Southern part of DaQi.
In the private room of a restaurant in Chongcheng, the most prosperous city, a group of 20 or so young men in changshan1Men clothing like the women cheongsam/qipao was impassionedly saying the hateful things the Yan people did.

“Sima Zhaozhi, a native of Yan country, is well known to everyone.
He just wants to destroy DaQi!”

“It’s a pity that our DaQi Country generals are a bunch of soft bones.
They don’t dare to fight to the death with those villains!”

“Stop talking about the generals, the emperor has moved his capital!”

“The most hateful thing is those traitors who have forgotten their ancestors! They even took refuge with Yan people!”

Those people all spoke angrily, except for a young man with an extremely outstanding appearance in the corner, who was abnormally silent without saying a word.

“Brother Lu, what’s wrong with you? Why don’t you speak?” Someone asked the young man, puzzled.

I just thought of something.” Lu Yanzhou came back to his senses and smiled at the person who asked him.

This is the third world he traveled through.
This era’s technological development is similar to the early 20th century on Earth.
However, the course of history is quite different.

This country is called DaQi Country.
The country is vast and rich in resources.
It used to be very rich, but it’s a pity that its development is a step behind others.
While the neighboring countries are developing industries, DaQi is still a feudal country based on agriculture.
When the neighboring countries’ soldiers held wooden cannons, DaQi’s soldiers were still holding spears.

Then, from time to time, DaQi was invaded by neighboring countries and a lot of places were lost.

About 50 years ago, DaQi emperor at the time learned from the painful experience and started making changes.
It’s a pity that DaQi officials were corrupt.
With lots of old issues, they can’t rise all at once.

DaQi was unstable with frequent peasant rebelling.
A few years ago, they was fully invaded by Yan Country.

Yan Country’s army burned, killed, and looted DaQi territory, doing all kinds of evil things.
It wasn’t known how many horrible things they have done.

Facing such an enemy, DaQi’s army not only tasted consecutive defeat but the emperor even took many ministers to move the capital overnight.

Then, DaQi’s former capital was plundered by Yan Country people.

Chongcheng, where they live now, has already been half occupied by Yan Country.

Because Chongcheng is very close to Yan Country, Yan Country also built a general headquarters in Chongcheng.
All kinds of supplies that Yan Country needed to invade DaQi were all brought in through Chongcheng’s port.

Yan Country never fully took control of Chongcheng because Chongcheng has an excellent geographical location and is very prosperous.
Therefore, other countries were also eyeing it.

A hundred years ago, Xi Country also invaded and took a large part of Chongcheng as their colony.

Xi Country’s strength is not weaker than Yan Country’s.
Yan Country is not willing to confront Xi Country for the time being, and Xi Country also did not interfere with Yan Country invading DaQi, so the two countries divided Chongcheng equally.

Compared with other places in DaQi, Chongcheng, which has been run by Xi Country for a long time, is very prosperous with countless wealthy businessmen gathered.

And the original owner of this body is the youngest son of the owner of a big business firm in Chongcheng.

The original owner’s father was named Lu Tao.
In his early years, he was in a gang.
Later when the original owner was born, he sought stability so he set up a business firm and washed his hands in a gold basin2To abandon the life of an outlaw.
Relying on his previous connections and backed by Xi Country, he earned a lot of money in more than 10 years.

The original owner is only 18 years old this year.
His elder brother and second brother are 35 and 33 years old respectively.
These two people had followed their father to lick blood on the knife, so now they were alone.
Of course, they are not hostile towards their little brother, the original owner.
What about the original owner’s father? He has been fighting and killing in his early years so he had completely neglected the growth of his first two sons.
It wasn’t until the original owner was born that he began to enjoy family happiness, so he was even more fond of the original owner.

Therefore, in this chaotic world, the original owner has never experienced any hardships since he was a child.
He lived happily with ample money and grew up to be such a naive young master.

However, half a year ago, this young master accidentally rescued a Jinyiwei spy ‘Hei She’, who was sent by DaQi to Chongcheng to spy on Yan Country.

Since the founding of DaQi, Jinyiwei was set up to protect the emperor and gather information.

Jinyiwei used to only investigate their country officials.
However, ever since DaQi Country faced foreign enemies, Jinyiwei now mainly targets those organizations that oppose DaQi Country.

The present Jinyiwei commander is the emperor’s confidant with great strength.

The original owner was young and full of energy.
He really hates Yan Country that invaded his country, so after saving Hei She, instigated by Hei She, he joined DaQi’s Jinyiwei.

The original owner could not provide any valuable information but he has money.
Because of his status, he can also buy some in-demand supplies such as medicines that others cannot buy.
He also provided a lot of help to Jinyiwei Chongcheng Command Station that was lurking in Chongcheng.

The original owner’s code name in Jinyiwei organization is ‘Shancha’.
Only Hei She that he had saved knew his identity.

And just a few days ago, Hei She was betrayed and passed away in the wooden storehouse!

After Hei She fled into the area where Xi Country occupied and where the original owner lived, he told the original owner something in the wooden storehouse.

It turns out that Hei She’s status in Jinyiwei is not low.
He also has a very important spy on his hands that was lurking among the Yan people.
A lot of important information they got was from ‘Zhaojun’.

Basically, all the high-level information related to Yan Country that DaQi got these few years were all provided by ‘Zhaojun’.
‘Zhaojun’ was DaQi highest-ranking spy lurking in Yan Country, their importance is self-evident.
Only Hei She knows Zhaojun’s identity and contact information, so before Hei She passed away, he told the original owner — Zhaojun, the most mysterious spy from DaQi, is the well-known traitor Xie Chengze.

The original owner was extremely excited after knowing the secret.
While trying to find a way to contact Jinyiwei Chongcheng Command Station, he also approached ‘Zhaojun’ Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze lurks among the Yan, like walking on wire.
The dangers he has to face are numerous.

In this situation, the original owner, who didn’t like Yan Country, bumped into him head-on trying to get in touch with him will naturally arouse suspicion.

The original owner was captured by Yan’s spy and tortured…How could the original owner stand that? He quickly confessed Xie Chengze’s identity.

After the original owner was captured, Xie Chengze knew that his identity would be exposed.
So, before anyone came to catch him, he sneaked into the tunnel that had been dug, detonating the explosives hidden inside.
In the end, he perishes in Yan’s intelligence organization in Chongcheng, destroying half of Yan’s intelligence organization.

The original owner who was captured also died in the explosion.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t know what to say.

The original owner is too reckless!

Xie Chengze disguised himself so well that no one in Yan Country doubted him.
If the original owner didn’t rush forward, he can certainly provide more valuable information and he won’t die either!

Lu Yanzhou was thinking of this when he heard those people around him say again: “I hate traitors most in my life!”

“Those traitors should all go to hell!”

“The most hateful one is that Xie Chengze, who relies on those Yan people’s strength to run amok!”

Lu Yanzhou just transmigrated over, he appears here eating with these people.
These people eating with him were not his high school classmates but his friends.

That’s right, the original owner is still in high school.

Students of their age all hated Yan people who killed many DaQi people.
So while eating, they were also cursing.
Lu Yanzhou didn’t say anything today, so he became the odd one.

However, because Lu Yanzhou paid for this dinner, everyone didn’t say much.

Their tuition fee for one semester is 30 yuan.
Today’s dinner is already 10 yuan.
Among them, only Lu Yanzhou can be so generous.

Hearing these people scolding Xie Chengze, Lu Yanzhou’s mood fluctuates but in the end he held back and didn’t rebut anything.

In the original past trajectory, when the original owner heard people around him scold Xie Chengze at this dinner, he couldn’t hold back and said ‘you can’t look at the surface when you look at people’, which then was remembered by those who minded.

“Brother Lu, are you in a bad mood today?” Someone looked at Lu Yanzhou again.

Lu Yanzhou pretended to be the original owner and slammed his hand on the table: “Mountain and river are smashed into pieces, how can I be in a good mood?”

“Yes!” Others followed suit.

Everyone’s state of mind was very worked up, then at this moment, ‘bang’, the sound of the wooden house sounded.

The group of high school students turned pale instantly.
Lu Yanzhou reacted quickly.
He held his head and squatted down.

A young man who was eating at the same table saw Lu Yanzhou’s appearance and his eyes flash a trace of disdain.

Lu Yanzhou knew that he was being watched.

The contact between the original owner and Hei She has been exposed.
The original owner, who had contact with Hei She half a year ago, has become the focus of Yan’s people.

It’s just that Yan Country didn’t have the evidence when he did it.
It’s also not easy for them to touch the original owner, who has a family background and lives in Xi Country occupied area.
Secondly, they wanted to follow the vine to find ‘Zhaojun’ through the original owner, so they didn’t do anything.
They only find a peer of the original owner to approach the original owner.

It was a mess.
‘Bang bang bang bang’.
There was another burst of wooden house noise accompanied by wailing, as if it was right by their ears.

“This is the area occupied by Xi Country, why are they fighting…” the group of students squatted down subconsciously.
Some were calm but others were already trembling.

One must know that Xi Country manages its occupied areas very well.
Here is a recognized safe place where fights rarely occur.

Lu Yanzhou is one of the trembling people — the original owner was well protected by his family since childhood, so in fact, he is very cowardly and fears death.

Back then he was able to save Hei She because he relied on his bodyguard around him to help.

While they were talking, the original owner’s bodyguard came over.
A tall man in his thirties came to Lu Yanzhou’s side: “Little young master, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.
What’s going on outside?” Lu Yanzhou asked.
He has the original owner’s memory, so of course he knows what’s going on, but he still needs to ask.

“Xie Chengze came to arrest people.” Replied the bodyguard.

Although the original owner has some flaws, he is actually not bad.
It’s not uncommon for him to save people.

This bodyguard was picked up by the original owner ten years ago when he was eight years old.
At that time, the bodyguard was pulling a rickshaw.
Then, he was beaten on the ground and almost bled to death.
The original owner took pity on him and took him home.
He later served as the original owner’s bodyguard.

This man is a bit stubborn.
He only recognizes the original owner as his master, he is also extremely loyal.

“Xie Chengze is so arrogant?” Lu Yanzhou frowned slightly, showing some disgust.

Xie Chengze is really not very likable in Chongcheng, or should he say, many people hated him and wanted him to die.

There are many traitors in Chongcheng, but Xie Chengze is the one Yan Country people most valued.

Yan people controlled a part of Chongcheng and some surrounding areas.
In order to manage these places well, they also promoted many han.

Xie Chengze has an organization under him, which is specially used to monitor these Han officials.
Whoever’s situation is not right where they could betray the Yan will be captured by Xie Chengze!

It’s said that many pretended to seek refuge in Yan Country, but in fact, they worked for DaQi, and they were all captured and killed by Xie Chengze!

Of course, another reason people dislike Xie Chengze is because Xie Chengze looks ugly.
No one wants to take another glance at him.

“It’s him again!”

“Who is he going to capture this time?”

“Keep your voice down…”

Everyone whispered.
In the end, Lu Yanzhou’s bodyguard, Hu Zi, spoke: “Xie Chengze is leaving.”

Xie Chengze is leaving? It’s over?

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
There are also those who are brave enough to come to the window to look at the situation.

Lu Yanzhou also followed, hiding behind Hu Zi, and looked down secretly.

There were many people on the street before, but now there were no pedestrians at all.
Only some men in black stood there, and among those people, there was one person who was very different.

He has a strong aura brimming with fierceness, and his face looked even more terrifying.

A dark red birthmark covered most of his face with scaly lines on his cheeks.

Such a face coupled with sharp eyes, Xie Chengze looked like an evil spirit.

The people around Lu Yanzhou gasped in fright.
Lu Yanzhou also ducked back.

Xie Chengze in this world still has a physical problem.
With a birthmark like this and always misunderstood as a spy, he doesn’t know how much bitterness he has to accept and how much he suffers.

Lu Yanzhou wished he could hug and comfort him.

But he can’t do that.

“Surnamed Xie, you must die!” A hoarse voice pierces the sky, but is interrupted by another ‘bang’.

This is someone who was rushing out to try to assassinate Xie Chengze but was killed by Xie Chengze.

After killing, Xie Chengze’s eyes didn’t change at all.
He only coldly said: “Go.”

They followed closely until Xie Chengze got into a car and went away, then the man in black behind dragged out several corpses from the house beside.
Then they talked with the people from the patrol group who came late.

The people on the street moved again, they came and went in a hurry.
Someone drew out the water and cleaned up the bloodstains left by dragging those corpses.

After the bodies were removed, everyone went back to normal.

Lu Yanzhou’s complexion was still a little ugly.
However, some of the people around him have already returned to normal.

All these years, fights and killing happen all the time.
Dead bodies were not uncommon even for young people like them.

Let’s just talk about winter, which day in Chongcheng’s street under the sky did no children freeze to death?

“Little young master, it’s all right now.” Hu Zi said to Lu Yanzhou.

“I know…” Lu Yanzhou stood up, “I’m not feeling well, I want to go home.”

Encountering such a thing, others were also not in the mood to eat anymore.
Seeing that Lu Yanzhou was leaving, they also expressed their desire to leave, even the person who is monitoring the original owner also felt the same.

Since they were leaving…Lu Yanzhou looked at Hu Zi: “Hu Zi, pack up the rest of the meal and give it to the beggars on the side of the road.”

He spent 10 yuan on this dinner, as a result of everyone talking and only eating a few mouthfuls, there are still quite a lot left.

If other people also don’t eat, he will just pack it and give it to those who will eat later.

As soon as Lu Yanzhou said this, everyone praised him for his kindness.

Lu Yanzhou said: “I can’t go to the front to kill the enemy, so I will just do what I can to help those poor people.”

Everyone sighed again.

During this time, Hu Zi has already brought some oiled paper and packed what can be packed on the table.
After packing, he put it in a bamboo basket.
The bamboo basket was sent by the hotel.

Taking these, Lu Yanzhou walked out of the restaurant gate.
At this moment, the outside was bustling with pedestrians.
It’s no longer apparent that someone died here before.

He doesn’t know where Xie Chengze is right now.

1Men clothing like the women cheongsam/qipao2To abandon the life of an outlaw

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