Xie Chengze cried a lot.

Lu Yanzhou laid him down on the bed, and then lay beside him to accompany him, letting him cry.

No matter who it is, when encountering such a thing, they should cry it all out first.

It just that seeing Xie Chengze crying like this broke his heart.

In his previous life, Xie Chengze had been with him for decades, and he had never cried like this…

Lu Yanzhou really wanted to hug him and kiss him, but in the end he held back.

Lu Yanzhou has to admit that he likes Xie Chengze, no matter which one it is.

The people who join World Management have only souls and no physical bodies.
They will then go to the small world to do tasks, and experience various lives and have various personalities.

People like them only rely on their souls.

What he has always liked is also Xie Chengze’s soul.

In the last world, he always emphasized that Xie Chengze’s soul fragments were different from Xie Chengze himself.
Actually, he just wanted to remind himself not to cross the line.

But no matter what, it was also the soul of the person he liked, just like the person in front of him, who could easily arouse his feelings.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine…” Lu Yanzhou patted Xie Chengze on the back.

Xie Chengze’s crying gradually became weaker with each patted, and he soon fell asleep.

Seeing this, Lu Yanzhou wanted to get out of bed, but when he moved, Xie Chengze trembled in surprise, as if he was about to wake up.
He thought for a moment, then he didn’t move.

Lu Yanzhou lay on the bed and thought for a long time.

This world is like a parallel world of earth, the development route is almost alike too.

Now it is the end of 1974.
The way to go to university is to become a worker, peasant, and soldier student.
However, three years later, the college entrance examination will be reopened.

Now that the household registration management is strict, he has no way to take Xie Chengze out of the village.
Living in such an environment, he has no contact with anyone who can ‘teach’ him any medical skills.

So there is a high probability that he and Xie Chengze will have to stay in the village for the next three years, and after three years…the college entrance examination will allow them to leave here.

Three years…Xie Chengze will have to suffer for at least three more years…

If not for the fear that his abnormal action will make the small world consciousness reject him and cause trouble to Xie Chengze, Lu Yanzhou would have gone directly to the country and told them everything he knew!

Lu Yanzhou didn’t fall asleep, but Xie Chengze was asleep.

Seeing that he was fast asleep, Lu Yanzhou quietly got out of bed.

The house Xie Chengze lives in was left to him by his parents.
There are two south-facing rooms with a partition between the two rooms.

Half of the room was used for sleeping.
Half of it was used to store food, firewood, and other dry food.
The other half facing south is the kitchen and dining area.
The back is a pigsty, however, there is no pig there but two sheep.

As soon as Lu Yanzhou walked out of the bedroom, he heard the two sheep bleating ‘baa-baa’ and kept leaning against the wooden fence – they were hungry.

Xie Chengze is only eighteen years old this year.
He has just grown up.
Not to mention he is thin and has a lame leg.
He have the lowest point in the village.

If he lived in a big family, it would be survivable.
However, it is difficult for him who lives alone and needs all kinds of household items and food.

He raises two sheep because he can have some extra point for raising sheep, but for him, it takes twice as much effort as ordinary people to cut enough grass for the two sheep.

This is only because he has grown up now.
When he was young and had no way of earning work points and could only raise sheep, he was often robbed of the hard-earned sheep grass by other children.

Before when the original owner approached him and casually gave him two handfuls of grass, he was overwhelmed with gratitude.

Lu Yanzhou took a look, and found that there was half a frame of grass on the side of the wall.
He took it out and fed it to the sheep.
Then he found Xie Chengze’s grain, cooked a pot of porridge, and steamed some pickles with it.

When cooking porridge, as soon as the water boiled, Lu Yanzhou stopped adding firewood because there was not enough firewood.

Some villages next to the mountains may not be short of firewood, but Lianfeng Village is located on a plain, so every household faces a shortage of firewood.
Therefore, every household faces a shortage of firewood.
Thus, when cooking, they will try to use less to save firewood.

Leaving the rice soak in the pot, Lu Yanzhou found the pen and paper that the original owner gave Xie Chengze.
He wrote a line and put it on Xie Chengze’s bedside, then took Xie Chengze’s bamboo basket and went out with a sickle.

In this era, not only is there a shortage of food, even grass is short.

The pigs and sheep raised at home have to eat grass, but how much grass can be taken from the field? Many times, the grass is cut as soon as it emerges!

It’s been cold lately, so there’s even less grass to cut!

Lu Yanzhou wandered under the moonlight for three hours.
When he returned at dawn, he had half filled it with grass.

As soon as he got home, he heard the two sheep bleating again.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t go take care of the sheep, but went into Xie Chengze’s room first.
He found that Xie Chengze was already awake, staring at him.
The pen and paper he had left behind had obviously been touched.

“I woke up early so I went to cut some grass.” Lu Yanzhou walked to Xie Chengze’s side and explained in a low voice, touching his head again, “Your spine is injured,lie still.
I’ll get you something to eat.”

The rice he cooked earlier had been soaked in water until soft, however it was also cold now.
Lu Yanzhou added two handfuls of firewood to heat it up, filled a bowl, poured brown sugar into it, then brought it to Xie Chengze’s side.

The porridge cooked in this way has a poor taste, but in this era, no one is picky about the taste.

Xie Chengze bit his lip and looked at Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Hey, eat more.
You will get better.”

After staring at Lu Yanzhou for a while, Xie Chengze finally opened his mouth and began to eat slowly.
As he ate, his face suddenly changed.
Laying beside the edge of the bed, he seems to want to reach for something under the bed.

“What do you want?” Lu Yanzhou asked, and then saw Xie Chengze slumped on the bed.

Suddenly thinking of something, Lu Yanzhou touched the quilt, only to find that Xie Chengze had peed.

So just now, what Xie Chengze wanted was the chamber pot under the bed.

Paralyzed patients are prone to incontinence.
Judging from the situation just now, Xie Chengze’s condition is not that bad — he still has a little feeling, but the feeling is weak.

As long as he pays more attention and takes good care of it, he should be able to control himself in the future.

As for now…it’s cold now, Xie Chengze can’t just be cover like this.
Lu Yanzhou stretched out his hand to lift the quilt.

“Get out!” Xie Chengze pressed the quilt firmly.

“If you’re disobedient, I’ll go outside and shout that I like men.” Lu Yanzhou threatened him.

Xie Chengze didn’t move.

Lu Yanzhou continued to take off Xie Chengze’s pants.

As soon as he took it off, he saw Xie Chengze’s lame leg.
It was skinny and had no meat.
It looked like a layer of skin that was just wrapped around the bone.

With trembling hands, Lu Yanzhou helped Xie Chengze change his pants with the shortest time.

But Xie Chengze didn’t have an extra quilt…Lu Yanzhou covered use the not wet part of the quilt to cover Xie Chengze’s body, and said, “Wait for me, I’ll go get my bedding.”

Lu Yanzhou left after speaking.

Xie Chengze watched him leave, unable to tell what he was feeling.

When Lu Yanzhou saw his legs just now, did he feel that it was ugly and disgusting? Never want to see him again?

Even if Lu Yanzhou doesn’t think his leg is disgusting, taking care of him is tiring work.
After Lu Yanzhou takes care of him for a few more days, he will definitely not be able to stand him — Some old and paralyzed people in the village who could only stay on the bed, even their children dislike them.

Lu Yanzhou have n relationship nor good to be with him…

He wanted to drive Lu Yanzhou away, but he also couldn’t help but look forward to it, hoping that Lu Yanzhou would not dislike him.

He is actually a very selfish person.


Although it was very cold, people just wanted to stay in bed, but they still had to do the work in the field and get up to make breakfast, so the educated youths in the educated youth place got up early.

There are not many educated youths in the village.
They live in two houses, one for male educated youths and one for female educated youths.
Behind the two houses is the kitchen and hut.

Now the person in charge of cooking has already started making preparations for today.
He hesitated for a moment, then ask a youth about 17 or 18 years old with red lips and white teeth; “Lu Hongxing, your brother didn’t come back last night, should we cook breakfast for him too?”

“No, he will definitely be full in town already.” Lu Hongxing raised his chin and said.

Lu Hongxing is Lu Yanzhou’s younger brother.
He and Lu Yanzhou came to this village in the countryside together two years ago.

Lu Yanzhou is a very nice person.
No matter who is in trouble, he will take the initiative to help, and he is very diligent in his work, so everyone likes him very much, but Lu Hongxing is the complete opposite.

After coming to the village, Lu Hongxing quarreled with the old educated youth who lived here on the first day because he saw lice before going to bed.
Afterwards, he even cheated and avoided work.
He will also lose his temper from time to time…Whether it’s the educated youths or people in the village, none of them like him.

If it wasn’t for Lu Yanzhou’s sake, everyone would have excluded him long ago.

Seeing that Lu Hongxing’s tone was not good at the moment, everyone pretended not to hear it and started talking about Lu Yanzhou.

“Fortunately, Lu Yanzhou is there, otherwise the sows in our village would run away, and they may not be able to find it back.”

“They can get it back if they look for it, but it won’t be easy to catch it alive.
Before, when the pigs in the next village ran away, they had to beat it to death before they could take it back…”

“That sow has always had the most litter.
It’s a pity to die.”

“Oh, don’t worry about pigs.
The most pitiful one is Xie Chengze.
I heard from the village chief that he will be paralyzed in the future.”

“Then what can he do?”

“Yeah, his life is already so sad…”


When Xie Chengze was mentioned, several educated youths were a little bit embarrassed.

At this time, an educated youth who was about the same age as Lu Hongxing said, “Brother Lu will take care of him, won’t he? The village chief said it yesterday.”

“That’s what the village chief said, but Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze have no relationship, why let Lu Yanzhou take care of him? Xie Chengze’s relatives should take care of him…” said an older educated youth.

When the village chief came back yesterday, he said that Lu Yanzhou had promised to take care of Xie Chengze in the future, but he didn’t know if it was true or not.

That is a tiring job, so the old educated youth felt that Lu Yanzhou shouldn’t do it.

“Brother Lu took good care of Xie Chengze before.
He has a good heart.
He doesn’t want to see others suffer, so he take the initiative to take care of him.
The village chief also said that he asked for it.” The young educated youth sighed, “Brother Lu is just too kind.”

Others also felt that what the young educated youth said was reasonable — Lu Yanzhou was too kind, so he was always taken advantage of.

Seeing the expressions of the people around, Lu Hongxing sneered: “You think too highly of my brother, my brother is not such a good person! Ask him to do a little favor and he can do a little favor, but when encountering this kind of thing, he will definitely hide as far as he can!”

Lu Hongxing really didn’t like that fake Lu Yanzhou.

He knew Lu Yanzhou very well.
Lu Yanzhou pretended to be a good person, but in fact he was full of bad thoughts.

Not to mention anything else, let’s just talk about taking care of a paralyzed patient…Lu Yanzhou likes cleanliness and he is impatient.
It is impossible for him to take care of a paralyzed patient.

“Lu Hongxing, don’t talk nonsense, brother Lu is not such a person!”

“Yes, Lu Yanzhou is not such a person.”

“Lu Hongxing, don’t keep saying bad things about your brother!”

The educated youths all said one after another.

“I didn’t say anything bad about him! If you don’t believe me, just wait and see, my brother will find a reason to push this job away!” Lu Hongxing said with certainty, “I am his brother, how can I not know him? If he is really willing to take care of Xie Chengze, I’ll call him dad!”

Seeing that Lu Hongxing was so sure, those educated youths hesitated and started to believed Lu Hongxing’s words.

And at this moment, Lu Yanzhou came back alone.

Lu Hongxing was proud: “Look, my brother came back alone…He probably left Xie Chengze in the hospital!”

“Brother Lu is not the kind of person you said!” The young educated youth who kept saying good things about Lu Yanzhou was so angry that when he saw Lu Yanzhou approaching, he asked loudly, “Brother Lu, how is Xie Chengze? Where is him?”

“He’s fine, he’s at home.” Lu Yanzhou smiled.

“You came back from the hospital so early?”

Lu Yanzhou explained: “We didn’t come back today, we came back last night.”

“Brother Lu, did you stay at Xie Chengze’s place last night?”

“Yes, I stayed at his house yesterday…I will move in to live in his house in the future, so that it will be more confident for me to take care of him.” Lu Yanzhou said.

The educated youths in the educated youth residence looked at Lu Hongxing together when they heard the words — is it time to call him dad?

Lu Hongxing: “…”

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