The so-called ‘township’ should actually be called a people’s commune, which is at the same level as a town.

The highland commune where their village is located is a relatively wealthy commune.
There are more than 10,000 people.
Because the local villages also raise silkworms, the commune also has its own silk factory.

As for Lianfeng Village, which is located on the edge of the commune, it is quite far away from the commune.
It takes at least half an hour to walk.

There are people who work in the silk factory from their village, but they usually live in the silk factory and don’t go home.

Lu Yanzhou is working in the village now.
Whether it’s morning or afternoon, he can go home and have a look when everyone drinks tea and takes a break.
He can also go home for lunch at noon, but if he goes to work in the silk factory, he can only come back at night.
How could it be possible for him to still take care of Xie Chengze like before?

Of course, Lu Hongxing said this mainly because he felt that after Lu Yanzhou got a job, he would definitely kick Xie Chengze away.

He doesn’t believe that Lu Yanzhou would take care of Xie Chengze forever!

Xie Chengze has this self-confidence: “Brother Yanzhou will not leave me alone!”

He believed that Lu Yanzhou was sincere to him.
If Lu Yanzhou wasn’t sincere to him, why did he spend so much time on him?

Lu Yanzhou would give anything delicious at home to him.

“You really treat him as a good person!” Lu Hongxing said, “He is a deep-minded person, he is the best at putting on airs! He was only with you to have a good reputation!”

“You are the deep-minded one.
He is a good man.
He’s 10,000 times better than you! You should know, right? No one in the village likes you!” Xie Chengze looked at Lu Hongxing contemptuously.

“What did you say?” Lu Hongxing exploded.

“I said that everyone doesn’t like you,” Xie Chengze said, “You don’t know anything and you still like to be lazy.
Everyone in the village dislikes you, don’t you know?”

It was the first time Lu Hongxing was scolded face to face, and the one who scolded him was still someone he disliked.
He was furious: “You cripple…”

“What are you doing?” After Lu Yanzhou finished washing clothes, he came back, then he saw Lu Hongxing pointing at Xie Chengze and yelling at him.
His face turned dark.

Xie Chengze had actually seen Lu Yanzhou come back a while ago, that’s why he intentionally provoked Lu Hongxing.
With red eyes, he looked at him: “Brother Yanzhou…”

“He scolded me!” Lu Hongxing pointed at Xie Chengze and said.

Xie Chengze lowered his head: “I didn’t…”

With Xie Chengze’s appearance like this, it can be seen that he has been wronged! Lu Yanzhou looked at Lu Hongxing: “Lu Hongxing, you are not welcome here, get out!”

“It was really he who scolded me first!” Lu Hongxing looked at Xie Chengze angrily, and then froze — Xie Chengze looked so pitiful now.

Lu Hongxing was a little confused, and then he saw Lu Yanzhou standing in front of Xie Chengze: “AZe has always been timid, how could he scold you!”

At this moment, Lu Hongxing suddenly understand it!

His brother loves to pretend, and so is Xie Chengze!

These two people are tortoises staring at green beans1Used to describe two people(who were not so familiar with each other) that have special feelings for each other; two ugly people who find each other attractive, just look at it!

Lu Yanzhou drove Lu Hongxing away, and then looked at Xie Chengze worriedly: “AZe, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Xie Chengze whispered.

Xie Chengze doesn’t look like he’s okay…Lu Yanzhou asked, “What did he say?” If Lu Hongxing talked nonsense, he would definitely beat him up.

Xie Chengze grabbed Lu Yanzhou’s clothes: “He said you will leave me alone when you go to work in the silk factory.”

“Don’t listen to his nonsense! I won’t leave you alone, and I won’t go to work in the silk factory.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Xie Chengze was stunned: “Why?” If he goes to work in the silk factory, he will become a worker! Why doesn’t Lu Yanzhou go work in the silk factory?

People who have never done farm work do not know how hard and tiring farm work is, but Xie Chengze has done farm work.

Besides being exposed to the sun and rain, it is not uncommon for leeches to get under their skin when planting rice seedlings in the water.

If he becomes a worker, his leg will be pulled out of the mud, and he can go to work that is cleaner! And a good salary!

Xie Chengze didn’t want to leave Lu Yanzhou, but he wanted Lu Yanzhou to go to work.

Lu Yanzhou said: “I don’t want to go.”

Going to work is definitely easier than doing farm work, but if he goes to work, what will Xie Chengze do?

Take Xie Chengze with him? Xie Chengze definitely couldn’t study hard in the silk factory, and the two of them would spend a lot of money eating and drinking there.

Let Xie Chengze stay at home and he goes to work? The two places are quite far away, he has to stay there for a whole day too…Xie Chengze, is he going to lie in bed all day and not move? One must know that he usually carries Xie Chengze to move him.

After much deliberation, Lu Yanzhou finally decided to give up this job.

Right now they have enough food to eat.
The family has chickens, and he can earn money to buy meat after writing manuscripts…It’s also very good now.

Moreover, when doing farm work, there are times when the farming is busy and there are also times when it is relatively free, so there is a lot of freedom.

Xie Chengze fell silent when he heard Lu Yanzhou’s words.

Who doesn’t want to work? He remembered that when Lu Yanzhou first came to the village, when the silk factory was recruiting workers, Lu Yanzhou went with others, but unfortunately he was not selected.

Now that Lu Yanzhou is not going, it must be because of him.

He became a burden to Lu Yanzhou.

He can’t do anything for Lu Yanzhou, instead he wants Lu Yanzhou to do this and that for him.

But he still selfishly didn’t want to let Lu Yanzhou go.

Lu Yanzhou put away the washed clothes and started teaching Xie Chengze to read again.

Xie Chengze couldn’t help but say, “Brother Yanzhou, I’d better learn something else.” Even if he studies, he won’t be able to find a job and couldn’t help Lu Yanzhou.

“No, you have to study,” Lu Yanzhou laughed, “Go to university in the future.”

Xie Chengze was at a loss: “What is a university?”

Lu Yanzhou didn’t say much: “University is the biggest school.
After going to university, you can learn a lot of knowledge…By the way, AZe, do you have anything you want to do?”

Xie Chengze doesn’t.

Lu Yanzhou said: “I want to be a doctor in the future.”

Almost without hesitation, Xie Chengze decided what he wanted to do — he also wanted to go to university and become a doctor.

After dark, Lu Yanzhou didn’t let Xie Chengze read anymore, lest Xie Chengze’s eyes have problems.

But he will teach Xie Chengze to recite from memories, politics, and language literature.

He has a very good memory, he had memorized it after reading it during the day.
He can teach Xie Chengze at night, and he can also tell Xie Chengze about party history and national affairs.

While talking, he also gave Xie Chengze a bath.

People from Lianfeng Village will go to the river to take a bath in the summer.
Even the women also carelessly sit by the river to wash.
However, both Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze washed at home.
Lu Yanzhou simply built a bamboo hut by the side of the house as the bathroom, then used the warm water in the big tank a the door of the house to wash their body.

Giving Xie Chengze a bath is a sweet burden for Lu Yanzhou.
Fortunately, he can recite political literature!

Carrying him on his back, Lu Yanzhou felt that his whole body had been purified.
Not only can he achieve asceticism now, he can recite political literature in any state.

He’s being tested!

People who passed by Xie’s house: “As expected of Lu Zhiqing!” They also knew a few passages, but Lu Zhiqing had memorized too much even while washing!

After washing Xie Chengze, Lu Yanzhou took a bath by himself, and solved his physical problems by the way.

“Brother Yanzhou, it’s not too hot today, you can sleep with me.” After going to bed, Xie Chengze invited him again.

He didn’t have a mosquito net before, but Lu Yanzhou had one, and this mosquito net is now on his bed, which means…Lu Yanzhou is exposed to mosquitoes at night!

When Lu Yanzhou bathed him just now, he saw many small red spots on Lu Yanzhou’s arms, those are mosquitoes bite.

“I’m hot and afraid of heat,” Lu Yanzhou smiled, “I can’t wait to move the bed outside to sleep.”

“Why are you so afraid of the heat…” Xie Chengze sighed.

It is true that some people in their village moved their beds outside to sleep, but he really wanted to share a bed with Lu Yanzhou.

He also wanted to hug Lu Yanzhou…but Lu Yanzhou had never done this to him before, so it would seem too strange if he suddenly did this to Lu Yanzhou.

No one else in their village does this either.

“It’s a physical issue…AZe, let’s continue to recite.”

Xie Chengze: “…”

In fact, Lu Yanzhou also wanted to talk to Xie Chengze more, instead of teaching Xie Chengze to read all day long.

But Xie Chengze’s heart and eyes are all on him, he can’t help but want to get close to Xie Chengze if he talks more.

Even if they don’t talk…When he came home yesterday, seeing Xie Chengze mending his clothes, he wanted to kiss him.

This is a consequence from the previous life, in which Xie Chengze always pestered him to make out.

Back to back, he guessed it’s about time they went to sleep.

When he got up the next day, Lu Yanzhou cooked the porridge first, and then went to fetch water.
He filled the small water tank for drinking water at home and the large water tank at the door one after another, then watered the eggplant and cowpea in their private land.

After watering, he fed the chickens.

Free-range chickens would eat anything.
Lu Yanzhou threw a handful of millet and some vegetable leaves in for the chickens to peck at.
Usually when he works in the fields, he also collects earthworms and so on — things that the chicken can eat.

When he finished his work, the porridge was ready.
Lu Yanzhou carried Xie Chengze out, and the two drank the porridge together.

Recently, there was less work in the field, so everyone went to work late.
There’s also not much work even when they go, so Lu Yanzhou started teaching Xie Chengze about chemistry again.

In fact, knowledge like chemistry and physics should be taught with related experiments, but they don’t have anything on hand, so they can only rely on him to explain it.
Fortunately, they don’t have the condition, and neither do others.

Another two months passed with this busy work.

When Lu Yanzhou first transmigrated here, the original owner had been in the countryside for two years and gained a good reputation.
He has done better than the original owner in the past half a year since he transmigrated.
Two months ago, he even rejected the job in the silk factory…

In the eyes of the villagers, he has become a man of noble character.

So, the village chief approached Lu Yanzhou again, saying that the commune wanted to recommend him to be a worker, peasant, and soldier student.

Of course, the commune is only responsible for recommending, and the success depends on the leaders, but generally speaking, Lu Yanzhou has no problem.

The fact that he helped Xie Chengze was widely praised and even appeared in newspapers.
He himself is a high school student and has published articles in newspapers.
His parents also have some connection…

Lu Yanzhou said: “Uncle, this opportunity should be given to others.”

“You don’t want it?” The village chief was stunned.

Lu Yanzhou said: “If I leave, who will take care of AZe?”

“That kid from the Xie family is much better now, and he can do many things by himself.
We just need to find someone to help him…Don’t you like studying? Why don’t you study?” The village chief couldn’t understand what Lu Yanzhou was thinking.

Lu Yanzhou said: “I think the village is pretty good.”

How is the village good? Who in the village doesn’t want to jump out and get a house in the city?

Isn’t Lu Yanzhou too stupid?

Even Lu Hongxing, who came to find Lu Yanzhou after receiving the news, was stunned when he heard Lu Yanzhou’s words.

Before Lu Yanzhou didn’t want to work in a silk factory, he found it incredible, but going to university…Isn’t this what Lu Yanzhou has been thinking about? He doesn’t even want it?

Could it be that Lu Yanzhou is really a good person, he misunderstood Lu Yanzhou before?

1Used to describe two people(who were not so familiar with each other) that have special feelings for each other; two ugly people who find each other attractive

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