Today is the second anniversary of Chengze Charity Foundation.

Chengze Charity Foundation is well-known in the industry.

On the one hand, it is because of the incident of ‘assistant imprisoning boss’ at the beginning of its establishment.
On the other hand, this charity fund is sincerely doing charity.
Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze, who are in charge of the charity fund, have always been running around in the south to the north, devoting themselves to charity and helping many people.

Chengze Charity Foundation has a good reputation, so many people were scrambling to participate in this second anniversary celebration.

Jiang Tianshuo was also one of the people who came to the celebration.

He is just an ordinary young man who is about to graduate.
He can participate in this celebration thanks to his idol, Water God.

Two years ago, he did Water God a favor.
They have been in touch since then.
Well, it was mainly because he kept pestering Water God to chat.
Water God began to care about him from time to time.
They also call him to clean up the unfavorable news about Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze on the Internet.

After a long time, Jiang Tianshuo also had an idea about Water God identity.

Water God must be Lu Yanzhou!

Everywhere Xie Chengze and Lu Yanzhou go, Water God is always there, so he must either be Lu Yanzhou or Xie Chengze.

As for why he thinks Water God is Lu Yanzhou…

An Chenyuan and Xie Yuan were arrested two years ago.
After Xie Corporate was acquired by other companies, Xie Chengze and Lu Yanzhou participated in an interview together.

At that time, he had already realized that Xie Chengze and Lu Yanzhou should be related to Water God, so he watched this interview.

Throughout the interview, Xie Chengze acted very shy, and he also said some things about himself.
According to what he said, Xie Yuan was indifferent to him.
After finding someone to teach him for a few years, he fired the teacher, so he didn’t even finish elementary school studies.
When Lu Yanzhou first gave him fourth grade problems, he couldn’t do it.

He was very timid throughout the whole process, replying heavily on Lu Yanzhou, always holding onto one of Lu Yanzhou’s fingers…Of course, such a person cannot be the cold and powerful Water God!

Lu Yanzhou is different.
Although he graduated from the history department, he has done very well in investment in the past two years and made a lot of money!

Not only that, but there are rumors that he likes to learn things very much and is very smart.

A history major who can manage such a large fund well must have his ability.
It is not surprising that such a person also has good computer skills.

Jiang Tianshuo is looking forward to seeing Water God! He also wants to talk with his great Water God in person.

With excitement, he entered the celebration scene.

The whole celebration was, uh…very plain.

Jiang Tianshuo was puzzled at first, but later he figured out why.

His family’s Water God is sincerely doing charity, so he doesn’t want to waste money on the celebration!

As expected of Water God, who would come to the scene every time a disaster happened and willing to do any dirty work!

“Why did they make the celebration so simple…”

“Yeah, this is too simple…”

Two guests whispered.

As soon as the two of them finished speaking, a dark-skinned man said: “What’s wrong with making the celebration simpler? It’s a waste to spend money on fancy things! Wouldn’t it be nice to use this money to do something to help others?”

“It’s not that they don’t have money, why put on a show like this.” said one of the two guests.

The dark-skinned man was Zhao Chaoyuan, the classmate Lu Yanzhou contacted when he first donated.

Hearing people say this now, Zhao Chaoyuan, who has been running around in the mountains all these years, sneered, “A show? Why do Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze need a show.
Are you here to participate in this celebration for the sake of showing?”

The two guests were a little embarrassed.
Seeing that Zhao Chaoyuan was dressed simply and had a weather-beaten face, they were about to say a few more words when they saw Lu Yanzhou, the host of the celebration, and Xie Chengze walking from a distance together.

The two guests immediately showed perfect smiles, ready to strike up a conversation with Lu Yanzhou, but Lu Yanzhou passed by them and looked at the man, who looked a bit like a migrant worker, with a smile on his face: “Chaoyuan, long time no see!”

Zhao Chaoyuan, who had just returned from filming a documentary in the mountains, also smiled: “Long time no see!”

Lu Yanzhou had been in contact with Zhao Chaoyuan for the past two years, so at this moment the two exchanged some pleasantries.
Seeing this scene, the two guests who disliked the rudimentary ceremony left in despair.

Jiang Tianshuo didn’t leave.
He looked at Lu Yanzhou excitedly – this is Water God! Water God!

Jiang Tianshuo really wanted to talk to Lu Yanzhou, but Lu Yanzhou was chatting with Zhao Chaoyuan at the moment, and he was a little socially afraid, so he hesitated to go forward.
He only looked at Lu Yanzhou with a heated gaze.

Staring at him for a while, Jiang Tianshuo suddenly felt a chill all over his body, as if someone was glaring at him.

He looked over subconsciously, and saw Xie Chengze beside Lu Yanzhou looking at him.
Meeting his gaze, he smiled embarrassedly.

Seeing Xie Chengze, Jiang Tianshuo also smiled embarrassedly.

He was a little afraid to face Xie Chengze.
After all, back then, he helped Water God buy the medicine, and then…Did Water God use the medicine on Xie Chengze?

Sigh! What a sin!

The most important thing is that Water God also bought aphrodisiac medicine at the time, which means that something of Water God may not be good…

Jiang Tianshuo worships Water God very much, but he feels that Water God has done something wrong in terms of feelings.

Xie Chengze was under Xie Yuan’s control before, his life could be described as isolated from the world.
It’s fine if Water God coaxed him, but he even used medicine to bring him down…a bit like a beast.

And judging from the content of Water God’s showing of love in the past two years, Xie Chengze is really good to Water God!

Xie Chengze not only obeys Water God, but he also cooks for him every day!

What a good partner! Why did he fall in love with Water God, who was so cold that he refused to say a few words?

Wait, Lu Yanzhou doesn’t look that cold.
He talks with that Zhao Chaoyuan in full swing.

Jiang Tianshuo looked helplessly at the three people in front of him.

Lu Yanzhou had noticed Jiang Tianshuo a while ago.
After talking with Zhao Chaoyuan, he looked at Jiang Tianshuo and said, “Hello!” The chubby looking young man in front of him seemed to have something to say to him.

Lu Yanzhou’s aura is very strong.
Jiang Tianshuo was a little excited at once, but he also had a panic attack, so he stammered: “You… hello…Water God…”

Hearing the word ‘Water God’, Lu Yanzhou suddenly became alert.

Xie Chengze and Water God have never met, only chatting occasionally.
Logically, he shouldn’t be jealous.

However, Xie Chengze would praise Water God from time to time, and Water God would often help them for free.

He didn’t show anything on the surface, and even praised Water God for being very powerful, but he couldn’t help minding about that Water God in his heart.
Now this person in front of him said ‘Water God’? Who is he?

“Brother Yanzhou, he is the Water God I often tell you!” Xie Chengze hugged Lu Yanzhou’s arm and smiled sweetly at Lu Yanzhou, “I gave him an invitation.”

Jiang Tianshuo was dumbfounded when he heard this.
He just called Lu Yanzhou Water God, why did Xie Chengze say that he is Water God?

And Lu Yanzhou’s reaction…Isn’t Lu Yanzhou Water God?

“Hello, so you are Water God, thank you for taking care of Chengze!” Lu Yanzhou stretched out his hand towards Jiang Tianshuo, very amiable.

He could tell that the person in front of him is a geek who doesn’t like to interact with people…He felt that he was definitely better than this person in other aspects except computer skills.

Xie Chengze will definitely like himself more!

“Ah…” Jiang Tianshuo stretched out his hand blankly.
In a blink of an eye, he saw Xie Chengze give him a cold look.
Um, he somehow understood the meaning of this look, knowing that it was a warning to him, like he used to.
It’s like him being able to understand Water God’s short answer inexplicably!

Wait, understand Water God?

Jiang Tianshuo was in a daze when he saw Xie Chengze in front of him change his expression and looked at Lu Yanzhou tenderly: “Brother Yanzhou, Water God is a bit scared to meet people, but he is a good person.”

After finishing speaking, Xie Chengze looked at Jiang Tianshuo with a smile again: “Water God, thank you for your care in the past two years! Um, I sent you a message before, didn’t you read it?”

“Ah?” After Jiang Tianshuo came here, because he was nervous, he really didn’t look at his phone.
Now he took out his phone, he saw that Water God sent him several messages, asking him to pretend to be Water God.

So…Water God is Xie Chengze?!

Jiang Tianshuo looked at the two people in front of him, his expression a little tense.

Lu Yanzhou: “…” Could it be that this Water God used to be too homely, so he didn’t know how to get along with others? This expression is strange.

However, Xie Chengze probably knew what Jiang Tianshuo was thinking, he gave Jiang Tianshuo a warning look, and then said to Lu Yanzhou: “Brother Yanzhou, I want to talk to Water God.”

“Then you guys have a good chat, you should make more friends.” Lu Yanzhou said.

He was worried that Water God had bad intentions for being so nice to Xie Chengze, but he is not worried now.

It’s good for Xie Chengze to have such a friend.

“En.” Xie Chengze shook Lu Yanzhou’s hand, watched Lu Yanzhou leave, and then went to talk to Jiang Tianshuo.

Jiang Tianshuo: “Water Water Water…”

“Call me Xie Chengze.” Xie Chengze said.

“Xie…Xie Chengze.” Jiang Tianshuo called out.

Jiang Tianshuo unexpectedly stuttered…Xie Chengze said: “Lu Yanzhou doesn’t know that I am Water God, so from now on you will pretend to be Water God in front of him.”

“Oh, yes.” Jiang Tianshuo agreed.

Xie Chengze asked: “By the way, do you want to enter my company?”

“Yes, yes.” Jiang Tianshuo immediately agreed.

Xie Chengze saw that his thoughts were messy, so he decided to give him some time to digest: “Then it’s a deal…You can go around casually, I’ll go find Lu Yanzhou.”

Jiang Tianshuo froze for a long time.
When he looked up, he saw Xie Chengze standing beside Lu Yanzhou, looking at Lu Yanzhou obediently.

Jiang Tianshuo: “…” Water God has two faces!

That means, Xie Chengze’s pitiful appearance in the interview is all acting?

He has known Water God for many years, he is obviously a decisive person, sometimes a little crazy!

Thinking about it carefully, it is true that Xie Chengze is more likely to be Water God.
After all, a long time ago, Water God was online every day, even during Chinese New Year.

Lu Yanzhou has family, relatives, and friends, so he can’t do this.
However, Xie Chengze, who is ignored by Xie Yuan, can spend all day on the Internet.

And when he suddenly lost contact with Water God and he said he liked someone…wasn’t it when Lu Yanzhou started donating money for him.

Obviously, the person Water God liked at the beginning is Lu Yanzhou.

Well, it’s no wonder that he needs to use medicine.
Lu Yanzhou is tall and big, but Water God is a bit short because of lack of exercise during his growth period.

Thinking of this, Jiang Tianshuo suddenly thought of…aphrodisiac.

It is said that Xie Chengze is not in good health because he has been locked up for a long time…No wonder he wants to use this!

But if that is the case…is he the one above?

Jiang Tianshuo shuddered — did he know something extraordinary?

Sigh, when he thought that Water God was Lu Yanzhou before, he felt that Water God was a bit too much for bullying the innocent and cute young master.
Now that he knew that Water God is Xie Chengze, he still felt that Water God is a bit too much.

It’s fine to pretend to be cute, but he still uses medicine.

Jiang Tianshuo looked at Lu Yanzhou again, then he saw Lu Yanzhou talking to Xie Chengze in a low voice with a doting look on his face.

Lu Yanzhou is too pitiful!

Lu Yanzhou didn’t know that someone was pitying him.
He was currently encouraging Xie Chengze to make friends.

In addition, he was a little worried about Xie Chengze’s waist.

After all, last night…ahem.

When Xie Chengze fully recovered in the future, he would remember all kinds of things in the small world, so after being with Xie Chengze, Lu Yanzhou didn’t dare to be too proactive.

He’s afraid that Xie Chengze will think that he is a pervert in the future and will break all relationships with him.

Xie Chengze used to be as cold as a snow-capped mountain and bright moon, he had always been anti-emotion.

However, he didn’t take the initiative, but Xie Chengze is very active.

Xie Chengze suffers from skin hunger and thirst.
Whenever he has the opportunity during the day, he will come to hold his hand, let alone at night.
He must stick to his flesh to be satisfied.

Faced with this situation, he couldn’t hold it at all, so the night life of the two was very rich.

Lu Yanzhou talked a lot with Xie Chengze, and encouraged Xie Chengze to chat with others.

Xie Chengze: “…” He doesn’t want to chat with people! He just wants to be with Lu Yanzhou!

But for appearance sake, he still needs to do it…Xie Chengze looked around, found someone with a bad reputation, then went to chat with him…

Sure enough, in a moment, Lu Yanzhou came to look for him and brought him by his side.

That is all? Xie Chengze walked with Lu Yanzhou.
When he was eating, he wanted to get a cocktail that looked like a drink.

“This is wine, you can’t drink it.” Lu Yanzhou hurriedly stopped him.

“Ah…I don’t know.” Xie Chengze blinked at Lu Yanzhou.

Seeing him like this, Lu Yanzhou decided to keep him by his side and watch over him.

Xie Chengze is too simple, if he is accidentally deceived, what should he do?

Even if he wasn’t deceived, he would still feel uncomfortable if he accidentally ate something weird.

Lu Yanzhou often worried that Xie Chengze would be hurt if he left him.

This celebration was presided over by Lu Yanzhou.
When the work was over, he was already very tired, so he sat down on the bed after taking a shower.

Xie Chengze leaned on him, massaged his shoulders and kissed the back of his neck.

His neck is itchy, and it even went all the way to his heart.

He liked Xie Chengze more and more day by day.

It’s great that Xie Chengze in this world also likes him.

“Brother Yanzhou.” Xie Chengze lay down beside Lu Yanzhou, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Lu Yanzhou hugged him.

This world is already like this, so be it!

As long as there are no more accidents in the future world, Xie Chengze shouldn’t blame him?

T/N: Lu Yanzhou finally met Water God Lmao

Next is educated youth!

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