pipeline, he even hit the glass with his hand to greet Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze smiled and let him in after the disinfection was completed.

Lu Yanzhou has been very restrained these days.
He dares not get close to Xie Chengze, but when facing Xie Chengze, he is reluctant to make him sad…

The person he likes wants to get close to him, but he just can’t get close…He has endured very hard.

However, at this moment, he could no longer remember those entanglements, only joy remained.

Picking up Xie Chengze, Lu Yanzhou hugged him several times, until he was dizzy before putting Xie Chengze down: “AZe, you are finally recovering!”

“Brother Yanzhou, am I really recovering?” Xie Chengze asked again.

“Yes!” Lu Yanzhou was very sure, “I’ll draw your blood for a test.
When we’re sure you’re alright, you can go out on your birthday!”

As Lu Yanzhou said, he took out the blood-drawing equipment he brought in and unpacked it: “Aze, I have practiced blood-drawing but I’m still not proficient, maybe it will hurt a little.”

When he practiced drawing blood before, he put a glove as thick as the protective suit on his right glove, and then drew blood from his left arm.

He pricked dozens of needle holes in his left arm, which made his left arm bruised, before finally sure he could do it.

However, when Xie Chengze stretched out his white arm…Lu Yanzhou didn’t dare to do it.

Obviously it would be easier to draw blood from others, but with Xie Chengze’s little arm…Lu Yanzhou took a few deep breaths before carefully groping for the blood vessels.

After half a tube of blood was drawn from Xie Chengze’s arm, a layer of sweat had already appeared on Lu Yanzhou’s back.

“Aze, I’m going to the hospital right now.
You wait for me at home.” Lu Yanzhou took the half tube of blood in his hand, hugged Xie Chengze again, then hurriedly left through the disinfection tube.

Xie Chengze pressed the pinhole on his arm and watched him leave, feeling a little dazed, then the smile on his face slowly disappeared.

If he had received bone marrow transplantation or other treatments, it would be normal for him to recover now, but the point is, he didn’t receive any treatment at all.

In the past two months, he didn’t even do his routine checkups.

Lu Yanzhou has always said that as long as he does more good deeds, his health will recover…But is it possible?

If it’s really that simple, rich people can just get rid of all diseases if they donate more!

Xie Chengze has always shown that he trusts Lu Yanzhou, but that’s just because he wants Lu Yanzhou to like him.
In fact, he doesn’t believe Lu Yanzhou’s words.

Although he has been locked up all the time, his computer technology has made him come into contact with more darkness.

There is hostility everywhere on the Internet.
Countless people are abusing and accusing each other and arguing, saying things that they dare not say in life with maliciousness hitting their faces.

What about the environment he lives in? His mother has always hated him and his father never cared about him.
At first, his stepmother tried to please him, but later found that his father didn’t care about him, so she ignored him too.

Even his grandfather, in fact, his grandfather also disliked him, otherwise he wouldn’t have turned a blind eye to his bad situation when he was young.

Growing up in such an environment, it was hard for him to trust anyone.

He tried to believe in Lu Yanzhou, but after thinking about it, is Lu Yanzhou really worth trusting?

Lu Yanzhou didn’t like him before, but after embezzling 30 million yuan from him, his attitude suddenly changed.

Lu Yanzhou said that the 30 million yuan was used for charity…But it’s funny, who would be so sneaky and embezzle the money for charity?

He had known Lu Yanzhou since he was very young.
Lu Yanzhou was not a kind person at all.

The big cakes that Lu Yanzhou drew are even more unbelievable.

There is a high probability that Lu Yanzhou has been lying to him.

Xie Chengze suddenly remembered that he had seen Lu Yanzhou acting in front of An Chenyuan on the surveillance camera.

When Lu Yanzhou faced An Chenyuan, he always seemed flustered, but when he left An Chenyuan’s sight, he returned to normal in an instant.

Lu Yanzhou is good at acting, very good at it.

Lu Yanzhou should have liked An Chenyuan before, but he definitely doesn’t like him now, so he plotted against An Chenyuan instead.

As for him…He and Lu Yanzhou have never really held hands.
Could it be possible for Lu Yanzhou to like him?

Thinking about it carefully, Lu Yanzhou used his account to buy things for him…But for An Chenyuan, Lu Yanzhou sent many things to An Chenyuan before.

Lu Yanzhou obviously didn’t like him.

Now that Lu Yanzhou said he was fine, he wants him to leave the sterile room so he will die, right?

He still has a lot of money, why is Lu Yanzhou in such a hurry? Can’t let him live a few more days?

Because An Chenyuan and Xie Yuan couldn’t wait anymore?

Lu Yanzhou has been checking An Chenyuan and Xie Yuan, maybe he…wants to put his death on An Chenyuan and Xie Yuan.

Various thoughts circulated in Xie Chengze’s mind, then finally calmed down.

He was born ill, and even his parents didn’t like him, so how could he expect others to love him?

Lu Yanzhou is not bad, at least he let him have a few months of sweet dreams.

He originally thought that he would always be alone until he died.

But he is not willing to let himself die just like this.

He told Lu Yanzhou before that he wanted to really hug and kiss Lu Yanzhou before he died.
This is his truest thought, and it hasn’t changed even now.

Xie Chengze thought about it, then went back to the bedroom, turned on the computer and began to do the right things.

During this period of time, Lu Yanzhou was not so close to him, but he kept urging him to exercise, so Lu Yanzhou did not fool him.
No matter what exercise he did, Lu Yanzhou would do it ten times.

Lu Yanzhou’s body was not bad at all.
After two months of training, he became stronger and stronger.
Facing Lu Yanzhou, he was not able to resist at all, he could say that he was powerless to fight back.

If Lu Yanzhou doesn’t let him kiss, he won’t be able to.

He used to be willing to die quietly alone, but now he doesn’t want to.

There are all kinds of things on the Internet, and there are even more messy things.
Xie Chengze even found a website that sold contraband before.

He browsed the Internet for a long time, then finally hacked into someone’s computer: “I heard that you…have some good things here?”

He wanted to make Lu Yanzhou weak and get close to him.

Although he has no immunity, he will not die immediately after being exposed to viruses and bacteria from the outside world.

Before he died, he might as well get a chance to get close to Lu Yanzhou.

It would be best if Lu Yanzhou was willing to consummate with him, but if Lu Yanzhou was not willing…he might be able to use some special means.

Xie Chengze dragged his chin to buy the products he wanted, and knocked on the person who always came to chat with him: “Are you in S city?”

“Yes, yes! I’m studying at a university in S city!” The man replied immediately.

Xie Chengze said, “Do a few things for me.”

“Water God, just tell me, I will definitely help you!” The person opposite immediately expressed his loyalty.

Xie Chengze had already noticed that his father was expecting him to die a few months ago.

At that time, he was still thinking that if his father didn’t do anything, he wouldn’t do anything.
If his father did, he would give the evidence to this person, so that this person would expose it after his death.


Xie Chengze gave the other party a series of evidence of Xie’s tax evasion and explained for a while, then finally said: “I bought some things, please go and get them.
Try to see if they are safe, and then send them over to me…you will be paid.”

The goods will not be sent directly to the customer, but will be stored in a special express cabinet.

He has no way to get it, so he has to ask others.

He doesn’t dare to use these medicines directly, so it’s better for someone to try them first.

“What is it?” asked the person opposite.

“Drug.” Xie Chengze replied directly.

“!!! Water God, what do you want to do?!”

When Xie Chengze was busy arranging his affairs, Lu Yanzhou was in the hospital.

The doctor has tested Xie Chengze’s blood.

“The number of lymphocytes in his peripheral blood is low, but it is relatively normal…” The doctor said some technical terms, introduced Xie Chengze’s situation in detail, and finally concluded: “Compared with his previous situation, he is improving and is expected to recover…Of course, for a person like him who has not been in contact with the outside world for a long time, even if he recovers, he still lacks various antibodies in his body.
In the future, he must be careful not to expose himself to too many bacteria and viruses and he cannot take vaccines for the time being.
Wait until he has a certain resistance before he can take them.”

People who have Xie Chengze’s condition may die even if they get vaccinated.

After the examination, the doctor was also a little curious: “How did he recover?”

“I can’t say this, it needs to be kept secret.” Lu Yanzhou begged the doctor not to tell anyone about this matter.

Like this…he might be able to obtain evidence against An Chenyuan’s criminal activity.

An Chenyuan couldn’t wait any longer.
He didn’t do anything, maybe An Chenyuan would do something.

He has installed dozens of cameras at home.
An Chenyuan will definitely fall into the trap by then!

When Lu Yanzhou returned with the document, it was already past dinner time.

He hadn’t had dinner yet, but because of his excitement, he didn’t think of eating at all.
He ran upstairs as soon as he got home.

“This kid is thinking about his boss all day long.” Mother Lu muttered.

Father Lu said: “He gave so much money!” If someone gave him one million a year, he promised to value him as much as his son!

And his son didn’t actually do anything, Xie Chengze couldn’t even leave the glass cage.

“That’s right…I’ll heat up the food and bring it to him.” If Lu Yanzhou didn’t come back for dinner, he would definitely tell them but if he didn’t say it, it means he hasn’t eaten yet.

Mother Lu went to warm up the dishes, while father Lu wandered around the house with a rag.

After wandering around for a long time, he didn’t see any dirty places, so he simply turned on the TV to watch TV.

Madam Xie has fired him and his wife, there is a high probability that they will continue to work here…then they must work hard to keep their jobs.

Speaking of which, the work here is really easy.

In the past at Xie’s company, whether they were security guards or busy in the kitchen, they basically had to stand all the time.
When they stand for a long time, their backs and legs will hurt.
But now here, they can take a rest when they are tired.
Their son even bought some calcium tablets for them to eat so that their waist will not hurt and their legs will not be sore all at once.

Father Lu is very satisfied with his current life.

Old lady Wang was a little unhappy seeing father Lu and mother Lu like this.

She liked Lu Yanzhou very much at first, but when she saw Lu Yanzhou calling his parents to prevent her from getting close to Xie Chengze, she started to have a problem with Lu Yanzhou.

Later, master Xie told her the ins and outs, and she hated the Lu family even more.

She wondered why Lu Yanzhou locked the third floor as soon as he went out, he didn’t even let her talk to Xie Chengze alone…Lu Yanzhou locked up her young master!

Her young master didn’t understand anything, and usually only had contact with Lu Yanzhou…She heard that Lu Yanzhou had coaxed him into giving him a luxury residence.

In the future, this villa may become Lu Yanzhou too!

The more old lady Wang thought about it, the more uneasy she became.
Fortunately, when Lu Yanzhou was at home, she was allowed to see Xie Chengze.
She just stood beside him and her young master and watched them talk, so she couldn’t say a lot.
She was afraid of talking and was kicked out by Lu Yanzhou after.

At that time, her young master’s life will be even more difficult!

Old lady Wang slowly went upstairs, ready to meet her young master.

On the third floor, Lu Yanzhou took out Xie Chengze’s inspection document and put it into the disinfection pipe to show Xie Chengze: “You are not fully recovered yet, but you will be able to come out in a few days.
However, you are not allowed to go out for the time being and you must wear a mask when you go out in the future.
I have bought a lot of masks…”

Xie Chengze had already read the report document.
He looked at Lu Yanzhou with a smile, nodding no matter what Lu Yanzhou said, with a look of anticipation.

This child is so innocent!

Lu Yanzhou reached out and touched Xie Chengze’s head, feeling that he must protect Xie Chengze in the future, lest Xie Chengze be deceived.

By the way, he doesn’t know how that Water God gets along with Xie Chengze.
He’s not been at home during the day recently, they should have a good chat right?

Thinking of this, Lu Yanzhou felt uncomfortable.

One must know that Xie Chengze never paid attention to anyone except him in the World Management Office before.
Well, Xie Chengze was also quite indifferent to him.

Lu Yanzhou still didn’t ask about ‘Water God’.

He shouldn’t interfere too much.

The two were chatting when there was a knock on the door.
Old lady Wang came.

Lu Yanzhou let the person in and asked her to talk to Xie Chengze.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t trust old lady Wang very much.
There was no other reason, it’s just that when they first moved here, Xie Yuan complained to old lady Wang, and old lady Wang believed him.

Although Xie Yuan was indifferent to Xie Chengze, he pretended well outside.
Old lady Wang believed Xie Yuan is not surprising, but Lu Yanzhou did not dare to let her contact Xie Chengze alone because of this.

Old lady Wang is a nice person.
She has no bad intentions towards Xie Chengze, but she might be taken advantage of by others!

With Lu Yanzhou around, old lady Wang still only said a few words of concern before leaving.

After she left, mother Lu came up to deliver food to Lu Yanzhou.

Mother Lu is different from old lady Wang.
She felt that Xie Chengze was Lu Yanzhou’s boss and was very powerful, so she didn’t dare to talk too much in front of Xie Chengze.
She only gave her son the food then left.

Lu Yanzhou ate with big mouthfuls.
He will glance at Xie Chengze from time to time in a particularly good mood.

Lu Yanzhou had other things to do, so he got busy after dinner.

Xie Chengze still wanted to cling to him and pester him, but thinking that Xie Chengze would come out soon, if he was still like this at that time…Lu Yanzhou didn’t indulge him.

He likes Xie Chengze very much, but what if he really is with Xie Chengze…When Xie Chengze recovers in the future, how will he face Xie Chengze?

Will Xie Chengze still treat him as a brother?

With Xie Chengze’s character, maybe he will never get in touch with him again!

Lu Yanzhou felt very cold.
Xie Chengze looked at him, and his heart sank again.

Lu Yanzhou really didn’t like him.

Fortunately, Lu Yanzhou was still willing to give him his arm when he was sleeping.

Before going to bed, Xie Chengze said, “Brother Yanzhou, do you still remember Water God?”

“I remember.
What’s wrong?” Xie Chengze didn’t mention Water God to Lu Yanzhou these days, but it’s impossible for Lu Yanzhou not to remember this person whom Xie Chengze praised and praised.

Xie Chengze said: “He will come to give me something tomorrow.”

“What for?” Lu Yanzhou subconsciously asked.

Xie Chengze didn’t say anything.

Seeing him like this, Lu Yanzhou felt sour – Xie Chengze has a secret!

Xie Chengze would tell him everything before.

However, even though he was sour, Lu Yanzhou still said: “I’m just asking casually, I’m afraid you will be deceived.
You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to…”

“It’s something to eat.” Xie Chengze said.

“Eat…you can’t eat too much.”

“Aren’t I recovering?” Xie Chengze asked.

That’s right, it’s okay for Xie Chengze to have some snacks now…Lu Yanzhou said: “When the things arrive tomorrow, I’ll bring them to you.”

He will also go to buy some food tomorrow, and he will buy more than that person too!

He still has some understanding of Xie Chengze’s tastes.
The things he buys are definitely more in line with Xie Chengze’s wishes than those bought by that ‘Water God’!

Lu Yanzhou couldn’t help but want to compete with that Water God, but after thinking about it for a long time, he suddenly realized something was wrong.

He and Xie Chengze have never met, what is he in such a hurry for?

And with him like this, it’s clear that he has a crush on Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze’s soul was broken, so his life was very bad, but he only thought about these things…Lu Yanzhou always felt that he had wronged Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze had already fallen asleep, sleeping peacefully.

He suffered from childhood and never had a good life.

He did this to save the World Management Office.

Thinking of this, Lu Yanzhou’s heart hurts.
He said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

Xie Chengze was not asleep.

He encountered too many things today, so it was difficult to fall asleep.
Now he is just pretending to sleep holding Lu Yanzhou’s arm.

Lu Yanzhou said to him…sorry?

The next day, Lu Yanzhou went to buy a bunch of food after all.
He went to the guard’s side to get the things Water God sent to Xie Chengze.

He took all of these to the third floor, and then put the various snacks he bought into the disinfection pipe first.

These snacks are not 100% sterile.
If it were before, Lu Yanzhou would never give them to Xie Chengze, but now that Xie Chengze is recovering, it doesn’t matter much.

After delivering the things he bought, Lu Yanzhou opened the package sent by Water God.
He found that there were some miscellaneous things inside with a few bottles of wine.

“Why did he even send wine?” Lu Yanzhou frowned.
Although Xie Chengze was an adult, he had never drunk alcohol before, so he shouldn’t drink it.

“He doesn’t know my situation.” Xie Chengze glanced at the wine, “Brother Yanzhou, Water God said that this wine is delicious.”

“You haven’t fully recovered, so you can’t drink.” Lu Yanzhou said.

“I just want to try it…I won’t drink much, just taste.
I can drink it in a few days…I don’t even know what wine tastes like.” Xie Chengze was a little depressed again.

Recently, Lu Yanzhou tried his best to distance himself from Xie Chengze, and Xie Chengze was often depressed.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t want to see this appearance, so he quickly put all the things into the disinfection pipe: “I’ll send it in for you…don’t drink too much, just have a taste.
It doesn’t feel good to be drunk.”

“Mm!” Xie Chengze immediately smiles, quietly watching the medicine mixed with the wine and snacks enter his sterile room through the sterile pipe.

After Lu Yanzhou delivered the things, he went out.
Xie Chengze returned to the bedroom and turned on the computer.

The person on the other side of the computer has already sent a lot of messages: “Water God, are you there?”

“Have you received the things?”

“I didn’t expect you to live in that villa area.
The villas there are not cheap, right?”

“Water God, take this thing as soon as you get it, don’t do illegal and criminal things though!”

Xie Chengze read the message and replied: “Got it.”

“You just received it! Water God, what do you want these things for?” The person on the other end of the computer was very confused.

The Water God he admired asked him to get aphrodisiac and medicine.

This is really shocking!

Putting these two things together, Water God probably wanted to attack someone, right?

If Water God hadn’t repeatedly assured that he would never commit any crime, he would definitely not have helped.

“Have you tried it? Is the medicine safe?” Xie Chengze asked.

He originally just wanted to buy some medicine that day.
If he had the chance, he would give it to Lu Yanzhou, and then kiss him however he wanted.

Later, he saw other medicines…so he bought some.

Lu Yanzhou wanted him to die, shouldn’t he…also give him some compensation?

He has never been in love in his life, nor has he been close to anyone.
He can die quietly without pursuing the fact that Lu Yanzhou wanted to kill him, but Lu Yanzhou should also pay the price.

“I’ve tried it, I’ve tried it, it’s safe.” The person on the other end of the computer said.

He is a college student, so he specially asked for two mice from the medical school to test the drug.
When the medicine was used, the two mice fainted.

This so-called medicine is actually sevoflurane, which is volatile and non-flammable.
It can be used for general anesthesia with minimal side effects.

The concentration Xie Chengze bought was very low.
He covered the mouse’s nose with a handkerchief and the mouse fainted.
When he smelled some, he also became dizzy, but he soon returned to normal.

With that, half the amount has been used!

So Water God using the remaining half shouldn’t have much effect?

As for the aphrodisiac medicine, the mice were too dizzy to try it, so he tried it and the effect was very good!

His skin was almost worn out by his own hands!

“Thank you.” Xie Chengze replied, and then directly transferred one million to him.


“Water God, did you make a wrong turn?”

“1 million?!!!”

“That’s right, it’s for you.” Xie Chengze said.
As far as he knew, the person’s family was not well off.

He asked others to help him test the medicine, so he deserved the money.

“Worship the boss!”

“Boss is too rich, wuuuuu.”

“Please take care of me!”

Xie Chengze replied with a series of periods and didn’t want to talk to him.

The person on the opposite side said again: “The aphrodisiac medicine is very effective.
Big brother, use it well!”

Xie Chengze said: “Um.” This is not for him, but for Lu Yanzhou.

Of course, if Lu Yanzhou was unconscious, it might be useless…

It’s even possible that he won’t need these two medicines – Lu Yanzhou may not give him this chance.

“Using too much of that drug has side effects, so be careful…” the person on the other side said again.

Although he used half of it, he only made two little mice unconscious.
The two little mice are still alive and kicking at the moment, but this is not a good thing after all, it is best not to use it…

He was really afraid that Water God would get arrested!

“Okay.” Xie Chengze replied again.

If there are side effects…he will just use less.

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