Lu Yanzhou is not very noble, but he has to take Xie Chengze with him, so of course it is impossible for him to leave the village alone.

Otherwise, Xie Chengze might have been wronged somewhere he couldn’t see.

Lu Yanzhou rejected the village chief.
After thinking about it, he planned to tell Xie Chengze about it when he went back.

After he rejected the silk factory job last time, he didn’t tell Xie Chengze.
As a result, Lu Hongxing ran to talk nonsense to Xie Chengze, which made Xie Chengze sad.

There are no secrets in the village.
Although Xie Chengze is at home all day, there are always people rushing to the door.
He doesn’t want Xie Chengze to keep out of contact with others at all, so Xie Chengze will know about it sooner or later, then it’s better for him to say it first.

When Lu Yanzhou went back at noon, he saw Xie Chengze sitting behind the stove cooking.

“How did you get there?” Lu Yanzhou was a little surprised.
Before he went out, he asked Xie Chengze to sit at the door.

Xie Chengze said: “I can move a little bit!”

Lu Yanzhou let him sit on a low bamboo chair, then use the eight immortal table long stool as a desk for him to write on.

He couldn’t move his legs, so he moved the stool first.
Then he put his hand on the stool and slowly dragged the bamboo chair over…he can move like this in the room.

In fact, he had this thought long ago, but Lu Yanzhou assigned him too much homework before, so he didn’t have time to practice.

Today, he finished learning what Lu Yanzhou arranged early.
It happened that Lu Yanzhou had already put the water and rice in the pot to soak in the morning in order to cook faster at noon, so he moved to the stove to cook.

“AZe is really good,” Lu Yanzhou praised, “Then I will trouble you when I cook.”

It’s like exercising, so it’s good.

“I didn’t do anything.” Although Xie Chengze said that, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but raise because he was praised by Lu Yanzhou.

Xie Chengze was used to cooking, so the cooking was just right.
Lu Yanzhou put the rice on a low stool, then moved a small stool to eat with him.

While eating, Lu Yanzhou talked about the worker,peasant, and soldier students: “I want to study medicine.
Now that I’m recommended, I may not be able to study medicine, so it’s better not to go.”

Xie Chengze only felt that the bowl in his hand was heavy: “Brother Yanzhou, if you have such an opportunity, you shouldn’t give up.
I can take care of myself.”

Lu Yanzhou said: “Even if you can take care of yourself, I can’t bear it.
I’ll become worried if you’re not around me.”

Xie Chengze always felt that he was a burden.
In order to make Xie Chengze feel at ease, Lu Yanzhou could only emphasize how much he liked him and could not do without him.

Well, so is he.

After hiding for more than half a year, Xie Chengze, who had already turned white, blushed instantly.

Seeing him like this, Lu Yanzhou continued: “I can’t leave you for a day, so don’t even think about separating from me.”

Xie Chengze was extremely moved.
Since he was a child, no one has ever valued him so much.

However, before he could finish being moved, he heard Lu Yanzhou say: “By the way, you’ve been learning things very quickly recently, so I’ll give you more homework this afternoon.”

After Lu Yanzhou finished speaking, he had already taken his textbook and began to prepare what Xie Chengze was going to learn next — the way Xie Chengze looked at him made his heart flutter, so he naturally wanted to find something to calm down.

Xie Chengze: “…” What is going on with Lu Yanzhou? As soon as he finished sweet talking to him, he wanted him to study.

But if Lu Yanzhou wants him to study, he will study.

So this afternoon, Xie Chengze sat at the door again, reading junior high school textbooks while the wind was blowing.

In the past, people in the village avoided Xie Chengze, so the children in the village naturally never came to Xie Chengze’s side.
However, ever since Lu Yanzhou moved in, the children in the village have often come here.

Lu Yanzhou is very popular, and all the children in the village like him.

Another child came today.
The elder brother of the child who was saved from the river by Lu Yanzhou before also brought a few friends.
They came over with half a basket of snails: “brother Xie, this is what Lu zhiqing wanted, so I sent it over!”

“He bought it from you?” Xie Chengze was a little surprised.
There was no meat in the snail, so he thought it was not worth buying it.

“No, he exchanged things.” Several children took out several carved wooden swords.

A few days ago, while reading a book, Lu Yanzhou made a few toys.
He ended up exchanging them for snails with these children?

“Lu Zhiqing is really good.
He can do everything,” the leading child was full of admiration, “it also doesn’t hurt that much when he gives us injections!”

Another child said: “It still hurts, I don’t want to get an injection.”

Another person said: “My younger brother was given two injections by Lu Zhiqing and now he hides when he sees him.”

Several people chatted, then looked at Xie Chengze sympathetically: “Brother Xie, you are quite pitiful.
Although Lu Zhiqing is a nice person, it is not good to make people study…You are so old but he still forces you to read.”

There is an elementary school in their village, and the teacher who teaches there is a local, nicknamed Baldy.

These students didn’t have much respect for this teacher, so they threw mud at him and didn’t study well.

As a result, Lu Zhiqing kept saying that studying is good, so the village chief became more attentive.
He suddenly started to control them and not allow them to make trouble in class.

Of course, although they don’t want to study and don’t like to study, they know that Lu Zhiqing is really saying it for their own good, otherwise why would they do such a thankless thing?

And Lu zhiqing himself studies there every day…

But the most pitiful one was Xie Chengze.
They see Xie Chengze studying as long as they pass by Xie’s house during the day.

Thinking of this, these children looked at the book Xie Chengze was reading: “It’s so difficult!”

“Brother Xie, you really don’t have it easy.”

“Brother Xie, can you understand it? I don’t understand it!”

Xie Chengze was helpless: “I can understand…”

These children finally left full of sympathy for Xie Chengze.

Because Xie Chengze was already able to move his body, Lu Yanzhou put water in the pot in advance at noon, while putting the leftover rice and vegetables on the steaming rack.

Then Xie Chengze boiled the water before Lu Yanzhou returned home.

It was the busy farming season recently, so Lu Yanzhou came back a bit late.
However, when he came back, he had a hot meal ready.
He was in a good mood, and praised Xie Chengze again and again.
Then, after filling two pots of hot water, he fetched the rest of the water to soak Xie Chengze’s feet, then said, “I’m going to take a bath.”

“Take a pot of hot water with you.”

“No, it’s good to wash the body with cold water.” Lu Yanzhou said.
It’s not very cold right now, he can just use cold water.

He’s so healthy that he has no problem swimming in the winter too.

After taking a bath, Lu Yanzhou lit an oil lamp.
He didn’t let Xie Chengze read anymore.
He just chatted with Xie Chengze and recited the book, and by the way…picked snail meat.

He boiled the snails for a while, and then picked out the meat inside with a bamboo stick.

“Why did you think of eating this?” Xie Chengze asked.

“Add protein.” Lu Yanzhou smiled.
The snails are delicious when boiled directly with aniseed ingredients, but because of the lack of seasoning, he simply picks out the meat and only uses this meat to stir-fry.

The taste is not necessarily good, but it is protein anyway.

Xie Chengze asked: “What is protein?”

Lu Yanzhou started to explain it to him.

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou adoringly.
Lu Yanzhou really knows a lot of things.
He even had a feeling that Lu Yanzhou was out of place in this village.

Such Lu Yanzhou actually fell in love with him!

When going to bed at night, Xie Chengze still felt sweet in his heart, but seeing Lu Yanzhou still not sharing the bed with him, he couldn’t help feeling depressed.

Today is not so hot, why is Lu Yanzhou still unwilling to sleep with him?

Maybe he doesn’t want to see his disabled physical condition?

Xie Chengze had already discovered that Lu Yanzhou was evasive because he didn’t want him to see his place where he couldn’t get up.

He said he didn’t dislike it, after all his situation was worse than Lu Yanzhou’s, but Lu Yanzhou still didn’t want him to see it…

Lu Yanzhou is like this, Lu Yanzhou may be uncomfortable, he’d better avoid it in the future.

As soon as his mind turned to these things, Lu Yanzhou suddenly asked: “AZe, what comes after sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, and phosphorus?”

Xie Chengze immediately regained his thoughts.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t intend to become a worker, peasant, and soldier student, so he didn’t take it seriously, but the others were different.

A few days later, father Lu even made a special trip to talk to him.

Back then, the job in the silk factory was in the commune.
Even if Lu Yanzhou did it, he would still stay in the countryside.
In father Lu’s opinion, it doesn’t make much difference whether he does it or not.

However, if Lu Yanzhou can go to university, he will be able to stay in the city after graduation!

Father Lu wanted Lu Yanzhou to go.
He doesn’t understand why Lu Yanzhou insisted on not going.

Lu Yanzhou could only say: “This is a very good opportunity, I think it should be reserved for those who need it more.”

Father Lu: “…”

Father Lu didn’t like this fourth son very much.
Part of the reason was that this fourth son pretended to be a good guy all day long, which seemed a bit pretentious.

As an adult, also a policeman, how could he not see the plan in this child’s belly?

He felt that this child was playing tricks on his family members and was not very pleasing to him.

Even if this child was so kind to Xie Chengze before, father Lu only thought that he wanted to use this to return to the city.

But now his fourth son is like this…Father Lu is at a loss.

Could it be that he misunderstood this child before?

This kid is really nice, he didn’t pretend?

Since Lu Yanzhou refused to go, father Lu could only go back angrily.

Then…Lu Yanzhou’s reputation got even better.
Some people even came to Lianfeng Village to take a look at the Lu zhiqing who likes to do good deeds.

After all, these days, the authorities have been telling everyone to do good deeds.
Once before, the village chief went to the commune for a meeting.
He heard that there was a village outside who did good deeds.
When the busy farming season came, everyone stayed up in the middle of the night to help people in other villages harvest rice…

Upon learning of this, the village chief organized the villagers to help the next village harvest rice at night, but when he went there with a sickle, he saw someone walking towards their village with a sickle…

Although it was a bit embarrassing, both of their villages were praised in the end, and the village chief was very happy.

Under such a story, Lu Yanzhou naturally attracted extra attention.
He was commended once again in the commune.

This also allowed Lu Yanzhou to get a job that suits him.

The barefoot doctor in Lianfeng Village is a man.
He has many brothers in his family who are not well-groomed, so he has never married a wife.
As a result, he recently found a good marriage and went to a family in the town to be their son-in-law.

People in the village dream of marrying people in the town.
There used to be a beautiful girl in Lianfeng Village who married a worker couple’s foolish son in order to get a registered permanent residence in the city.

After the barefoot doctor gets married, if anything is wrong with a woman, they will send her to the hospital in town because there is no doctor in Lianfeng Village.

There is a hospital in town, there’s also one in the commune.
The commune and the town are alike, the hospital in the commune is not smaller than the one in the town.
Whenever a kid broke their leg or something, they basically sent them to the commune hospital or the town hospital.

However, only big injured will go to town.
If it’s only a small problem, everyone in the village will look for the barefoot doctor in their own village.

These minor injuries include but are not limited to colds, fever, and injury to hands.

Now that the barefoot doctor in Lianfeng Village has gone to town, the commune hospital should have arranged for a doctor to come over.
However, Lu Yanzhou has a reputation that he also knows a little bit about medicine.

The commune directly made Lu Yanzhou take over.

It happened too sudden.
According to Lu Yanzhou, choosing a doctor is not a joke.
However, in this era, rural medical conditions are really bad.
In fact, the original barefoot doctor’s skills are not as good as his…

Anyway, Lu Yanzhou became the barefoot doctor in Lianfeng Village for now.
He will have to wait until the next time there is a relevant test for him to take to officially become a barefoot doctor.
Lu Yanzhou was very satisfied with this job because he can also take Xie Chengze — the barefoot doctors in the village work in the village committee compound, so he could carry Xie Chengze on his back there.

In his previous life, Lu Yanzhou went abroad with Xie Chengze to some countries with very poor conditions to help people there.
He also went for a medical degree and could treat the people there.
In fact, he is very good at treating all kinds of minor sickness.
The only problem now is that there’s a lack of medicine now.

The people in the village also lack nutrition…For example, some half-grown children can’t stand knee pain.
They are not sick at all, they just lack calcium and nutrition.

In addition, some people in the village may get sick but they don’t know they were sick at all.

In this regard, Lu Yanzhou can only try his best to do what he can do.

He tried his best to treat the villagers’ illnesses, and occasionally when he was free, he brought the children who love to read from the ‘elementary school’ next door to him and teach them.

Sometimes without him saying anything, Xie Chengze will also teach them, so he takes time to help the village with other things, such as building biogas digesters.

Lu Yanzhou saw in the newspaper that biogas digesters were being promoted in some places, so he told the village chief to arrange for people to learn and build a few in the village, which could bring some benefits to the village.

As time went by, he became more and more popular in the village.
Some people from afar even came to him for treatment.

In the blink of an eye, two years have passed.

Lu Yanzhou would massage Xie Chengze every day, so Xie Chengze’s legs were in good condition.

Not only that, Lu Yanzhou also found a way to buy an old bicycle, and after taking it apart, he made a wheelchair for Xie Chengze.

Of course, this wheelchair is not as easy to use as the wheelchairs in the later generations, but it is not bad.
Sitting on it, Xie Chengze can also go for a stroll around the village.

When Xie Chengze didn’t use this wheelchair, many children in the village also came begging to borrow it to play.

Early in the morning, Lu Yanzhou pushed Xie Chengze to the village committee compound.
He carried Xie Chengze off the wheelchair, and let him read a book beside him, then someone came to borrow the wheelchair.

The wheelchair was borrowed by a 14-year-old boy in the village.
He accidentally broke his leg some time ago and had a plaster cast on his leg.
He wanted to go out and play, so he asked his brother to borrow it.

“Don’t break it.” Lu Yanzhou exhorted before letting them leave with it, then he looked at Xie Chengze: “What I taught you yesterday, recited it for me.”

Xie Chengze was used to being tested by Lu Yanzhou all the time, so he immediately recited it.
As for Lu Yanzhou, he took advantage of this time to ask Xie Chengze a few questions.

Being a barefoot doctor is really much better than doing farm work.
There are few patients in the village, so he has a lot of free time so he can ask Xie Chengze a lot of questions every day.

He just came up with a good topic and was about to ask Xie Chengze about it, when suddenly someone rushed in from outside the door: “Brother Lu! Brother Lu! The college entrance examination is about to resume!”

The one who came in was the young educated youth Liu Tongming who admired Lu Yanzhou very much.

After three years of farm work, Liu Tongming is much darker and stronger now.
He rushed in excitedly, then burst into tears after speaking.

“It’s a good thing…Do you want some review materials?” Lu Yanzhou asked him.

“Yes!” Liu Tongming replied immediately.

Lu Yanzhou smiled: “Go and ask the others to see if there is anyone else who wants it too…then come to my house tonight to get it.”

The resumption of the college entrance examination is a big event, but judging from Lu Yanzhou’s understanding of the educated youth in the village, most of them will not take part.

The main reason is that the quality of teaching during this period is not very good.
The educational level of the educated youth is also average, and there are even fewer who love to learn.

For example, Lu Hongxing graduated from middle school, and his grades in school were not good.
It is absolutely useless for him to take the college entrance examination.
In contrast, it is better for him to find a job in the city.

“Okay.” Liu Tongming is one of the few who loves to learn, but it’s a pity that Lu Yanzhou asked him to learn from him before but he didn’t listen.
He felt too tired and had no time.

At this moment, Liu Tongming really regretted it but he was also happy because Lu Yanzhou was willing to let him borrow his materials.

Calming down, Liu Tongming asked, “Brother Lu, are you going to take the college entrance examination?”

Liu Tongming felt that Lu Yanzhou would not go.
In the past three years, Lu Yanzhou had many opportunities to leave the village, but he gave up all of them and stayed in the village.

However, Liu Tongming was wrong.

Lu Yanzhou answered: “I’ll go, and Xie Chengze will go too.”

Liu Tongming was stunned, Lu Yanzhou will go?! Wait! Xie Chengze is going too?

Xie Chengze can’t even move his legs, can he go to college?

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