While chatting with the water god he worships, Jiang Tianshuo still pays attention to various news on the Internet.

Because Water God had given him some evidence of Xie’s tax evasion before, he was still very sensitive to news related to Xie’s.

Then he saw a news that suddenly spread – someone broke the news on the Internet, saying that Xie Chengze, the eldest son of Chairman Xie, was locked up by his assistant, and that assistant embezzled several hundred million of Xie Chengze’s funds!

This news is full of names and surnames, it doesn’t look like it’s fake.

Jiang Tianshuo, who recently got one million and another nearly 90,000 in red envelopes, was stunned when he saw the number ‘several hundred million’.

He thought he was already very rich, but compared to others, his little money was nothing!

Also, isn’t this news too explosive? The assistant locked up the boss, and then got so much money from the boss…Is there such a magical thing in reality?

Well, there seems to have been more magical news before…

Jiang Tianshuo immediately looked and understood the ins and outs.

It turned out that Xie Chengze, young master Xie, was born with an illness and had no immunity.
He originally lived in the aseptic room specially built for him by the Xie family, but his assistant moved him away while there was no one at home in the Xie family.
He also doesn’t allow the Xie family to visit.

Then, the assistant controlled Xie Chengze who couldn’t leave the sterile room, and took several hundred million away from Xie Chengze.

This assistant…is not an ordinary person!

Jiang Tianshuo immediately forwarded this matter to Water God: “Water God, you seem to be very concerned about the Xie family? Here is some news related to the Xie family!”

After Xie Chengze sterile room was destroyed, he called the police, and by the way, he also contacted the doctor who treated him in the past few years.

After doing all this, he returned to the computer.

He has recovered now, so the destruction of the sterile room has no effect on him at all!

As a result, as soon as he returned to the computer, Xie Chengze saw the message from Jiang Tianshuo.

The one who put this thing on the Internet, he can guess it just by thinking…An Chenyuan posted the matter of Lu Yanzhou’s embezzlement on the Internet, and then asked someone to destroy his sterile room.
Like this, others must feel that it was Lu Yanzhou who wanted to kill him.

“Water God, this assistant named Lu Yanzhou is really good, he played the boss around!” Jiang Tianshuo continued.

Xie Chengze didn’t answer, he was still reading the news.

But Jiang Tianshuo was still typing: “I don’t know how that young master Xie is now.
Lu Yanzhou is so ruthless that he even locked him up.”

Xie Chengze replied without thinking: “Don’t speak ill of Lu Yanzhou!”

Can’t speak ill of Lu Yanzhou? Why? Jiang Tianshuo was puzzled: “Water God, why can’t I say it? Do you know the inside story?”

Xie Chengze said: “Yes, I know the inside story.
Lu Yanzhou is not such a person.”

To be honest, Xie Chengze still doesn’t understand what happened to Lu Yanzhou.

When Lu Yanzhou transferred money from him later, he told him, but the first 30 million, Lu Yanzhou secretly transferred it away for several days before telling him.

Since it is a donation, why didn’t he say it at the beginning?

Of course, he doesn’t plan to argue with Lu Yanzhou.

“There’s an inside story! It’s true that you can’t just eat melons as soon as they appear!” Jiang Tianshuo said.

Jiang Tianshuo no longer speaks ill of Lu Yanzhou, but on the Internet…now more and more people start talking about it.

“Indeed, I’ve lived such a long time and just see!”

“I didn’t expect such a thing to happen!”

“Isn’t this Lu Yanzhou too much?”

“It’s the first time I know there’s still this kind of illness…Sigh, if this young master Xie didn’t have money in his family, he would have died by now, right?”

“Yeah, many people with this illness don’t live long.”

“Young master Xie falls into his hands, will something happen?”


While everyone was writing comments, of course they did not forget to surround the police.
Not only that, Xie’s family also reported to the police, saying that Lu Yanzhou imprisoned Xie Chengze.

Speaking of it, Xie Chengze’s illness is very strange, so although he doesn’t usually meet people, many people actually know him.

At least the wealthy people in S City who have some contact with the Xie family and the Zhang family all know him.

When Xie Chengze was young, in fact, from time to time, people would come to see him, who was different.

After such news was suddenly exposed, a well-known rich second generation in S city said something about him on the Internet.

A novel disease, a huge amount of money, and an assistant imprisoning the boss…This matter has become even bigger!

And at this moment…The police came to the villa to see Xie Chengze, who was staying in the sterile room – he called the police and said that someone was going to murder him, so the police came quickly.

Father Lu, mother Lu, and old lady Wang, who had a lot of opinions on the Lu family recently, didn’t know about Lu Yanzhou being questioned on the Internet, or about someone destroying Xie Chengze’s sterile room.

“A man named Xie Chengze reported to the police that someone want to murdered him.” The police briefly explained the situation.

Lu Yanzhou told his parents about someone trying to kill Xie Chengze before.
Father Lu and mother Lu were always on the alert.
Now when they heard the police say this, they were taken aback: “Young master Xie is on the third floor.
Who is going to kill him! He was upstairs and we were down here, but I didn’t see anyone going up!”

“Go and check on him first,” said the policeman.

When they went upstairs and saw Xie Chengze sitting in the sterile room, the policeman breathed a sigh of relief and then realized that something was wrong — such a large sterile room is on the third floor, anyone can see that Xie Chengze’s situation is different from ordinary people.

Not to mention, when the doctor came…

Xie Chengze was sent to the hospital immediately.

At the same time, the police began to investigate Lu Yanzhou’s imprisonment of Xie Chengze.

The police who had just sent Xie Chengze to the hospital were shocked when they found out what happened online.
Their first reaction was…Was it Lu Yanzhou who tried to kill Xie Chengze?

Xie Chengze was mostly guarded by Lu Yanzhou, and Lu Yanzhou took so much money from Xie Chengze…

Of course, the police need to talk with evidence in handling cases.

Xie Chengze’s place is very lively, and it’s the same online.

An Chenyuan threatened Lu Yanzhou before, he thought he was very careful.
Even if Lu Yanzhou recorded it later, what he said was ambiguous and could not be used as evidence.

Even if the police found him because of the information provided by Lu Yanzhou, and even found out his identity, he will just say that he only said those in front of Lu Yanzhou because he was jealous of Xie Chengze…There is no way to sentence him.

It was because of his self-confidence that he dared to make a big fuss.
Of course, this was also to get back all the money that Lu Yanzhou stole from Xie Chengze.

Even if Lu Yanzhou gambles…Lu Yanzhou just set up a charity fund not long ago, so the money in it and the house that Xie Chengze gave to Lu Yanzhou are still there.

So on the Internet, some people from Xie Chengze’s company said that Lu Yanzhou embezzled so much money because he gambled.

“It turned out to be gambling!”

“It’s not uncommon for people who gamble to do these things!”

“The Xie family ignored Xie Chengze too much, right? Xie Chengze obviously needs a guardian in this situation, why did they let Lu Yanzhou take Xie Chengze away from the Xie family?”

“Lu Yanzhou should be very good at acting.”

“This Lu Yanzhou is a graduate of the history department, surprisingly he can still go into investment…”

“Young Master Xie is really easy to fool…”


These, father Lu, mother Lu, and old lady Wang, who were taken to the police station to assist in the investigation, also knew about it.

Old lady Wang always felt that Lu Yanzhou was not good, but it was okay before.
These days when Lu Yanzhou was not at home, he locked the third floor to prevent her from going in to see Xie Chengze!

Now that she heard that Lu Yanzhou had embezzled so much money, she became anxious: “A lot of what is said above is true! He won’t let anyone see my young master! My young master is so innocent.
He coaxed him into listening to him for everything.
That’s right! It must be him who wants to kill my young master!”

Father Lu and mother Lu were a little dumbfounded: “Our son would not do such a thing.
He has always been kind-hearted, and he likes young master Xie the most.
He also told us to protect young master Xie every day.”

Everyone didn’t take father Lu and mother Lu’s words seriously, and old lady Wang glared at them even more.

After all, no matter how one looks at it, there’s a problem with Lu Yanzhou.

At this moment, Lu Yanzhou also came to the police station.

He looked calm, not panicked one bit, and seemed to be in a good mood too.

Xie Chengze’s health has recovered.
Even if he could give some evidence, An Chenyuan, who tried to murder Xie Chengze, might be fine.

So from the beginning, he wanted to make things big like the original trajectory.

Like this… maybe the Xie family will still go bankrupt.
Xie Yuan and An Chenyuan’s future life will also be very miserable.

However, before he could do anything, An Chenyuan made such a big fuss by himself…It saved him a lot of trouble!

As for the police investigating him, he is innocent so he’s not afraid of the investigation!

The middle-aged policeman frowned and looked at Lu Yanzhou who seemed to be very happy, and his heart skipped a beat.

Faced with such a predicament, this person still has such an expression, he must not be easy! For the next interrogation, he must raise his spirit!

The middle-aged policeman was already thinking about how to interrogate, but Lu Yanzhou came up first to say: “I have also seen the things on the Internet, they are all nonsense.
I did not embezzle Xie Chengze’s money, I spent that money after discussing with him to do charity.
I have recorded all the money transactions in detail here.
You can also check my account.

“For charity?” The middle-aged policeman was stunned.

“Yes, here are the certificates from various charities.” Lu Yanzhou took out a bunch of things.

“To do charity, why not do it with the company name?”

Lu Yanzhou was silent: “Xie Chengze and I both want to keep a low profile.”

The middle-aged policeman frowned and looked at Lu Yanzhou: “I don’t know if these are true or not, but now that the sterile room where Xie Chengze lives has been destroyed, and he has entered the hospital, how can you still smile?”

Lu Yanzhou sighed: “AZe’s health is already healed, so nothing will happen.
Now…it’s good to go to the hospital for a detailed examination.”

As soon as Lu Yanzhou finished speaking, a young policeman came in: “The hospital said that Xie Chengze is fine, he has recovered from his illness…Also, Xie Chengze told us that Lu Yanzhou is his boyfriend, and he and Lu Yanzhou donated the money together in order to pray for him…”

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