Xie Chengze always thought that Lu Yanzhou would feel impatient after taking care of him for a few days.

But no.
Lu Yanzhou took good care of him every day, and even kept him…cleaner than before.

He didn’t keep his house so clean before, and he also didn’t wipe his body every day.
What about now? Lu Yanzhou wiped his face every morning, asked him to brush his teeth, and wiped his body at night…

Seeing Lu Yanzhou rubbing mud off his body, he felt ashamed beyond words, but Lu Yanzhou didn’t seem to mind it at all.

How can there be such a good person as Lu Yanzhou in this world?

As for the New Year, he was actually also worried.
Lu Yanzhou’s home is in this city, it’s not very close but also not very far away.
It takes about four or five hours on foot if not taking a car.

Because of this, Lu Yanzhou and Lu Hongxing would go back to celebrate the New Year every year and stay at home for a few days.

Xie Chengze’s health is much better now.
In fact, even if Lu Yanzhou is gone, he can move around with his hands and survive.

But after living with Lu Yanzhou for more than 20 days, he didn’t want to be alone anymore.

After the village chief and the others left, Xie Chengze asked Lu Yanzhou, “It’s not very good for me to go to your house with you, right?”

“No, I’ve already told my parents.
I’m worried about you being alone at home.” Lu Yanzhou said.

The New Year is approaching, and now there is no need to go to work.
He was not at home before because he went to the village to make a call and tell his parents about this matter.

Since he came to this world and became someone else’s son, he should go back and have a look during the New Year.
However, if Xie Chengze was left behind, that isn’t good either.

Xie Chengze celebrated the New Year alone in the past few years, so he couldn’t leave him alone this year.

Fortunately, his parents agreed.

The original owner’s image as a ‘good person’ has always been well portrayed.
Although his parents thought it was a bit silly for him to take the initiative to take care of a paralyzed patient, they did not stop him.

Xie Chengze clenched his fists.
He was worried, but also happy: “Is your family okay with me?”

Lu Yanzhou said: “You don’t live with them, so what if they don’t like you?”

That’s true… Xie Chengze is relieved.

Lu Yanzhou continued at this moment: “AZe, your health is better, so you can’t always lie on the bed in the future.
Lying on the bed for a long time is not good for your health.
I will take you out to catch fish in the village tomorrow, okay?”

If a person lies in bed for a long time, their muscles will weaken, and the person will become useless after lying for a long time.

Xie Chengze was a little hesitant.
He would definitely be surrounded by people when he went out, and he would also be a bother to Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou laughed: “Don’t you want to watch me catch fish?”

Xie Chengze replied, “I want to see it.”

“Go if you want to see.
As for the people in the village, at the beginning, they will stare at you, but as time goes on, the day will go like usual.
I will always be by your side.” Lu Yanzhou knows that Xie Chengze surely doesn’t want to be watched, but he always has to go out.

Xie Chengze took a deep breath.
Lu Yanzhou cared about him so much, he must not let Lu Yanzhou down!

Early the next morning, the village chief turned on the pump to pump water from the pond.

The children of the village found this interesting, so they all gathered around the pump to watch the water being pumped.

The water pump at this time is relatively simple.
When pumping water, some small fish and shrimps will also be pumped out, so there are children picking these things up.

The big fish and shrimp can be eaten by them, while the small ones can be chopped up and fed to chickens and ducks.

“I don’t know how many fish we will get this year.”

“We’ll be able to share the fish later.
My kid has been thinking about it for a while now.”

“My boy also wants to eat braised food.”

The people in the village were chatting when they saw Lu Yanzhou coming with Xie Chengze on his back.
Xie Chengze’s hands were functional, so he was holding a bamboo chair.

When they came to the pond, Lu Yanzhou asked Xie Chengze to put the bamboo chair on the ground, and then put Xie Chengze on the bamboo chair.

Some people in the village went to Xie’s house to see Xie Chengze, but there were also many people who hadn’t.
Those who had never been to Xie’s house were a little surprised to see Xie Chengze.

The thin dark boy from Xie’s family who was dressed in rags and was no different from a beggar before now with red lips and white teeth looking very cute.

Lu Zhiqing took good care of him.

Lu Yanzhou felt that Xie Chengze’s clothes were too tattered, so he gave Xie Chengze his own clothes to wear.
As for Xie Chengze’s state…He actually thought that Xie Chengze was still too thin.
He wanted to make Xie Chengze fatter.

After catching fish today, he can stew one to supplement Xie Chengze.

Putting the folded towel from the original owner on Xie Chengze’s lap, Lu Yanzhou saw that the river would take a while to drain, so he said, “AZe, wait for me here, I’ll go home and get something.”

“Okay.” Xie Chengze agreed, and watched as Lu Yanzhou left.

“Xiao Xie, you’re having a good day! Tsk tsk!” A middle-aged woman walked towards Xie Chengze and said in a strange tone.

Xie Chengze looked up at her.

The middle-aged woman continued: “But you are too ignorant.
If you rely on Lu Zhiqing like this, aren’t you causing trouble to Lu Zhiqing?”

Lu Yanzhou was very popular in the village, all the young girls in the village wanted to marry Lu Yanzhou.

Although Lu Yanzhou is an educated youth, his family is in the city.
There are many family members in the village.
After marrying him, there will definitely be great days waiting for them.

This point, they just need to look at Xie Chengze to know!

Xie Chengze was just a poor little boy before, how long did Lu zhiqing take care of him? There’s meat in him now.

However, although Lu Zhiqing is a good target, now that he takes the initiative to take care of Xie Chengze, with Xie Chengze as a drag, his value will inevitably plummet.

The middle-aged woman in front of him wanted to marry her daughter to Lu Yanzhou, Xie Chengze didn’t like it.

Xie Chengze’s heart sank when he heard her say this.

“You were hit by a pig because of your bad luck, yet Lu Zhiqing suffered as a result…” the middle-aged woman rambled.

“I’m willing to take care of him, so you don’t need to take care of him.” When Lu Yanzhou came back and heard this, his face darkened.

He knew someone would say something unpleasant, but he didn’t expect them to say this.

Xie Chengze already had low self-esteem, now hearing this would definitely make him even more uncomfortable.

The middle-aged woman felt a little embarrassed when she saw Lu Yanzhou, so she left awkwardly.

Lu Yanzhou went back to get the sickle and the basket.
He wanted to cut some grass for the sheep before he started catching fish.

He put the things beside Xie Chengze, and said to Xie Chengze: “AZe, don’t listen to their nonsense, you are not troublesome at all.”

Xie Chengze blinked, his eyes were red: “Brother Yanzhou, I’m sorry.”

He had never called that before, but at this moment…’Brother Yanzhou’ suddenly came out naturally.

“Don’t say that.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Xie Chengze grabbed Lu Yanzhou’s sleeve and lowered his head: “Brother Yanzhou, fortunately you are still here.
If it weren’t for you, I would be dead now…”

Lu Yanzhou didn’t want to hear this, so he sighed and said, “AZe, don’t talk like this in the future.
You know I like you.”

Lu Yanzhou’s voice was very soft, but Xie Chengze heard it clearly.
The corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He did feel a little uncomfortable because he caused trouble for Lu Yanzhou, but there were other reasons for why he said that just now.

He wanted Lu Yanzhou to pity him, sympathize with him, and not leave him.

He once refused, not wanting to drag Lu Yanzhou down, but Lu Yanzhou stayed and treated him so well.

He is already reluctant to let go.
He wants to be with Lu Yanzhou for the rest of his life.

With the cold wind blowing, Xie Chengze was full of determination but his face was timid: “I know…I like you too.”

Lu Yanzhou was stunned.
He looked at Xie Chengze in disbelief.
Then he saw Xie Chengze looking at him seriously, his eyes reflecting him.

In the last world, Xie Chengze always looked at him like this.

Lu Yanzhou suddenly realized that he had made the same mistake as in the previous world.

Xie Chengze in the last world was mostly isolated from the world.
That’s why when he treated him well, he fall.

The same is true for Xie Chengze in this world.
He has no close people around him, who bears the name of restraining his parents.
If he treats him better, he is tempted.

At this moment, Lu Yanzhou was extremely thankful, thankful that he had said that he couldn’t do it before.

If they don’t do anything and just stay together for the rest of their lives, Xie Chengze won’t be angry when he recovers his memory, right?

It would take several hours for the pond to drain, so Lu Yanzhou started cutting the grass on the riverside first.

The riverside is a bit steep, so the adults in the village usually do not allow children to come here to cut grass.
He can now cut some grass, and take back some dead branches for firewood.

The most important thing is that at the end of the year, the two sheep will be handed in soon.
Lu Yanzhou doesn’t plan to raise any sheep next year.

At that time, he might as well do something else that makes money.

After Lu Yanzhou cut a basket of grass, he heard the village chief call for people to catch fish.

Later generations had all kinds of tools for catching fish, as well as ‘water pants’ made of rubber, the kind of waterproof pants that allowed people to go into the water without getting wet.

But at this time in Lianfeng Village, there was no such thing.
Lu Yanzhou and the others could only take off their cotton trousers and go directly into the water in winter to catch fish with nets.

All kinds of fish, big and small, were brought up.
More and more people gathered on the shore.

And those who come to see the fishes will take a few glances at Xie Chengze.

Some of them disliked Xie Chengze, and some sympathized with Xie Chengze.
No matter what, they couldn’t avoid pointing at Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze ignored all of them and only stared at Lu Yanzhou seriously.

After thinking it over, he felt that these people were not important anymore.
He doesn’t live with these people, he lives with Lu Yanzhou.

The current him is indeed not worthy of Lu Yanzhou, but he can learn.

His hands can still move.
He can learn to make clothes and weave bamboo baskets, he can always find a way to make a living.

Besides, Lu Yanzhou’s liking for him must have something to do with his appearance…He should take good care of his face.

At this moment, Xie Chengze was extremely thankful that Lu Yanzhou’s thing couldn’t stand.

Only like this will it be possible for him and Lu Yanzhou to be together forever.

Lu Yanzhou caught fish very fast.

Even if his strength and memory are sealed, his learning ability is much stronger than ordinary people.
Speaking of catching fish, it was a little difficult for him at the beginning, but he learned it quickly, so he can now catch it every time.

“Lu Zhiqing is really amazing!”

“As expected of Lu zhiqing!”

“What a big fish!”

The villagers who came to catch fishes spoke up one after another.
Lu Hongxing looked at this scene, he felt that something was wrong with his brother.

His brother, who loves cleanliness so much, went down to catch fish in the pond that turned into a mud pond after the water was drained!

This is winter, how cold it is!

According to what he knew about his brother, his brother would give the fish distributed to him to the poor in the village…

Together with the others, Lu Yanzhou caught almost all the fish in the pond all afternoon.

That night, the villagers divided the fishes overnight.
Because Lu Yanzhou went into the water to catch the fishes, he got much more than the others.

He took the fishes home, marinated the big ones, and picked up a small one, ready to stew it to eat.

“Brother Yanzhou, let me light the fire.” Xie Chengze said.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t let him work a few days ago, but now…he can help Lu Yanzhou!

“Okay.” Lu Yanzhou carried Xie Chengze to the bamboo chair behind the stove.

Xie Chengze couldn’t sit straight, but fortunately the bamboo chair had a backrest.

Xie Chengze grabbed a handful of straw, tied a knot and stuffed it into the stove – this would slow down the pace of the straw burning: “Brother Yanzhou, I want to learn handcraft…Should I learn how to make a broom? Or make bamboo chairs?”

People in their village also made these things.
They asked the village chief to take it to the market in the town, and they could also exchange it for work points.

Lu Yanzhou immediately refused: “No.”

Xie Chengze was taken aback, and then he heard Lu Yanzhou say: “You have to study.
You were injured before and I didn’t have any books at hand, so I didn’t care about it.
Now…I will take you to my house during the New Year, and take my textbooks back, and then I will teach you how to study.”

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou blankly: “Study? I have never studied…”

With his family’s situation, of course he has no chance to go to school, and he doesn’t know how to read and write.

Lu Yanzhou asked him to study, is this a joke?

“That’s right, study after New Year’s eve!” Lu Yanzhou answered with certainty.

He taught Xie Chengze once in his previous life.
He already has experience, so he will definitely be able to teach Xie Chengze well this time!

Three years is not long or short.
After three years he can take Xie Chengze to the college entrance examination together so that they can leave together.

Xie Chengze was still a little confused: “Why do you want me to study?”

Lu Yanzhou thought for a while and said, “I like people who study.”

If Xie Chengze hadn’t confessed to him during the day, Lu Yanzhou would definitely not have said so.

But today, Xie Chengze confessed to him.
He also still looked at him like that.

He felt that Xie Chengze would definitely listen to him.

Xie Chengze opened his mouth, and finally said firmly: “I will study hard.”

Lu Yanzhou is student, so it’s normal for him to like someone who can read and write.
He must learn to read as soon as possible!

He can’t be worse than others!

Lu Yanzhou can only like him!

Infinite fighting spirit was ignited in Xie Chengze’s heart.

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