After chatting with the villagers, the village chief excitedly found Lu Yanzhou and told Lu Yanzhou that someone was coming to interview Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou was taken aback for a moment, and then said, “Can I not accept the interview?”

The original owner wanted to be famous, but he is different.
He was not interested in being interviewed and letting everyone know that he had done a good deed.

“Why don’t you accept it? What a wonderful thing it is!” The village chief didn’t understand, “I helped you get this!”

Lu Yanzhou was a little helpless, he really didn’t need it…But before he could say anything, Xie Chengze asked the village chief, “What kind of interview is it? Will it be published in the newspaper?”

“Yes! It’s an interview with a newspaper in the province!” the village chief said.

Lu Yanzhou sacrificed himself for others and took the initiative to take care of Xie Chengze.
This matter has been told by him as a typical example.
Afterwards, the town mayor found out about it, so he also told people that there is such a person in his village.
Talking about it, now there are many people who know about Lu Yanzhou.

Reporters from the provincial newspaper came her to interview because most people told them about Lu Yanzhou.

Xie Chengze was surprised and delighted after hearing it.
Although Lu Yanzhou’s article had been published in the newspapers, being interviewed is another matter!

Most importantly, he wants others to know how good Lu Yanzhou is!

At this moment, the village head said again: “Xiao Lu, I have already promised so they will come tomorrow.
You should prepare well and put on new clothes when the time comes!”

Lu Yanzhou glanced at the excited Xie Chengze, nodded and agreed, “Okay.”

The village chief was so happy when he left, he also told all the villagers around the door: “Everyone go home! Xiao Lu has to prepare for the interview, don’t disturb him!”

When the villagers heard this, they really didn’t dare to disturb Lu Yanzhou, but Lu Hongxing rushed in.

Lu Hongxing is Lu Yanzhou’s younger brother, so the village chief didn’t stop him.

As soon as Lu Hongxing entered the room, he asked, “Hey, is someone really coming to interview you tomorrow?”

Lu Yanzhou answered: “Yes.”

“You know how to pretend to be kind, in the end you deceived so many people.
You just took care of a paralyzed person…” Lu Hongxing looked at Lu Yanzhou indignantly.

In the past six months, when Lu Hongxing looked at Lu Yanzhou, he became more and more disdainful — Lu Yanzhou completely ignored him! He gave Xie Chengze all the delicious food and drink!

In the past, Lu Yanzhou pretended to be a good person, so he only had to ask for food in public and Lu Yanzhou would definitely give it to him.
When he was working, he said he couldn’t do it and asked Lu Yanzhou, and Lu Yanzhou would help.

At that time, he was happy to see Lu Yanzhou slumped, but in the past six months, Lu Yanzhou always ignored him.

Seeing that all the delicious food Lu Yanzhou bought fell into Xie Chengze’s mouth, and he stopped working for him…Lu Hongxing was annoyed.

When Lu Yanzhou heard that this person called Xie Chengze a ‘paralyzed person’, his expression changed.
He interrupted him: “What are you doing here?”

“Can’t I take a look? Are you stewing meat? Give me a bowl!” Lu Hongxing said.

“You have to buy it yourself.” Lu Yanzhou bought a catty of meat in total.
He didn’t want to share it with this person who always made trouble for him.

At first, Lu Yanzhou didn’t dislike the original owner’s younger brother, he just wanted to stay away, but in the past six months, Lu Hongxing wanted him to do this and that as if it’s a matter of fact, which made him dislike him.

Although the original owner used to compete with his younger brother in front of his parents, he never did anything to hurt his younger brother.
Especially since the original owner has always pretended to be a good person.
Although he also had plans to use his ignorant younger brother to set off his plan, for the sake of his image, he has always take good care of his younger brother.

For example, rushing to do housework at home, giving up delicious food to his younger brother in front of others…Generally speaking, Lu Hongxing took advantage of him.

No matter what, the original owner did not owe his younger brother anything.
It was Lu Hongxing who secretly took a lot of things that father Lu and mother Lu gave him.
This is what the educated youth people told him later — father Lu and mother Lu asked someone to bring them something to share equally but Lu Hongxing has taken most of it himself.

“You are my brother, you won’t even give me a piece of meat?” Lu Hongxing was annoyed.
He has money and he can also buy meat, but to make him walk to town early in the morning, line up and then walk back, he doesn’t want to.

Even if he did buy it, he doesn’t know how to cook it.
The stewed meat wouldn’t taste as good as Lu Yanzhou’s stewed one.

“I don’t have much in total.” Lu Yanzhou’s refusal was obvious.
If this person speaks well, he will give some, but Lu Hongxing’s action is not right when he comes in.
He is not so cheap.

“You just don’t want me to eat it, right? You want to give it to this paralyzed man rather than to your younger brother…I will tell mom and dad!” Lu Hongxing said angrily, then he glared at Xie Chengze and ran away.

Xie Chengze immediately made a pitiful face, looking at Lu Yanzhou: “Brother Yanzhou, does your brother hate me?”

“Don’t mind him.” Said Lu Yanzhou.

Xie Chengze only has one pot.
He can’t cook rice since he uses it to stew soybeans, so the rice was steamed.

He took out a bowl of steamed rice, scoop a tablespoon of soybeans into it and added a piece of pork, then put it in front of Xie Chengze for him to eat.

Xie Chengze ate it in small mouthfuls: “Brother Yanzhou, you cook it so deliciously!”

Eat more if it tastes good.” Lu Yanzhou added some soybeans to him.

The two ate until their bellies were rounded before going to sleep.

After it got hot, Lu Yanzhou looked for some materials and made another bed.

Xie Chengze didn’t want to sleep separately from him but Lu Yanzhou said that it’s better to sleep like this, so Xie Chengze didn’t object.

It’s summer now, two people sleeping together really doesn’t feel nice.

“Brother Yanzhou, what should I say in the interview tomorrow?” Xie Chengze is very worried.
He’s afraid that he won’t be able to handle the interview tomorrow, so he kept tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Let’s talk about this tomorrow…come, follow me to study politics.”

Lu Yanzhou said, then began to lead Xie Chengze to recite politics literature.

Xie Chengze: “…” Why is Lu Yanzhou’s memory so good? He can remember all of them!

Anyway…Xie Chengze, who had to memorize politics literature for an hour, soon fell asleep.

Lu Yanzhou found that compared with liberal arts, Xie Chengze prefers science…In the future, he can focus on teaching him science.

He’s fine with that.
As for political literature, it’s good to memorize it more.

The first college entrance exam, except for the foreign language department, no foreign language test is required.
However, at the time when people went to college, if they want to learn something new, it’s necessary for them to contact foreign literature.
He should learn a little English too…

Thinking about how to teach Xie Chengze, Lu Yanzhou also slowly fell asleep.

The next day, Lu Yanzhou didn’t have to go to work, so he just stay at home and waited for the reporter to come to his door.

The reporter came at noon.
There are two people, on one of the two people’s necks is a camera.

The two asked Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze many questions, they also interviewed people in the village.

Of course, the villagers kept saying good things about Lu Yanzhou: “Lu zhiqing always helps us!”

“My son fell into the water before, it was Lu h Qing who saved him.”

“My child suddenly had a fever before, fortunately, Lu zhiqing was here.”

“I am old, Lu zhiqing always helped me carry water.”

Everyone has a lot to say regarding Lu zhiqing and Xie Chengze: “That child from the Xie family has never studied before, but after Lu zhiqing lived with him, he taught him to read and write!”

“Lu zhiqing himself is reluctant to eat eggs but he gave him all the egg to eat.”

“Lu zhiqing gave him all the new clothes.”

“Comrade Lu, you are a man of noble character! We will definitely publish your deeds so that everyone can learn from you!” The two reporters said to Lu Yanzhou solemnly as they left.

Faced with this situation, Lu Yanzhou was a little embarrassed: “I actually didn’t do anything, I just served the people.”

“We all want to serve the people!” The two reporters were even more excited!

A reporter came to the village, this is a big deal! In the days that followed, people in the village talked about it, and some people also came to Xie Chengze to inquire about it.

After all, other people only spoke a few words to the reporter at that time, but Xie Chengze was different.
The reporter talked to him a lot, and even ate a meal cooked by Lu Yanzhou at his house.

Xie Chengze was also willing to talk about this, no matter who came, he was quite excited when he said it.

This interview was a big deal for him.

And at this time, the Provincial Daily, which published Lu Yanzhou’s interview, was printed.

The interview with Lu Yanzhou is on the third page with a photo of Xie Chengze and Lu Yanzhou on it.

When Lu Hongxing saw it, he felt indescribably aggrieved.

But something even more aggrieved happened to him.

After the newspaper came out, the village rewarded Lu Yanzhou with a thermos bottle.
That was fine, but the village also planned to give Lu Yanzhou a job too.

There is a silk factory in their village, Lu Yanzhou can go to work in the silk factory.

In the evening, Lu Yanzhou went out to wash clothes, Xie Chengze was reading junior high school math textbooks when Lu Hongxing came to the door.

“What’s wrong with you?” Xie Chengze frowned.
He didn’t like Lu Hongxing, so he didn’t give Lu Hongxing a good face.

Seeing him like this, Lu Hongxing immediately exploded: “What? You don’t welcome me? Hmph, don’t be complacent.
When my brother goes to work, he will definitely leave you alone!”

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